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Co-Writer: GreaserGurlTerra

Titan Chronicles 4:
Doom Patrol and Two Titans

Chapter 1

Cyborg bit his laugh back before handing the next set of make up to Terra. They were taking a large risk. But it would be worth it. He looked around Raven's room then back down at their dark sleeping friend. BB had slipped some sleeping medicine in her water last night, and the prank the three had been planning for a few days was being set into motion. Finally, a come back to get Raven for when she had zapped them into that story book weeks ago.

The only blonde teen in the room took the make-up, holding her laughter in as best she could. Terra had never been much of a make-up wearer, just eyeliner, so she barely knew how to put any of this stuff on. That would only make this funnier. She had her blonde hair pulled back with a hair tie so it wouldn't get in her way.

Beast Boy was watching from the other side of the bed with Cyborg, this was only phase one of the whole thing, and knew Raven was going to murder them. "Hurry up," He whispered to Terra, he really didn't want to be in here any longer then needed. And DEFENTLY didn't want to be in here when Raven woke up.

"Okay, okay, shh," Terra whispered. She gently started applying the blush. They had already had a couple close calls. Raven would twitch or kick or move around in her sleep every once in awhile. It was hard to tell if she was waking up or just moving around in her sleep. So far, they'd been lucky. She hadn't woken yet. Terra finished with the blush and eye shadow. This would be so perfect. Next, she pulled out really girly looking, pink, sparkly, shimmery lip gloss and smirked.

Both boys where biting their lips and snickering. Trying SO hard not to bust into laughter. Robin hadn't really been invited to the whole prank, neither of them thought he would approve of it. And Starfire wasn't the pranking type.

"We are so dead," Beast Boy whispered, laughter tinting his voice.

Terra's full concentration was on putting the lip gloss on Raven. She couldn't help but absolutely love her work so far. Pink. Lots of it. The eye shadow was pink, and she'd even been able to find… hot pink mascara. That part of the make-up had been hard to do and didn't look all that great, but oh well.

"You keep working on that, BB and me are going to go make sure the speakers are ready." Cyborg whispered before stalking out of the room with his green friend behind him.

Terra nodded her head in agreement as she continued putting make up on the sleeping Goth girl. She just hoped that Raven stayed sleeping. Pulling out little hair bows, Terra smirked evilly. This would all be way too good. This would definitely be the hardest part. Even harder then when she painted Raven's finger nails bright pink.

Cyborg looked at the speakers that were hidden in the Titans bath room. "Okay BB." Cyborg turned to look at the door way where Beast Boy stood with a microphone.

"Testing, Testing, one two three." Beast Boy spoke into it, his voice echoed into the bath room. Both boys grinned mischievously, phase two was ready.

It took Terra a few minutes, but she finally got the hair bows in. Again, pink. Mission Complete. Terra smirked as she got up, gathering the make-up in the small bag she'd brought with her to keep it all in. She quickly left the room and headed to the bathroom, knowing that's where the boys would be.

"Hey Terra," Beast Boy looked over and smiled at her. That was an automatic reaction. "Done?"

Terra smiled, still trying not to laugh. But, it was proving harder by the minute. "Yep, all finished," she smirked. "Can't wait to see the look on her face."

"Good, I'll give her the wake up call." Cyborg laughed as he walked out of the bath room and around the corner. Beast Boy followed, snickering and laughing to himself.

Terra followed Beast Boy, leaving the bag in the bathroom cupboard under the sink. Like she'd ever need it again.

Cyborg looked over his two friends before popping his T-com open. "RAVEN! TIME TO WAKE UP!" he yelled then closed the T-com just as quick to catch Beast Boy's out burst of laughter.

Raven nearly shot up in bed, the blankets falling off of her and to her lap. She looked around and then reached for her clock that sat on her bedside table. Her eyes widened. Okay, yeah it was just a little late for her. Raven nearly threw the blankets off of herself before going around her room, picking out a new uniform. As she walked by her mirror, something caught the corner of her eye. She immediately froze and started backing up until she came into view in the mirror again. She dropped her clothes, eyes wide in shock and mouth open.

