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GothBird: Sorry guys. I'm gonna have to bail on the movie date. My parents are making me go to Hawaii with them for one whole month!

Technerd: No way! Hawaii seriously? Man Sam, I wish I were rich too.

AstronautFreak: SAM! You can't leave! If it were just Tuck, he'd be dropping the thermos so much I'd be collecting ghosts all summer long!

Technerd: I'm still here dude! And you're just sad 'cause your girlfriend is leaving you.

AstronautFreak: …Blocking you now

(Technerd has signed off at 9:26pm)

GothBird: Forget him Danny. I'll be back before you know it. Well I g2g now to pack my bags. Tell Tucker I said bye. Miss you both.

(GothBird has signed off at 9:28pm)

AstronautFreak: I'll miss you too, Sammy…

(Unable to send message to GothBird at 9:30pm)


Sam packed all of her clothes in her suitcase. She glanced at her tidy dark bedroom. She had made sure that it was all clean before she left. The Goth girl didn't want to have anything to do with the maids who would try to cleanse her domain and invade her sanctuary. Before heading out the door she remembered one last item that she had almost forgotten to pack. Strolling to her desk she picked up a picture of her best friends in the world. Tucker Foley and Danny Fenton. Placing it gently in a separate pocket of her suitcase, she was grimacing even more of the thought of going to Hawaii…with her parents…for a month…UGH! As if the brightness of the state didn't get her pale skin crawling it was the thought of her mother picking out dozens of 'cute' swimsuits. What she really didn't want though was to leave her friends.

Tucker was always a comic relief when things got bad and without his knowledge and obsession with his PDA or his 'baby' as he called it, the trio would have a much harder time with ghosts. Yes, the group of friends had an extremely bizarre hobby. They caught ghosts, almost for a living really. If only they got paid though. Tucker and Sam were the sidekicks to their other friend, Danny Fenton, also known to Amity Park as Danny Phantom – ghost protector hero. Once before his other alias was Inviso-Bill. Thank goodness that phase was over. Yes, she would miss her screwball friends.

As soon as her hand reached the doorknob, the air turned icy cold. Sam knew it wasn't Danny as ghost either. Slowly turning around, she came face to face with a ghost. Quickly thinking, the Goth raced to her dresser and pulled out a copy of the Jack-O-Nine-Tails. Danny had given Tucker the Fenton Fisher so both friends would have some kind of defense against ghosts if he couldn't get there quick enough. The ghost was feminine enough but with a hideous scar across her left cheek. She wore a coat of numerous different fur patterns. Sam smirked. She was dead now just like the animals she killed on her coat.

"Oh, I really don't like you already," Sam remarked as she pulled back her weapon.

"I never did get such harsh remarks by animal lovers like you when my business used to be up and running," the lady droned in mock-hurt. "Don't worry sweetie, I hate people like you too."

With a sudden rush, the ghost had extremely lengthy needles flashing towards Sam. The needles knocked the weapon out of Sam's hand. Sam crouched onto her knees and scattered to the only weapon she had. Before she could reach it, a giant needle began sewing the Jack-O-Nine-Tails to the floor, making it irretrievable. Sam glared up at the ghost.

"For all you animal lovers that ruined my career and life, lets see how you like being one of those pitiful animals," she sneered.

With a wave of her hand, she sent purple powdered dust that fell upon the girl. She was frozen at the spot, scared of what was going on. She felt a little kink in her stomach before opening her eyes a bit. Suddenly she heard her name being shouted.


Her eyes open again, she saw Danny slamming the ghost to the wall. With a rigid punch the ghost was sent flying to the ceiling. The ghost boy took out the thermos. With a florescent green light emerging from the contraption, the fashion ghost disappeared. Danny traded his snowy white locks and piercing green orbs with shadowy black hair and arctic blue ones as he changed into his human form. He gripped Sam's shoulders looking into her amethyst spheres.

"Sam, are you ok?" he asked with worry dripping from his voice. Sam fidgeted and stood upright although a little shaky.

