Chapter: 10

The Doom Patrol's ship landed back home the next day. It wasn't so far the brightest day. It had started out cloudy, very cloudy and with grey skies. It hadn't been long before it started raining- no, not raining, down pouring. Hailing, even, if only a little bit here and there. It was quite a sudden change in weather, the very day before it had been sunny and nice enough. Not too hot, but not too cold. And now, this.

The ramp that came from the ship was let down and Negative Man wasted no time in getting off that blasted ship. He just wanted to be home and have time to rest. Elasta Girl left behind him, waiting at the bottom of the ramp for Mento.

Terra had fallen asleep on the ride, how she would never know. It was so loud she thought it was impossible to fall asleep on. But, somehow, she'd found a way.

Beast Boy stood up slowly, trying to balance on one leg as the other hurt too much to even poke. The swelling hadn't creased, but he bit back his whiny complaints and shook Terra's shoulder. "Hey, sleepy head, we're there."

"Huh?" The blonde murmured out, her blue eyes slowly flickering open. "What?" she asked groggily as she lifted her head up a little.

Beast Boy smiled, "We're back at the mansion, and I can't carry you, so you gotta walk."

"Oh, right." Terra pushed herself up more so she wasn't slouching so much. She unbuckled her seat belt and stood up. "Do you need help?" she asked.

Beast Boy limped a step away, "Nope, I'm perfectly capable of walking myself." He snorted before pressing his hand to the side of the ship for balance then limping towards the ramp.

"Ooookaaay," Terra stretched the word out skeptically. She walked behind him, grinning and sympathizing him at the same time. "So… how do you plan on getting down the ramp?" she asked.

Beast Boy gruffed out a snort, "I'm getting to that!" Though walking down the ramp proved easier said then done as he tried, and almost fell flat on his face.

"Careful," Terra warned, her grin automatically vanishing in worry for him. Falling down that ramp would not be fun. She didn't like to ask too many times, but… "Are you sure you don't want help?"

Beast Boy sighed, making his pride budge. "Please," he muttered.

Terra grinned a little. "Sorry, what was that?" she joked. "You're gonna have to speak up." Okay… that was kinda mean since he did have a hurt foot.

Beast Boy had an annoyed look on his face, but couldn't get down this thing himself. "I said, PLEASE help me." He said a little louder.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Terra apologized for the annoyed look he was giving her. She came closer and put his arm around her shoulders so she could help him down easier. And she also held on to his hand with her own. Though… of course it wasn't entirely intentional. …Okay, maybe it was.

"Thanks," Beast Boy said as he leaned against Terra and started limping down the ramp. "Bad day," he half joked.

"Anytime," Terra smiled. She listened to the rain pound against the garage ceiling for a moment. "Yeah, no kidding 'bad day'. Weather-wise and for you," she sympathized.

Beast Boy chuckled, "Yeah really." He stumbled on his last step, almost falling forward though caught himself in time, and also found out he had gripped Terra's hand tighter out of reaction. He blushed only lightly as his hand eased up, "Sorry."

"Heh… it's okay," Terra smiled, helping him balance a little better. She looked to the door of the garage. "Great… now we get to go through the wind and rain." She rolled her eyes a little, though grinned.

"Weeeee," Beast Boy joked in monotone.

"Yeah," Terra chuckled a little. "Yay." She started forward again, pulling the door open once they made it there. The moment they stepped out, it started raining harder. "…Is today cursed? Or is it just us?" Terra shouted over the pounding rain.

"Maybe both," Beast Boy laughed.

"Hurry up!" Robot Man urged, holding the back door open for the two.

"ITS HARD TO HURRY WHILE LIMPING!" Beast Boy yelled back, grinning though. He didn't mind the rain all that much, maybe he was just too worn out to care.

Terra had her head down, kind of turned to the side as they moved onward, trying to keep the wind from her eyes the best she could. They finally made it to the door, not exactly dry anymore.

"I feel like a sponge," Beast Boy joked as they entered the warm kitchen, Robot Man closed the door behind them.

"Me too," Terra grumbled, water dripping from her shirt and shorts and hair.

"I can get you guys a couple blankets if you want," Elasta Girl offered. "And I can make hot chocolate too."

Beast Boy smiled, almost chattered his teeth but smiled all the same. "I'll take that offer! But first I gotta go do something." He slowly removed his arm from Terra's shoulders and morphed (which now seemed like a chore from the energy it took) into a dog. Holding his hurt leg up, he started towards the stairs, then up them then down the hall and into the bath room.

