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Hikikomogomo Kyouchuu

Chapter 1

The sun was high compared to the mood of one crewmember. His head was lying against his hand, his mind being imbued with fantasies yet again. He'd been so overwhelmed by dreams lately it was starting to worry him. Always, always it was her. The one person he devoted himself to. So many wild dreams had bombarded him. His hands grasping her short hair, her hands gripping his sweat-moistened chest, the gasps he could almost hear from her. There was always a pleasured grin on her face, never a frown of disgust. He could see and almost feel her soft, round breasts, his hands squeezing and fondling. Her round thighs, so soft, so warm, sometimes one of his hands would grip so tight he could feel his fingers digging into the supple flesh. But before he could start to enjoy such dreams he'd be awakened and be forced back to reality with a rather uncomfortable feeling in his pants.

He started to doze off again when a hand grasped his shoulder and an irritated voice sounded.

"Sanji-kun! Do something! Please!" The voice cried. Sanji recognized it immediately.

"Ah! Nami-san!" He blushed and fell out of his seat. Nami blinked surprised and stared down at him.

"Ah? Are you alright Sanji-kun?" She asked. Sanji put on a hurried grin and stood up.

"Hai! Hai Nami-san!" He blushed and forced his mind to stop imagining her without clothes. Although, she made it hard with her choice in attire: that devilishly short skirt and tight top baring the tops of her round breasts. Nami blinked again and stared at him a bit longer. Sanji cleared his throat and regained his composure, smiling cheerfully.

"Ah, what is it Nami-san?" Nami seemed confused for a moment then her expression changed to irritation, an angry vein popping out on her forehead. She threw an arm back, pointing an accusing finger towards their captain. Luffy appeared to be rolling around on the ground, moaning and wailing in pain.

"Naaaaa! Fooood! I need fooood!" He whined, his arms wiggling around in the air. Sanji sighed and walked past Nami towards their captain, a nonchalant expression on his face, indicating he was used to this behavior. Sliding a hand into his pocket, he withdrew a cigarette and lit it slowly, drawing on it, then exhaling and sliding his hands into his pockets.

"Oi, Luffy." He called. Luffy looked up expectantly.

"Yeah?" Luffy grinned.

"Lunchtime." Sanji said simply. Luffy jumped up with a sudden burst of energy.

"Woo-hoo!" He hollered and zipped past Sanji and Nami who went wide-eyed by the sudden urgency of their captain. They both sighed and Sanji started for the kitchen when he looked back at Nami with a cheerful smile.

"Nami-san, will you be joining us?" He grinned, hoping for her company. She shook her head

"Sorry, I need to finish some work. Go on without me." She said emotionlessly and started off. Sanji could feel the depressing aura gather like storm clouds over his head.

"Hai, Nami-san…" He murmured, slouching off to the kitchen only to be greeted by the yells for food.

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