All He Did

By: chocolate rules

This one is different. I love Dean, so Dean is love...get it! Okay, well, this one actually kind of goes through a lot of his emotions and isn't in the same style as the others, cause he's not really like them so that's ok. Hope you likes!

All Dean did was love.

He might try to be the tough one, but he's not. He's full of heart and he doesn't know how to turn the thing off. He's the core of the battle no matter what either of his counterparts wish to think otherwise. Without Dean, John would have probably hit the bottle and not have to bear witness to four year old ever watching eyes after every sip. Without Dean, John would have plummeted immediately into the hunt and would have died within the first year. Without Dean's every loving presence and questions, John would have not had the heart needed to research and learn to protect himself and his boys and survive for them. Without Dean, John would be a long forgotten memory.

Without Dean, Sammy would have long been dead. He might have survived the night of his mother's murder, but who is to say that he could have gotten much further. An ever watching preschooler is a lot more productive than a crying baby. Without Dean, Sammy would have long been Sam. He would have no dreams and would be rendered deep into the hunt, obsessed like their father was, if he wasn't left with some nameless couple along the way. Without Dean, Sammy would have forgotten by now what unconditional love was and what it was to feel protected.

From the very beginning, Dean loved his Mommy and Daddy. He loved how Daddy read him bed time stories and made up his own ending. He loved how Mommy looked away as he sneaked a fresh cookie from the jar and how she reprimanded Daddy when he tried to sdo the same. He loved when Daddy would get home early and surprise him after preschool and let him ride in his lap while Daddy drove the 'pala back home. He loved when Mommy would fake boredom as Daddy talk about something that was putting dean to sleep and then they'd both attack him with tickles before Mommy gave the wink and they'd both attack Daddy.

Before he really knew what it meant, Dean loved the baby growing in Mommy's belly. He carried the 'Sony grams' to school and showed everyone. He loved the looked in people's faces when he'd go shopping for food, and ice cream, with Mommy and he'd explain that the growing belly was actually his brother that Daddy had placed in there one night. He loved the look on Mommy's face when she reminded him, and Daddy too, that it could very well be a little sister. He loved the look that Daddy and he shared as they looked at each other as they responded that she was right.

Dean can't remember even now a day that he loved even more than the day Daddy came to pick him up from school all nervous with Grandpa and taking him to the 'opitall to see Mommy and the new baby. He absolutely loved the look on Mommy's face when he entered the room forever later and she asked him how he knew that it was a boy all along (from the very first day that they had told him he'd be a big brother, Dean had jumped up and cried out "I'm getting a baby brother!" even when Mommy had said it could be a girl.) Dean loved the proud look on Daddy's face as he repeatedly hugged everyone in and around the room and even kissed (yuck!) Mommy.

Dean thought that had he couldn't love anymore than he loved Daddy and Mommy, and them Sammy came along and he loved him soo much. Mommy was so happy that he hadn't gotten that jealousy bug once Sammy was home and Dean was too cause he didn't want a shot. He loved Mommy's laugh when he had told her this. He loved how Daddy would still come by and take him to the park or to the backyard and toss a football with him. He loved when Mommy brought Sammy to his tee ball games and all the other Mommies made crazy eyes at how cute Sammy was and how much of a handful Dean and a new baby. He loved even more when Mommy told them about how helpful Dean was with Sammy.

Dean loved how Sammy looked at him. His hair was growing in and he couldn't call him baby Grandpa anymore behind Mommy's back to Daddy. Sammy was starting to turn over, which Dean had never noticed he didn't do before. He loved how Sammy would turn about to find him when he heard his voice. Dean didn't like it so much when Mommy asked him to help change Sammy. At fist, he had thought that she was going to change Sammy for another baby and had cried and ran away from Mommy and had stayed in his room two whole hours, he had locked the door-even if he had been told not to do so- and had not opened it until Daddy came home and had promised that Sammy wasn't going anywhere. He loved how Daddy had hugged him and carried him back downstairs and into the kitchen. He loved the freshly backed that Mommy had made just for him, since Sammy really couldn't have any -Dean had already tried to his parents horror, and had said the words that Dean had slowly read to say 'For Sammy Always With Us' or something.

Dean loved it when his Mommy took him in to say goodnight to Sammy and when Daddy surprised them coming home early and tucking him in. He didn't so much love the memory of the last night that had happened or when Sammy had been placed into his arms and he'd been told to run without so much as a reminder to hold his head. He had once loved the colors that fire made, but that night he decided that he didn't love it so much. He really hated it, even if Mommy had said that he shouldn't say that because she was no longer around to tell him not to.

