Postcards from Insanity


"Not again."


"Please, Beastboy, do not tell me that you are buying that stupid, childish rocket."

"What, Raven, you mean the one with vinegar and baking soda?"

"Yes! It's going to make a freaking mess, and guess who's gonna hafta clean it up?"

"Um… you are?"

"Most likely."




"Can I buy that rocket now?"


"But Rae, it's just a simple little rocket!"

"Just a simple little- aargh!"

"Geez, Rae, do you have to go all scary-red-demon eyes on me?"

"Oh, shut up. My name isn't Rae and my eyes aren't red. They're amethyst."

"Oooh, technical, red-eyed-Rae."

"You know, if you weren't so adorable I'd probably kill you."

"You think I'm adorable?"


"… so what are you going to do rather than kill me?"

"Throw you out the nearest window."

"Wait, Rae, are you serio-AAAAAH!"

"Ha. Serves you right."

"Rae, did you throw Beastboy out the window again?"

"Can it, Cyborg, or you're next."