She stared at herself… her short violet hair was in messy pigtails with bright pink bows. Her eyes had bright, hot pink mascara and hot pink eye shadow. There was blush and a pink, shimmery lip gloss. Even her finger nails were hot pink. The first thing that left Raven's mouth that day was a blood curdling scream.

Cyborg heard Raven and pressed his lips together, though the lights throughout the tower where flickering on and off, and Raven would surly murder them, he laughed anyways. Beast Boy was already on the floor cracking up.

Terra was leaning against the wall, holding her sides from laughing so hard. The next thing she heard… wasn't good.

"BEAST BOY!" Raven's voice rang through the tower. Of course he was the first one she would accuse when something like this happened.

Beast Boy stopped laughing and stood back up. He peered over the other corner in time to see Starfire knocking on Raven's door with a worried look.

"Friend? Are you... okay?" She asked.

Cyborg stopped laughing, not wanting to get caught.

Terra held her laugh in as well.

"NO!" Raven snapped. "I'm fine… but someone… is going… to die," she threatened in a deadly voice.

Robin had followed Starfire upstairs and to Raven's room. "Are you sure your okay, you didn't sound-"

"Just. Go. Away," Raven warned, her words crystal clear.

Starfire stared at the door for a moment, "But, friend." She didn't persist anymore.

Beast Boy had his arm over his mouth, it was soooooo hard not to laugh, despite the death hole they had all dug.

"C'mon, let's go back downstairs," Robin offered Starfire. Raven really didn't sound like she wanted to talk. Starfire sighed before turning to go as Robin suggested. Making a note to find out what was wrong.

Cyborg and Beast Boy gave high fives before Beast Boy held his hand up to give Terra one.

Terra high fived Beast Boy, snickering. She paused though as she heard a door be flung open… and hard. It was Raven. She knew it was Raven.

Raven stepped out of her room, hood of her cloak thrown over her head, shielding her face from view. This had to be the most humiliating moment of her life.

Cyborg held up the mic and shook it in the air in a teasing motion; Beast Boy looked at it and had to bite back his next set of laughs.

Raven glanced around, grumbling death threats as she made her way to the bathroom with a change of clothes in hand. She needed to get all this crap off her face. And nails if that was possible.

"Okay, let's just wait for the water running, then, phase two will be into action." Cyborg whispered to his two helpers.

Beast Boy nodded then whispered to Terra, "Then phase three, run or die will be in action." He joked... sorta.

"I prefer to run rather then die…" Terra grinned.

Raven slammed the bathroom door behind her and dropped her clothes. She continued to mutter threats as she turned the shower on, let it heat up a little, and then got in. This make-up had better come off… or she would have to murder someone.

Beast Boy snickered, "I wanna use the mic first! please!"

Cyborg shrugged then handed it down to Beast Boy. They had a speaker themselves, so they could hear Raven.

"WHO LEFT THE WATER RUNING?" Beast Boy yelled into the mic, then had to turn away and cover his mouth to laugh.

Raven immediately froze. Her head slowly turned to face where the door of the bathroom would be. "What the-" she cut herself off. Was Beast Boy IN the bathroom? "Beast Boy?" she asked. "Nobody left the water on, I'm in here, so GET OUT!" she demanded.

"I can't find my toe nail clippers," Beast Boy muttered as he made shuffling noises with the mic. "ANY ONE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE?"

"Sorry BB," Cyborg took his turn with the mic. "I haven't seen them. Where you going to take a shower or something? Water's running."

"I don't care about your stupid nail clippers, both of you GET OUT OF HERE!" Raven was getting ticked. "Whatever happened to /privacy?" she more snapped then asked.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Terra asked, taking the mic from Cyborg.

