Epilogue: Bonds

Above the atmosphere of Novus,

The Accretian cruiser orbited slowly upon the planet. Inside, GrudgeDx, Brutez' second-in-command contemplated the sight before it. Then the ship computer announced,

"Commander Grudge, there was an incoming transmission. It said that we had to withdraw to the designated coordinates…"

"Withdraw?" Grudge asked evenly, "From whom the order comes?" The computer replied monotonously,

"The transmission came directly from the Archon itself. It also informed the large Imperial force would be teleported. What is your command, Commander?" Grudge stood silently for a moment, and then it said,

"Withdraw this ship to the designated coordinates."


At the same time,

'Freedom' crews watched the huge cruiser left their position and went into the dark space. One of the technicians reported,

"Captain, the Accretian cruiser had withdrawn…"

The Captain nodded, "Yes, I see that! But why?" Suddenly, another tech reported frantically,

"Captain, our sensors had caught numerous energy signatures at the Accretia's base camp. I see one…no…three…five…ten…twenty…too many of them!"

"What is the computer's analysis?" The Bellato captain asked,

"The computer identifies those signals as portals…"

The captain pondered, "Portals…but from which races?" His brow furrowed when he realized something,

"There's only one explanation for those portals…siege! We must report this to the Ground Team!"

"Roger, Captain!"


In other place,

Another battle raged furiously. Gruudx76 and Armbold were locked in the deadly fight. The Warrior-Gunner slashed its battle axe viciously. Yet, the opponent simply hid behind the shield and counter-attacked with an iron mace.


Combat situations…




"Blow!" When the Accretia brought its axe with tremendous power upon him, the Shield Miller felt his body was shaken to the bones. The Bellato gritted his teeth. This tin-can was good, but he didn't weak either. He shouted,

"Howl!" The small man immediately let out a roaring howl like a beast. This act temporarily overwhelmed the Accretia's auditory sensors, and forced the cyborg to stop its attack. Armbold taunted,

"Come on, Accretia! Are you afraid to my battle cry?"

Shaking off the influence, the Dementor replied, "The Accretia knew no fear! Your bravado won't bring you victory!"

"Perhaps!" the Shield Miller grinned, "At least, I will put fear upon your organic brain and database!". With that, the Bellato charged again toward his opponent. He swung his mace and bashed maniacally. Yet, Gruud didn't want to lose. The cyborg quickly maximized its strength to match the Bellato's brute strength. They were exchanged blows by blows! Then…

"Blow!" The axe was battered heavily, but it won't budge. Gruud used to be vicious at the battlefield, however it had met its match.

This Bellato…had deliberately lost its rational…he fought…like…a beast! He…might…be…challenging!

Not for long, Gruud's Beam Axe worn off…the cyborg quickly used Two-handed Beam Axe as a spare. It saw the Bellato leaped to the air with killing cry,

"Kiaaah! Death for you, tin can!" Gruud was prepared to brace the attack, but suddenly…the magnetic web came from nowhere and ensnared the Shield Miller, who exclaimed,

"What?" Armbold instantly crashed to the ground helpless. The Dementor turned and saw InvictusR46.

"Triarii!" the cyborg called, "You have returned…"

The Punisher answered with a grave tone, "We have a change of plan! We've been ordered to return to the base camp!"

"By whom?"

Invictus explained, "The order came from Archon Totenkopf itself! Let's go, Unit x76!" Gruud glanced to the helpless Bellato, who still wrapped by the webs. It pointed,

"What about him?"

"Forget it! Archon's order is more important! We must return to the base camp immediately!"


Invictus quickly reminded, "No buts, Unit x76!" Reluctantly, the Cross-class Ranger followed its superior. Before they left, Armbold shouted angrily,

"Let me go, you cowards! I dare you to open this web and I will kill you! LET ME OFF!"

Gruud said, "You should consider yourself lucky, Bellato…our fight have to wait for now. Next time, there is no such thing as lucky…" Together, those cyborgs ignited their booster and flew toward the intended destination.


