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Main Pairings: Riku x Sora x Kairi, Sephiroth x Cloud x Leon, Axel x Roxas, Tidus x Selphie, Wakka x Lulu and others to come.

Summary: Riku breaks Sora heart and as a result, he ends up moving from the island. So when Sora finally comes back their Junior year, will he be able to win back his heart? Love is a war. And Big Brother Sephiroth is here to help.

Sephiroth's Guide to Love and Deception

Prologue: My Brother's an Idiot. And He Agrees

She watched with anticipation, her lips meeting the end of her carton as she tipped it slightly, tasting the thick snow liquid and engulfing it as it pleased her mouth.

Everyone was quite so quiet. And they were all staring just staring. But not her. Of course she'd give a few glances up now and then, a false worried expression on her face as they continued to shout to scream.

But this is what's she'd wanted after all. And while she couldn't bask in the glory of her well thought plan coming to fruitation...well, she certainly could enjoy the show.

Slut. Whore.

She could see his light fading.

Worthless. Pathetic.

She could feel his heart breaking.

He screamed. He cried. And she only watched with cold eyes.

Break him. Destroy him. Throw him away. That's all it would take for her to be able to have him all to herself. He acts so strong, yet his mind was so weak. She was able so quickly to use his own fear, only jealousy against him. It had been simple. Easy.

All a misunderstanding. But he wouldn't see that, oh no. She'd made quite sure that he would think only what she wanted him to think. That he'd do exactly what she needed him to do.

Tears. There they were. She'd wonder when they'd start. When he'd beg and scream. What a display he was making, such a big fuss over something so worthless. Her eyes narrowed slightly as the bitterness rose from within.

'He isn't worth your tears, Sora.' Perhaps she'd tell him that when he need someone–needed her–to mend his broken heart that the imbecile had broken. 'He's not worth your tears. Your affection.'

Yes, she'd tell him that...

'Only me Sora. Only I can make you happy. Only I could ever make you happy. And now Sora. Now you'll finally see that. You'll thank me when you finally understand–I promise. All you have to do is let him go. He's not worth it. He's not good enough for you.'

'Only me. Only me...'

Everyone froze, and gasped allowed, her carton falling from her hand. A dash of overdramatic touch never hurt.

He was holding his face now, glaring not at the boy that towered over him, but at the floor.

Filthy. Insignificant. Unwanted. Unloved.

He clutched his eyes shut, letting his words sink into his very being, letting ever sylable be etched into his heart, making it bleed. She knew he'd let him do that–he let him do anything.

Even break him. But she would fix him. She would be the one to put him back together.

She watched him intently now, they all did. The room was silent, deathly so. The towering teen had finally stopped screaming, only staring, glaring, down at him in hatred. Aqua eyes shining with the strongest of bitter emotions.

She fought her smile. It had all worked so well. And just as she'd figured, her precious Sora had enough–without a single word, he stood slowly, not looking at Riku as he ran past. Silent tears. Beautiful tears. Produced by a broken soul. A soul she could fix. Mold. Make all hers.

Just as it should have been.

Tidus went after him. Selphie had too–not before calling Riku a rather foul word she'd never normally say. But the silver haired teen paid them no mind. He only seemed to glare into nothingness, the hatred still strong in his eyes before kicking the lunch table– and with Wakka on the opposing side no less- he stormed out, the teen in question whining over his ruined jersey.


She'd gotten to her feet, her worried face melting into one of pure sadness. She surprised herself at how good she could be sometimes–she even felt tears in the forming in the corners of her eyes.

But then maybe those weren't so fake–after all, her Sora had been destroyed. And she was the cause of his destruction. But he would thank her later. He'd have too. It was for his own good. For their own good.

It was the only way things would be right again. The only way they could be together.

She run through the double doors, down a hallway. It was bare. Lonely. She paused, whipping the tears, the corners of her lips pulling into a smirk. Riku would have been so proud–it rivaled his completely.

And then–a voice. Smooth. Comforting. The smirk widened as she felt his arms wrap around her waist and spin her around to face him slowly.

She could only see his left eye, the right being covered by dark silver, almost gray hair. She reached her arms around his neck and pecked him on the lips. Nothing meant, nothing gained.

Friends, not companions. Partners but of a different sort.

"You were right."

She knew she was.

"Zexion, you're the best," she practically squealed, pecking him again.

He smirked, rolling his eyes. Playful for someone usually so serious.

"And Axel? He's got you covered?"

"The usual," he shrugged then gave a suggestive type of smirk. "But the pleasure was mine."

Her mood darkened. She frowned. And her grip tightened so that he flinched uncomfortably. "Mine. All mine. You're were nothing more but a pawn in this game."

"Possessive little bitch, aren't we?"

A spark filled her eyes and her smirk darkened but she didn't speak a word. Why bother, her actions were enough. He pulled away from her then and with a nod and a mock salute, he gave his goodbye and went about his way.

Her eyes shifted to the side slightly as she watched him leave. A foot. A familiar shoe. Had he really heard? It didn't matter. He wouldn't understand.

He was just as stupid as Riku. Just as easy to fool if need be.

She fixed her crimson hair over her shoulders–it wasn't long but long enough– and catching a blurred reflection of herself in the shiny newly installed metal lockers, practiced her 'I'm so sorry it didn't work out' face. Then, a smile and she was off down the hall again.