"Nothing," Cyborg spoke, having to lean down to talk into the mic. "Just looking for BB's nail clips. You seen them so he can shut up about them?"

"What? I can't help I grow claws, jeez." Beast Boy snorted in his acting of annoyance.

"Mmm… nope," Terra said, laughing at Beast Boy's comment. "Why's the water running?" she asked.

"Because I AM IN HERE!" Raven repeated. "So get. Out. Now!"

"I don't know, hey wait, did someone yell?" Beast Boy asked.

"I dunno, let's go find out." Cyborg somehow suppressed his laughter.

"Cyborg! Beast Boy! Terra, stop! This isn't funny," Raven shot at them.

"Is somone behind the curtans?" Beast Boy quistioned.

"Only one way to find out, pull em back!" Cyborg almost broke into laughing that time. He had to lean away and cough it out as quietly as he could.

Raven didn't wait for that to happen. A zap of her power left her and wrapped around the nearest towel. The towel went over the top of the shower and wrapped itself around Raven.

Terra couldn't speak into the mic, she was trying too hard to not laugh.

"Friends, what are you doing?" Starfire's voice piped in as she walked over.

The two boys exchanged looks before Cyborg spoke up. "Hi Star! Just uh- hanging around."

"In the-"

"Yes in the bath room!" Beast Boy cut her off. Starfire looked at them in puzzlement.

Raven cocked an eyebrow. She pulled a small part of the curtain back, just a sliver. She couldn't see anyone… she pulled it back a little more, as quietly as she could. …No one. Holding the towel tightly to herself, she pulled it back even more so she had a clear view of the bathroom. No one. Her eyes narrowed into a glare as she looked around. It was some kind of prank. It had to be. Beast Boy, Cyborg and Terra were going to pay.

Terra looked at Starfire and nodded in agreement with Beast Boy, knowing that Starfire was beyond confused.

"But this is-"

"Weird yes but we were uh- planning on uh- turning the bath room into a game room! Yeah!" Beast Boy nodded.

"But do we not have a room of games already?" Starfire questioned.

Beast Boy moaned, sometimes Starfire was hopeless.

Raven looked around, staying quiet still. There had to be some kind of speaker. For their sake… Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Terra had better hope she didn't find one. Raven closed her eyes, trying to find her center. She was going to try to sense the speaker. She got a flashing image in her mind of a speaker up on a small shelf behind her. Her eyes snapped open and she wheeled around. Sure enough, there was a speaker there, buried in towels and soaps. She could just barely see it. Her eyes narrowed to form a dangerous glare.

"Uh… heh, you can never have too many game rooms," Terra added in, rubbing the back of her neck.

"But we do not use the one we have often enough to need another." Starfire protested.

"You hang around Robin too much." Beast Boy muttered, not thinking two game rooms would be bad really.

Terra snickered at Beast Boy. Well, it was half true… Star and Robin /did/ spend a

lot of time together.

Raven had gotten dressed as quietly as possible. So her hair was still dripping wet, oh well. At least the make up had come off. She very, VERY quietly opened the door, trying to not let it squeak. She could sense the four teens nearby.

Starfire crossed her arms and flattened her look so she looked annoyed at the comment.

"What!" Beast Boy complained at her look. "Well it's true." He stuck his tongue out, wow, that was childish. Alwell!

Starfire rolled her eyes though found Beast Boy's childish attitude amusing as usual.

Raven looked down the hallway and started walking that way. They were down there… she knew. Sure enough as she started getting closer, she could hear them. She turned the corner, a scowl and glare that could kill on her face as she saw the four teens. "You, you, and you-" she pointed to Beast Boy, Terra, and Cyborg. "-are dead. Meat.

Terra immediately froze in her laughter, eyes snapping open. She stared at Raven, clearly frightened. …They were going to die… no, they were already dead. They were dead and walking… But by the look on Raven's face… they wouldn't be walking much longer.

