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He could hear a faint buzzing, but ignored it.

What did that sound mean?

He remembered it, but what was he supposed to do?

Danny Fenton retreated under the covers of his bed. He didn't want to leave their safety. He didn't want to wake up to find that him returning home was just a dream. He was so afraid that leaving Vlad had just been a wish that his subconscious mind had created. There was a hand shaking him.

"Go away!" He snapped.

"Honey, you're going to be late for school." Replied a quiet voice. Danny sat up suddenly.

"You're still here?" He asked, surprised.

"Stop asking me that." Maddie said. "You're home Danny."

The boy ran a hand through his hair.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, but…" He didn't go on. His mother helped the boy get up. His leg was still stiff from a few weeks ago. It took a moment for Danny to steady himself, but then he could get along fine. The boy reached up and rubbed the sleep from his blue eyes.

"They're still clouded." Maddie thought to herself. "Oh, I hope that goes away."

"I bought you some long sleeved shirts so no one can see the burns." The mother continued. "They're blue. I hope you like it. They were all they had."

Danny hid his disgust. He hated long sleeves. He wanted his arms to be free, to feel the air again, but he knew that more people would ask questions if there were visible scars, besides his eyes.

"Thanks mom." Danny smiled weakly. "I'll get ready."

Maddie patted her son gently on the back and headed out the door, closing it behind her.

A little while later, Danny came out, dressed in his normal jeans, and a long sleeved dress shirt. It was unbuttoned at the front, showing a white t-shirt underneath.

"I hate these things." He grumbled. Downstairs the door bell rang. Danny made his way to it, hoping to get there before his father did. Miraculously, the boy made it, and opened the door wide. Outside were his two best friends, Sam, and Tucker.

Sam had a few burn marks on her face, but other than that, she was fine. Tucker, on the other hand, was standing on the side walk, trying to stay balanced on crutches.

"Hey Danny." Sam smiled. "Are you ready?"

The boy nodded, and grabbed his back pack.

"I'm leaving!" He called to his parents, and left without waiting for a reply. The three friends made their way down the sidewalk, slower than normal, considering the fact that Tucker was hobbling along on his crutches.

"I'm really glad to be home." Danny said. "But I don't want to go back to school. I don't have enough credits to graduate, so…I have to finish the ninth grade."

"That sucks Danny." Tucker replied. "It's not your fault a crazy loony tricked you."

Danny glared at his friend.

"Don't even talk about him." He snarled. "I just want to forget it ever happened."

"You'll come to me to save your friends…" Hissed Vlad's voice in the back of his mind.

Vlad was going to come back. And he was going to hurt Tucker and Sam. It was all Danny's fault. If only…

He didn't want to think of it now.

When they arrived at Casper high, Danny immediately wanted to turn back. Everyone was staring at him, their eyes wide with curiosity.

"Keep going Danny." Sam urged. "You can't stay at home, and be stupid for the rest of your life.

"At least I should be allowed to go to tenth grade." The boy replied. "I had a little school. Vlad had a tutor for me. Guaranteed, that didn't last long, but I remember hours of home work. Or was that training?"

Sam pushed him forward. Danny was caught off guard and he stumbled right into Dash Baxter. The large football player growled at the small boy.

"So Fenturd. You're back for more whupping?"

Danny stepped back, but couldn't get to safety, due to the crowd of kids surrounding him, and cutting him off from his friends.

"Leave him alone Dash!" Sam shouted, trying to get to Danny.

"Nope. He must think he's a hero for coming back after a whole year. Well he's not!" And with that, the football player punched the other boy in the shoulder. Danny was pushed into the crowd of people, only to be thrown back into the circle. His movements were anything but graceful, as he tried to keep his balance on his leg that just wouldn't bend right.

Dash growled and threw another punch, one that Danny managed to narrowly miss. The football player was mad that he missed, grabbed the boy by the back of his shirt, and threw him to the ground. There was a rip, and the shirt came off, showing Danny's scarred arms from the year before. People gasped. Danny grabbed his shirt, and tried to put it back on as fast as he could, but it had torn at the arms, and wasn't hiding anything anymore.