Dean grew to love the determination that had over taken his father after Mommy had died. He still loved Sammy, that never changed. He didn't love Daddy the same way anymore. Daddy wasn't Daddy anymore, only for Sammy and that was only until he was old enough to understand what it was that he and Dad did. Dad was now 'sir' and even if he was scared Dean still loved it when Dad taught him how to use all those shiny weapons. He loved teaching Sammy too and he loved it when Sammy's eyes lit up when Dean returned from a hunt with Daddy, on the rare occasion that he left Sammy, and told him how cool it had been and what he had done.

Dean loved it when Sammy got excited over something. He knew that Sammy hated to move around so much so when something made him happy, Dean was thrilled. Dean didn't like it at all when Dad would leave them all alone, but he loved that he got to take Sammy into his arms then and not have to be so hard on Sammy. Dean knew that Sammy wasn't a little soldier like Dad had said he was, so he couldn't treat him like that. He was special and Dean loved him for that.

Dean loved to watch Sammy grown and learn and read, and never stop reading. He loved it when Sammy made it to high school with him and started complaining about being called Sammy. He loved it when Sammy turned to him for things and asked him all those little kid questions about life and the hunt and Mommy. He loved being able to tell Sammy nice things about Mommy, especially after a nightmare. He was running out of memories and started making some up from what he saw other kids in his class's moms do and what he heard them say. It's not like Sammy would ever know the difference and he knew not to ask Daddy.

All Dean did was love. He loved Mommy, no matter where she was. He loved Dad, even if he was constantly demanding and not the same as before. He could even say he loved Cassie, but that was kind of tough, since he had nothing to compare it to really- but he could say it anyway. And above all, Dean loved Sammy, Sam was actually more of a pain and his brother knew he was in trouble if Dean called him Sam. Sammy could do no wrong and was always under big brother Dean's protective watch. As Sammy wanted to be Sam, Dean got mad at the added temper but not even a moody teenager could stop Dean from loving the brat. Even when Sammy left, Dean still loved him. He might even have loved him more then, Sammy had gotten away and all of Dean's hard work on raising the kid was finally paying off. A full ride, he was soo proud, even if Dad blew his top. He loved the kid even through all the unanswered voice messages that made its way to and from the brothers for the first few months. He loved passing by the big ol' school and watching his Sammy at his prime, a beautiful blond at his side. He loved the wide, honest smile that his brother wore and vowed never to let anything change that.

He loved his father even as he sent him on his first solo in a completely different state and then went missing. He worried himself sick through the next few weeks and couldn't help but love the knowledge that voicemail gave him that he was still alive.

He loved having Sammy back with him, even if it was just until Monday, it felt right again.

He hated the feeling that told him to go back to Sammy, hated seeing the smoke in the window of the apartment. Hated that his biggest fears were made real as he entered and saw Sammy's girl on the ceiling. Sammy's innocence and happy, normal life ccrumpling before his very eyes.

Even as he hated not finding his father at Blackridge, he still felt love and now he had Sammy and had to look out for him again. He loved the younger one enough to see everything crumple around the kid. He managed to pull the kid together again and then bad things really started to happen. Dad came and left and it hurt but he still had Sammy and Dean knew to pull it together for the kid. He almost died and he tried to tell the kid that he loved him, so he told him to take care of the car. It was the same thing; besides the two things that Dean loved most in his life should defiantly be together once he was gone. He loved the kid even more when he wouldn't hear any of it, a true Winchester. And as a Winchester, the kid found a method to cure him and someone dead because of it. He didn't hate the kid for it, never really could, but damn it felt bad when he was the cause of the kid's death. He loved the kid for pulling him back together, even calling the girl and making him say goodbye and leaving for all the mushy talk.

He loved when they got to just being them again and were once again comfortable around each other. He even loved Sammy's counter to the inconvenient obstacle Dean had sprinkled around in his shorts. He loved seeing Sammy with that girl, god the kid needed to get his head away from his girl. He loved when dad finally came back, for good, even if -Yes Sammy!- it was annoying to have to follow orders again. He preferred giving them, but he loved having his Dad back to say anything about it. He loved seeing Sammy stand up for himself. Not Sammy, Sam. He loved watching the kid not be such a kid anymore and couldn't be more proud even when he whined like a nine year old.

Dean couldn't possibly feel more love for the kid as he lowered his weapon and then turned and helped them out. He loved the kid so much then, seeing his words play out in Sammy's eyes. He swelled with pride as his own words were told back to his angered father. And he loved the knowledge that they were together and would get the damn thing together as he closed his eyes right before his world unknowingly changed forever.

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