Title: "The Dokushinsha"
Pairing: Naruto/Kurenai, Naruto/Harem
Author: eixirt
Summary: At the age of five, Uzumaki Naruto was taught by someone who's entrusted by his father, the late Yondaime. Secrets shall be revealed. Past shall be uncovered. With three powerful bloodlines, watch how Naruto will rise and gain the people's acknowledgement.


Chapter 1


Nine years ago

It was one sunny day in the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Most villagers are busy with their own businesses. It was perfect as the others say but to the one named Uzumaki Naruto…it was another part of the story…

In the middle of the forest a five plus years old blonde with a pair of cerulean eyes stood. If a stranger would see him he would - no scratch that- he will pity the young blonde. His body was bruised but for him it was okay other than the gash in his right arm. Little that he knew, his body was on the process of healing itself due to the demon inside of him. But before the process was complete…

"Hey, uh… what are you doing here?" a feminine voice rang out.

The young one looked at the spectator with ulterior shock in his face. He hurriedly ran through the forest but the spectator caught his damaged arm hard enough to stop the blonde from running away yet careful enough not to cause more damage to his injured arm.

"Will you stop that…? Look at you you're hurt!" The spectator yelled trying to calm the boy before her.

As the result the boy did stop, he took his opportunity to glance at his spectator. The young one first saw was her eyes; they were red almost like 'ruby' and her wavy shoulder-length black hair. He even commented in his mind that it looked like silk because of the shine it gave whenever the sunlight passed it. He could only guess that this woman was out here to kill or hurt him. But another mental image of him said that he's safe here with her.

The woman sighed and kneeled before him. 'He must be the vessel?' She thought. She sighed once again and performed some healing jutsu and took a glance at the boy. From what she saw, the boy had an unexplainable look on his face. She cocked an eye brow that meant – What's wrong with you? – Kind of look.

It only registered to the boy after a couple of seconds. "What are you doing?" He said.

"Uh… I'm healing your wounds. What does it look like what I'm doing?" The teenager said.


'He's really making this difficult anyways…' "What do you mean 'why'? Do your parents know what's happening to you!" She said in a caring but deadly tone.

This caught the young one off guard. "I-I uh… d-don't… ha-have any… p-pa-rents." The boy stuttered he was trying not to cry at the mere fact that he was all alone. Well, at least he tried not to cry.

She sighed once again, now before her was a boy trying to win a losing battle… was he really losing the battle? No, of course not! It's just the beginning! She knelt once again before the boy and hugged him trying to calm the boy from crying.

"It's okay… don't cry… I know this is difficult for you…" She released the boy from the hug and stood up. From her height the blonde was only at her leg level. "To tell you the truth, I really don't know how to cheer you up and to think that I don't even know your name." At her last statement she smiled at the small boy with a hint of a lie.

"Ano sa… ano sa… a-ari-arigato, nee-chan!" He gave her one of his famous fox like grin. After seeing this, she already knew that the boy was happy. At the moment he was happy and now he looks like a nervous ship wreck. "A-ano sa…" But before he could continue she already cut him off.

"Ayeka, that's my name and as for my surname… it's good for you not to know, Uzumaki-san. Or do you prefer me to call you Naruto-kun?" Naruto at the moment was dumbstruck at Ayeka's statement it's like as if the said woman was reading him like a book.

"How did you knew what was I going to ask you?" Naruto said still awed at what had happened earlier.

"…" Ayeka, on the other hand, didn't answer his question. She just used her right index finger to point out her right temple. Naruto, being Naruto, was on his thinking position until…

"YOU CAN READ MINDS!" He shouted.

Ayeka just placed her hand to her face due to the humiliation Naruto had put her in. 'Geez, if someone saw us… I'll die courtesy of my own embarrassment!' She thought as they walked outside of the forest.

"Naruto-kun, why won't you go home and rest? Because…" She paused, then, grinned. "…Starting tomorrow, I will personally train you." She said.

"YOU'RE THE GREATEST, NEE-CHAN!" She really thought that he'll be happy but she never thought he'd be this happy.

"Do you mind, could you keep your voice down? Come back here tomorrow morning at 5 a.m."



