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Warning : This is my first time writing a Naruko, the female Naruto. So… yeah :) I hope you all don't mind. This is a gender-changing fanfiction, and it's rather… weird; for me at least. This piece of fanfiction contains female!Naruto, slightly bastardized Sasuke (come to think of it, he's almost always being mean), mild language, mild violence, shounen-ai, implied yaoi (nothing naughty though), and healthy dosage of het.

Notes : The story idea is rather… weird. I don't know if this is cliché, since usually, female!Naruto appears in mpreg stories, and this is NOT an mpreg. It's rather based on Ranma ½.

She possesses the hair with the same shine as the golden sun. It reaches up to her slim waist, and according to her friends, acquaintances and admirers, it looks as smooth as silk.

She possesses the eyes with the same appearance as the world's most sparkly and cleanest beaches. The azure-colored orbs glitter enchantingly as she smiles, as she talks, and even as she merely walks.

She possesses the charm with the same class as top actresses, theater performers and ballet dancers. Her friends and suitors claim that she's as irresistible as the world's sweetest, sinfully-delicious chocolate.

She possesses the laughter with the same refreshing quality of the soothing summer breeze that mingles with the grass in the lawns. It washes away her friends' problems, and it's a precursor of her genuine happiness and enjoyment.

She possesses the smile with the same sweetness of honey and milk. It stretches her lips daintily upwards, and it makes her all the more beautiful, as it captivates everyone's hearts.

She… she's the perfect girl.

She's Naruko, and she's about to finish her second year in high school. She's looking forward to her summer vacation, for it's time to mingle with her friends and basically enjoy life.

She walks casually down the road, after parting ways from her friends. The time on her silver, expensive-looking watch says it's almost seven in the evening. The sky's already painted with that wonderful indigo hue, but to Naruko, it's nothing but a sharp reminder.

Her friends have long stopped trying to walk her to her home. She claims that her parents don't want her to show up with many people, and Naruko smiled winningly at her friends while saying that, and they immediately zoned out and agreed to her words. Her friends have also stopped questioning why she doesn't stay out past seven. She also used her "charms" to stop the inquiries, and her friends nodded and let the subject go.

At this moment though, Naruko hastily spots a dark alleyway. It's not really the cleanest place, but there are not street-thugs nearby that could endanger her. It also provides the best coverage for her… transformation.

Her high-heeled leather boots click noisily against the slightly wet pavement. Her knee-length purple skirt swishes gracefully with the early evening wind, fanning around her tanned legs. Her gold-colored asymmetric blouse tightens around some parts of her body as she hastens her walk.

Her cellphone vibrates inside her bag's pocket, the alarm tune ascending in volume, signaling that the nineteenth hour is here. She hugs herself tightly, her knees wobbling dangerously as she grows weak with the transformation. The silky blond hair creeps slowly upward, shortening in length. The make-up on her face disappears, uncovering the scars, whisker-like marks on her cheeks, which she covered earlier this morning with tons of foundation. Her long painted nails shrink towards her fingers, losing its manicure and dulling considerably. Her ample breasts grow smaller, inching to her chest, until the nipples are only raised by a few centimeters. Her hips also shrink, the purple skirt riding dangerously. Her shoulders broaden slightly, but not enough to tighten her blouse. The outfit disappears, and is replaced by a different attire.

The transformation ends, and his chest heaves in exertion. Sweat forms on his forehead, and his callused palms touch the grubby wall of the alley he found earlier. He doesn't flinch when his hands met dirt and grime, unlike his bodies earlier who would squeal and shriek with the narrowest sight of filth. He waits until his breathing evens out completely, and he looks down at his torn-at-the-knees faded jeans. The darkness of the alley doesn't let him see the color of his shirt, but he thinks it's blue, or something near that. He doesn't exactly remember what was he wearing way earlier this morning.

The high-heeled boots are now a pair of muddy white sneakers. He walks slowly, occasionally holding the filthy wall for support. He doesn't like it when he's weak, but he doesn't have a choice. He smiles ruefully, all the grace and charm from Naruko gone. The smile is now filled with misery and cynicism. The shiny, cellophaned hair is now the short, spiky mop of blonde on top of his head.