Terra watched Beast Boy go, standing over by the door still, shivering a little. She didn't want to track mud any farther.

Elasta Girl nodded, heading to the closet in the other room for a few blankets.

Negative Man was seated at the Kitchen Table, a cup of coffee in his hands.

Beast Boy resumed human form and sat on the toilet seat after recovering the first aid box. He tugged his sneaker off (which he had sneaked back on) and looked at his bruised ankle. It was nasty looking really, a mix of purple colors. He sighed before pulling his sock over his foot then pulling out bandage wrap. Tightly (with clenched teeth) wrapping it around his ankle then tapping it in place. Beast Boy put the other items away, knowing nothing could be done for his bruising back and started half limping back down stairs, his shoe carried in his mouth, since he needed his hands for balance.

Elasta Girl came back into the kitchen with a pile of blankets. She set them on the end of the table and then went over to the stove. She pulled a few packets of hot chocolate powder out of the cupboard and began making the hot beverage. "You can come in, Terra, you don't have to just stand there," she said, barely glancing up. "I'll clean up the mud later."

"Oh, okay," Terra trailed a little unsurely before stepping in more.

"Mm ack!" Beast Boy muffled as he walked/limped into the kitchen, then sitting down and dropping the shoe from his mouth.

Terra pulled a blanket off the pile, wrapping herself up in it before sitting down. She was cold. The water was soaking into her clothes and it really wasn't helping.

"The hot chocolate should be done in just a minute or two," Elasta Girl told them.

"Thanks Rita," Beast Boy grinned, also wrapping up though not leaning back in his seat like he wanted. It would only sting the bruise.

It was only a couple minutes later before Elasta Girl set down too coffee cups filled to the brim with hot chocolate in front of the teens. "There you go," she smiled.

"Thanks," Terra smiled, deciding to wait a minute for it to cool off.

"What about me?" Robot Man joked-whined.

Beast Boy chuckled again before taking a small sip of the hot drink, it burned a little and made his mouth go numb, but he didn't mind.

"You can have some too," Elasta Girl said in a joking exasperated tone. "There's more."

Terra laughed a little bit.

"But I'm having coffee," Elasta Girl announced, pulling another cup from the cabinet.

Robot Man shrugged and got himself hot coca, like stated, everyone had a kid in them.

"What time is it?" Beast Boy yawned, he hadn't caught any sleep on the ride. Mainly because he couldn't get comfortable, and the other half was the new truth about the used-to-be Brotherhood of Evil. It troubled him for some reason, even though he knew there was nothing he could have done about his parents.

Elasta Girl looked over at the clock. "6:30," she said.

Terra yawned before taking a sip of her drink. "Only?" she asked.

Beast Boy nodded, his hands gripped around the warm cup. "I might go to bed." He said stiffly.

"Me too," Terra nodded her agreement. She figured she'd finish off her hot chocolate and go straight to bed.

"I don't blame you guys," Elasta Girl smiled. "You can just head on up whenever you want."

Beast Boy yawned loudly, before finishing off his hot coca, just in time to see Mento walk in.

"You two have been here longer then a week," He started. "Your own team is going to need you sooner or later, and you both need rest."

Beast Boy looked between shocked and upset. "But the Sisterhood-" He had wanted to take Rouge on himself, but it seemed it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"We can handle them," Mento assured, grinning.

"Yeah," Elasta Girl agreed. "I love having you guys here, but you really should get back home." She smiled a little. "You can't tell me your team doesn't miss you."

"One of them might not," Terra stifled a laugh at the thought of Raven.

"After two days, that number will go to two," Beast Boy joked, Robin in mind.

"Yeah," Terra laughed. "He /wanted/ us back, though," she reminded, knowing who Beast Boy was talking about. "Remember when he called on your T-com? He was practically begging." Okay, that was a little exaggerated.

"We gotta use that against him," Beast Boy chuckled once more.

Mento grinned faintly and briefly at their conversation before adding in. "Head on up to bed now, you two need your rest."

"Says... who?" Beast Boy joked, adding in a yawn between his words.

"The fact that you just yawned is what says," Elasta Girl smiled.

Terra laughed. "Nice going, Beast Boy, you gave us away!" she joked.