Seven years ago

In a little clearing inside the forest, two people stood there or more likely...training in the middle of the forest. It is a place where the ANBU doesn't look out on as a 'special' request from Sandaime's friend.

On the said secluded training grounds…

"SHUKUCHI (1)" a boy age of seven shouted. And soon, numerous patterns of seem like tornadoes danced on different sides on his opponent, making the earth destroyed in the process.

Meanwhile the said opponent was smirking. Definitely not with arrogance but with pride, pride for her student.

"Okay, that's enough for today." She said. "Today is your first day in the academy right?" She asked her student who was on the process fishing through his bag pack.

"Hai, Ayeka-sensei" She smiled at the title he has been calling her for the past two years. Aside from genjutsu which where she specialized the most, she also taught Naruto ninjustu, taijutsu, and kenjustu as well. "I have enough time to rest before the classes start." He added.

"That is good. Tell me Naruto-kun, did you enjoy being my student and I want an honest answer!" She asked; not looking at the blonde.

Naruto just looked at his sensei as if she had forgotten her common sense at her house. "Why are you asking me this? You're not going away are you?"

Ayeka just sighed. "I'll tell you the truth… I'm going away for the mean time and I promise you I'll come back." With this statement, she slid off her necklace and gave it to her student. "Here, I'll come back for this." She said.

"I'll definitely gonna keep it safe and that's a promise!" He said with great enthusiasm.

"You never back down to your promises don't you, Naruto-kun?" Ayeka move closely so that she could be in eye level with the boy.

Naruto gulped. Ayeka was closing in to his… ear? "I want you to promise me that you'll only use those techniques if necessary, meaning, don't brag them off! Could you do that for me, Naruto-kun?" She moved away and saw that he was blushing she giggled at the thought and suddenly she shrugged it off.

"Okay I can do that!" Naruto gave her one of his promising fox grin.

Meanwhile inside the Hokage Tower…

"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?" Hatake Kakashi almost shouted in front of the Hokage. It wasn't pretty normal to the ex-ANBU to be as surprised, or even, shocked like this. He didn't even see it coming.

"Kakashi… just think of it as returning a favor for your sensei…" Sandaime said.

"But Hokage-sama, what does Sensei got to do with this?" Kakashi asked.

Sarutobi sighed, at least he could tell him, his friend's student. "What I'm about to tell you will be kept only inside these walls… do you understand, Kakashi?" The old man said.

Surely, enough Kakashi didn't know what was about to hit him. "Of course, Hokage-sama."

"Good" Sarutobi replied with slight smile. "Kakashi, I know you have participated with your sensei during the Kyuubi's attack." He saw the jounin nod. "And I know that you know that he sealed it in a new born baby, Naruto."

"Yes Hokage-sama, but… why does he (Naruto) have to live with me?"

"Let me finish, Kakashi." From there Kakashi didn't interrupt the old man. "You see, Kakashi, during that time it was impossible to find a new born baby. So, in turn your sensei sacrificed his new born son." The Old man waited for the elite jounin to react to the information he got.

"Ho-hokage-sama, why didn't you tell me about this earlier? None of us knew that Sensei had relationship with someone and yet you're telling me that he has a son." Sarutobi only did was to sigh. "Can you do it, Kakashi?" The Hokage said in a formal tone and only to meet an expected answer.

"Of course, Hokage-sama"


In not so distant future

"Naruto wake up!" Naruto's classmate said.

Umino Iruka, an academy teacher, rank chuunin, was starting to count mentally. 'One… two… three… that's it!' He unconsciously grabbed the nearest thing he could throw… the eraser.

Kiba saw the incoming eraser, he tried to wake his friend but Naruto seemed to not to bother. Kiba moved away when the eraser was about to hit his blonde friend. Naruto, on the other hand, managed to catch the eraser and throw it back to the table instead. Everybody saw Naruto sitting straight, yawning, and still feeling groggy. Naruto saw Kiba with a surprised/shocked looked on his face.

"What happened to you?" Naruto asked still not noticing his other classmates and his dumbstruck teacher.

"Uzumaki Naruto" Iruka called.