Meanwhile at the other side of the base camp,

Ranskye and Clytemnestra watched the battle-ready Corites and Bellateans coming out from the portals. For a moment, Zero was forgotten…it was gone inert. Unconsciously, the young ranger and the spiritualist began to distance themselves. Not for long, a slender female Cora with a penetrating gaze went toward them and pointed Cly,

"You! What are you doing? What is your name?" Slowly but sure, the Princess of Ladenus rose and replied,

"My name is Clytemnestra Ladenus, daughter of Elder Ladenus!" Ranskye was startled to hear it from her. In other hand, the Cora woman stood mutely and then she gave a bow,

"Forgive me for my insolence, milady! I am Syrissa and a Warlock. I also one of Astra's vice archons. We have been ordered by the Archon to confront the Accretia in this area and evacuate you at the same time. Priestess Teiresias had contacted us. It seems we're not alone…" She glanced to the Bellateans around them, and her force looks restless. Yet, she said,

"If milady gives permission, let us wipe those heathens like stains…"

"No, I ask…" Cly stopped, "I order you to stand down…those Bellateans weren't our concern!"

Though looks displeased, Syrissa obeyed, "As milady wish. We would only attack, when being attacked in return." She turned to her force, "Soldier, line up and form the defensive formation to protect our lady!" Instantly, the Cora Warrior, Knight and Champion formed a defensive line before them, with their weapons pointed to the Bellateans. Cly turned her sight toward Ran, who was surrounded by his fellows.

At the same time, one of the Corites, Revin SilentHat asked his commander, "Syrrisa, why don't we strike those Bellatos?" However, he was silenced by the female Warlock's stare.

She rebuked, " Don't ever questioned Princess' decision. Questioning her means questioning the Patriarch!"


Ranskye still stunned to know Clytemnestra's true identity until someone brought him back with a bark,

"Private! Why are you staring the enemy like a fool?" The ranger glanced and saw a battle-scarred Berserker standing behind him. The warrior shouted again,

"Private! Introduce your rank and name! Atten-hut!" Ran instantly stood and gave a military salute to him,

"Yessir! Ensign Ranskye! Ranger!" The Berserker's face softened slightly, when he heard it,

"Ah, you are the sole survivor! I am Lieutenant Crescendo Silverlake from Bellato Federation Commando and Berserker! My platoon was sent to aid Major Zephyr here and retrieve all of you safely to home!" He snorted toward the Corites,

"Those long-ears better not messing with us! Corporal Vernitz had informed us about the ceasefire between both of us. Therefore, we will refrain ourselves from any attempt that provoke hostilities…if they persists to fight, they are welcome to try!" Silverlake caressed his battle axe. Ranskye was unsure what to do


Back to Zephyr,

Zephyr swung his fully-charged staff with all his might toward the Mercenary. Yet…the red-armored cyborg blocked his attack by holding the staff with a single arm. Despite the experience, the Wizard was stunned to see his attack was rendered ineffectual.

Using its right arm to hold Zephyr's staff, Brutez had switched its mace-holding hand to the left one. He lifted its mace and ready to crush the Bellato's skull. It buzzed,

"Die, Flame of Freedom!" However, a dark shadow covered both opponent and a figure leaped to the air. Instinctively, the Warder turned its attack to the incoming intruder. The intruder blocked the mace with…the Cleaver Sword. This momentary lapse were used by Zephyr,

"Flash Beam!" A blinding light instantly appeared between the Bellato and Accretia. Unable to see through the sudden light, Brutez let its hold off and the Bellato wizard pulled away to the safety. From there he could see his helper clearer,

"You!" The mysterious helper was no other than…Almasyr! The Cora explained,

"Don't get conceited! I am not helping you; I simply helping Cly! If one of you died, her chance to survive is less!" Zephyr grinned,

"Thanks for your concern…I found out such thing amongst the Cora is rare! But I will let it go for this time!" The Cora warrior merely responded with a grunt. They turned to the recovered Mercenary who said,

"It won't change the odds! I found that was rare to see a Cora teamed with a Bellato…"

Almasyr shouted, "Stop your ramblings, abomination! I will be the one who finish your unholy life!"


Armbold still struggled to get out from the magnetic net, and then someone came,

"Well, speaking about the devil…" the Shield Miller commented when saw Brood.

The Hidden Soldier asked, "What happened to you, Bold?"

"A long story…help me to take off this net, would you? The Accretia had told me that their reinforcement would come soon!" Without wasting time, Brood quickly helped his comrade to get out from the net. Once finished, they felt something wrong…it was too silent.

