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"I don't want to see you again."

That's what Miyazaki Naruko quietly said to one Uchiha Sasuke the following day, with the two of them inside the student council room, safe from the prying eyes and eavesdropping ears of their schoolmates.

Sasuke's eyebrow quirked upwards; the voice that came out of his lips was cool and confident, unlike the tone he usually favored when he was bickering with Naruto before. He seemed to have frozen cold again, back to his untouchable façade, too different from the more-amiable-than-usual Sasuke from yesterday. "You didn't have fun yesterday?"

She knew that this would have to stop. Whatever 'this' pertained to, it had to stop now, before it got too complicated. Sasuke apparently knew Naruto too well. And she knew that anything that would link Miyazaki Naruko to Uzumaki Naruto must be severed. Even if it was Sasuke—especially because it's Sasuke.

"No. Yesterday was great. You were great company, Uchiha-kun." She forced the polite tone, the sweet smile, the demure pose. Her heart rattled against her ribcage, but she willed her nervousness to disappear beneath her thick make-up. Sasuke is important to her—to him. That's why—that's why she couldn't deceive him any more. But she also loved herself, and she couldn't let go of this charade she's doing. This is the only way out—to keep from further mixing up Sasuke in her lies, to keep from further hurting herself by staying close to the one person who saw the real Naruto.

"It's that…" She continued, since Sasuke simply gazed at her impassively and waited for her next words, "I already have someone I like."

The temperature in the room felt much colder than before. Sasuke's hands didn't even shake, his lips didn't twitch, and even his face didn't shift its expression. She was torn, between wanting Sasuke to protest against her request, and wanting Sasuke to accept her words without any objections.

"I see," Sasuke remarked after a pause that felt like forever to the already-fidgeting Naruko. "So I take it that means we can't go out on dates anymore?"

It took all of her willpower to squash the blush that threatened to take over her face at those words. Even when Miyazaki Naruto didn't exist yet, Naruto has always found Sasuke intriguing, alluring. Those feelings didn't change now, but he has changed. He is now a girl, a popular girl. He can't keep on dragging his past feelings, or else, his perfect world will collapse all around him.

"Sasuke-kun," Naruko steeled her nerves, "It means I really don't want to see you again."


He's My Girl
Installment Three


"It feels like somebody went inside the house," Tsunade commented slowly, before she crouched down beside the coffee table and inspected the rug beneath it.

Naruko dropped her books along with a surprised gasp—and that gasp morphed into a howl of pain as one of the heavier books squashed her toes. "What the hell, old hag?!"

She groaned at her bad luck and limped towards the living room couches. A quick glance to the clock told her that there's still an hour before she can transform back to Naruto.

"Some of the things have been moved," The older woman told her crossly, "but everything looks too normal."

"Doesn't that mean that nobody went inside the house?"

Tsunade smacked her on the head and ignored her indignant yelps of 'child abuse'. "It's too normal. The person or people who went inside must be professionals."

"It's not like they can steal something of value from a bitter old hag—"

Another smack.

"If someone steals the potion's formula, who knows what trouble we'd end up in."

The amusement that Naruko originally felt towards Tsunade's paranoia disappeared quickly. She hadn't thought about that. What if some mafia members learned about Tsunade's research after her retirement? They'd probably take the formula away from them, forcefully. They'd be lucky if they can survive an encounter like that.

"Ehehe, I haven't thought about that," Naruko rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Just… be careful, okay?" Tsunade's expression rarely looked that soft and gentle.

Naruko found herself nodding, even as she thought about Sasuke and his suspicions.

'I don't want to see you again' became rather difficult to fulfill, since the two of them attended the same school and had a lot of same classes.

Despite that, Naruko did her best to resist craning her neck to follow Sasuke when they passed each other in the hallway. She did her best to not look up whenever her friends tittered at the sight of Sasuke entering the cafeteria. She avoided the staff rooms and the library and other places that Sasuke frequented.

Naruko listened to her friends plan various activities for the summer vacation and she commented and laughed on the appropriate intervals. If anybody noticed her lack of cheerfulness that day, nobody commented on it. Naruko found herself wishing that they paid more attention to her, looked more closely to her moods. At the same time, Naruko found herself grateful for her friends' lack of insight, since it meant that there'd be no questions to evade answering.

To be honest, she actually sort-of expected Sasuke to try stalking her. Well, not really stalk—more like, she didn't expect Sasuke to concede defeat that easily. Or maybe, Sasuke wasn't really serious about her? Maybe, Sasuke just saw her as a pastime, or maybe even a dare, or a joke. But since it was her who ended things (well, that sounded a bit strange, because they're not really going out together, not like that) she can't go up to Sasuke and demand things from him.

"—Sasuke-kun's game!"

