My first part of a two-part fic. It has some couples in it like KibaHina, slight ShikaIno, slight KakaIru (in part two), slight KanTen (part two), and HanaShino (part two also...don't ask about this pairing) but it's mostly SasuNaru. I changed the words of "Shake Your Tail Feather" a bit for the first part of the fic.

I hope you like it!

Discalimer: Don't own Naruto, I don't. Or the song "Shake your Tailfeather" by the Cheetah Girls or the other singer...

Beautiful lights and streamers hung from store windows and home, plush frogs and foxes were being offered as prizes for different games. Everyone was out in the street with their best kimono on. Well, everyone, except one person.

Naruto Uzamaki, 17 years of age, jounin. This day should be one he celebrated, for it was his birthday after all, but each year he was filled with dread. This day remained the villagers just how much they hated him and what he stood for. Once or twice, he and Iruka-sensei had gone out on this day to celebrate, but the people yelled and threw things at them to scare them away. Iruka had offered, as usual, to go out but Naruto refused.

He had been shacked up in his apartment for three days now, and would remain there for a few days more. Tensions were high before and after the festival, so he needed to stay as far away from people as possible. No one came to visit though, except for Iruka-sensei coming to ask if he wanted to go out. And no one tried to talk to him or pull a prank on him, since they were afraid the Kyuubi would come out and destroy the village...and sometimes Naruto wished it would.

"Stupid fox..." he muttered angrily, "Peacefully asleep when you should have finished the job!"

During this time, Naruto could put his mask down and let his anger consume him, even for just a little while. All his friends enjoyed the day that made him suffer so, without even thinking about him. He was cheated out of a normal life, simple as that, by that curse Yondaime.

Speaking of his friends, a lot had happened in 5 years. Sakura will still training under Tsunade, but was soon to be a full medic nin. Rock Lee, Neji, Sasuke, Shino, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Tenten had all joined the ANBU, while Hinata had become a nurse and Ino worked in her family's flower shop. Choji had died a few years ago in battle. Of course, Iruka and Kakashi were still teaching, and Jiraya was still a perv.

As Naruto gloomily watched the festival activities from his window when there was a soft knock at his door.

"Hey, Dobe! Open up!" Uchiha Sasuke called from outside his door, dressed in a dark blue kimono with his family's emblem on the back, "Hurry up or I'll break down your door."

Growling to himself, he opened the door slightly to peek out, "What the hell do you want, Sasuke-Teme?" Seeing the stoic figure of his teammate outside the door with an annoyed look etched on his face was not what he wanted to see right now.

"You're going outside...with me, now" Sasuke said sternly.

"What the Hell? No! Don't you what today is, Teme?"

"Of course I know! Now, get dressed or I'll come in there and change you myself, Dobe" he retorted simply.

Knowing Sasuke would go through with his threat and likely something a hundred times worse, Naruto grudgingly put on his gold kimono with fish decorating it. He went back to the door and opened it, "Happy, Sasuke-teme?"

Sasuke smirked at his teamate, "Yes, very. Let's go" he said before grabbing Naruto by the wrist and dragging out of the apartment.

"Where are you taking me?" he yelled as Sasuke lead him down the street. Many times he tried to break Sasku's grip but it was too tight, and he thought if he struggled anymore, it would snap it in two. Certain people stared at them as they walked by, making Naruto feel incredibly uncomfortable. Their eyes were so cold, so angry, so full of hate towards him.

"Come on, Dobe...I won't let them hurt them you," Sasuke muttered, almost embarrassed, pulling him along even closer to him.

Soon, they arrived at the Uchiha Mansion, which lay still and dark, hauntingly alone among the festive decorations of the rest of Konoha. "Sasuke...why...I mean," Naruto stuttered, obviously confused.

"Come on, Dobe, we're already late enough as it is," he replied simply, opening the door and walking inside, leaving Naruto outside.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean? Sasuke? SASUKE!" he yelled, running into the open entryway, "What did you-"

"SURPRISE!" many assorted voice yelled as people popped up from random pieces of furniture.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Naruto yelled, immediately jumping back to defend himself when he noticed the faces of these people. They were all his friends and teammates, even his teachers. The room was covered in party decorations and a big banner, reading "Happy Birthday Naruto!"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!" they all yelled, throwing streamers and blowing party favors.

"We all decided it was time you actually came out of your room on your birthday, and actually celebrated!" Sakura said, walking over to Naruto, whispering to him, "Sasuke planned the whole thing."

Everyone was here, almost everyone from the Rookie Nine, Gai's Team, except...

Naruto looked bewildered, about to speak when a loud voice yelled from the door, "Are we late?"

Half the company turned to see Kiba standing with very- pregnant Hinata at the door.

"Gomen nasai, everyone," Hinata said, bowing slightly, "The examination took a little longer than planned"

Kiba grinned happily, "It's twins!"

"Oh great, if they come out like Kiba, we're all doomed," Shikamaru said, "How troublesome that will be..."

Ino grinned, grabbing her complaining fiancé by the arm "Now that everyone's here, let's get the party started! And for your second surprise Naruto, we have a song! Come on Sakura!"

Sakura nodded as both got on the make-shift stage, made of two combined tables. Ino turned on the tape with her foot as they both began to sing in unison.

"Yeah, here we go!
All you Leaf-nin out there,
Shake your foxtails, come on!"

Ino stole center stage happily, beginning to sing.
"Well I heard about the kunoichi you've been training with
All over the neighborhood.
So, why didn't you ask me baby
Or didn't you think I could?"

Sakura bumped Ino lightly, taking her space in the center,
"Well I know Kage Bushin are out of sight
But Flame Jutsus are the thing tonight.
And if had asked me, baby
I would have shown you how to do them right!"

By now, Naruto was tapping his feet to the beat of the song, as well as a few others who moved out to the open space that was now considered the dance floor.

"Do it right," both Sakura and Ino sang in unison,
"Do it right, do it right!
Twist it!
Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, foxy!
Here we go loop-de-loo
Shake it up, baby!
Here we go lopp-de-lie!
Head over and let me see you shake your foxtail...
Come on and let me see you shake your foxtail...
Come on boy, let me see you shake your foxtail...
Come on and let me see you shake your foxtail!"

By now, the more loose nins, and some of the ones with with more stubborn girlfriends, were out dancing. Naruto looked over to Sasuke, who stood there silently watching the other, "Thanks for everything, Sasuke."

Sasuke merely shrugged, his expression was emotionless but his eyes clearly showing content, "Whatever you say, Dobe."