"What's wrong?" Armbold asked. The Hidden Soldier hushed him to silent. Then the high-pitched humming sound replaced the silence, and the portals appeared quite the distance from them. From the portals, the metal soldiers came. Brood muttered,

"They're coming…the Accretians are coming! It is a siege! Let's go to inform Major!" Then they ran as fast as they could…


When the Accretian force attacked en masse, the black-armored cyborg walked ahead. It turned to one of its vice-archons,

"Raxion!" the black Accretia barked, "Do not let anyone breathe!"

The blood red-armored cyborg replied, "Yes, Archon Totenkopf! However, we haven't received any news about Brutez66 and GungnirTII…"

Totenkopf cut its sentences, "For now, we have to consider them lost! Focus to those rabbles…the Empire must not fail!"

Raxion bowed, "Yes, Archon!" With that, the cyborg ordered the rest of the force to charge. Among them, Invictus and Gruud led in the front.


The stand-off between Syrissa's and Silverlake's force still evident. Had not for their leader's willpower, surely those forces had already killed each other without any care. Ranskye and Clytemnestra were silent, and waited tensely. The damaged Zero still inert, yet the Bellato knew the otherwise. Not for long, Silverlake asked,

"Who is that crap?" The berserked pointed the damaged cyborg, "It seems not yet dead…perhaps I should finish it…"

Ranskye quickly shouted, "No…this is my first kill…this metal can had already inactive, Sir! I had assured it by sticking twice!"

Hearing that, Crescendo grinned, "Good job, Private!" As the veteran turned to other way, the young ranger breathed in relief. Suddenly, a bright light came in between them. Syrrisa went alert, while Crescendo looks agiated. Few seconds later, several figure appeared from the light…

The female warlock shouted, "Priestess Teiresias…"

The Bellato berserker recognized one of the figures, "Major Zephyr!" The Dark Priest and the Wizard immediately went to their respective parties. Zephyr called,

"Lieutenant, we have to move out! The Accretians had sent their reinforcements!"

Crescendo replied, "Yes, Sir! That's why we're here! We will guard your evacuation, while we faced them!" he turned to his men, "Alright, boys! Meet them at the battle field!" Crescendo's platoon went hurrah and then charged to the battlefield. Crescendo ordered his Astralers to keep the portals longer. Then Zephyr turned to Ranskye,

"You must be Ensign Ranskye, the one that we'd look for…"

The ranger saluted, "Yes, Sir!" The Wizard patted the youth's shoulder,

"Welcome back then, Private! Follow us and you will be home soon…" Ranskye was hesitated, and he managed to glance toward the Corites. He didn't see Cly. Zephyr called again,

"Let's go, Private! We won't have a time here! This place will be swarmed by the Accretians!"


The portal still stood, and then other figures came. Clytemnestra immediately recognized one of them and called,

"Almasyr!" The wounded Cora turned to her. She went toward him and hugged him. At the same moment, Ranskye witnessed them. A sting of jealousy appeared inside the young Bellato. Maya also saw them.

Almasyr said, "I thought I won't see you again, Cly…"

The Cora girl replied, "DECEM is very kind to me…but it is a long story," Not for long, Syrissa reminded,

"Excuse me, we have to move quickly! My forces will try to stall those abominations as long as we can. Luckily, we're not alone…" Almasyr nodded and replied,

"We'll be on the way…" He quickly pulled the female spiritualist away. Cly reluctantly followed, while her sight fixed to the Bellato ranger. At the other side, Maya called Ran,

"Ran, come!" Feeling heavy, the youth joined. Then Almasyr stared to the wizard. He said,

"The ceasefire has ended, but we will let all of you unharmed. Our next meeting will be at the Chip War!"

Zephyr replied, "Well spoken, youth! I look forward for that!" Then they departed.


As the Bellateans and the Corites walked away, Clytemnestra and Ranskye were unable to let their sights off from each other.

She wanted to reach him, but their distance was too far. Volturi and Elmyra entered the portal first. At the same time, Penthesilea and Atalanta also sensed the Accretian's incoming.

