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The whole area was covered in heat that only summer could bring. There was a pleasant walkway into a towering building. The few trees scattered around the place in attempt to decorate the lone building, brought crisp green leaves to enlighten the place. Sam found herself at the edge of the sidewalk, gazing at the top. She could hear the busy noises of worker people.

She paced over to the front glass doors. Pressing her face and hands to the glass, she peered inside. In the far corner, there was a desk with a man quickly answering several phones and vigorously writing down notes. The elevator to the left of the desk opened up slowly revealing a rather tall figure. Soon a person walked over to him. Sam could not decipher any of its features or what the figure was like, but it approached the man at the desk. The man put down all of his phones and ceased his note taking. He smiled eagerly at it and shook its hand.

"What is this?" Sam asked herself. She continued to watch until the figure walked away. The man continued his work and many people in business outfits passed quickly by into different places.

Sam looked at her hands in peculiar admiration. She flipped them over and again to make sure this wasn't another horrible dream. Her hands were a light pale. The nails weren't all sharp and thin like a cat, but were long and rounded sporting her usual black nail polish…and thumbs! She looked into the glass and saw her reflection. Once again, she was fully human. This was too good to be true! She pinched herself. A small indent formed on her skin – but no pain. Damn. It was too good to be true. Sam gave out a sigh and willed herself to wake up.

She tried really hard but she couldn't tap into her brain to make herself awake into reality…cold…harsh…reality. What the heck! She stopped trying and looked back at the building. It was much farther away so that she could see the whole front. Then, just like that, the whole lively vivid building turned into a run down ruin. The windows were all shattered with moss edging all its corners. All the trees were withered away and not a single blade of grass was green. A thundering crash echoed throughout the sky as tiny raindrops slowly started to pelt the ground.

Head turned down; she squatted down to face the muddy ground. A small clear puddle was forming in an indent in the earth as the rain began to hasten. Even though the ripples played around with her mirror image, she could plainly see that once more dark fur engulfed her body. She hastily swiped her image with her paw and stepped over it. Ignoring the beating of the downpour that she couldn't even feel, she ran away into a destination unknown as a cat.

Squeaky springs bounced up and down as weight shifted. An annoying shrill awakened Sam. Startled, she jumped up and hit her head on the underside of the mattress. Hurt and alarmed, she zipped out from under the bed and circled around the room. No thoughts were really going through her head. The only things that seemed to be going anywhere were her paws. Frantic, she bounded up to Danny's bed, landed on his chest, and scrambled under the covers.

Danny awoke to the sudden jolt on his chest finding a very startled Sam under his blanket. He flipped over sleepily landing on the floor taking the blanket with him. The alarm kept noisily screaming until a small ecto-blast cut it off. He rose slowly to see what time it was. The clock read eleven-thirty. Apparently he was not much of a morning person that the shaken feline. Wait! Eleven-thirty? He was supposed to meet Valerie at twelve along with Tucker! He didn't even tell Tucker yet! Hurriedly, he snatched clean clothes from his drawer and quickly fled to the bathroom.

Shaking off her frightened state, she licked down her ruffled fur. 'How is it that ever since I've become a cat, I've become such a spazz? And why am I constantly licking at my fur' she questioned herself as she stopped lapping at her fur. Swallowing, she could feel the discarded pieces of fur slide down her throat. 'Ugh, gross! I'd hate to see what that'll look like when that comes back up…' She looked at the empty bed and looked around for the missing Danny. She didn't have to move a muscle though because she could hear his muffled attempts at changing quickly with her hearing power. Wasn't it today that Danny and Tucker were to meet Valerie? She'd just have to watch over them now wouldn't she?

Seeing her bandaged leg reminded her that she was supposed to rest. But she just had to go with them. She wished she hadn't just run around like that. Danny came out of the bathroom all dressed with his hair all disheveled looking. He had a brush in his mouth while he was trying to tie his shoes. He ran the brush a few times in his hair and took out his cell phone from his drawer. He pressed speed dial for Tucker's number. A few rings and Tucker picked up.

"Talk to me."

"Hey Tuck; it's Danny. You think you'd be able to hang out with Valerie and me today?" Danny asked.

