The Dokushinsha

Chapter 14
Reunions, Revelations, and Tribulations


In one humid afternoon in Konohagakure, the said village was currently busy with the repairs they've been doing for the past few weeks. Still, there were visible signs of destruction around the village of the leaf. After what had happened during the Chuunin selection exams, the ties between Sunagakure and Konohagakure had finally come to its settlement, and now, Sunagakure was helping the village of the leaf to stand once again.

Seeing that the relation between Sunagakure and Konohagakure will end in a positive resolution, some of the civilians and ninjas of the leaf hadn't forgotten the lost they've felt all those days ago. Thankfully, most of the villagers were in their right senses after hearing the news that it was the traitor, Orochimaru, who plotted against the hidden leaf. Though, Sarutobi wasn't pleased after the encounter between him and his former student. He felt like a useless trash after their encounter. He couldn't help but to recall the memory of him, letting Orochimaru escape way back before. He hated himself for that.


Currently in Konohagakure, Hatake Kakashi, Konoha's Copy Nin, could be seen reading one of his orange books. Although he was trying to contain himself from the sudden excitement as read his book, he couldn't help but to let out a giggle. Unfortunately, for him, there were two kunoichis who strangled the said half-masked man to near death. Kakashi tried hard to save his precious book from these sadistic women he was currently with, namely, Anko and Ayeka.

Both said kunoichis were slowly starting to get the liking with each other since both women have a lot in common, for example, their playful, loud, brash, and rough behavior. Most of the time, Anko could be found hanging out with Ayeka more often these past few days. They could be found either hanging out at Ichiraku's or at one of Konoha's dango shops. Even though Anko enjoyed Ayeka's company, she couldn't help but to wonder about one of her best-friends, Kurenai. It was true; it's been three days since the said tokubetsu jounin hadn't heard nor seen her best-friend.

Meanwhile, as two of our favorite characters strangle Kakashi on the ground, two genin-level chakra signatures walked at their way. Both women looked and saw it was Hyuuga Hinata and Inuzuka Kiba.

"Um, Kakashi-sensei…" called Kiba with a sweat-drop behind his head.

"Yo, Kiba; is something the matter?" asked Kakashi, standing up from the ground.

"Well, Hinata and I were wondering if you've seen Kurenai-sensei around. She hasn't showed up in any of our team-meetings for quite some time now…" said Kiba. After hearing those words, all three adults looked at each other with curious looks on their eyes. They just looked back at the genins in front of them as if there was nothing wrong.

"She must have forgotten to tell you guys that, she was going on a mission outside Konoha." said Ayeka. She hoped that both genins will eventually believe her lie.

"Mission..? Oh that mission! I forgot that I was the one who was supposed to tell you both, sorry guys." added Kakashi.

"Ah… I guess we'll just go home for today… let's go, Hinata. Thank you for the info, Kakashi-sensei." said Kiba as he and Hinata bowed in front of their seniors. But before they could walk any further, Ayeka called out for them.

"Wait!" said Ayeka. Both genins stopped then looked back at the said woman. "Wait for us at Ichiraku's, we'll um… I well… I just feel like giving you guys a treat." said Ayeka while in the inside she let out a deep and heavy sigh.

This time, Hinata and Kiba were staring at Ayeka with prying eyes. They've heard that this woman in front of them was once an instructor of their team-mate, Naruto. Aside from that information, that's the only thing that they both know.

"Okay, we'll go now…" said Kiba, walking away with Hinata behind.

Once Hinata and Kiba were far enough, Anko turned to the other woman, asking. "Are you planning something, Ayeka-chan?"

"Kind of…" said Ayeka with a giggle that turned to a long laugh.

Both ninjas watched the laughing woman with newly formed sweat-drops at the back of their heads. Never in dull moment since this woman came in Konoha as though they thought.

"So, what are you planning?" asked Anko.

"We're going to Yuuhi-san's place." said Ayeka, grinning like a mad scientist.

"WHAT?-!" yelled Anko. Obviously, she didn't expect that from the other woman. She just looked at Ayeka with wide eyes; even Kakashi looked shocked at this.

"D-did I just hear you correctly, we're going to Kurenai-chan's place?" asked the bewildered Anko.