The female Hunter cursed, "Drat! We must evacuate Princess now, or else we'll be overtaken by them…"

The Archer reminded, "We needed time…Priestess Teiresias might take too long time…"

Penthesilea answered, "In that case, I will be the one who delay those tin-cans, while you return to…" Atalanta quickly intervened,

"No, Sis! It is my duty, not you! I will delay them as long as I can…If necessary, I will use Amy…"

"It is a suicide! Even with an Amy, you won't last against a horde of Accretian fighters…"

"Sis, remember our mission! It is our duty to bring Patriarch's daughter safely, no matter the cost! Since our departure, I was ready for this…" Inside her heart, Penthesilea was loath to let Atalanta died. However, their duty was utmost…they must not fail! Heavy-hearted, the female Cora Hunter replied,

"May DECEM be with you! Someday, you will be avenged, Sis!"

"Long live DECEM, Sis!" Then Penthesilea left her sister alone. At the same time, the Accretians began to swarm the ground. She began to sang a song. The song was not spoken in the Corites language; it came from the older one.

Inama nushif (She is eternal)

Al asir hiy ayish (No malice can touch)

Lia-anni (Singular and ageless)?

Zaratha zarati (Perpetually bound)

When Syrissa and Crescendo's force began to lose their ground, Atalanta moved forward. She meditated, trying to call her Animus. Instantly, Amy ISIS appeared from nowhere and began to wreak havoc upon the invading force.

Hatt al-hudad (Through the tempest)

Al-maahn al-baiid (be it deluge or sand)

At the other hand, ExvionE47 rose from the rubbles and witnessed the evacuation. The cyborg noticed Novem, Maya and Nelysa. The Specialist was unwilling to allow that; it pulled the Soul Returnee Crossbow and picked its target…

Ay-yah idare (A singular voice)

Adamm malum (speaks through the torrent)

Nelysa paced fast…until she felt something explode inside her chest. The Chandra coughed specks of blood, and noticed her chest was blasted from behind. She glanced weakly and saw a white-armored cyborg held a cross bow. Novem saw that, and shocked beyond belief. She screamed in grief,

"NELYSA!" Nelysa turned back to her commander, yet her vision began to fail and she went down into the darkness. The female Mental Smith screamed hysterically and wanted to reach her, but Maya and Zephyr held her back. Ran watched with concern,

Hatt al-hudad (Through the tempest)

Al-maahn al-baiid (be it deluge or sand)

Ay-yah idare (A singular voice)

Adamm malum (speaks through the torrent)

Seeing that, Almasyr shouted to call the remaining forces to withdraw. At the fleeting moments, the female Cora managed to see a glimpse of Ranskye. With a sad expression, she entered the portal, Syrissa ordered her forces to retreat, while Atalanta and her Amy ISIS stood their ground.

Inama nishuf al a sadarr(Forever her voice sings)

Eann zaratha zarati(through the ages eternally bound)

Kali bakka a tishuf ahatt (Sacrifice is her gift)

Al hudad alman dali (one that cannot be equaled)

Ranskye also saw the girl, before she entered the portal. Sighing, the young ranger followed his comrades into the portal. Crescendo also pulled his troops as well.

Inama nishuf al a sadarr(Forever her voice sings)

Eann zaratha zarati(through the ages eternally bound)

Kali bakka a tishuf ahatt (Sacrifice is her gift)

Al hudad alman dali (one that cannot be equaled)

The Accretian were reluctant to rush on Amy ISIS. Instead, they opted to bombard the Animus with their Launchers. Totenkopf shouted,

"They were alone! Push forward!" Though cornered, Atalanta tried her best to delay the enemies. Suddenly, a huge shadow loomed over her. She turned and saw a battle-damaged Brutez behind. The cyborg lifted its mace above her. Realizing her fate, the Archer closed her eyes and whispered a prayer to DECEM, A sound of cracked bone echoed… Kali bakka a tishuf ahatt (Sacrifice is her gift)

Meanwhile, the mangled body of Zero0x still active.






HP: 13%; FP:13%;SP:105%

Armor Gauge: 98%

HP down!

FP runs low!

Battery down!

Zero turned its damaged single eye, and saw the portals. It tried to reach its 'friends' for the last time but no avail. It croaked,


Inama nushif (She is eternal)

Al asir hiy ayish (No malice can touch)

Lia-anni (Singular and ageless)?