"Yeah…uh-huh. Valerie…game…can't," Tucker droned.

"Tucker…Tucker, are you listening to me?"

"Ah, what? Sorry dude. I'm sort of pre-occu –"

"…Tuck? Tucker!"

"Ah! What? What?"

"Can you meet with me with Valerie or not? We're going to go to the local pool at twelve, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah I'll be there." And with that Tucker hung up.

Danny flipped closed his cell and ran out of the room to search for his pool things. Limping sorely, Sam realized that she was incredibly hungry. How long was it since she last ate? Ever since this predicament started, she had been too worried with everything that she had forgotten to eat! When was the last time she had consumed anything anyway? It seemed like ages. In reality it was actually been a little over two days. Wow. Danny was about to leave too! Great. No wonder he didn't have any previous pets. She began feeling hunger pains.

Danny re-entered his room looking ready to go swimming. He put down his bag that contained his towel and goggles and went to the bathroom to do…well his business. Sam silently scowled at the fact that she knew he'd be too busy rushing to realize that he didn't feed or even bother to give the medicine he was supposed to. She'd have to scold him about that later when she was back to normal; whenever that was. She tugged on the zipper of the bag in attempt to get it open. When she finally did she snuggled next to the towel and popped her head out of the flap of the bag. Her tiny nose poked out so that she could breathe. Danny grabbed the bag and slung it over his shoulders. He quickly looked at the watch he brought. It was 11:54. Before transforming, he quickly thanked his powers that had a plus side. He phased through the wall completely forgetting about his newly found pet and completely unaware that Sam was in his bag.

After some quick soaring, Danny spotted Valerie and quickly changed back into his human form behind a nearby tree to avoid her trying to hunt and destroy the Phantom. He breathed out in attempts to get rid of his anxiety. He kind of had mixed feelings about this. It had been awhile since he and Valerie actually attempted to talk. Ever since she basically turned him down things weren't exactly comfortable around them. He was glad that they'd at least have a friendship between the two of them. Tucker would be coming soon too so it wouldn't be that bad.

He walked up to her with a short wave. Sam took this chance to wriggle herself out of his pack. Danny was about to greet Valerie when he noticed that his bag felt much lighter. He brushed it off when Valerie started to talk to him.

"Hey Danny. Where's Tucker?" she asked.

"Oh him? Well I kind of told him last minute to come here so I think he might be running a little late. Hope that's ok with you."

"No prob." A weird silence fell between them. Meanwhile, Sam had run into a bush spying on them. Though spying wasn't exactly a word she wanted to use. After all she did turn him down and if she WAS spying she'd feel bad. She truly did want the best for him. But she wasn't. So she didn't feel bad. Sam merely had nothing to do. There really wasn't much she could do now that she was like this. Except eat. Yeah…eating would be good right about now. Just then Tucker came by.

"Hey what's up guys?" Tucker asked with a smile.

"Not much Foley. So you guys ready? I'm feeling really hot right now and the water is calling my name," said Valerie as she walked up to the entrance of the local pool. She signed in before flashing her badge. Tucker and Danny did the same. The guys took off their shirts and Valerie stripped down into her one-piece bathing suit. Sam sighed mentally as she envied the three. Even though swimming wasn't exactly her thing, she'd still like that she'd have the option of going. She was pretty sure that the other swimmers wouldn't be pleased with fur in the water anyway. After a few minutes watching everyone else have fun, she decided this was absolutely boring and decided to look for food. Anything sounded good right now.

She moved passed the branches and leaves and headed of the bushes. Sam had remembered a story she once heard when she was a little about that cat that wondered everywhere and got food from strangers. In the end the cat got too fat and unhealthy it went to the vet. The vet saw that same cat so many times with the same owner that he told everyone and eventually no one fed him. She wouldn't go that far. As far as she was concerned, Danny would eventually realized he didn't feed her. Sam grimaced at the thought that she'd have to depend on others to feed her. She was an independent individual and the whole thought seemed to demote her. However she put away her pride and searched for some family to feed her. She jumped on a windowsill and peered in. The lights were off. It seemed as if no one was home. Just about she looked away, a woman flashed by the window as if she were pushed. A man appeared by the window and appeared to be yelling. He then looked at Sam and started pounding the window mouthing the words "Get off my damn windowsill you good-for-nothing cat!" Wide-eyed, Sam jumped off the windowsill. She was worried about what would happen to that poor woman. She felt even worse because she couldn't do anything about it in the condition she was in. Sadly, she moved on to the next house.