"Oh, darn." Beast Boy smiled through his droopy look before standing up and setting his mug in the sink then heading towards the stairs, worn out and tired. "Night everyone!" He stifled another yawn.

Terra downed the rest of her drink and stood up, setting her cup next to Beast Boy. "G'night," she yawned before following Beast Boy up the stairs.

Beast Boy purposely slowed his walk up the stairs, more like a drag now at his pace. He looked over his shoulder and smiled her way. Tired or not, he was still walking her to her room, it was like, a rule for him.

Terra caught up to Beast Boy and smiled. "You didn't have to wait for me," she said. That didn't stop her from liking it though.

"But I wanted too," Beast Boy grinned tiredly. "I'm not breaking my habit just because I got a giant bruise, broken ankle, and tired to death." He joked, though admitted that the ankle was almost enough to stop him.

Terra smiled again, looking down at the floor for a moment. He was too sweet! "Thanks," she said, looking up again.

"Thanks? Just a thanks?" He joked with her, "Nah, see I needed to wait for you. I gotta lean on SOMONE." He chuckled as he did just that when he started losing balance from limping.

Terra laughed and helped him keep his balance. "What? You want more then thanks? Fine." She put on a slightly higher pitched voice and talked a little faster as though she were some crazed fan girl: "Oh my gosh, Beast Boy, thank you so much, I love you, you're my hero!" The blonde laughed a little, not exactly catching everything she'd just spit out.

Beast Boy grinned, though felt his face blush just a little. "Gee, thanks." He felt giddy suddenly, though his tiredness kept him from acting it, and his ankle kept him from skipping.

Terra looked over at Beast Boy grinning. All of a sudden her grin fell and she looked back ahead of her. She cleared her throat a bit embarrassedly as she blushed a little.

Beast Boy leaned his head on Terra's and let his arm snake around her waist, for balance... mostly.

Terra smiled a little, biting her lip. She leaned her head over a little more. It was… disappointing when they came to her door.

Beast Boy looked at the door and sighed, a bit disappointed. He removed his arm from Terra's waist and shifted his weight to his other leg, wondering if he was going to need a better cast for his ankle. "So... night, I guess." He smiled warmly.

"Yeah… good night," Terra said. She paused for a second, taking a breath and biting her lip, debating. Aw, what the heck? Leaning forward a little, she kissed him lightly on the lips.

Beast Boy felt his blood do a rush, making him shiver for a moment as his eyes went wide then half closed before he kissed her back. So now it was proven that his luck could make a turn for the better!

Terra only kissed him for a short while before pulling back. She admitted, she was paranoid about one of the adults coming upstairs and seeing them just then. Well… it would fit their luck. "Good night, Beast Boy," she repeated with a smile before opening her door and stepping in. She gave him one last wave before closing the door.

Beast Boy watched with a goofy look about his face, he waved in an idiotic way before dragging himself towards his room. Not bothering to change from being to tired, he crawled into bed after taking off his gloves belt and other sneaker.

Terra changed into her pajamas. She was cold from the rain and wanted dry clothes. She fell over on her bed, crawling to her pillow where she let her head fall and closed her eyes. It probably didn't even take her two minutes to fall asleep.


Beast Boy landed on the Titan shore in his dino form though soon then resumed his human state and picked his book bag up off the ground and looked over towards Terra. They had left early this morning after their goodbyes to the Doom Patrol. It was now nearing lunch time now.

Terra stopped the rock she stood on next to Beast Boy, jumping down after landing it. "I'm starving," was the first thing she said. It felt great to be back… but food came first! Then the happiness of being back home. "I wonder what's for lunch."

"Either waffles or pizza, or meat." Beast Boy joked as he started towards the door.

"Oooh, pizza!" Terra grinned. "That sounds good!" She followed after him, carrying her bag on her back, gripping one of the straps.

Beast Boy chuckled as he walked into the tower, minutes later coming into the rec room where the smell of pizza with waffle bits for topping came. "Smells good!" He shouted.

"FRIIEEENNDDSS!" Starfire screamed as she flew over and grabbed both Beast Boy and Terra in a tight hug. "Oh how I have missed your company!"

"Back... bruise... ow..." Beast Boy squeaked.

"AHH!" Terra yelped in surprise. "Ow… Star… air…" she half joked.

Robin looked up from the TV and grinned. "Beast Boy! Terra!" he exclaimed. Okay, so that gave it away that he had, in fact, missed them. "I didn't think you guys were coming back today. I thought you'd call before to let us know."