Naruto looked at his sensei. "Please make at least three bushins, Naruto." Naruto stood up, cursing himself for sleeping in the middle of the test. He sighed and soon he was in front of the class.

"Bushin no jutsu (2)" He said soon there were at least twelve perfect bushin standing in front of the class. 'Damn I overdid it again'

"Congratulations, you pass." He walked over to Iruka and Mizuki, who handed him his hitai-ate. Iruka knew that Naruto would do well for the fact that he was living with his friend, Kakashi, a.k.a. Copy Ninja Kakashi. "Okay that's it for today. Tomorrow you will be teamed up to your genin team. You're all dismissed."


At the Ichiraku's Ramen Stand…

Four people were eating or chatting with each other. One of them was Hatake Kakashi; next to him was his fellow jounin, Sarutobi Asuma. Next to the chain smoker was the Tokubetsu (sp?) jounin, Mitarashi Anko, who was on the verge of strangling Asuma for smoking in the ramen stand. Next to the Tokubetsu jounin was Konoha's genjutsu specialist, Yuuhi Kurenai.

"I can't believe this! Can't you at least stop smoking for just five minutes?-!" Anko said.

"Huh? Did you say something?" Asuma said.

"And now you're acting like Kakashi!"

Kurenai only sighed at the scene. After all she was used to see her best friend act like this almost every time. While Kakashi, on the other hand, was looking away until… he saw a familiar young blonde coming to his way. "Konichiwa, Nii-san" This caught the attention of the other jounins and Tokubetsu jounin for Anko's case.

"Ah… Naruto-kun, what will be it for today?" The head chef asked.

"Miso ramen please..." Naruto replied as he sat next to Kakashi.

"…One miso ramen coming up!" The head chef said in an energetic tone.

"I heard that you passed the genin exam congratulations, Otouto." Kakashi said.

"Arigato, Nii-san" Naruto said with sheepish grin on his face while he scratched the back of his head.

"Are you excited to know who will be your team mates and jounin instructor, Naru-kun?" Kurenai asked with a smile emphasizing Naruto's nickname she was the only one who had called him that at least as far as he can remember. Unknown to him he let out a small blush on both cheeks; he bent his head and scratched the back his head once again which the women counted as kawaii. Kakashi knew his Otouto's crush towards his fellow jounin ever since he first saw her back when she was still a rookie chuunin.

After seeing this, Anko decided to tease the young blonde at the moment. She stood up and sat next to Naruto. Everybody in the ramen stand saw her stand including the head chef, Ichiraku Teuchi (Me: is this his real name?) and his daughter, Ichiraku Ayame. What were they about to see was beyond imaginable… as though they thought?

Naruto saw Anko stood and sat next to him. Was she whispering something to me? Nah… can't be but why is she so close to me? I think she whispered something about congratulating me or something? Was she telling me to close my eyes? That must be it! There he was sitting next to the hot and sexy and still single (oh, did I forgot to mention deadly?), Mitarashi Anko. She was closing in and the only thing that Naruto knew; he was kissing – 'the' Mitarashi Anko!

'WHAT THE HECK!' (Kurenai and Ayame thought).

'Pedophile…' (Kakashi and Asuma thought)

'…' (Naruto)

'Hmm… tasty' (Anko thought with a smirk)

'Lucky guy' (Bystanders)

"You know? It's very rude to stare, Naruto-kun." Anko said still with a grin.

Naruto was still speechless or rather he blacked out. Kakashi started to worry for his Otouto, who hadn't replied for a couple of seconds. "Oi Naruto, are you alright?" Kakashi started to shake his little brother. After five seconds Naruto nodded.

Naruto changed his direction to his miso ramen and started to chow it in just two minutes. Everybody looked at him as if this came from the kiss but rest assured that wasn't his first kiss. He took out his Gama-chan and paid his meal miraculously he only ate a single bowl.

"ThankyouforthemealI'mgoingnowjane!" He said without a pause. After his meal, he ran away back to his apartment.


At Naruto's apartment…

Naruto slumped back to his bed. Waiting for Mr. Slumber to pass by.

"Tomorrow I'll be in a genin team." He said to no one in particular.


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