The next building seemed more inviting. She looked in to see two children playing with a ball. One was a girl about seven or so and the other was a boy who was around five years old. This was the house! Sam mewed loudly and nudged the window to try to get their attention. The girl noticed first and started screaming in delight to her brother. Their mother came out of another door and noticed Sam as well. Sam jumped off the ledge and went up the steps next to the door. The threesome came out and started petting her. The little boy asked his mom if they could feed her.

"Mommy, Mommy! Can we feed it please, please?" he asked anxiously. The mother pondered about it unsure.

'I don't know dear, this looks like it's someone's cat. Just look, it has some bandages."

"But Mommy, it doesn't have a collar and it looks hungry too!" the little girl piped in.

'Yes, yes. Sam very hungry.'

"I guess it wouldn't do any harm. I'll just let have some of Scooter's food," the mother finally concluded. She stroked Sam's back and picked her up.

'Scooter? Who's Scooter?' Sam wasn't too sure of this anymore, but she was too hungry to care at the moment. The lady put her down on the kitchen floor. She walked over to a cupboard and took out a small can. After pulling the tab, she dumped the mass in a bowl labeled 'Scooter'. It was a large clump of brown chunks with other smaller colored chunks mixed in. It looked gross. She walked over to it cautiously and took a sniff. It actually didn't smell half mad! She took a nibble of it. It didn't taste half bad either! She chowed down and licked at the remains that she wasn't able to get with her teeth.

"Wow Mommy, the cat sure was hungry!" exclaimed the little boy as he watched Sam devour the meal.

"You know you're right Tommy. It looks a tad skinny too," The mother added. After Sam was finished, the girl looked at her mom eagerly.

"Hey Mommy, can we keep it?" asked the small girl hopefully. Sam looked up from the bowl.


"Kids, I want you to remember that this isn't our cat. It's probably someone else's and they miss it very much right now. " The kids pouted.

'I don't know about that too much.' Sam thought to herself, 'Danny completely forgot I existed this morning and neglected to feed me. And Mom, Dad, and Grandma think I'm at the house.'

"But I think it's alright until we find its owner," the mother continued with a smile. The kids beamed and tackle-hugged their mother.

'Ah crap,' Sam thought, "Well it's been fun guys but I really got to scram.' She started to dash when her hind leg started to cramp up and hurt. It was no use. She wouldn't be able to make it out of her. 'This…is not good.'

After the children stopped cheering, their mom began to speak up again.

"I don't know how Scooter will like this new company though," she grimaced uncertain.

It was around 4:00 when the kids got tired of playing with their newly found pet. They had unanimously given her the temporary name of Muffin. Sam still didn't find any sign of the one called Scooter except some strange smell that she presumed to be its. Frankly, she was expecting the worse. By the sound of the lady's voice, she was afraid she'd get into a tussle with it. Since they had cat food she figured t was a cat.

Over the last four hours, she had found out about the family. The mother was currently single. By the look of it she was pretty well off though. She didn't figure out a name for her since the kids just called her Mommy. The girl's name was Sammy, ironically. Their name's were the same yet they couldn't be the more opposite. Sammy had an obsession with dolls and pink. Her hair was blonde in two ponytails. She seemed nice enough in kid standards. The little boy's name was Tommy, as the mom had previously mentioned. He was more of a dirty blonde and seemed to want to roughhouse all the time. Sam swore some patches of fur were missing…would that mean if she were human she'd be half bald? She shook at the thought. Currently, the only room she had been in was the living room and the kitchen. When the children stopped playing and became hypnotized by the TV, Sam took the opportunity to find some way to exit the building inconspicuously.