Starfire let both her friends go with an overjoyed face as she bounced up and down and clapped her hands together, giggling all the same.

"Eh, didn't feel like calling." Beast Boy joked, rubbing his back lightly.

"Well, you two made it in time for lunch at least." Cyborg held up his creation, a giant pizza with syrup waffles spread over it. "Ain't she a beauty?"

"Non dairy waffles?" Beast Boy asked.

"...YEAH RIGHT!" Cyborg snorted.

Beast Boy shrugged, he would deal with it. He grinned though, glad to be home.

Robin smiled as he watched Starfire for a minute. …It was… cute… when she did that. He looked at Beast Boy again, smiled faltering. "What happened to you?" he asked.

Terra was staring at the food with puppy dog eyes. "Yummy…" she said.

Beast Boy turned to look at Robin, removing his hand from his back. "Hm? Wrong? Nothing's WRONG, why would anything be wrong? Jeesh," He smiled innocently before half walking and half limping towards the kitchen bar. Unlucky for him, Starfire noticed that, and stared at her friend with a suspicious look.

The doors to the rec room opened once more and Raven looked up. She froze. "Oh God…" she sighed. "Is a week up already?"

"It's been longer then a week," Robin struggled not to laugh.

"…Really? Only seemed like a few days to me." Okay, Raven had a harsh sense of humor.

"Thanks, we missed you too," Terra rolled her eyes.

Beast Boy chuckled though as he sat down. "Don't worry Rea-Rea," he joked. "I missed you 'so' much that I am willing to prank you ASAP, just to show how much I care." He snickered.

"I'll. Pass." Raven snarled at the remembrance of his last prank on her. No, she had not forgotten. Nor would she ever forget.

"You might wanna lay low a little while, Beast Boy," Terra snickered.

"You helped," Raven sneered.

"Right…" Terra trailed, glancing down at the floor as her smile faded.

"He thought it up," Beast Boy pointed accusingly towards Cyborg.

"Only the bath room part lil' man." Cyborg snorted.

Raven glared at all three of them. She wouldn't sink to their level though and pull pranks on them. No. She just wanted to hurt them right now.

"So… you didn't miss us even a little?" Terra asked, holding her hand up, index finger and thumb about a centimeter away from each other.

"No," Raven stated simply.

"Yes she did, she just won't admit it," Beast Boy mused with a sure-of-himself smile.

"You wish," Raven rolled her eyes.

Beast Boy rolled his eyes Raven's way before standing up and limping towards the kitchen to get a drink, Starfire stopped him however and lifted the teenager up and carried him back to the barstool. "GAH! STARFIRE!" He yelped.

"There is something wrong with you," Starfire replied simply before taking a closer look at his ankle, then feeling it.

"OUCH!" Beast Boy yelped, almost kicking his foot away.

Starfire looked at Beast Boy with a cocked eye brow. "Friend, what is wrong with your ankle?"

"Nothing..." Beast Boy trailed, though Starfire didn't buy it. She knew. "Friend Raven!" She called.

Cyborg watched, he hoped it didn't take too long, he had a 'video' he wanted to put on after lunch. He was sure Robin would 'enjoy' watching, or remembering.

"What?" Raven asked in her monotone voice.

"Hey… can we eat yet?" Terra asked, looking up at Cyborg with her near pouty eyes. She turned back though to look at Beast Boy, seeing Starfire tending to his ankle. Or at least trying to figure out what was wrong.

Cyborg chuckled, "Go ahead." He answered Terra.

"Yes!" Terra took a slice of pizza and started eating before turning to watch Beast Boy in sympathy.

"What did you do?" Robin asked Beast Boy.

Beast Boy crossed his arms with a pouty look on his face. "Nothing." He repeated himself.

Starfire rolled her eyes before looking back Raven's way. "May I ask if you could do the healing to our friends ankle? I fear it is broken."

"Oh, is it?" Raven asked, looking at Beast Boy rather then Starfire. "Beast Boy, is your ankle broken?" She wanted to hear him admit it since he was denying it so much.

Beast Boy would have slumped in his seat if he could, he muttered a few things, not willing to admit his ankle was broken out of his pride. That is, until Starfire lightly (for her anyways) whapped him over the head. "Yes." He muttered, now rubbing his head.