Cyborg and Beast Boy sharply snapped their heads to look at Raven.

"Greetings friend!" Starfire greeted sweetly to Raven.

"RUN IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!" Beast Boy screamed before grabbing Terra's wrist and bolting.

"WAIT FOR ME!" Cyborg yelled as he ran after them.

"RUN FASTER!" Terra yelled as Raven followed after them, flying though. She shot at them with another shot of her power.

Robin looked up at the ceiling from the TV. WHAT was going on NOW! He sighed and stood up, heading to the stairs.

"SHE SHOT MY HAIR!" Beast Boy screamed/whined. "MY DUE IS GONA BE A MESS ALL DAY!"

"Forget you freaking hair and just run! Or keep her busy so I can escape!" Cyborg laughed.

Starfire sighed and followed them all, just incase someone got REALLY hurt.


Robin turned the corner to see his friends. "HEY!" he yelled at them all. "What is going on up here!"

"Trying to stay alive!" Beast Boy shouted as they almost ran Robin over while passing.

Robin pressed his back against the wall as Raven zoomed right on by. He looked over at Starfire. "What did they do to make Raven so mad?" he asked.

"I am not sure..." Starfire answered as she caught up to Robin. "But they where talking into a microphone..."

Robin gave Starfire a questioning look. "Er… okay…" he said. "Probably some prank or something," he said.

"ALL THREE OF YOU, GET BACK HERE!" Raven yelled, shooting at them again.

"AHH!" Beast Boy yelped as he was forced to let go of Terra's wrist and jump a bolt. He morphed into a cheetah and sprinted ahead, then morphing into a greyhound.

"NO FAIR!" Cyborg whined.

"Who cares, just DON'T STOP RUNNING!" Terra ran faster as another bolt of Raven's power whizzed right by her.

Beast Boy ran down the stairs and whizzed towards the couch, where he jumped the back and morphed human. Taking in deep breathes, he sunk in his seat in a pitiful hope Raven would fly past him. Though when a small bundle caught his eye he couldn't help reaching over and taking the letters from the coffee table. "Junk... Junk... coupon on pizza... with meat, junk." He muttered as he swung the 'junk' letters over the back of the couch. "To Beast Boy- alright!" He cheered to himself at getting mail. He threw the rest of the letters to the side of the couch and opened his.

After a minute of reading over the hand written letter, he had forgotten about Raven's wanting to beat him to a pulp issue and jumped the back of the couch again. With the letter gripped in his hand he ran to find Robin and the others.

Robin was starting down the stairs when Terra nearly pushed him over to get to the bottom first. She ran as fast as she could to get to the main room. She needed somewhere to hide… Hey, look, Beast Boy! "Hey Beast Boy," she breathed out as Robin came down the stairs, looking really cautious to not be pushed over by anyone else.

Robin came back to the main room, spotting Beast Boy and Terra. He started toward the kitchen for a coke. That sounded nice. "Oh, you got something in the mail Beast Boy, I left it on the table," he said as he pulled his coke out of the fridge.

Cyborg was next to come zooming down the steps, "I'll be in the garage K? good, bye!" He ran out of the tower and towards the garage to hide.

"Hi Guys," Beast Boy said happily. "Yeah, I read the letter, hey Robin? Can I leave for a week?" He asked after sitting himself at the kitchen bar. He didn't bother with a puppy pouty face, one, it never worked on guys anyways. Actually, it usually only worked on Terra. Starfire sometimes.

Raven came down next, looking furious. "PLEASE, let him leave. Or even better, MAKE him leave!" she snapped, more at Beast Boy. "And force Terra and Cyborg along too. Just get them out of my sight," she said.

"Where ya goin'?" Terra asked in somewhat of a childish way.

"Yeah, where are you gonna go for a week?" Robin repeated Terra and took a sip of his soda.

Beast Boy stuck his tongue out at Raven before turning back to Robin.

