just something that i came up with its about mariah and her family or lack of

What happened to the goals?
the dreams and the fears?
what am i supposed to be?
A gurl with too much tears?

Why'd my father drink too much?
why'd my brother die?
why'd my mother leave that night?
To the heaven in the sky

Why does it hurt so much?
Why do i alwys cry?
Tears rain down my cheeks
like from the heavens of the sky

what am i supposed to do?
Standing in the rain
why cant i get rid off
all this unwanted pain?

Did they love me?
Did they even care?
I watch as everyone
passes by while they stare

maybe i would be ok
if i could just stop these tears
maybe i would be alright
if i could just forget my fears

i see them talking
telling each other
in a gentle whisper
thats the girl without a mother

thats the girl
whos brother died
shes the one
they tried to hide

all hope is lost
my dreams are broken
i dont know how to go on
deaths come and he has spoken

its all silent
my dreams, my fears
slowly drain away
my hopes, my tears

and as i lay here
waiting to die
i hear the glass smash
and someones startled cry

Why'd they save me?
why do they stare?
What have i done
to make them all care?

I used to think
everyone was bad
i used to be
continuously sad

i used to blame him
of what came to be
i used to blame them
of what i used to see

i understand now
i really do you see
but that doesnt stop me from thinking
why me?

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