"Yes, you are perfectly correct!" answered Ayeka with, once again, a smile on her face.

"I thought so…" stammered Anko as she followed Ayeka with Kakashi in tow.


Several minutes passed by and Anko, Ayeka, and Kakashi arrived in front of Kurenai's living quarters.

"Kurenai, it's me Anko… open the door!" said Anko as she knocked at the Kurenai's door several times. "No answer… maybe, she's out… what do we do now?" asked Anko.

"No. She's inside, I can tell." insisted Ayeka.

"Are you sure?!" asked Anko, but when her eyes caught sight of Ayeka's eyes, there was a big difference. Ayeka's usual red eyes changed into something else… the iris, pupil, and everything they all changed into a single color which was black.

"Anko…" called Ayeka as she noticed the stare Anko was giving to her. "…I forgot this is the first time that you've seen it, huh?" said Ayeka, still, her bloodline activated.

"Whoa… I've never seen anything like it… I can't even tell where you're looking at." said Anko.

"Can you just open the door and stop looking at my eyes?" said Ayeka, then, turned to Kakashi. "What are you looking at?" asked Ayeka.

"Nothing-nothing…" said the Copy-Nin, waving his hands in defense. While inside his mind, he couldn't help but to stare even more. 'That's the Jagan… But, it's way different from Naruto-kun's. Could it be that it also has different stages just like the Sharingan?' thought Kakashi.

"We have a problem, I can't open the door with my pin." said Anko.

"Let me…" said Ayeka. She held her hand, touching the doorknob. Soon, everybody could see sparks of electricity coming from between Ayeka's hand and the doorknob. "There, open." said Ayeka as she opened the said door as if it wasn't locked in the first place.

"Ho-how did you do that?" asked Anko.

"Secret." said Ayeka with a wink while her Jagan deactivated.

"HN, fine, don't tell. Anyway, now that we're inside, what's next? She's obviously not home." said Anko as she walked through the doorway. The first thing she noticed was several unread letters scattered at the floor, obviously left behind for quite some time. Anko picked the scattered letters and placed them on one of Kurenai's table. "What happened here? It's like, she hasn't been home for a while now." said Anko.

"She is here, see?" said Ayeka as she opened one of Kurenai's doors which was Kurenai's room. Though, she only let Anko walk inside which made Kakashi wonder what in the world Ayeka was up to. "Wait for us outside, Hatake-san." said Ayeka.

Once Anko saw the inside of the said room, she immediately walked in. "Oh my God, Kurenai, what happened to you?!" asked Anko in panic.

Kurenai didn't give any reply; she just lay there on her bed, naked. Only her blanket gave her warmth, at the same time, covered her body.

"Kurenai, wake up!" said Anko, shaking her sleeping friend.

Moments later, Kurenai stirred from her sleep. The first thing she saw was Anko's worried face. "What are you…" said Kurenai but stopped when Anko grabbed her for a hug. "Anko, what are you doing?" asked the confused Kurenai.

"Don't ask that! More importantly, what happened to you?" asked Anko, pulling away from Kurenai.

"Sleeping." answered Kurenai in a 'matter-of-fact' way.

"But-but… you… I mean, you're…"

"Naked." said Ayeka, finishing Anko's statement.

"Exactly!" said Anko.

"Anko, could you wait with Hatake-san outside? I need to talk to Yuuhi-san, privately." said Ayeka.


"Don't worry…" said Ayeka with a wink.

Reluctantly, Anko complied. She walked out of the room, still wondering what could have happened to Kurenai. She knew that Kurenai was lying a while ago, still, why? She was one of her best-friends, right? That made Anko even more anxious about the matter.

Once Ayeka knew that Anko was gone, she turned and faced Kurenai with an expressionless look on her face. It made Kurenai not to look at the other woman's face.

"Did my nephew confessed his feelings to you?" asked Ayeka.


"He did, didn't he?" said Ayeka as she sat at the edge of Kurenai's bed.

"…" still, no answer. Kurenai held her blanket over her chest as she continued to listen to Ayeka's words. She couldn't help but to remember the day Naruto told his bottled feelings to her. It was also that day that Kurenai let Naruto walk away. Those memories made her held on her blanket tightly.