"What happened to you?" Dash asked in awe, his eyes focused on the large scars around the boys wrists. Danny didn't respond, he just struggled to get up, but having a hard time of doing so. Then someone reached out their hand. Without thinking, Danny took it.

"Leave him alone Dash." Said a familiar voice. The boy looked at the face of who had helped him, and saw that it was Valerie Gray. Her green eyes were glaring at the football player, who still seemed in shock.

"Thanks Valerie." Danny said, steadying himself. "I'm not the fastest in a fight."

"Watership Down people!" Shouted an angry voice. "Let me through." The kids parted to let in an angry Mr. Lancer.

"Oh great dear Hamlet!" He exclaimed. "Mr. Baxter, you'll be getting detention for this. Mr. Fenton. Come with me. I'll see you after school Mr. Baxter." And with that the teacher led Danny out of the circle. Sam had finally made her way through the crowd, only to see her friend leaving.

"Danny!" She shouted. Then the girl turned to Valerie. "What happened?"

"Dash ripped Danny's shirt." The other girl replied. "I guess he didn't believe all the rumors about where Danny's been."

Sam's eyebrows raised.

"What rumors?" She asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

"I heard that he was being held by a ghost, who would torture him."

"Maybe it was just a fire." Sam replied coldly.

"Maybe." Valerie shrugged as she walked away.

Danny was nervous as he walked through the halls next to his old teacher.

"Do you want me to call your parents?" Mr. Lancer asked the boy when they reached his office.

"No sir." Danny replied. The boys formal speech took the teacher by surprise. Maybe Danny had always said that before.

"Well you can't go around like that all day. Take this." Mr. Lancer handed the boy an old brown jacket. "A kid never claimed this last year.

"Thank you sir." Danny said, putting it on.

"As your parents have surely told you," The teacher continued. "You do not have enough credits to move on. And there is not much you can do to make them up."

"Yes sir."

Now it was beginning to get annoying. But it was proper.

"So you will be in the same classes as last year, starting with English, with me. Now come on."

Danny took his seat in Mr. Lancer's class. He didn't know any of the kids around him. They were all younger. That made everything even worse.

Mr. Lancer was standing at the front of the class, writing on a chalk board. One of the kids raised his hand, and waited impatiently for the teacher to turn around.

"Excuse me, Mr. Lancer?" He finally asked. "Who's the new kid?"

Danny groaned and shrunk as far as he could into the jacket. He didn't even care that it smelled like tomatoes.

"That is Danny Fenton, but that's all you need to know. Now, I hope you all have English books. Please turn to page 300."

There was the rustling of paper as all the kids followed the teacher's command. Danny took his book out, and tried to search for the right page, but all the numbers didn't seem to be coming together right. The boy looked at the text on the page, and realized that it didn't make any sense either. His mouth opened wide.

"What's going on?" He asked himself. "I could read just a little while ago."

"Mr. Fenton? Is anything wrong?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"No sir." Danny replied. "Everything's fine."

"Then can you read the first sentence out loud?"

Danny tried not to panic.

"Sir I…I…I can't."

Mr. Lancer gave him a strange look.

"You can't read it?" He asked.

"No sir." The boy replied, sheepishly.

"Alright. See me after class Mr. Fenton." Mr. Lancer said. Then the lesson continued.

The bell rang, and took Danny by surprise. He literally jumped out of his seat with a yelp. The other kids laughed at him. The whole hour had gone by so slowly. Everything seemed to mesh together in his mind. And when ever he tried to read, the words didn't make sense anymore.

"Mr. Fenton." Lancer groaned. "Could you really not read, or did you just not want to?"

"I can't read sir." The boy replied. "I could, but now…it doesn't work."

"I have heard that you had a very traumatizing experience over the past year. It won't be easy getting back on your feet, but I think that you can do it."

"Thank you sir." Danny replied, trying to pick up his books. For some reason he stumbled and dropped them.

"Do you have trouble moving Danny?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"Sometimes." He replied. "Sometimes I can move fine."

"Maybe you should go home." The teacher suggested. "Maybe all you need is rest."

Danny shook his head, as he picked the books up.

"No sir. I'm fine." He said with a smile. "I just need to get adjusted again." And with that he left the room.

"How are you doing Danny?" Sam asked as the three friends walked down the hall.

