It Was Suppose To Be Forever….
By EclipsingFlames

The machinery was sensitive and very, very much elusive, yes, but the long hours in isolation ached in the silence and consuming thoughts that sent her over her last calming edge a long time ago. It was never in her nature to act out in anger by violence. In fact, she kept that character trait so concealed, some of her friends thought she was immune to rage. Had they seen her only momentary ago, they would know she were human. The time in captivity of the place could not have passed without the passing of a few curse words in the four languages she spoke fluently in and the deeply rooted dents on a few choice spots of the fragile equipment, she decorated with a swift kick of her hiking boot.

She took great care in pressing the last few sequences in to the computer as the video screen before her split between live coverage of her and a data layout as she entered configurative codes that sealed the last of what she set out to accomplish. The computers hummed and panels glowed singling the codes were well received and the manufactures were complete.

The video focused, picking up on the blunt notes of computer keys and switches as the footage sparked to life after several years of being dismantled. The chair creaked and hissed soft from the slight pressure lowering it into adjustment. The scientist caught her breathy sigh within her mouth, her teeth sealing the air in as they caged her bottom lip from completing the smile they begun to form.

"Excellent." She stretched her smile now unclamped from the toothy cage. " Now to test receivers."

Quickly, she wrapped her laptop from its expensive case and routed her saved contents within it to the main computers memory drive for it to copy. The video playedAn image of her was presented taken weeks ahead, her long raven hair pulled tight in a pony tail and face expressed in an alert and very concerned manner.

"Video log 76base- D," She spoke in the aged footage.

" I don't want to panic anyone… there's most likely nothing to panic about…" She sighed. " Okay let me start from the beginning, before I jump to conclusions. My name is Trini Kwan, I'm a scientist… a geologist more specifically. I look like any other woman, act like any other woman. I have a fiancée and a planned future ahead of me that I was really looking forward, too. No this isn't what you think, I'm not dying or planning to anytime soon, it's just… before I became what you see before you, I was apart of something else just like all of you. I was the yellow power ranger…

" I guess it's important to say I'm the first, the original yellow power ranger of earth, that fought to protect this earth in the year 1993. By time you get this, which I pray some ranger does, it wont be too late. Or even better my theories won't turn in to a reality." She pulled a small trinket from her pocket off screen and held it up to the camera attached to the portable computer before her on her desk.

" This is my sabor- tooth tiger coin, my old energy source that transferred power into me to transform me into earth's first elite team. There are several now… for that I feel I should apologize that you have to continue the battle we left off. I'm not talking about whatever monster empire that's risen in your time, but mine, because what I'm about to warn you about is something old, but new to you…"

Trini imported the rest of the feed into the main computer cutting off the video footage in the process. She couldn't watch anymore, not knowing what she knew. All that mattered was that she got home in time to meet with her fiancée and got in contact with her friends.

Unfortunately, the events of the day had proven her hopes wrong, what had risen was old, but not the right old. Not the right enemies.

Today was declared 'Forever Red' day amongst the power rangers. Everyone was informed of the remaining machine empire's retaliation to uncover Serpenterra for what would be they're last plot against the rangers. The red rangers had defeated the threat but another threat existed far older than the machine empire. And right now, she was the only one that knew of it as far as she was concerned.

Trini stood, gathering up her laptop, and skillfully whisking the equipment away in to her shoulder bag. She cleared away whatever discarded equipment littered on the stretch of computer panels in to a tool bin along one of the far walls. Sliding her shoulder bag up her arm, she took one last look up the place, old memories flooding back as she replaced certain appearances she took in with the old that filled her heart.

I better get moving, She thought glancing at her watch. He'll be waiting for me.


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