Noticing Kurenai's uneasiness, Ayeka decided to continue on, knowing that she might hurt Kurenai in the process.

"So, what did you do after that?" asked Ayeka, looking at the woman in front of her. She could tell that Kurenai was having an emotional battle inside her heart as the said woman continued to stare at nothingness and not at her. Ayeka just sighed at that.

"Nothing." whispered Kurenai.

"Huh?" asked Ayeka.

"I said, I did nothing, I just let him walk out from the door. I didn't know what to do back then." said Kurenai.

"If you knew what to do, what could you have possibly done back then?" asked Ayeka.


"Kurenai, look at me..." said Ayeka to the other woman. "You may be confused right now, but that doesn't change the fact that you have feelings for Naruto-kun. It may be in a romantic sense or the other but I know that only you can be able to sort that out. Naruto-kun already did his part, now it's your turn. Don't keep him waiting, okay Kurenai?" said Ayeka.

"Hai…" said Kurenai as she looked back at Ayeka with a smile on her face.

"Get change, we're going to Ichiraku's." said Ayeka.

"Huh, but, why?" asked Kurenai.

"Don't ask, just follow me okay and hurry up. Anko and Hatake-san are waiting outside so hurry up." said Ayeka, pulling the blanket away from Kurenai which in turn made Kurenai to pull back the blanket to her body.

"Fine, just give me a minute okay!" said Kurenai as she walked towards her closet.

"Okay. I'll be waiting outside then." said Ayeka.

Meanwhile, back with Anko and Kakashi, both ninjas were mostly talking about what had happened inside Kurenai's house. Anko only left the part where she saw Kurenai's state of undress. They were about to continue but Ayeka walked out from the door with a smile on her face.

"What happened? Is Kurenai-chan alright? Hey, stop smiling and answer me God damnit!" said Anko.

"We just talked, okay. And, Kurenai is alright. She'll come with us at Ichiraku's." said Ayeka.

"Oh, I see… Wait! Before, you used to call her Yuuhi-san and now you just called her Kurenai. Surely enough, something did happen." said Anko.

"That's between me and Ayeka, Anko."

Everybody turned and saw Kurenai, standing behind them, wearing her usual jounin uniform.

"Oh come on, tell me…" said Anko.

"It's a secret." said Kurenai.

"Come on, Kurenai's students are waiting for us, we better hurry up." said Ayeka.

"What do you mean 'us'? You're the one who told those two that you're going to treat them for lunch." said Anko; obviously she didn't want to spend her money.

"Yes-yes, I know. Geez, you're so stingy." said Ayeka which earned her a grunt from Anko and a chuckle from Kurenai. While Kakashi, well, he's back from reading his little orange book.


Minutes later, Anko, Ayeka, Kakashi, and Kurenai arrived outside the Ichiraku's Ramen House (It's not your average ramen house anymore; it's an upgraded Ichiraku Ramen House with tables and seats much more like a real restaurant now, okay?). Outside the said noodle house were Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, Maito Gai, and Sarutobi Asuma. Apparently, both genins waited for Ayeka outside the noodle house.

"Sensei, you're back!" said both genins as they walked in front of their jounin instructor.

"..Back? Ah, well, yea I'm back." said Kurenai. She caught the look on Ayeka's face that meant 'just go on with it' --- or --- 'I'll explain later' kind-of-look.

"Why won't you guys order your food, go on, it's my treat, remember?" said Ayeka, letting the both genins inside.

"Long time, no see, Kurenai." said Asuma.

"Uh, yea, thanks…" said Kurenai.

"Hey, guys! Let's go and eat! My treat!" yelled Ayeka, letting her presence known to everybody.

"YOSH… free lunch, you're the best, Ayeka!" said Anko as she gave Ayeka a hug over the shoulders.

"Are we included?" asked Kakashi, pointing to everybody including himself.

"Yes, all of you…" replied Ayeka, trying to balance herself.

"I don't mean to pry, but, why are you suddenly treating us for lunch?" asked Kurenai.

"Let me guess, someone asked you on a date, right? That's probably the reason." teased Anko as she released Ayeka from her hug.

"WRONG!?" yelled Ayeka with both of her hands placed on her waist. "Sheesh… do I really got to have a reason why I'm treating you guys for lunch?" asked Ayeka.