"As good as I can be after a year of not doing this." Danny sighed as he reached his locker. He slammed it shut in frustration, and began to walk away, when he smashed right into Dash Baxter.

"I'm sorry Dash!" He shouted in defense, trying to protect himself with his arms. But instead of being punched again, the boy received nothing in response. Danny could see that his eyes were red.

"Dash?" He asked.

Then in an instant, the football player grabbed Danny's arm and began running away. He dragged the boy outside, and pulled him into some bushes.

"Danny." Said a familiar voice. "It's me, Clockwork. Now I know that you're having a hard time adjusting, but whatever you do, don't give up. You need to stay out of the ghost zone at all costs. There are bad things happening there. Things that you don't need to know."

"What's going on?" Danny asked. "Is that all you wanted to tell me?"

"No." The time ghost said. "I also wanted to give you this…"

The ghost left Dash's body and took a metal band from off his wrist. On the front was a round plate of gold bordered by emerald with a CW in the middle.

"What is it?" The boy asked.

"It holds half my power." The time ghost replied. "The battle is not going well. I don't want this power falling into the hands of the enemy. Once you put it on, the only person who can take it off is you. No one else can even touch it. Even when you die. And you can never let this fall into the hands of evil. Do you understand?" Clockwork asked hurriedly.

Danny nodded, taking the band, and placing it around his wrist. It immediately shrunk to fit.

"I won't let anything happen to it." He said.

"I can trust you Daniel." The time ghost smiled. "Even though I have seen your fate, I know that you can fight against it. You have done so twice."

"Twice?" The boy asked.

"Yes." Clockwork replied. "Once when you met your evil counter part, and again when you fought against Vlad. If the future I had seen had been right, you wouldn't be here, standing before me."

Danny was silent.

"What is my future now?" He asked.

The time ghost did not reply.

"Dash seems to be waking up." He said. "It would be best if we both left. I'm sure your friends are worried about you."

"Yeah." Danny said, looking at the band. "They are."

With that, Clockwork smiled, and vanished.

"And then he handed me this band. He said that only I could take it off." Danny explained to his friends after another hour.

"That's kinda like the Wizard of Oz." Tucker commented, hobbling along.

"Nice one Tuck." Sam said. "Compare it to the ruby slippers."

"I've been stuck in bed for a while." The boy complained. "I ran out of movies to watch. So I watched other ones."

Next was math class. A new teacher had been hired after a freak mashed potato incident which left the old one hospitalized. Danny noticed the dirty looks he received from him. He was tall and wiry, wearing a tweed jacket, and having thick rimmed glasses. A nerd.

"Hello." He said calmly. "I see we have a new student in our midst. My name is Mr. Lawson. And I've heard that you took this class last year. Let's see what you remember Mr. Fenton." He sneered. Danny didn't like that look. This had been what he was afraid of. Having to do problems. As he looked at an equation on the board, he found that he couldn't tell what the numbers were.

"Come on up Mr. Fenton." The teacher demanded. The boy did so slowly and took the chalk in his hand. Danny looked at the problem long and hard, but the only number he could identify was a one.

"We're waiting Mr. Fenton." Lawson growled.

Danny didn't want to tell this teacher that he couldn't read the problem. He didn't want to seem weak. But one of the little kids who had been in his English class raised his hand.

"Mr. Lawson, he can't read."

Danny cringed as the teacher's eyes bore into him.

"You can't read?" He spat.

"I could earlier." Danny insisted.

"Reading is not just something one forgets how to do easily." Lawson growled. "You have to be pretending."

"I'm not sir." The boy replied through clenched teeth. "I don't know what happened."

"This is all a show made by you so you seem special!" The teacher burst. "Just because you disappeared for a year and then miraculously came back, you seem to think that you're better than anyone else!"

"That's not it!" Danny cried. "I'm not making this up!"

"Detention Mr. Fenton." Lawson hissed. "I'll be teaching you that lying does not pay off the hard way."

"I'm not lying!" The boy shouted. "I'm not trying to exploit what happened. If you had actually been there, neither would you!"

"Get back to your seat." The teacher demanded. Danny threw the chalk on the ground, and stepped on it before sitting down again.