"Yes friend, inform us of where it is you are going," Starfire smiled brightly.

Cyborg came in, "I forgot my grease r- ooo someone's going somewhere?" He piped.

Beast Boy rolled his eyes, before talking to Robin once more. "Doom Patrol sent me an invitation to stay for awhile," He waved the letter in the air.

"Oh, well, yeah, I don't see why not," Robin said.

"Doom Patrol?" Terra asked, totally clueless. Who were they?

Beast Boy almost jumped up and did the happy dance, though turned to Terra with a large smile. "They kinda, raised me when I was little." He turned back to Robin. "Some of you guys can come if you want." He added.

Cyborg barked his laughter. "As in stay a week around Mento?" Yeah, he remembered the bossy leader. Like, Robin twice as worse on his bad days. "No.Thanks."

Beast Boy shrugged, he didn't totally blame Cyborg really. Mento could be a... well, simply put, a jerk.

Starfire took a step back, "I thank you for such a offer but-" her eyes shifted, "I have not been with Silkie much and I must- um- spend... time with him!"

"A whole week…. With you? Or stay here… and have a whole week without you. I think I'll take the latter," Raven sneered.

"I'm gonna stay too. I dunno if I feel like putting up with Mento," Robin grumbled.

So… this 'Doom Patrol' was kind of like Beast Boy's family? Terra thought briefly about it before taking a step forward. "I'll come," she said happily.

"Oh goody, Beast Boy AND Terra free week. Can't get much better then that," Raven said.

Cyborg couldn't help but laugh at Raven's comment.

"Okay, you guys can stay here and be bored." Beast Boy laughed as he hopped down from his seat. "C'mon Ter, lets go pack!" He said happily. His last meeting with his old family like team had been under harsher circumstances; this time maybe they could catch up! And to make it better Terra was coming.

Terra smiled and started to the stairs again. "How come none of them want to come along?" Terra asked, pointing her thumb back at the others. She thought it sounded fun, meeting people who raised Beast Boy. They must be a fun group to be around, just look at Beast Boy.

Beast Boy turned his head to look at Terra while they talked. "Our uh- first meeting was kinda messed up. See, I got this message from Mento, he's the leader right? Okay yeah, well they needed help, so we had to fly off to the Amazon to help them out against the Brain dude, I've like been fighting him most of my life but remember I told you about him? Yeah off subject, anyways," Beast Boy went into the story, most of it from his point of view, he had long reached his room before he finished up. "Their not bad really, it was just kinda a hard time you know?" He shrugged, still smiling though.

"Yeah, I understand," Terra said. "Well, I'll go pack then," she said, backing away from Beast Boy's door and heading towards her room. "Either you come find me when you're done packing, or I'll come find you," she said.

"Okay," Beast Boy nodded before turning and opening his door then dashing inside. He pulled his neon green and black back pack out of the corner of his room and swung it on the bed. Beast Boy looked around before grabbing a few spare uniforms and stuffing them into the bag along with socks, night cloths and under wear. Though, that was all he really needed. His green eyes drifted to the patched up monkey toy laying on the top of a dirty clothing pile. He didn't need to bring that old thing. Heck, Beast Boy sometimes wondered why he still had it, till he reminded himself who it was from. He set the monkey on the top of his bunk bed. "So Raven doesn't sneak in and throw you out." He joked to himself. Wait, did he just talk to a toy monkey?... "Dude I need out more," He mused as he shook his head then zipped his back pack up. Beast Boy swung it over his back then left his room and towards Terra's.

Terra pulled out her backpack and started packing. She packed a week's worth of clothes: shirts, shorts, socks, and underwear. She looked around a little for a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hairbrush. After all that was thrown in, she looked around for anything else she might need. Oh well, she'd pack more if she thought of anything else she needed. She zipped her bag up and threw it on her bed, ignoring it after it bounced on the bed and rolled off.