"Yeah Danny, I think after you defeated her, whatever she was trying to do to me vanished," she reassured him. "Are you ok?" Danny gave a soft smile. They looked at each other fondly, both happy that the other cared. Sam's heart skipped a beat as she stared into the window of his soul. Their faces were just inches apart, eyes fluttering shut until they heard a knock.

"Sammy-kins? Are you alright?" her mother's voice seeped through the door.

"Samantha, what is all that racket behind there?" her father chimed in.

Both of them shuffled apart as Danny soon disappeared before Sam's eyes. Both Manson's opened the door to find their daughter standing in the middle of her now ruffled up room. Sam gave them a tense smile as she tried to find the words to explain.

"Uh…I tripped?"

Danny looked out Sam's window watching the little lecture that his friend's parents were giving before flying off.

'Damn, I was so close!'


Sam lied on her bed with a huff.

'Damn, he was so close!'


The thought all night was bugging Sam so much. She reallydidn't want to go. At least her parents were trying to spend quality time with her than going off to business trips but Sam was used to it. In fact she pretty much liked it. Not a lot of people were let into her life. The only ones were Tucker and Danny. Two. She preferred to keep it that way. Another two people, especially her parents were not her ideal life-style. That's when she made up her mind.

She went downstairs to find her parents right outside the front door with many bags talking to the chauffer. The man left to wait for the family to enter the limousine. She crossed her arms and looked at her parents.

"Sammy, where are your bags? We're leaving right now! And where's that outfit I picked out for you?" her mother asked her daughter.

"I'm not going," Sam said defiantly.

It took about a few minutes of arguing. Sam explained about quality time and how she thought about, reason to stay, and how she hated the idea of Hawaii. Her mother tried so hard to convince her daughter to stop being so disobedient, how this was a good time for the family, away from all the ghost troubles in Amity Park, and the positive aspects of the island. No matter how hard she tried, her words did not persuade her daughter's stubborn personality. Sam had won. The parents were becoming extremely late and the chauffer was becoming impatient.

"Sammy, I really wish I could've spent more time with you. And as much as you may not believe me, I respect your decision. I love you Sammy. Be safe here at the house ok?" Mrs. Manson said as she hugged her daughter. Sam gave a little smile after her short shock at her mother's response. Her mother left with her dad who was still in disbelief of his wife's behavior. They waved goodbye to each other as the limousine drove off. Sam's smile faltered.

"Physical contact…crushing Goth-ness…"

Sam closed the door and went upstairs to the computer room. Now she could tell Tucker and Danny that the movie date was on again. Before they said they wouldn't go without Sam. As she turned on her computer she began to feel a creeping feeling. Her whole body began to prickle kind of like when your foot becomes asleep. Suddenly not feeling well, she rushed to one of the many bathrooms in her house. She found herself beginning to gag into the sink. When nothing came out she stared at herself in the mirror to see how sick she was.

She must really have been sick for she was starting to hallucinate. Sam placed a hand to the mirrors edge to see that her black nail-polished hand was starting to curl up. Her nails were becoming sharp and sunk into her skin. Sam stared in horror as she saw her face starting to flatten and shape out into something entirely different. Her eyes become petal shaped like giving her a bizarre Asian look. Her ears were starting to trail up onto the top of her head and shape into triangles. Her back was feeling strange and weak as she felt it was hard to stand up right. She closed her eyes and moaned as she crawled up to the top of the sink. Sprouting from her backside she could feel bones churn into a different shape as her tailbone was extending. All while this was happening, she felt tiny hairs itching and sprouting all over her body. Instead of her fetal position, she felt as if some force was pushing her down on all fours. As soon as all the feelings stopped, the Goth stared at her reflection one last time before jumping down off the sink.

'That's it,' she thought. 'I'm crazy. That's all there is to it.'

Finding an open window, she jumped off landing gracefully on the cement outside. She stumbled back and forth feeling dizzy. Sprinting off still in confusion in faulty steps, she crashed into a garbage can. She fell down sleepily. A few loud footsteps came after a startled little yelp rung in the air.

"Oh, it's only a cat. Whew! Aw, hey there little fellow."


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