It was after school and Danny tried to sneak out of the building, but Mr. Lawson caught him first.

"Where do you think you're going Mr. Fenton?" He asked. "As I recall, you have detention with me."

Danny groaned.

"Can it please be another day sir?" He asked. "It's my first day back. Can I please go home and sleep?"

"No. You're having detention with me now. So come on." The teacher went to grab the boy's wrist, but it just happened to be the one with the Clockwork band on it. There was a bright flash and Lawson yelped in pain. Mr. Lancer heard and rushed to the scene.

"What in the name of The Golden compass, are you doing?" He demanded.

"This boy shocked me!" Lawson snarled. "I don't know how he did it, but he did!"

"Danny, what happened?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"It's hard to explain sir." The boy replied.

"This boy claims that he can't read!" Lawson snapped. "Can you believe that?"

Mr. Lancer looked the other teacher in the face.

"I know Danny, and I know that he's not lying."

"Go ahead and baby him." Lawson spat. "But he's not going to pass my class with lies." And with that he stormed off.

"What happened?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"He wanted me to do a problem in front of the class. I couldn't do it. And he got mad." Danny replied.

"But what about shocking him?"

Danny paused.

"It had to just be static shock. This jacket might be made out of wool." He lied. The teacher seemed to buy it.

"Danny, I'm worried about you." Lancer said. "You said that you could read earlier, but now you can't. Either you're lying or you could possibly have brain damage. I hope that you're lying."

The boy remained silent and reached up a hand to touch his head.

"I'll let you get out of detention today, Mr. Fenton, but tomorrow you won't be as lucky. Do you hear me?"

"Yes sir." Danny replied, as he ran out soft the building.

"Jazz!" Danny shouted as he ran into his house. She would still be in bed from after the accident. Danny had blown her into a tree.

"Danny?" The red haired girl asked, as her brother dashed into her room. "What's wrong?"

The boy shut the door behind him, and locked it.

"It was at school, in English. I can't read Jazz! I can't read!" He panted. It seemed like he had rushed home.

"Butyou were reading my E-mails with me. We were both reading them." Jazz responded.

"I know." Danny growled in frustration as he paced around the room. "Lancer says that I might have brain damage. I don't even want to think of that. Who knows what Vlad did to me? There are still parts of the past year that I can't make out. They just get covered up by a fog. He could've done something then."

"Danny you have to calm down." Jazz urged. "Look at the poster on the wall? Can you read it now?"

The boy screwed his eyes up, and looked hard, but then he replied,

"I can only see an A and a D."

The girl sighed.

"I really hope that Mr. Lancer's wrong. You don't seem too different, little brother. Just your eyes."

"And what's up with them?" Danny raved. "Everyone talks about them. Everyone notices my clouded eyes. And the scars! How am I supposed to hide them for the rest of my life!" With that he ripped off the jacket, and threw it to the ground.

"I've had it with everything! I just want to go back before any of this happened!" Then the boy turned to the Clockwork band on his wrist.

"You gave me half of your power! Let me use it!" But even after that, nothing happened.

"What is that Danny?" Jazz asked. "And you need to calm down. What if mom and dad hear you?"

The boy took a deep breath.

"This ghost named Clockwork gave it to me." He said quieter.

"You accepted something from a ghost?" The girl asked, surprised. "I thought that you would've had more sense than that."

"No. Clockwork is a good guy. He saved my life and yours once."

"I don't remember him." Jazz stated, confused.

"But you remember the C.A.T?" Danny asked.

Jazz thought for a moment.

"Yeah. I remember you attacking me, but then it wasn't you. He was going to have you cheat."

"Well it was me…It was me from the future. My evil self. Clockwork is the time ghost. He controls what happens. He allowed me to save my future, but I almost lost everything." Then he paused. "But I liked the Vlad of the future better. He helped me. And he forgave dad."

Danny went silent after that.

"So Clockwork controls all time?" Jazz asked.

The boy nodded.

"He must like you, if he controls the life of every person in the world, and he chose to save you." She said.

"He said that this band holds half of his power." Danny continued. "And he told me not to go into the ghost zone. It seemed like there was a war going on, or something."

"Can I see it?" She asked.