Zaratha zarati (Perpetually bound)

At the same time, the portal disappeared with a blink of eye. Brutez watched impassively, while the crumpled body of Atalanta lay before her. Without its summoner, the Amy ISIS succumbed to the Accretian's onslaught. For the last time, Zero tried to reach its friend…






The last image recorded inside its organic brain was the images of the female Cora and the Bellato ranger. Then it gone to statics and blurred into nothingness.


Quite a distance, three figures watched the departure of the Bellato and the Cora. They were the most wanted killers on Novus. Smiley crouched upon a rock,

It quipped, " What a pity! Smiley wants to play with them…"

The white-haired Cora woman said, "I saw a Chandra died…what do you think, Jack?"

Calico Jack replied, "So many of them…but it wasn't our mission now. Perhaps we should return to our leaders in order to report these things, Erzebet!"

Erzebet agreed, "Good idea!" Then they were silent momentarily until Smiley asked,

"Can Smiley play with you, Erzebet?"

CLANK! The only response that the Accretia Serial Killer received was a kick upon its metal head.

The Accretia asked to the other, "How about you, Jack?"

The Bellato woman answered harshly, "No way!" Then they were disappeared…


Few hours later,

The Accretia had filled the place. They secured the place after the siege. Archon TotenkopfV88 stood by, and surrounded by the Vice Archons Raxion, Satetsu and Draxus. Before them, the surviving Accretians bowed.


"Report!" the Archon barked to them, "Who is in charge of this mission?"

The highest-ranked, Brutez66 replied, "Centurion GungnirTII, Archon! The operation was to retrieve the surviving Unit 0x!"

The black cyborg glanced to its surrounding, "I didn't see Unit TII, where is it?"

ExvionE47 answered, "Unit TII and 0x were heavily damaged. Therefore, they weren't able to be inquired for a while!" Several drones carried the bodies of GungnirTII and Zero0x, yet some of them also dragged body of Nelysa and Atalanta. Totenkopf stared upon those bodies, and then it glanced to the Specialist, asking,

"Can you repair both units, Unit E47?"

The Accretian Scientist replied, " I can repair one of them at the time, Archon. To repair both of them…needs time, Beside, the Empire wanted the information inside Unit 0x. Which unit you want me to repair, Archon?"

Totenkopf said, "The important one! The mission must go on, no matter the cost!"

ExvionE47 nodded, "So be it, Archon!"


Back at the Cora Colony,

The situations inside the Colony still the same, with one exception. The Corites had witnessed the father and daughter reunion. Clytemnestra was unable to hold herself, when she saw her father. She immediately ran toward the elder man, and hugged him tightly. Patriarch Ladenus did the same to his beloved daughter. She cried,

"Father, I thought I won't see you again…"

The Patriarch answered, "The same with me, child. Praise to DECEM! You have to thank to Almasyr; had he not persevere, both of us won't meet again like this!" Watching that, Syrissa and Alcyone wiped their teary eyes. Volturi was silent. They turned to the young Fighter.

Ladenus spoke, "I was indebted to you, Almasyr…I promise that you are still engaged with Clytemnestra. We shall speak about the marriage later…"

Almasyr knelt, "I obey Patriarch's order. I do this for Cly alone…" Not for long, Quiane Khan and the Cora Archon Astra joined them. Astra was a blond-haired Cora woman with red light armor. She said,

"We should celebrate return of the Princess. The Alliance was grateful with your assistance, Priestess Teiresias, Volturi and Penthesilea…"

The Minister asked, "I didn't see Atalanta, where is she?" The Cora Hunter bowed low,

"She wasn't able to make it…she sacrificed herself to allow us return unharmed…" Everyone went silent for a moment, until Quiane continued,

"She was a hero and DECEM shall receive her! We will avenge her death…now let's celebrate Princess Clytemnestra's return!" Instantly, the surrounding turned joyous. Everyone shouted and cheered, praising DECEM. Yet, Penthesilea didn't feel anything; once again she lost someone under her command. Almasyr was happy, but he felt tired after the combat. Cly called,

"Almasyr, are you alright?"