She was so busy with her thoughts so the sudden mention of Sasuke's name into her friends' conversation startled her.

"…Game?" She asked slowly, sweetly.

"Naruko, you dummy! Were you even listening?"
"Were you daydreaming just now?"
"Ooh, who were thinking about? Tell us, tell us!"

She flashed them with a brilliant smile and waved their questions away. "What game are you talking about?"

Her friends pouted at her, but they were apparently too excited about that game to keep it a secret from her. "Sasuke-kun's playing as a substitute in the basketball game later!"

"We're going to watch!"
"Obviously! I'm skipping calculus for that—"
"Ehhhh, then it's good that I don't have class at that time~"
"I asked a friend to save seats for us—you're coming right, Naruko?"

She blinked, before she smiled again. "I… can't."

"Ehhhh, why not…?"

"Sasuke-kun's really hot when he's playing sports…!"

Naruko wouldn't use the word hot, but she understood what her friends were saying.

But there's no point of going there and cheering for Sasuke, not when she already severed all of their ties. She would continue existing, with her friends, until the end of this high school. And then, maybe she can try to let her dreams of a perfect, popular life go, and then maybe she can convince Tsunade to move to some far-off place, where nobody who knew Naruto or Naruko existed.

"I have some make-up tests to do," She lied easily, hoping fervently that nobody would ask any questions.

When they continued whining and pouting but didn't really push the issue, Naruko heaved an internal sigh of relief.

'I don't want to see you again' is getting more and more difficult to fulfill.

Naruko whistled in appreciation as she passed by amazingly-empty classrooms. Her heels clacked noisily against the floor; the sound felt much louder than it should be. She can hear the distant cheers of the entire school who apparently ditched their classes just to watch the popular 'Sasuke-kun' play basketball.

She shook her head, golden locks tickling her cheeks, her neck, at the motion. To help ease the guilt she felt at lying to her friends, she decided that she'd go to the staff lounge to ask the teachers for some extra-credit work. Or maybe pay a visit to the library, since her reason to avoid the place wouldn't be there anyway.

In the midst of deciding which place to go to first, she suddenly felt an overwhelming pain in her chest, then her stomach, then her legs. She made a pained moan when she felt her knees buckling and giving out from beneath her.

"Ow, ow, ow," She muttered as she gingerly massaged her backside. The pain from landing gracelessly on the floor was shadowed by the pain that insistently throbbed from her chest. The pain was similar to the pain he routinely felt from the transformation process, but why would that happen now? He drank the potion this morning and Tsunade even made sure of the correct dosage! There was no way she'd suddenly return to being Naruto right now, right?!

She bit her lip so she could prevent herself from loudly cursing. What would they think if they saw her at this state?

"They can't see this," She grumbled as she stood up with wobbly legs. She used the wall as a guide as she dragged her body to the nearest bathroom. She needed a mirror to see if anything changed. And she needed to lock herself inside a stall if anything happened.

"I can't be this pessimistic," She complained to herself, her spirit lifted at the sight of the ladies' bathroom. She twisted the knob open, hobbled inside, and promptly locked the door after. She mentally thanked Sasuke for his popularity that dragged every female out of the academic building.

She felt sweat pooling on her temples, dripping to her foundation-covered cheeks. The sweat made her long hair cling to her skin unpleasantly. She breathed heavily, before she leaned her forehead against the bathroom mirror. Her hands gripped the sink's edges tightly. Her fingers trembled from the effort, and she felt her knees collapse for the second time.

Then, just as suddenly as the pain appeared, it was gone.

She touched the back of her neck with a growing sense of horror.

Apparently, even her hair was gone. She did her best to steady her feet. Once she was sure she wouldn't land on the floor again, she stood up, and let out a scream that thankfully nobody was able to hear.


He transformed to Naruto.

"Fuck," He swore and stared at the girl's uniform that clung to his sweaty body. Cross-dressing has never appealed to Naruto before, but now, it only cemented his belief that men looked ridiculous wearing women's clothing.

"Don't panic, don't panic," He chanted to himself. A wave of dread washed over him when he heard an explosion of cheering. Is the game finished? How long did the transformation take?! It usually only took 30 minutes, though with this strange circumstances, Naruto wouldn't be surprised if it took longer than usual, just to fuck up his situation some more.

Think, Naruto, think. Which is worse—caught inside a locked girl's bathroom or caught outside school premises?

"I'd rather not be caught at all," He decided stubbornly. He congratulated himself when he found his cellphone in his pocket. After he sent a desperate text message to Tsunade detailing his circumstances, he splashed some water on his face and started running the hell away from school.

Well, he was supposed to run the hell away from this place—

But as soon as he stepped out of the bathroom, he stopped, frozen cold, when he heard foreboding footsteps resounding nearby.

To Be Continued

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