"Yes, you do. Now, tell us the reason." inquired Anko.

Ayeka only sighed and answered. "Well, I just thought that something great will happen today."

"That's all?!" said Anko.


Outside Konoha's main gate, four people walked along near the entrance to the said village. Seeing that they are ninjas of the hidden leaf, the Chuunins, who were guarding the main gate, let these four people in.

"I swear those Chuunins were looking at me…" said Tsunade.

"Who wouldn't be?" said Naruto, without looking at the said woman next to him.

"Aww… don't be jealous…" teased Tsunade as she tried to tickle Naruto with her index finger. "Now that I'm Hokage, I promise I'll spare some of my time with you." teased Tsunade even more.

"ACK..! Who said that I'm jealous and will you stop tickling me, you crazy old hag!?" shouted Naruto. Though, his outburst only made Tsunade to tickle him even more. And now, even Shizune joined in the fun.

"Will you both stop it?!" shouted Jiraiya.

Miraculously, both women did stop.

"Naruto, let's go." said Jiraiya, carrying the said blonde on his shoulder and suddenly running away from both women.

"Ero-Sennin, I know that you've just saved me a while ago, but, where the heck are you taking me?!" shouted Naruto.

"Where else, of course, I'm taking you to that ramen house. Those two would probably think that I'll be taking you to Sarutobi-sensei first." said Jiraiya as he jumped from roof to roof away from Tsunade and Shizune.

Apparently both kunoichis were only a few meters away from Jiraiya. They both saw Jiraiya enter a familiar ramen house in Tsunade's opinion.

Meanwhile, inside the said ramen house…

Jiraiya walked in with Naruto whose, still, on Jiraiya's shoulder. The first person Jiraiya was trying to find was the shop owner, Ichiraku Teuchi. But when he saw Ayeka, Jiraiya had a much better idea.

Immediately, he walked in front of the said woman, "AYEKA..!" shouted Jiraiya in panic.

Ayeka stared at Jiraiya for a brief moment. Then, after noticing her old student, Naruto, placed on Jiraiya's shoulder, she tried to calm herself. "What, exactly, are you doing, you Baka-Ecchi?-!" asked Ayeka, pointing at the state Naruto was in.

"Baka-Ecchi..?" repeated Naruto in a questioning manner while in the inside… 'And I thought the nickname Ero-Sennin was good, but now, Baka-Ecchi is even crueler.'

Pushing aside that preposterous pet-name, Jiraiya restrained himself. "Enough with that..! Ayeka, I want you to hide me and Naruto in one of your genjutsus, quickly!" said the white-haired man.

Ayeka sighed. She knew that this Gama Sannin was just running away from several women, probably, getting himself caught from peeping at the women's side of the hot springs. So, once again, she sighed at the thought. "Give me one good reason why I should hide you and Naruto-kun in a genjutsu?" asked Ayeka. She waited for Jiraiya's answer but all of a sudden she saw a familiar face enter the ramen house.

"Ts-Tsu-Tsunade..!" stammered Ayeka, which ended in a yell.

"Hey, long time no see, Ayeka!" greeted Tsunade. Next to the blonde woman was her apprentice, Shizune, who was carrying a buu~ing Ton-ton.

All the while, when Naruto was watching from his position, he took notice the grin on Tsunade's face and the twitch on Ayeka's forehead. "Hey, Ero-Sennin, put me down." said Naruto as he continue to observe both women.

Meanwhile, back with Jiraiya; the said Sannin silently moved next to Shizune whispering something to the said medic.

"Shizune, Let's step back, we wouldn't want to get involved between those two." whispered Jiraiya.

As a result, both ninjas did step back away from Ayeka, Tsunade, and Naruto, who's, apparently, in the middle of both women.

"Say… Naruto-kun, how come you and Jiraiya were with Tsunade?" asked Ayeka in a polite yet with a hint of malice in her voice.

"Well…" Naruto tried to speak but found it rather difficult because of the glare Ayeka was giving him.

"You told me… you and that Baka-Ecchi were going in a training trip but now this…" yelled Ayeka, at the same time pointing at Tsunade.

