Here's part 2 of my fic! Hope you like it as well! It sort of gets off track a bit... Anyways, as a note (more like two) Hana really is Kiba's sister, I didn't make her up and Ashi(paw) and Shippo (tail) follow the Inuzuka tradition of being named after the body parts of dogs. Don't get what I'm talking about? You will...

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Now that the Kyuubi festival had been over for a good two months, Naruto felt confident walking around the streets of Konoha once more. December's crisp night air flew against him, stinging his face and messing up his already messy hair. Dressed from head to toe in warm apparel, including a yellow scarf, making his sweat a bit. But lately, not one these things seem to calculate in his mind. He was too busy thinking so something else…or rather, someone else.

'Why did Sasuke throw me a birthday party?' Naruto wondered as he made his way to the grocery store, 'Sure, we're close but he just doesn't seem like the type…maybe Sakura was lying? But why would she? Then again, maybe it was Sasuke's idea….'

Naruto continued to contemplate this while looking over his grocery list, which contained the following items:

Paper Towels
Plastic bowls
Plastic Spoons
Toilet Paper
Cup Ramen (x30)
Ramen Packet (x25)

Grinning as he stepped into the store and grabbed a basket, he began filling it up with as much ramen as possible, not bothering to count it at this point. He could live without paper towels. At least, that was what he was doing when he heard something fall in the next aisle over. Usually, this wouldn't peak his interest, but whatever had fallen had cried out in pain. It was a cry that he knew: Hinata.

Immediately, he feared the worst, a shelf fell on Hinata and possibly hurt her and her unborn twins. With Kiba still away on a mission, no one would be around to help her!

He left his basket haphazardly on the floor and ran over to the next aisle. He gasped as he saw Sasuke trying to help Hinata, who looked like she was in a lot of pain.

"Sasuke, what did you do to Hinata-chan?" Naruto yelled, rushing over to them both.

"Baka, I didn't do anything to her! She's in labor!" he yelled back as Naruto began to Hinata up as well. It was only then did he notice how wet the floor was.

"In labor? You mean…"

"That's right. The babies are ready to come, and they want to come out now" he confirmed.

"…No, they're not…" Hinata soft voice protested clearly, her stutter long gone.

"What are you taking about Hinata? You need to get to a hospital right away," Sasuke said.

"No! They're not ready yet! They're not coming out today! They're not coming out until their father comes home!" she protested with all her might.

"Father? You mean, Kiba?" Naruto asked.

She nodded furiously. But all three of them knew the mission estimated time had well passed, 2 weeks more than planned, and Kiba and Shino were both declared M.I.A.

"Hinata, you're not thinking straight, you're in a lot pain…" Naruto said.

"I'm thinking perfectly clear, and my two children are not being born until their father returns."

"Kiba is dead. Gone, deceased, kicked the bucket, moved on. Do you really want your children to die too?" Sasuke told her in a cruel tone.

What happened next was so stunning that both male ninja froze in place. Hinata smacked Sasuke in the face, hard enough to leave a palm mark on his right cheek. "How can you be so cruel, Sasuke-kun?" she said before waddling away.

Both the two ninja looked at each other in shock for what felt like an eternity before running out of the store to find Hinata, face first in the snow.

"We need to get her to the hospital, now. I think she's unconscious," Naruto said. He nodded and picked Hinata up while Naruto went ahead to go find either Tsume, Hana, or Neji, if they weren't on a mission. Even if Kiba couldn't be there, at least she could have her family.

Running up to the Inuzuka residence, he banged hard on the door, hoping to get a response but to no avail. Cursing, he ran away from the compound without a second thought, deciding against going to the Hyuuga compound to try and find Neji to try and help Sasuke at the hospital.

"Naruto? What's wrong?" he heard a familiar voice ask him, "You look more spastic than usual…did Ichiraku's close for the holidays again?"

He turned around, seeing the weapon master, Tenten. "TENTEN! Something worse than that happened!"

"…the store ran out of ramen packets?" she asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"What? NO! Tenten, Hinata's kids are coming! Please, go find someone…anyone…Neji, Lee, Kurenai, even Pakkun for all I care!" he said, freaking out even more. Never had he seen a pregnancy, and less on how to handle one.

She nodded determinedly, "I'll get someone as soon as I can find them. You've taken to the hospital, right?"

Naruto nodded, "Of course I did! I'm not a total moron! Now hurry, Hinata needs all the support we can find!" After he said this, he ran towards the hospital, missing entirely the confused look on the kunoichi.

Rushing into the lobby of Konoha Hospital and almost ramming head first into the information desk, Naruto saw Hinata sitting in a chair with Sasuke to her left. Her face was scrunched up in pain, her arms wrapped around her stomach.

"Why hasn't she gone in yet?"

"Baka…labor takes hours, you know, not minutes"

"HOURS? How is Hinata supposed to be in pain that long?" Naruto exclaimed.

"She wouldn't be if she had accepted the pain relievers…"

"I'm not having my babies today!" Hinata protested.

"Yes, you are" Sasuke said with a growl of annoyance.