"Knock Knock!" Beast Boy said as he knocked two times on Terra's door to match his words.

Terra stood up and walked over to the door. She opened it and smiled when her eyes met Beast Boy's. "Hey," she greeted.

"Hey," Beast Boy echoed with his own smile. "Just wondering if you needed help with anything."

Terra thought for a minute. "Well… besides clothes and stuff, is there anything else I would need?" she asked.

Beast Boy leaned on Terra's doorframe and shifted the back pack in his hands while he thought. "Not that I can think of." He shrugged. "I just packed clothes and personal hygiene stuff. And no matter WHAT Raven says I do brush my teeth." He joked, uh- mostly.

Terra laughed. Raven DID accuse Beast Boy of not having personal hygiene. Probably because of his room or something. "That's pretty much what I packed," she shrugged. "When are you leaving? Tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I still know the way there. We could probably fly." Beast Boy grinned more; the subject about going back to his own home for awhile was enough to get him excited. "You're gonna get along great with Elsta Girl." He continued. Though for some weird reason he felt nervous about Terra meeting the Doom Patrol. Mento and Elsta Girl where pretty much the only parents he could really remember. He remembered just last week he had met with Terra's parents, and her brother. And now he hoped this would be a more peaceful introduction then that.

"Awesome!" Terra exclaimed, smiling again. "It'll be great," she said happily. She was a little nervous though, just a little. Beast Boy's parents couldn't be as bad as hers, right? She really hoped not.

"I hope so, just don't mind Negative Man's uh- negative attitude. He's always like that." Beast boy laughed. "And Mento's kinda bossy, Robot Man, he's pretty fun. He used to let me stay up late when Mento was out." Beast Boy laughed at his memories then shook his head. "Yeah, it should be fun."

"Sounds like it," Terra grinned. "This is making me wanna go now," she said. "I don't think Cyborg realizes this only leaves HIM here for Raven to torture…"

"HA! You're right." Beast Boy laughed. "We shall be free of teasing for a week too! Robin will get more attention," Beast Boy rubbed his palms together while laughing in a almost psychotic way.

"Oooh…" Terra thought about that. "I like the way you think," she laughed. "Kinda feel bad for Starfire though… oh well, I guess Cy teases Robin more then Starfire anyways."

"Yeah, Starfire isn't the teasing type. She's the, hide behind when Robin is mad type." Beast Boy laughed as he picked the back pack back up off the floor.

Terra laughed again. "Yeah. Wanna go hang out downstairs?" she asked. "And keep distance from Raven," she laughed, but nervously this time.

"Sure, but- I seem to be having troubles heaving my bag around." Beast Boy said in mock despair before morphing into a puppy and tugging at the handle with his teeth. Though being so small, did no good. He looked up at Terra and barked high pitched and wagged his tail.

Terra laughed and reached down to pick the bag up. "I'm a sucker for puppies and you know it," she joked as she stepped around him.

Beast Boy barked his agreement and followed Terra while bobbling his head to the side and wagging his tail.

"Oh look, our little to-be-married couple." Cyborg teased as he met them in the hall. Beast Boy growled at his friend. He would rather, avoid that subject if at all possible. But Cyborg and his promise to tease for years to come made it difficult.

Terra glared. "Shut up, Cyborg!" she demanded. "Are you EVER gonna let that die?" she asked as she continued walking. Stopping in her tracks, and looking up at the ceiling, she wondered… why did she bother to ask questions she already knew the answer to? Shaking her head, the blonde Titan continued walking.

"Oh c'mon Terra, you're smart enough to know that answer!" Cyborg laughed as he let Terra and Beast Boy pass so he tagged behind them.

"Will you go away?" Terra half snapped. She stopped again. Why'd she keep asking those stupid questions? "In other words, Cyborg, Go. Away!" She highly doubted he'd listen to her.

