All He Did

By: chocolate rules

New story, 3 chappies one for each of our guys. Spoilers for everything. Nothing is really out wardly stated thoguh, so if you didn't see it you won't get it. Umm, disclaimer, well I need none ecause they are soooo mine!...And now I'm done dreaming and will soon be returning the m home so they can rest up and then start taping for the CW!

All John ever did was fight.

He fought with his brothers growing up. It was difficult growing up a middle child.

He fought as a Marine. The few. The Proud. His knowledge grew and his felt comfortable with this new regime and family.

He fought for Mary. He had to win her over. She was career driven and he had doubted that she'd wait out his absence. He never doubted her fidelity, he just thought that someone would recognize the beauty the she was and she'd be swept off her feet. She waited.

He fought for their marriage. Her parents opposed it. They criticized him against his reckless youth and they saw their precious downfall in him. But she fought for him and that was all that mattered.

He fought for her life. He watched as his lover, his partner, his soul mate was torn away from him. He ripped away his defenseless son and watched as both boys successfully left. He went back to fight for Mary. He ended up fighting the fire.

He fought for her memory. He raised his sons, her babies, as warriors. He sought revenge. Justice for his Mary. Justice that would only be rendered when he held her in his arms again.

He fought all evil. He learned their ways and how to stop them. For Mary. For all the families who could lose someone like Mary. For Sammy's innocence. For Dean's sake. For himself.

He fought for the demon. He finally found its pattern. But he was always one step behind. He felt his left his boy, but watched over his sons as they too fought. He ignored their calls and assured himself that he was protecting them. Until the demon fought against them through him.

He fought back tears yelling for Sammy to end it. The tears came anyway. Sammy didn't end it. There are more important things he said.

He fought through the haze. He fought away from the probing hands and flashing lights. He remembered the ride. He remembered his boys. His battered children. And he fought for them. He fought against the darkness and he fought towards the sounds.

He fought for Sam and Dean. He fought against Mary now. Against her welcoming warmth and her loving call.

He fought to survive.

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