"No." Danny snapped. "I shocks anyone but me, and I can't get it off. I'm stuck with it forever."

"That could be putting you in even more danger, Danny." Jazz said. "If Clockwork didn't feel it was safe with him, it must mean that someone wants it, and they're going to come after you."

"Great!' Danny shouted. "Just what I need!" And with that he left the room, slamming the door behind him.

The days went by very slowly. Danny still couldn't read. Detention was becoming almost an everyday thing for him. Mr. Lawson was becoming meaner and meaner, picking on Danny every chance he could. Dash had tried to beat Danny up on five more occasions, and managed to shove him into a locker on three. One of those times Dash had grabbed at the Clockwork band, only to find out the hard way not to touch it. Danny had gotten detention for that too.
It was a Monday morning. Jazz drove Danny to school. She found a parking spot and they got out of the car. Jazz still had her arm in a sling. Danny couldn't bear to look at it. It had been his fault. Because of his need for revenge he had almost killed her. And Tucker and Sam too.

When they got into the building thery were greeted by an eerie calm. There was no one in the hallways, no noises of people talking.

"We're late!" Jazz spazzed. "Oh my record!"

"Your record was already toast." Danny said, looking around warily. "Something doesn't seen right."

"Just go to your class Danny!" Jazz called as she ran madly through the halls. Then she realized that she was running and spazzed.

Danny walked along quietly. His ghost sense wasn't going off so it couldn't be ghosts. Or could it?

His shoes squeaked across the tiles as he looked around. Then there was a loud creaking sound, as the door to the math room opened. There was the slapping of dress shoes on the floor, and Mr. Lawson stepped into view, a sickening smile in his face.

"Mr. Fenton." He said, his eyes wide open. "There's an assembly in the gym. The teachers have been looking for anyone who might've strayed. You need to go there now." The teacher's movements seemed heavier than usual, and much more erratic.

"Ok." Danny said cautiously. The teacher grabbed him tightly by the arm and began leading the boy along at a fast pace. Danny had a hard time keeping up with him.

The gym doors grew nearer and nearer every second. But instead of the normal roar of many talking people, there was dead silence.

"I dropped my ummm…" Danny paused, pulling away. "Pencil back there. I have to get it. It's ummm…special."

"It can wait." Mr. Lawson said quickly yanking the boy forward again. "They're waiting for you."

At these words the teacher's eyes grew even larger, his smile became demented. Danny suddenly felt the intense need to get away, but when he tried to phase out of the man's grip, he found it impossible.

"Come on Danny, the others are waiting for you." Mr. Lawson smiled. His hold on the boy's arm tightened to the point where it hurt. Danny wished that he hadn't put a glove over the Clockwork band so he wouldn't shock anyone else accidentally. If he could just use it now…

But that wasn't how it was going to be.

Mr. Lawson opened the gym doors and forced Danny inside. The boy stumbled into the silent room. When he looked around him, there were all the kids, staring at him with wide eyes, sickening smiles.

"Hello Danny." They all said in unison. "We've been expecting you."

The boy scrambled to his feet, running to the door, but Kwan pulled him back.

"Don't run away." He smiled. Danny pushedthe boyaway, and ran to another door. He wasted no time in blasting it with an ecto beam. The boy jumped through the large hole, and took off through the halls.

"Please let them not have Jazz…" He begged. "Or Tucker and Sam…I couldn't bear to lose them."

Behind him he could hear the pounding footsteps of the others.

"I don't think that they know what they're doing. So I can just go ghost!" And with that the twin white rings appeared around his middle, transforming him into Danny Phantom. He leapt into the air, and flew as fast as he could through the halls. It seemed like he was going to reach the door. Then something grabbed him spectral tail and pulled him back. It was none other than Star.

"When did she get strong?" Danny asked himself. Then the girl swung him around and slammed the boy into the lockers. His head spun. He could feel himself changing back, and being dragged along the floor by his legs. His mind was numbed by the blow. There was nothing he could do but let himself get pulled along. Then Danny could feel himself being yanked sharply to the side, and being thrown to the ground. There was a shriek and Star collapsed. The boy could feel someone picking him up and carrying him, while someone else kept the students back. But it all became too confusing and he blacked out.

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