The young Fighter nodded, "Yes, I just tired…perhaps I will join the banquet tonight…" He went to her and kissed her at the forehead,

"I will see you there…" After he left, Clytemnestra pondered inside. Almasyr loved her, so he had risked everything to bring her back. However, she had given her heart to the young Bellato ranger. Separated once again, Cly wondered she would see him again as a friend…or a foe…


Teireisias withdrew to the corner. She could sense the emotion around her, but only one attracted her attention. A white, silver-haired woman went to the Dark Priestess, asking,

"May I join you?"

Teiresias replied, "If you insist…it is not everyone can meet the legendary hero like you,"

Giz Kadasha smiled, "You're flattering me, Teireisias. So, tell me about the girl…"

"She somehow…changed," the Priestess spoke, "I can sense her Force is changing,"

"Yes," the Corite heroine affirmed, "It seems she had learned both Forces…she need a guidance, or else, the Inquisitors marked her,"

Teiresias declared,"That's why I will take her as my pupil…she will be our future! None will harm her!"


Meanwhile, at the other place,

Ranskye felt restless; this was the first time he wore the formal uniform. He must wear the uniform, because he was attending a ceremony at the Bellato Colony. Beside him, Maya nudged him,

"Ran, don't move!" she whispered. She also wears the same attire. Both of them stood in the middle of an open field where the entire Bellato Federation Army gathered. The MAUs paraded before them. The procession was attended by the illustrious figures of the Bellato High Command. Even Zephyr stood side-by-side with Novem, Vernitz, Brood, Arnel and Armbold. At their right side, Crescendo and Alto stood stoically with their platoons. The procession was led by Eli Dun Tanta and an unknown Bellato. When they faced Ran and Maya, the Race Leader spoke,

"Greetings, my countrymen!" he continued, "Today was our glorious day! We welcome our heroes' arrival! Both of them are represents our race's tenacity, resourcefulness and will to survive. With these qualities, we won't be denied from our destiny!"

Zephyr quipped, "He talked like a politician…nice speech,"

Novem commented bitterly, "I hope so! If not, Nelysa was died for nothing…"

Unaware of that, Eli said,

"Let the Corites and the Accretians know us! Let them tremble before the might of the Bellato Federation!" Instantly, the field was rumbled with a thunderous applause from everyone present. Then the Race Leader lifted his hands to silence the applause, and then he said,

"Today we will show our recognition to our heroes! We shall give them the honorary decorations plus the promotion! To bestow such honor, I ask our important person to present them…may I introduce you, Sitz BeHammer!" Once again, the applauses thundered again. A youth, similar with Ran himself moved toward Maya, while carrying the medals. He said,

"Bellato Federation was honored to have you here, Officer Maya! Therefore I give this honor to you with the authority bestowed to me by the Federation!" Maya bowed, as the Bellato hero put the medal at her chest and then put his new decorations. After that, he shook her hand, saying,

"From now on, you are Second Lieutenant Maya!" The audience clapped their hands aloud.

Maya replied, "Thank you, Sir!" Then Sitz went to Ranskye and took his time,

"Are you alright, brother?" Sweated, Ran replied,

"I am fine…thank you for your concern, Sir!" Sitz took the medal and did the same to him like what he did to Maya. The Hero patted the ranger's shoulder,

"Now you are Corporal Ranskye! Do the good work!" The young Bellato was stammered,

"Thank…you…Sir…" then he gave the military salute to Sitz, followed by everyone else. The ceremony was ended after Eli Dun Tanta and Sitz withdrew from the field and everyone was dismissed.


Afternoon at the gate of the Colony,

Ranskye sat silently, sometimes watching at his newly-received medal. He watched the adventurers who go back and fro idly. Then Maya called,

"Hi, may I join you here?"

The youth replied, "Sure!" Then the female Chandra sat beside him. She asked,

"Did you tell the superiors that you had hacked an Accretia?"

Ranskye shook his head, "Nope…I would rather not tell them."

Maya asked again, "Why?"

The ranger turned to her, "That was one and the only Accretia that I hacked…and it was my late friend." Wishing to move the subject, Maya inquired again,

"Are you still thinking of her?"

Ran said, "I think so…she was hard to forget, after what we've been through!" He wasn't aware that Maya looks pained with his words. She could only say,

"I see…" Yet, she won't leave him…


Few weeks later,

A huge figure walking alone inside the corridor along the Accretia Colony. Its database was scrambled everything.