"No, I'm not"

"You are"




"STOP!" Naruto yelled, covering his ears, "That's enough! Sasuke, she's doing the best she can! I mean, her husband's missing, and she's got no family or friends here with her except you and me, and she's in extreme amounts of pain! Give her a break already!"

Sasuke and Hinata stared at Naruto in awe as he sat down on the opposite side of Hinata.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun…"

Grinning to Hinata, he patted her hand momentarily.

"Inuzuka, Hinata, correct?" one of the nurses asked, bringing an empty wheelchair. The nurse had medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes that changed green in when turned to the fluorescent hospital lights. A ninja head-band tied around her upper right arm, wearing a simple nurse's uniform, Naruto guessed she was a field medic nin taking over the shift of a sick nurse. Hinata nodded a bit.

"I'll need you to come with me so we can get you prepared for the delivery" she said.

Hinata sighed sadly and got into the wheel chair. "Can they come too?" she asked, pointing to Sasuke and Naruto.

The nurse nodded, "Of course, but they'll have to wait in the waiting room in the maternity ward."

Naruto turned to Sasuke who merely nodded before both followed the nurse and Hinata up the maternity ward.

Sitting side by side in a strangely empty waiting room, Naruto sighed, "Hinata's very lucky"


"Even though it scary, having kids must be nice."

"This coming Naruto-dobe, the bachelor for life?"

"Very funny, Teme! I don't see you reviving your clan!" he said with a huff.

"That plan has taken a back-seat for a while," Sasuke said simply, "I've found something…someone more important than that."

Immediately, Naruto stiffened up. Why though? He didn't understand…he didn't feel that way about Sasuke. He couldn't! Not about Uchiha Sasuke, the guy who called him dobe all the time, his rival, his teammate, the guy who made his blood boil…the guy who was seemed so stoic and cold to him, so bored and annoyed…

Maybe that was a part of Sasuke's mask too, like being forever happy was part of his.

Sasuke wasn't so bad….he could be kind, he always knew when something was wrong, he always fought along side him….he was kind of…

'NO! I don't not feel that way about Uchiha Sasuke! I don't, I can't!...can I?" Naruto wondered to himself.

"Hey, Dobe, are you listening?"

"Teme! Don't call me D-!" Naruto began, turning his head to face the Uchiha only to be silenced by a pair of lips and two hands grabbing his shoulders roughly. Naruto's eyes widened, a dark blush covering his cheeks. He brought his fists to Sasuke's chest to push him back but he couldn't do it. And because he wasn't pushing him away, he was giving in…

"Woohoo! I didn't know the Uchiha heir swung that way!" a voice called.

"Kankuro! Shhh!" Tenten hushed him angrily, glaring at her boyfriend.

Both Naruto and Sasuke snapped their heads, to find a crowd of people, containing Neji, Tenten, Lee, Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru, and the Sand siblings.

"What the…Tenten! You brought an entire mob! I'm surprised you didn't bring Iruka and Kakashi along too!" Naruto said in shock.

"Well, I would have but…well, they were in the middle of something" she said, blushing a bit. After that comment, a whisper or two along the lines of "Who thought Iruka-sensei could bend like that?" were audible, almost causing Naruto going into multiple-organ failure.

"Maybe we should go see Hinata now?" Ino suggested, seeing the Kyuubi vessel turn a ghostly pale. Everyone agreed and went into Hinata's prep room, leaving the once-more stoic ninja and his near-dead companion.

Meanwhile, at the southern gate of Konoha…

A battle-wounded and rather scruffy looking Kiba and eerily silent Shino came riding in Konoha on Akamaru's back.

"Woohoo!" a thoroughly relieved Kiba exclaimed, waving his arms about "Home sweet home!"

"I'm just glad we'll be able to sleep out of the rain," Shino said in monotone.

"KIBA! SHINO!" a female voice called. Kiba turned to see his older sister, Hana running after them.

"Sis!" Kiba said, pausing Akamaru, and hugging his older sister. Shino got off as well and surprised Kiba by hugging his sister as well, and even more shocked when his sister returned the hug.

"Err…do I want to know?"

"No," they replied at the same time, separating from their embrace.

"All right then…I was headed home to check on Hinata…"

"She's not there. She's missing" Hana said with a soft sigh.

"WHAT? What do you mean she's missing?" Kiba yelled, freaking out.

"I went to check on her like I always do but she wasn't there, and it looked like she hadn't been there for a few hours," she explained.

"You don't think that…"

"She can take care of herself, Kiba," Shino reassured.

"Yeah, but not close to nine months pregnant! We've got to find her. What if she's gone into labor? Crap!" he said, grabbing a hold of Akamaru again, "Come on, Akamaru, we've got to find Hinata!" Akamaru snorted in response and ran towards the hospital.

"KIBA! WAIT UP, IDIOT!" Hana yelled as she ran off after the large white dog, followed by a rather annoyed Shino.