She strode over to the staircase. Carefully she put her paws one in front of the other quietly. When she reached the top, she found that all of the doors were closed. Not giving up hope just yet, she checked each door and tried nudging it open. Finally the last one worked. It appeared to be Sammy's room. The walls were painted a bright pink. Dolls were scattered around the room. She crept inside. The room was all eerie-like. With the bedroom completely silent and dolls around watching her, Sam couldn't help but feel a chill go down her spine. Those black shiny eyes seemed to be following her. Sure, she was all up for the creepy stuff, but no one likes to be watched like that. It was even more so creepy that they were the size of her front side. She decided to ignore it and continue on.

Sam found a window and eyed it carefully. The sill was covered with plush beanie babies. She curled her body up and padded her feet up and down to ready herself. To her dismay it looked as if she was wagging her butt. With a huge bound, she smashed into the window. The dolls fell on top of her with a squeak. Now her back and foot hurt. She really wasn't doing herself any favors. She pushed away the dolls and licked her fur down. This predicament really did have her thinking how good she had it as a human; not that she didn't appreciate it, but it really made a person think. Just then she heard laughter coming from behind her. Sam turned around to find a snickering orange tabby tom. So this was Scooter.

"Hey shut up! It was the only way," Sam meowed in defense. The cat stopped laughing and glared at her with intense blue eyes.

"You have to admit that was pretty funny," he meowed.

"Yeah well, I have to get out of – did you just talk?" she asked surprised.

"No crap I just talked."

'A cocky tom; just what I needed,' she sarcastically thought. "Look. I'm pretty sure you don't like me and I'm not completely sure I like you, but this can all be solved if you'd just help me out of here."

He ignored her words and began heading towards her. Sam flinched. He lifted up his head to sniff her.

"Just exactly what are you? You look like my kind but you don't smell like one at all," he stated.

'Well at least he's not dumb.' "You're right. I'm not exactly a cat and I really don't belong here. Do you think maybe you could help me out? Then we'd be out of each other's hair – uh I mean fur." Sam figured he'd been here much longer than she had. Perhaps he could help. Certainly he knew this place much better than she did.


"What?" she asked in disbelief.

"No, I don't feel like it," he retorted.



Sam's balloon of hope deflated. Well, she couldn't lose all hope, right? Danny would remember her, com back to his house, find out she wasn't there, and look for her…right?

"Hey Danny, Tucker, now that we're done swimming, want to go to a movie?" asked Valerie.

"Sounds awesome," replied Danny. "I'm having so much fun I can't' remember any of my responsibilities. Which in retrospect, isn't entirely good, but I'm too careless to care!"

'Let's face it. If he can't remember to take care of a pet, I can't expect him to remember me,' Sam thought gloomily. "I'm never going to eat normal food again. I'll have to sleep on a cushion. I'll eventually lose my human mind! I might eat meat! What was in that cat food I just ate anyway?! I JUST ATE CAT FOOD!!!" Sam screamed hysterically to herself.

Scooter started to laugh again.

"You're one funny, crazy uh whatever you are," he admitted. "Even though I don't care enough to help you out of here. How 'bout I show you around? Hey what's you're name anyway?"

"It's Sam. If you hear anything different from you're owners they're wrong."

"Yeah, whatever you say."

He started heading out of the room. Sam followed him in defeat.

"Ok, so the room we were just in was Sammy's room. A piece of advise: don't stay in that room too long unless you want a frilly little hat on you're head." Sam was sure to take note of that.

They then headed to a door across Sammy's room.

"This is Tommy's room. There's always something gooey, sticky, or pointy in there so I suggest not setting paw in there." He stepped into the middle of the hallway and pointed to several doors with his head. "Upper left is the Mistress's room, upper right is the laundry room, and right in front of us is the bathroom/kitty room."

"Just in time," Sam breathed. She ran into the "kitty room".

So it was around 7:00pm and Scooter had shown the full house to her. It was already getting late and there seemed to be no way for Sam to get out. The windows were always shut and the family hadn't gone outside the whole day. Scooter didn't bother to tell her any other exists nor did it look like he was going to any time in the future. Her only hope seemed to be that Danny would realize she was gone and take some action to find her. It looked like that she'd have to stay in this household overnight.