Replay the recordings…

The sight of Admin Unit 001B came and the robot spoke,

"The mission was successful, despite the casualties…the Empire managed to acquire the data about the explosion. Soon, we shall discover the cause…" then the view turned to three cyborgs knelt before,

"InvictusR46 and Gruudx76, the Empire decided to recognize your bravery and tenacity. Both of you shall be promoted. As for the 36th Company, the command shall be assumed by Brutez66 and the company would serve Archon Totenkopfv88!…" The view moved to the black-armored Accretia, before turned to something else,

"…Empire was indebted with you!" the Admin Unit continued, "The Imperial Board decided to promote you as a Centurio and upgrade your specifications…" The sight turned static and changed into two large palms…its own palms.

Why? What happened? I supposedly inactive permanently…yet I was active…no signs of remanufacturing. It means…

Someone called, "How do you feel for being 'alive'?" The white-armored cyborg turned back to see another one behind it, "Unit 0x…"

The speaker was ExvionE47, who continued, "I have reconstructed you back bolt to bolt…your database was preserved well. I also activated you again for…" Suddenly, the newly-reconstructed Zero0x grabbed the Scientist and slammed it hard to the wall until it cracked,



Primary Subject: ExvionE47


Cause: Confusing data

"I want the answer, UnitE47! I want it now!" the cyborg spoke with threatening gesture. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the Accretian Specialist said calmly,

"What…about your connections with…the Cora…and the Bellato? Did it change you completely? You are even turned against GungnirTII…" Instinctively, the Gladius let its hold off,

"Don't worry!" Exvion continued, "I've erased their data from your database. The Imperial Board won't know about your secret…"

Zero inquired, "What do you want from me?"

"Nothing…I just want to know further about them and you are my best reference. Be thankful that you are still 'alive', Unit 0x. You might meet them again someday…if they could recognize you…" Zero was silent.

The Scientist asked, "Now would you excuse me?" After it was alone, the Gladius wondered,

I remember them…but I can't recall their name…who are they?


Farther from Zero0x,

Exvion went into a secret chamber and muses its conversation with Zero. Since its production time, the Specialist had spent time to know about the fleshy creatures. Its obsession was increased after witnessing its true origin of the Accretia.…including itself.

Exvion had worked hard to achieve recognition amongst its own kind, and then tried to get what it had lost. It had to find the proper specimens.

With a mere gesture from the cyborg, the entire chamber glowed eerily and it was filled by jars and tubes that contained the remains of its experiments. Those things were the failures. The cyborg had gained another specimen. Exvion turned to a pair of human-sized tubes before it. The tubes were contained…the bodies of Nelysa and Atalanta. They were stripped from their armors and garments; even the gaping wound at Nelysa's chest was seen.

Exvion considered them as its greatest achievements. It was rare to obtain the Force-user, often they were obliterated. However, these bodies still fresh and they could help its research. The white-armored specialist turned to another tube where a partially-constructed female body floated.

Soon, my destiny shall be fulfilled and the Empire shall pay what they had done to me…

The cyborg only needed another specimen…and her name was Novem!


Meanwhile at Planet Elan,

The dark figure knelt to the ominous statue-like object. Its hair was reddish, while the yellow, slit-like eyes glowed in the dark. He spoke,

"Milord, our little experiment was a success. The weapon has been tested and the devastation was amazing,"

The statue-like figure said, "There were three survivors only…you called it a success. What is your explanation?"

The dark figure replied, "Those are insignificant, milord. The success of the experiment had prompted the Cora, the Bellato and the Accretia to seek it. I had assigned our agents, disguised as 'Gods of War' to make that weapons available to them. Soon they would destroy each other…more destructive than before!"

The huge figure answered, "Excellent, Vizier! Now what about the summit?"

The Vizier bowed, "We have received the favorable responses and they would attend the summit to…discuss the final solution against the Three Races,"

"Good!" the huge figure nodded, " It was interesting to watch the lesser creatures against each other. When this was done, we shall make our move and rule Novus Sector unopposed!"

"Yes, Lord Dagnu!" the Vizier rasped, "The Herodians will rule Novus unopposed!"


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