Terra tried not to laugh at poor Beast Boy.

"And what do you want /me/ to do about it?" Raven asked, clearly enjoying this while she could.

Robin shook his head. That was cold. Yet funny.

"Nothing- OW!" Beast Boy yelped, getting another smack. He sighed. "" Talk about cutting your pride down to size.

"Please," Raven couldn't help her taunting.

"Raven," Robin sighed, trying to stifle his laughter.

Cyborg wasn't trying to stifle his laughter, he was already chuckling at the mean revenge.

Beast Boy half sighed, half growled, "PLEASE."

"Alright," Raven said. "Oh wait," she paused again. "I wanna hear the 'thank you' before I do it."

"This is cruel and unusual pay back," Terra pointed out.

"Raven!" Beast Boy whined.

Raven sighed. "Okay, okay, fine." She hated when he whined. She let her hands linger over his ankle as they started glowing blue, saying, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos," only once before pulling her hands away.

Terra looked over at her. "I didn't know you could do that."

Beast Boy looked down at his ankle, knowing Raven's healing powers were limited, he could still feel a slight stinging pain in it. He looked up in time to see Starfire pulling out a first aid kit. "What're you doing?"

"Making you a proper casting device." Starfire replied sweetly, making Beast Boy moan. Moments later Starfire had forced a 'proper' cast on the green teens ankle, much to his dislike and discomfort.

"Stupid fracture," Beast Boy muttered more under his breath as he pouted.

"Poor Beast Boy," Terra half joked, patting him on the head.

"You're welcome," Raven said in a half taunting way.

Robin shook his head again. "Was there anything you guys wanted to do today?" he asked the rest of his team.

Cyborg had been waiting for this moment, and then pounced on it. "I DO!" He shouted, holding up a video.

"What is that?" Starfire asked.

"What movie's that?" Robin asked. Watching a movie sounded good to him actually.

Terra hopped off the barstool after finishing her couple slices pf pizza. "Movie time this early? Nice," she said.

An evil little smirk grew on Cyborg's face. "Oh, this is no regular movie. Think of it more as a memory booster." He walked over towards the TV, followed by Starfire who sat down on the couch. Beast Boy lagged behind for a moment before grabbing a few slices of pizza then joining his friends on the couch.

Robin gave the cybernetic teen a questioning look before taking his usual seat on the couch right next to Starfire.

Terra sat down next to Beast Boy as Raven took her spot on the far end of the couch. "Home videos, I'm guessing?"

Robin merely shrugged and leaned back.

Cyborg shrugged, "Sorta." He glanced at Terra, "You wouldn't remember, blondie, since you where in a hospital bed the whole time, but I'm sure Raven and Starfire here can remember this taped event." Cyborg grinned once more, getting a questioning look from the alien and green Titans before he popped it in. To most likely Robin's horror, it was the video of Robin on his... over-coffee high. Cyborg plodded himself on the couch happily, clearly proud of himself.

Robin's eyes grew wide. "You… you… YOU RECORDED THAT?" he yelped. He groaned and slumped in his seat.

Raven stared at the screen and then glanced at her friends. She couldn't help but crack up. It took a lot to make Raven laugh, more so crack up like she was. Though Terra was right there with her, finding it difficult to breathe.

Starfire bit her lip and covered her mouth, trying not to laugh for Robin's sake.

"Yes!" Cyborg snorted in his laughter, even the pouting Beast Boy couldn't help but laugh on that.

"Give me the remote!" the Boy Wonder ordered, standing up and holding his hand out expectantly.

Terra was slumping in her seat now, she'd been laughing non-stop, considering she'd missed this. The blonde held her aching sides as she laughed.

"What remote?" Cyborg smiled innocently.

"Cyborg!" Robin yelled. "Hand it over, now!"

Cyborg only smiled more. "Why?"

"Turn it off!"

"No, keep it on!"

"Terra, shut up!" Robin snapped. His only response from the blonde was more laughter.

"THIS IS GREAT!" Beast Boy snorted, and even Starfire started to giggle as it showed Robin rambling on about something random.

"I think the people have given their vote, it stays on." Cyborg laughed.

"Then I'm leaving!" Robin stood up furiously just to be pushed and held down by rope-like black energy.

"Oh, no you don't."


"Go Raven!" Beast Boy snorted as he fell off the couch laughing.

"Come on, guys, this isn't funny!" Robin complained, moaning at the video.