"Aww, but I want to spend the last few moments with my friends while they're here!" Cyborg said in obvious mock sadness.

Beast Boy resumed human form. "Oh, I am sure you will miss us so much."

"Yeah I will, I won't be able to blame things on you like the fridge prank-"


"Oops." Cyborg darted his eyes around. "Uh- I'll be in my room." He turned around and ran.

"Yeah, and you better stay there!" Terra called after Cyborg. She watched Cyborg go before looking back at Beast Boy. "He's never gonna stop…" she groaned.

"I wouldn't bet against that fact." Beast Boy laughed as they came into the main room.

Starfire greeted them with a Tupperware dish. "I wish for you to take this, incase you become hungry on your travel." She said brightly as something wiggled inside. Beast Boy cringed.

"Cool!" Terra exclaimed, taking the dish. "I'll put it in my bag later!" she said. She was the only person she knew who liked Star's cooking.

Robin came in the main room and walked over. "So, when are you guys leaving?"

Beast Boy slowly turned to look at Terra, his mouth gapping slightly as if asking 'how can you eat that?'. He shook his head and turned to Robin. "Tomorrow morning I think." He answered.

Robin nodded. "Okay, just tell me when you guys leave," he said.

"Yes, DAD, we'll be sure to tell when we leave, just so you don't WORRY over us too much," Terra joked.

"Ha-ha, you're funny." Robin's voice was clearly sarcastic.

"And if it makes you feel better, we will call in when we get there too." Beast Boy held the T-com in the air and laughed.

"If you guys came down here just to get on my nerves, you might as well leave now before I kick you out," Robin joked.

Terra laughed. "Aw c'mon! You know you'll miss us!" she said cockily.

"Everyone misses my cute face and humor!" Beast Boy declared. "Right Star?"

"Um-" Starfire's eyes shifted. "I uh- oh Silkie! Do not touch that!" She flew over to the worm who was... sleeping.

Terra gave Beast Boy a joking sympathetic look and patted him on the back. "Poor Beast Boy, not missed by any of his friends," she shook her head sadly.

"Except his girlfriend," Robin smirked.

Terra sighed and gave Robin an annoyed glare.

"How can she miss Beast Boy when they're always… together?" Raven butted into the conversation.

"We are not!" Beast Boy defended, he didn't bother saying Terra wasn't his girlfriend, she was. And as for the not together all the time thing? Well, at least for the last week they had done everything together. Heck, he even walked her to her room every night. He should learn to just keep his mouth shut.

Raven scoffed. "You think we don't notice? Just because you're too mindless to notice doesn't mean we are," she said.

"I think a break from each other will do you guys good," Robin said to Beast Boy and Raven.

"It's my dream come true," Raven continued joking… kinda.

Beast Boy chuckled, "Yeah, I think a break is gonna be GREAT after Raven looks in her closet a little closer." He grinned in a dangerous way.

Raven's smirk fell and then formed a glare. "WHAT did you do?" she asked in her own dangerous way.

Terra was desperately trying to stifle her laughter.

"Nothing," Beast Boy hummed before skipping past Raven, taking his bag from Terra on his way over and then flopping himself on the couch.

"When I find out what you did, you better hope I can't find you," Raven threatened before turning and starting to the stairs. Robin shook his head as Terra went over to the couch and jumped into her spot. "What DID you do?" she asked.

"I'll be gone!" Beast Boy laughed over at Raven then turned to Terra and leaned over- half because he didn't want the others to hear, other half to be that close. "Was my turn to do laundry, her white robe got mixed in with Starfire's clothes." He smirked and pulled away again and flopped his arms on the back of the couch.

Terra bit her lip to not laugh. After a pause, she said, "She… is going to kill you."

"Lucky I am leaving for a week." Beast Boy smirked and grabbed the remote with one hand while the other snaked around Terra's shoulders.

Terra attempted (and failed) to ignore Beast Boy's hand. "She'll notice though, won't she?" she asked, glancing at Beast Boy again.