Back at the hospital…

Next to the rotting corpse of Naruto and the asleep one of Sasuke, were two field nurses. Both dressed normal nurses outfits and were staring intensely at the screen of the Zelda videogame. The one with almost black hair and dark, wide eyes was yelling, "PRESS THE B BUTTON! NOW!" while the other nurse, slightly smaller than the first, with light brown hair and bright hazel eyes, yelling in retort, "I AM PRESSING THE B BUTTON! SHUT UP!" Of course, none of the other ninjas seem to mind at all, with Kankuro threatened by the smaller nurse to have his spine ripped out and the other nurse to beat him with it when he tried to talk with them.

Of course, this was before Inuzuka Kiba came crashing into the maternity ward on the back of Akamaru. Needless to say, all conversation stopped. "Inuzuka, Hinata…where is she?"

Both nurse looked up from the screen and pointed to the room behind them. "But she's in labor…" they began but Kiba didn't bother listening before running into the room.

"He's a deadman…" Sasuke said, waking up from all the yelling, looking at a suddenly revived Naruto. Both nurses sadly moved their TV and videogaming system after the death glare from the Uchiha.

Minutes passed and many people left, since it was almost midnight and they had missions on the morning. The only ones who stayed were Neji, and the newly arrived Hana and Shino. Even so, they were oblivious to the thick tension looming over the two jounin.



"What's going to change?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing, if you want it to." The answer was cut, dry and cold. To anyone else, it was would sound as if the speaker were saying it out of spite. But Naruto knew better.

"Do you want it to change?"


"Not whatever, Sasuke! You can't just kiss me and then tell me it's nothing!" Naruto said, jumping up in anger. Everyone's gaze turned to notice, only to become a second thought to the uncharacteristic yelling of Hinata:


All noises stopped and all the ninja in the waiting room were in shock. They knew most women yelled when they were having babies, and mostly things they would later regret, but that was more violent than anyone could have imagined coming out of Hinata's mouth. It was now Hana had sat Kiba down and explained everything to him about child birth.

Naruto was the first to talk, "What the Hell just happened!"

"I think the babies are about to be born…" Neji said, getting up from his seat.

"Now?" Shino asked curiously, looking towards the door. A scream of pain soon followed that remark, making everyone nervous.

"She's not going to die, is she?" Naruto asked nervously.

"Well…well, it's a possibility…" Hana said, getting up, "The stress she put on herself since Kiba wasn't around…"

"Naruto…" Sasuke began.

"NO! She can't die! She's not going to die!"

"Calm down Naruto…" Sasuke said, wrapping his arm around the shaking fox-ninja, nodding to the others as if to say it was all right.

All sounds stopped, Naruto stopped struggling with a shrill cry filled the air, followed by another one. The doors open to reveal a nurse, ushering them in.

They all rushed in and were more than relieved at the sight they beheld. A tired and sweating Hinata lay on the bed, holding a small bundle in her arms, while a grinning Kiba was sitting by her side on the bed, holding another small bundle in his arms.

"Guys, meet Ashi and Shippo, my two new sons!" he said proudly, lifting the bundle upwards slightly to show a small baby with light brown fuzz on it's head and small, silted white eyes.

"How you going to tell them apart?" Shino asked as Kiba handed the bundle to his sister.

"Easy…they smell different!" he said gleefully. Neji was sitting by Hinata now, looking down at the small baby in her arms before holding the child himself.

Naruto watched happily, about to leave, before Hana turned to Naruto and handed him the baby boy. "Hana…I can't…I don't know…" he began, looking in between her and the baby.

"Like this," the cold voice of Sasuke said, positioning Naruto's arms correctly to hold the baby.

"When'd you get so good at this?" he asked.

"It's common sense, dobe," Sasuke said.

"Look how tiny he is," Naruto said in amazement, "How small and fragile."

"Yeah, that's how all babies are…" he said, "Come on, give him back to his mom and go. They all need to rest, not to mention it's almost 2 in the morning."

Naruto nodded, walking over to Hinata and handing her the child, "Congratulations, Hinata-chan. Get some rest."

Hinata nodded, "You too, Naruto-kun."

Sasuke patted Kiba's shoulder momentarily, waving a bit to Hinata before dragging Naruto out of the hospital, literally. Once they were out in the cold, winter air did Sasuke stop.

"I'll see you around, Sasuke," Naruto said, walking off in the direction of his apartment.

"Not so fast," he said with a grin, grabbing the ninja by the wrist and pulling him towards his form, "You're coming with me."

"What? NO! Let me go! Let me go now!" he said, struggling.

"No way…your apartment smells like old, rotten milk…which is why you smell that way too"


"Didn't you say you wanted something to change?"

"No, I asked you if you wanted to change!"

"So, you don't?"

"GR! SASUKE, QUIT TWISTING EVERTHING AROUND! LE-" Naruto began but was silenced once more by Uchiha lips.

"Hush," he commanded, "Now, come on, you can show my how well you shake that little foxtail of yours back at my place."

Naruto grinned, "I didn't know you were such a perv, Sasuke. Did you read Kakashi's Icha Icha books too?"

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Care to find out?"

"Of course I do!" Naruto answered, almost instantly before adding, "I mean, if your game for it…"

And Sasuke grinned devilishly, "I knew you'd say that…"

The two ninjas walked back to the Uchiha manor, holding hands while plotting deviously what they would do to the other in the next few hours.