"What's the matter, Ayeka?" asked Tsunade. She had this unnerving grin on her face and to make matters worse she moved close to Naruto's ear, hugging him in the process. Tsunade knew that with this she was able to anger Ayeka and it was for a good cause too.

"What's the matter, Aya-chan?" Tsunade repeated though this time she used the old nickname Tsunade used to call Ayeka.

"…You…" It only started with a few incomprehensible words but suddenly, "TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF NARUTO-KUN!" Ayeka shouted in a very uncharacteristically manner. She thought that with her outburst Tsunade would let Naruto go, but still, the said Slug Sannin hadn't even moved. The only thing that changed was the grin on Tsunade's face. Unlike before, it grew even more preposterously absurd.

"Aside from being one of his instructors, give me one good reason why I should let go of Naruto-kun." said Tsunade.


Meanwhile, there were a few people inside the food house who were having the same thoughts running inside their mind which was… 'Is Ayeka going to tell – It- in front of Naruto-kun?'

"So, what is it going to be, Aya-chan?" asked Tsunade.

However, Ayeka was trying to calm herself. She'd been telling herself to just let the truth slip so that Naruto will finally know the truth between him and her. While the other part of her was afraid to tell the truth, or to be exact, the other part of her was afraid to feel rejected by her own nephew.

'What is wrong with you? Just tell that you're Naruto-kun's aunt!'said the optimistic side of Ayeka.

'I can't'

'What are you talking about? Of course you can do it!'

'No don't, Ayeka! Think of Naruto-kun's reaction!' this time, it was the pessimistic side who spoke.

'Don't listen to that pessimist! You should know Naruto-kun by now, he may be like that but still he's mature enough to understand you… just do it!'


Everybody was definitely anticipating something between these women. Slowly, they all saw Ayeka walking towards Tsunade and Naruto.

"I thought you already fell asleep back there…" said Tsunade in a joking manner.

"I was only waiting for you to let go of my nephew, Tsunade-Sensei." said Ayeka, then turned to Naruto. "I know I have a lot of explaining to do… still, I want you to understand why I couldn't tell you in the first place… so, please… please don't hate me." Ayeka couldn't stop her tears from falling.

"Geez… will you stop crying?!" said Naruto.

Ayeka did stop. She even stared at Naruto, giving him the 'what did you just say?' kind of look.

"First of all, why the heck will I hate you," pointing at Ayeka in a comical manner. "I should be happy to know that I still got a relative." Naruto paused for a while then suddenly his face lit up in a bright shade of red. "Um, uh… I-I was wondering, how are you related to me?" asked Naruto in an awkwardly shy manner.

Ayeka, even everybody inside the ramen house, smiled at Naruto. "Seeing that I am your aunt, your mother is my older sister." Naruto could only nod after hearing this. "Well, are there any more questions?" asked Ayeka.

"Awhile ago, you called 'baa-chan' as 'Tsunade-Sensei', were you really her student or something?" asked Naruto.

"The Slug, the Snake, and the Toad became one of my instructors before." answered Ayeka. She didn't know that there were plenty of people listening to their conversation.

"Even that snake-bastard became your instructor?" a voice suddenly interrupted from the side. It was Anko.

"Yea, even him…" replied Ayeka.

Anko looked at Ayeka for a moment then all of a sudden she laughed. "No wonder we get along so well… haha..!"

'Yea, no wonder…' thought Naruto out loud.

"Did you say something, Naruto-kun?" asked Ayeka, once again, with her polite yet malicious smile on her face.

Naruto, however, shook his head in response. He knew that he couldn't overpower his Aunt in whatever he tried to do.

"I thought you said something…" She paused for a while to let out a chuckle. Then suddenly Ayeka said. "So, Naruto-kun, is there a particular girl that you like to be your girlfriend?"

"#%$~!" After hearing what Ayeka had said moments ago, Naruto suddenly spew out whatever thing or food inside his mouth. He even coughed and panted several times after he had spew out the food awhile ago.

"Your expression is really ~~ really cute Naruto-kun! Haha~" teased Ayeka with a grin on her face. Her grin got even bigger when she noticed the flustered look on both Kurenai's and Naruto's faces. 'Hee ~ hee… this is so much fun! More teasing for me hahaha!-!' said Ayeka to herself.


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