"Yep, and that's when the whole, hide-behind Starfire trick comes into use." Beast Boy snorted in his laughter.

Terra opened her mouth to speak but was cut off. "BEAST BOY! I SWEAR I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS!" The lights in the tower and TV flickered on and off as Raven's voice rang through it.

"You better put that trick into use soon," Terra laughed.

"Robin! Raven is making death threats again!" Beast Boy whined in his most childish voice.

"Yeah, and I'm sure you deserve it, again," Robin called back. "Raven, don't really kill him, we need him," he warned in a joking voice as Raven came storming into the room.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy agreed before shrinking in his seat, then morphing into a puppy and crawling on Terra's lap. Just incase.

Terra hugged Beast Boy and held him tighter when Raven's shadow fell over them. "Beast Boy, you are such a filthy little coward! Stop hiding behind your girlfriend!"

Beast Boy barked pitifully almost as if saying his coward-ness kept him alive before snuggling against Terra.

Raven shook her head menacingly. "When you get back… I'll be waiting, Beast Boy," she threatened. With that she turned and stormed off, back to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Beast Boy whimpered and shook a little. Some how, he was afraid that she would remember that threat...

Terra could feel Beast Boy shaking. "Don't worry, she's gone," she said, loosening her hold a little.

Beast Boy resumed human form, though still on Terra's lap. "Are you sure?" He joked.


Beast Boy didn't have to look to know who that was, "CYBORG!"

"Gah!" Terra yelped. "Cyborg!" she blinked a few times, trying to get rid of the flashy-colorful spots. "Now I see spots everywhere…" she whined. Then she realized what he'd taken a picture of. "Hey!" she glared at the half robot.

Beast Boy scooted off Terra's lap, trying to get rid of his own fuzzy colored circles.

"Priceless picture." Cyborg laughed.

Terra stood up. "Give it to me, now." She held her hand out, palm up.

Cyborg hugged the camera, "No."

"Cyborg! I'm warning you, gimme the stupid picture!" Terra demanded, taking a step closer.

"No," Cyborg stuck his tongue out and then jogged over to the other side of the room as he put the camera away in some weird hide-away place.

"My head, YOU KNOW ANIMALS ARE SENSTIVE TO BRIGHT LIGHTS!" Beast Boy snapped as he rubbed his eyes again.

"Cyborg!" Terra whined. "C'mon!"

"You'll live, Beast Boy," Robin said.

"Says you." Beast Boy snorted before falling off the couch, purposely. That was obvious. "GAH! Another bright light!.. Wait... It's white... I-I" He waved his hand in the air as if reaching for something. "I see gates!"

Terra gave Beast boy an annoyed, but mostly joking, look. "That's not funny," she said.

"Whoa… that's a first, coming from you," Robin teased.

Terra rolled her eyes before walking over and holding a hand down to help Beast Boy up.

"Oh no! I see angels! IM GOING TO DIEEEE!" At that Beast Boy pretended to knock out, though left his arm helplessly in the air.

"That was corny." Cyborg laughed as he grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl Starfire had recently set out.

Terra sighed. "Get up, you lazy bum," Terra kicked him in the side, not hard though, more like… nudged him.

"Don't make us bring Raven out here," Robin joked.

"But- I'm comfy now!" Beast Boy whined though didn't open his eyes.

Robin rolled his eyes and walked off to the kitchen. Terra giggled and stepped over Beast Boy, flopping down on the couch, legs stretched out across it. This was comfortable. She flipped the channel on the TV and continued to do so. She couldn't find anything on yet though.

The Prank you've all been waiting for! Hope it was as good as you hoped... I had a lot of fun thinking it all up xD Spent two days acually. It was oraginally two seprate pranks, but Grease and I morpthed them together, TADA. -cough- Okay, so now that that is out of the way, the Doom Patrol will be coming in in the next chapter.

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