"Says you!" Terra laughed.

"Would you shut up?"

"Sorry Robin, you know that never works on any of us," Beast Boy laughed before snorting briefly.

"CYBORG!" Robin yelled in anger and embarrassment. "TURN IT OFF! NOW!"

Cyborg turned from Robin to the TV screen in time to catch Robin breaking into some kind of weird HYPO laugh, then laughed himself. "CAN'T! Laughing force, too strong, taking over,"

"As your leader," Robin tried, voice slightly louder then usual, yet not quite a yell. "I DEMAND you turn it off! AND LET ME GO!"

"As your friend, I REFUSE!" Cyborg laughed.

Robin saw he was getting no where. So, he settled for sinking low in his seat and attempting to hide as he nearly slipped right off the couch. Terra was in hysterics and Raven was laughing quite a bit.


Beast Boy looked around his messy room, holding a frame in his hand he looked for the perfect spot for this item. It took him awhile, looking over broken dressers he needed to fix, and his desk. Till he made himself clean off his night stand and digital clock, which blinked 6:00 in red numbers. After scraping the spilled pop, gum or whatever that sticky stuff had been, Beast Boy set down the framed picture of his parents and himself. He had taken it along, figuring he needed one. And it wouldn't hurt anything.

As the green teenager stared at the picture, a half hearted grin crawled up his face. He had loved his parents, and still did. But they weren't his only family anymore, he had found more then a few people to look out after him. And in a silly way, if his parents had never died, had the Brotherhood of Evil never blown that ship up, he probably wouldn't be in life where he was. With the best friends of his life, with an action filled job, and with the one girl he loved. In a strange way, everything fit together. Lose one thing to gain another, in life's cruel way that's what had happened. And he accepted it.

Thanks Mom, thanks Dad. He thought to himself, smiling now before turning to go find Terra.

Terra had gone up to her room after the whole Coffee video was done. She needed to unpack and after that she decided to take a quick shower. Currently, she sat on the edge of her bed, typing away on her lap top. She kept a kind of… computer journal. She didn't want to call it a diary… that sounded so... girly. Well, she was now typing about the past week that she had spent with Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol. As usual, she had a cherry coke at her side, taking an occasional sip or two.

Beast Boy stopped outside Terra's door and knocked a few times.

Terra set her soda down hurriedly. "Just a sec!" she called, moving the cursor over to the X in the corner. She saved her so-far entry and closed the lap top. Standing up, she walked to her door, opening it to see Beast Boy. "Hey," she smiled.

Beast Boy smiled back, "Hey, hope I'm not interrupting anything. Just wanted to see if I could get some help kicking Cyborg's can on the v-games."

"You're not," Terra said. "I guess I could try to help," she half shrugged. She wasn't quite as good at video games at Cyborg and Beast Boy, but it was still fun.

Beast Boy laughed. "Good, now come, my human leaning stick!" Beast Boy pointed towards the stairs. He lost his balance for a moment, due to Starfire's stupid cast and had to lean against the wall.

Terra laughed and stepped out of her room, letting the doors close behind her. "Here," she offered, pulling his arm around her to help him balance better.

"Thank you, now, MUSH!" Beast Boy joked with more laughter.

The blonde laughed along and started forward. "How long do you have to keep that thing on?" she asked, referring to the cast as they continued down the hall.

"Till Nurse Starfire says otherwise." Beast Boy muttered.

Terra smiled. You never knew with Starfire. "That could be awhile."

"Insert pity here." Beast Boy joked.

Terra laughed again. "Will do," she said.

Beast Boy chuckled as they started down the stairs to join their other friends in the, as Titan slang put it, butt whoopin' on the v-games.

Well, this is the last chapter. A longer one at that, hope you have all enjoyed this fic as much as Grease and I have writting it. We have started a rough draft of Titans North. After that we will start writing and posting the real deal )

Hope this chapter didn't seem too... corny with Beast Boy's parent thing. I just wanted to show him growing up a little more ) And that part about the Robin video, for all those of you who don't remember, in Terra's Return, near the end Robin got on a coffee/suger rush and Cyborg told Raven he was taping it. So we brought that back for you D We both wanted the Sisterhood of Evil to get away. Mainly becuase the poor Doom Patrol didn't have anyone to fight with since the Brotherhood was takin out by the Titans xD So maybe they will show up again in some other story, who knows?

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