'Well, at least I'm fed. And always pet and…oh God what am I saying? I can't lose hope jut yet. Come on Manson, you want to become human again don't you?' Sam argued in her head.

The whole time she was just resting on the couch watching the kids coming and out of the room while occasionally petting and cooing at her. Scooter would come by and tease her than leave. She did get a kick, however, out of watching him be so amused when he kept swatting at the ball on top of his scratch post.

"What are you looking at?" he hissed. Sam giggled.

"Oh nothing. Just how you talk all smooth yet you're so easily amused by a swinging ball," she sneered.

"Sam, you really don't appreciate the small things in life do you? Come on, take a whack at it," he encouraged. Feeling bored, she got off the couch and sat next to Scooter. He thwacked the ball. "Now make sure you keep your eye on it."

She did as she was told. Her eyes bounced back and forth mimicking the ball. She just watched it go back and forth…and back and forth… and back and forth. It just kept moving. Her lavender eyes watched it sway side to side. Her mind caught every movement of it. The ball seemed to be trying to escape her sight. But oh no, she wasn't about to let that happen. If only she could try to catch it. Wait a minute…it was starting to slow down. Sam couldn't let that happen. The bright colored ball swinging back and forth was so amusing. With out knowing it, she swatted it with her paw. It moved faster. She was so close! Maybe she'd have better luck the next time. She swiped at it again. Even closer! She kept swiping at it. This was becoming frustrating! Before she knew it, she attacked it with both paws and lunged at it. Her tiny white teeth started gnawing on it. Her prey was outwitted. She snapped out of her focus with the ball and when she heard an all too familiar laughter.

"Who's amused now?" he asked between chuckles.

"It was asking for it."

An hour later, Sam could hear the mother calling her children to go to bed. Tailing the woman's foot she watched as the mom tucked in her children.

"Goodnight sweetie," she had said to both of her children as she kissed them goodnight. Both Tommy and Sammy smiled back as they said their goodnights. It made Sam happy seeing a family like this get along so well.

'Did I ever have this kind of relationship with my mom?' she asked herself silently. She couldn't really remember too much in her earlier years of life but something told her that she never did. Silently she grieved at the connection she had with her parents. It also made her saddened that if her situation was going to continue as bad as it was, she might not have the chance to have that bond. Worse thing was she was pretty sure that she couldn't even cry in this body. Scooter bounded up next to her.

"Yeah, them two kids area a hassle and may never leave me alone…but they're great. I think you'll really like it here," he told her uncomfortably. Sam didn't respond. "Hey what's wrong Sam? You're scent seems to have a bit of anguish in it."

"Ha, now my scent feels sad?" she laughed pitifully. She looked at the carpet with sad eyes. Scooter looked at her for a moment then licked her forehead. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Licking you," he bluntly stated between licks.

"Is that like a kiss?" she asked a bit flustered.

"I don't know what a kiss is," he admitted. "I just know that it's kind of a comforting thing to do this. I keep forgetting you're not like me. It's a feline thing you know?"

"I see," whispered Sam lamely. She didn't know exactly how this worked, but he was right; it did make her feel better. A deep rumbling came from her throat. She was purring. Taken aback by her subconscious act, she asked him if there was somewhere she was supposed to sleep. He took her downstairs and showed her where she was supposed to sleep.

"I don't sleep here much. I usually just sleep on the couch or with one of the kids. It's much too early for me to sleep anyway," he informed her.

"Thanks," she replied. She looked at the corner where the little foam tent bed thing was. It looked comfortable enough. Frankly, anything was better than the underside of Danny's bed. The inside was plushy and soft to the pad of her paw. She curled herself up and found herself becoming extremely tired. Scooter started to walk away.

"Goodnight Sam…and uh…feel better."

Danny and Tucker were starting to head home. After the movie they went to the park and even got a burger in the mean time. It was a much longer day than both of the boys expected. A good day, but a long day. Especially for Danny who finally managed to put Skulker back in the ghost zone. Danny started to say goodbye to Tucker.

"See you later, Tuck."

"Later Danny. Oh by the way, how'd you're little kitty Sammy-wammy-kins?" he teased.

"Oh. Crap."

"Dang dude, no wonder you didn't have any pets."

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