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Sam walked across the worn wooden porch that she found herself before. The house looked like it had once been a small plantation. The area around was all overgrown field, except for the lone dirt road that extended for over a mile, leading up to the houses door. In it was parked a fancy red convertible her parents had bought her when she got her license. Sam sighed. Not her type of car, but it got her here.

It took her a few moments to muster up the courage to knock on the house's door. It was a few moments before it opened, revealing the face of Maddie Fenton, still in her normal HAZMAT suit.

"Sam?" She asked in awe. "H-how did you find us?"

"I had to try really hard Mrs. Fenton." The girl smiled. "Don't worry. No one else will."

"Please come in." The woman said, still shocked. "You're here to see Danny right?"

"Yes." Sam smiled. "That is, if they let him go. If not, I want to visit him."

"There's good news then." Maddie grinned warmly. "The GIW had a big hearing, and in the end, they decided that Danny wasn't at fault. The only just thing they've done since."

"So he's here?" Sam asked. The woman nodded.

"He decided to have his room in the attic." Maddie replied, getting up, and beckoning Sam over. She then knocked on a trapdoor in the ceiling.

"Danny?" She called. "There's someone to see you. And it's not the GIW this time."

There was a moment of silence, and then the sound of uneven steps could be heard across the ceiling. There was a thump as the steps lowered, and a figure began walking down them. Sam's face glowed as she saw him.

It was Danny. Standing there, his messy black hair slightly shaggier than it had been before, and he was also taller too.

"Sam?" He asked, tilting his head.

"Hi." The girl smiled. "I came to see you."

There was a moment of awkward silence before Danny embraced his old friend in a tight hug,

"Sam." He said, tears coming from his eyes.

"I bet you two want to catch up." Maddie smiled, walking away.

"I've been so lonely." Danny cried. "The GIW say that I shouldn't go into town. Word might've spread. Then this place wouldn't be safe for me anymore."

"So you've been stuck here since you left?" Sam asked, coming from the hug. The boy shook his head.

"Let me show you." He grinned, reaching out his hand. Sam took it, and felt the familiar sensation of flying once more. She hadn't realized how much she had missed it until she felt the wind across her face. The experience was over much too soon, as Danny landed on the ground, among a part of the barren field.

"What's so special about this place?" Sam asked, looking around. The boy pointed to a strange outcropping of rock, and walked toward it. It was now that Sam noticed he walked with a limp, and had a brace fastened around his right pant leg.

"Come on." He called, waving the girl over. Sam followed, staring at the formation with curiosity.

"It's a rock Danny." She said.

The boy smiled and pushed aside a clump of tall grass, revealing a medium sized hole.

"I just phase in." He grinned, taking the girl's hand once more, and heading through the rock. All light disappeared, except for the small amount from the entrance. Danny then flicked his wrist, and held it up, bathing the walls of the cave with a green glow. He took Sam's hand and carefully led her down a steep shaft, going deep into the ground.

"Close your eyes." He said finally, a smile playing across his features.

"Are you sure, Danny?" She asked.

"Yeah." The boy replied, slowly leading her along. "You can open them now." He whispered. The girl did, and gasped. The walls were lined in crystals of every color of the rainbow, turning the entire room into a kaleidoscope. In the center was a blue pond, that Danny immediately ran over to, getting slowly to the ground, and running his fingers over the surface, creating ripples.

"This place is beautiful, Danny." Sam smiled, taking a seat next to him.

"Feel this water. Isn't it warm?" The boy asked dreamily. Sam placed her hand in and quickly withdrew it.

"It's freezing." She said.

"It feels warm to me." Danny sighed. "Everything feels warm. The GIW said it was because my body temperature dropped again. I'm always cold, but whatever I touch feels warm."

There was a moment of silence before Danny spoke again.

"How's Tucker?" He asked.

"Good." Sam smiled. "He's become the over achiever since it happened. He's taking all these hard classes, like advanced robotics, and engineering.

"That's Tucker." Danny chuckled.

"Did Jazz go to college?" Sam asked. The boy nodded.

"Yeah. Everything's been really lonely since then." He sighed. "The GIW say that people might pull a Frankenstein and come after me, torch and pitchforks. The people around here are like that."

"That has to suck." Sam replied. "It's not fair that you're cooped up all the time."

"I'm ok." Danny smiled weakly, sitting up. "I've been practicing my reading and writing. I'm getting better, slowly but surely. I wish I could go to school again even if all the kids hate me. I need people Sam. I'll go crazy if I have to stay in that house for the rest of my life. The GIW say that I might have to."

"Do they tell you a lot of things?" Sam asked. Danny nodded. "And do you believe them?"

"I'm not sure." The boy replied. "I really hate them. They always call me X587, my prisoner number, but…they did let me out. Maybe it would be best to just play it safe."

"You are going to go crazy." Sam said firmly. "Unless we get you out. We're in Kansas, only a few people are going to know. It's ok."

"You really think so?" The boy asked.

Sam nodded.

"It's going to be fine Danny."

The boy nodded solemnly, before grinning.

"Did you hear that I got all of Vlad's money?" He asked.

"I think so." Sam giggled at her friend's sudden change of mood. "What are you going to do with it?"

"I'm going to help all the people I hurt." Danny smiled. "Starting with this little town that Icarus tore apart near home. There was this librarian named Ms. Alex, and this little girl named Molly, and this crazy psychic named Gloria. Ms. Alex let me stay there, and she didn't care that I was a ghost, and Molly didn't either, she tried to help me to read. But her parents and everyone else hated me, so they called in Gloria."

"And you want to help them?" Sam asked. The boy nodded.

"Yeah. Ms. Alex was really nice. This town was weird. Almost no one there could see ghosts. That's why Icarus did so much damage. No one could see him coming. But Ms. Alex, and Molly could. I helped put together the children's center in the basement."

"You organized books?" Sam smiled, hiding a laugh. "How did that work?"

"Not well." The boy grinned sheepishly. "But Ms. Alex didn't care. I just want her to know I'm all right."

"But how are you going to help them if you won't leave this area?" Sam asked.

Danny paused for a moment before replying,

"I'm not sure."

"There's a fair in the town tomorrow." Sam smiled. "I saw the ads when I was driving here. Why don't we go there, and see what happens? No one will find out where you live, so you're home will still be safe. Why don't I stay the night in town and come back tomorrow to pick you up."

"Did you get your driver's license?' The boy asked.

Sam nodded.

"Wow…" Danny sighed, "It's hard to believe that you're already sixteen. Has it really been that long?"

"Yeah. Your birthday's coming up soon, isn't it?"

Danny nodded.

"I haven't celebrated by birthday in two years." He sighed, looking into the blue water. Sam placed her arm around him.

"Then I'll make sure to make it one you'll never forget."

The boy blushed as the girl kissed him on the cheek.

"Time's running out for you Clockwork." Hissed one of the Observants.

"Yes." Continued the other. "You know what'll happen if the boy is not ready to accept his new responsibility in time."

"I'm the time ghost." Clockwork spat. "I know what will happen. Give him some time to redeem himself, then I will fetch him for you. I know he's the right one for the job."

"After all that's happened," Snarled one of the eyeball ghosts, "And you still think he's the right one."

"I've said it before." The time ghost growled. "And I will say it again. I know what will happen. I can see everything. You have nothing to worry about. I assure you. Danny Phantom will make a good time ghost. He just has to redeem himself in not only the eyes of others, but they eyes of himself…Only then will this be over…"