He is now Uzumaki Naruto. He doesn't possess the heartthrob qualities his counterpart possesses. He's the very unpopular student that quit school before the start of his second year in Konoha High. He's the hated person because of his guts, of his stupidity, of his face, of everything. He's hated because of his existence, and he doesn't quite understand why.

His father passed away when he was young, and he left in care of his mother. His mother, the ambitious woman named Kyuubi led their town twelve years ago in a rebellion against the government. It created a violent riot, which took away more than a couple of lives, and dumped the city of Konoha into a mess of destruction.

Right now, his mother's rotting away in the top-security prison in Tokyo. He was left alone when he was around three years old. He was passed over to immediate family members, until everybody refused and the agencies passed him to distant relatives. Everybody complained that he's violent, brash and definitely not likeable as a child. Everybody said that he caused nothing but trouble and bad luck to each person that took him in.

It arrived at one point when he's left on adoption agencies. Even there, he's hated, for something he doesn't know. He has been lucky to be taken under Tsunade's care. Tsunade is an old woman (he calls her Old Hag frequently, much to her displeasure) who always uses make-up to make her look forty years younger. She's a well-known doctor but she retired a long time ago for some unknown reason.

In his recollection of his past, he doesn't notice that his feet already took him towards Tsunade's home. It's nothing much, unlike the fairy-tale-like mansion that Naruko has. It's just a simple one-story house, with all the necessary places for living. He knocks on the door to signal his arrival, and he opens the door softly.

He walks around the house, after shedding his dirty sneakers. As expected, Tsunade is already seating on the dining table. She glances at him with pity and affection, and he feels another surge of anger at the unfairness of it all. Tsunade knows about Naruko. How could she not? She's the one who gave him the potion that cured his loneliness, his being an outcast, even for only half-a-day.

"I'm home," He says softly, resignedly, to his guardian. It doesn't have the glitter of Naruko's enchanting expressions.

"Welcome, brat," Tsunade speaks, and it also doesn't have the sophistication Naruko's friends have. Naruto nods solemnly, too tired to argue. Naruko's friends excitedly toured her around the latest mall, and he's dead-tired from the "excursion". He lifts the chopsticks and separates them with a low snap. He's about to dig in to his ramen, but Tsunade's offhanded statement stops him.

"An Uchiha Sasuke called earlier this evening. He says he wants to meet you tomorrow at the Central Mall, ten a.m."

Naruto almost drops his chopsticks to the not-really-clean floor of their small apartment. Uchiha-friggin'-Sasuke is asking Naruko out on a date? He blinks and smothers a laugh. It's every girl's dream to be at least within ten meters of the powerful, wealthy, popular, intelligent and sexy-as-all-hell teenager.

"W-What did you say?" Naruto finds his voice, mindful of the wicked smirk on his guardian's youthful face.

"I agreed, of course. I saw you drooling at the sight of that guy before." Tsunade's voice delivered it casually, but with all the tone of seriousness. This time, Naruto really dropped his chopsticks, and his jaw slackens.

He snaps his jaw shut and opens his mouth to retort, but the denials that poured out mean nothing to the ex-doctor. Naruto's flushed cheeks tell her everything she needs to know.

There's a person hiding in the shadows, pushing himself away from the wall where he's currently hiding. He followed the blond(e) from her date with her screechy-voiced friends, and he watched with fascination as she transformed into her male form at exactly seven in the evening.

He has known her secret. Honestly, he already suspected that something's off with her sudden, coincidental appearance. Naruto just quit school, and a few weeks later, a beautiful female that looks similar to Naruto appears. She named herself cleverly (…not) Naruko, and acted the exact opposite of the hated-blond.

He smirks beneath the cloak of the night's darkness. He's already anticipating his meeting tomorrow with Naruko. It's not like he's going to wait for seven in the evening, since he has already confirmed that Naruko changes back to Naruto at night. No, he isn't going to let her make a "demonstration" of her transformation.

He… He's going to ask for Naruto to come back, completely.

To Be Continued

The nineteenth hour is equal to seven in the evening, if you use the twenty-four-hour system. I hope nobody minds that I named his mother Kyuubi. Is that even a female's name? –sigh- I have no clue.

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