If Kairi had known that all it took to break her 'best friends' up was a single kiss, she'd have planned this years ago.

But then again, she hadn't seen it coming. They always fought over her after all. But that didn't matter anymore.

No. All that mattered was he was all hers. And Riku would barely be a memory by the time she was done with her Sora...

A light knocking on the door and he opened it, his silver hair falling over his shoulder as his Mako green eyes stared daggers at the smaller teen standing in his doorway.

He knocked. Once. Twice. Three times.

Still no answer.

"Come on Sora!" he screamed at the top of his longs, pounding his fist for millionth time on a heavy oak door, staring into the small glass window at the top, hoping he'd see a sea of untamed brunette hair coming towards him.

"What do you want," he replied in a sleepy tone. Normally he'd sound far more refined, his voice deep, silky. Smooth. Awe inspiring just like his appearance. But now he stood shirtless, a pair of loosly tied pajama pants being the only thing he wore other than a thin gold chain around his neck, his eyes heavy lidded. He looked over at the alarm clock on his night-stand by his bed. He snapped his head back at the teen, glaring in a way that made grown men tremble. But then, his younger brother was use to it so it had no effect. "It's four. In the morning."

Two of his other close friends, Tidus and Wakka, stood awkwardly in the middle of the walkway, Tidus staring absently at the flower bed that lied it while Wakka tried in vain to start up a distracting conversation about Blitzball, both boy's favorite sport.

"Sora, please!" the silver haired beauty cried for the fifth time since they'd arrived, still pounding hard on the door, desperation reaching his normal silky voice of calm. "I'm sorry! I need to talk to you! Just...give me a chance to expla–"

" I know," he replied solemnly, not looking up at him anymore. He rolled his eyes. And stepped out of the way, opening his door further. "Get in here. I won't stay up the entire night watching you mope."

"Geeez, Ri-Ri, will you stop pounding so hard," a highly annoyed voice shouted as they slammed the door open and leaned on the doorframe, crossing their arms over their chest. Riku sighed as he finally pulled his arm away from mid knock, glaring at them.

"I could barely hear my music through you're constant whining," she responded in a taunting manner, pulling off her headphones at the same time and placing them around her neck.

He watched as he sat on the bed–his bed, and curl up slightly, still not looking at him, but at the floor. This made him let out a long sigh as he swept long strands of his glorious silver hair over his shoulder, feeling the ends lightly brush against his lower back thigh as he walked the way across his room and moving his hair out of the way, sat down beside him. "Is this about that boy across the way."

Riku rolled his eyes and glared at the girl standing before him as she began to twirl of a pieces of her braided hair absently with her index finger. "I need to talk to Sora."

"Oh," she stated abruptly, not seeming like she was paying attention anymore as she looked up at the sky. "Yeah...well. Sora doesn't want to talk you right now."

"His name is not 'boy', and you know that!" the teen snapped and with sharp look cold Mako eyes, he calmed himself down, not staring at him again. "...Sora won't talk to me."

"He's in a bad mood right now and Cloud is trying real hard to calm him down. Kairi's up there too."

Riku's eyes darkened and he felt a wave of anger deep from within. Kairi...

"That sounds simply...tragic," he yawned uninterested, glaring at his clock as it reached 4:15a.m. "And this was cause to interrupt my slumber because."

"...I don't know what I should anymore. I've tried calling. I knocked. He won't answer his window either," Riku stated softly and a flicker of sympathy flashed through his older brother's eyes at seeing him so worked up. But it was gone as quickly as it had come and he found himself laying back on his bed, staring up at his bedroom's ceiling.

"Why is sh–"

"Showed up," Rikku cut him off, tapping her foot impatiently. "Just a about an half and hour ago. Hey, is anybody else gonna show up? Cause you're like the upmtenth person and I'm sick of answering the door."

"He's never stayed mad at me for this long," Riku continued, and he could feel his younger brother staring at him. Waiting for something.

". . .What did you do." A statement, not a question. He knew this 'Sora'. And even he was aware, that, unlike his complicated older brother, Sora wasn't one to hold grudges. The boy's mood were fairly good ones, and even in his darker moods, they washed over quickly. Oh yes, his brother had done something, something terribly wrong.

"Well", Riku began, pointing toward the upstairs window that he knew was Sora's room. "Can I just go up–"

"Nooooo. Nope. Afraid not," Rikku replied in classy mock fashion. "He's got Cloud and Kairi. That's enough."

"We...I...told him that I–"

"Was person that pissed him off," Rikku finished, pretending to study her nails before straightening her self into a standing position and glaring at the silver haired boy, a braid falling right in front of her left eye. "He don't want no help from the likes of you. Now get boy!"


"GET!" she continued in her mock country fashion, turning her head away with a mock stern expression and pointing her finger in the opposite direction of coming inside.

Riku could feel his left eye begin to twitch so he simply shut them both, letting out a frustrated shout before turning on his heel and stumping down the walkway. He could feel a set of eyes watching him for a moment before there was a loud slam of the door.

"–she set it up. I know she did. Wakka heard her. Saw her. He's suspicious and now, so am I. He said she was acting so weird at lunch but I was too–"

"Too busy being her pawn to notice," he finished, glaring in almost a disappointed way at his younger brother who a the very least, had the decency to look ashamed.

And he should. He'd taught him how to play this game better than that.

There was silence. A deep, dark silence, where only the crickets chirping endlessly could be heard from his open bedroom window. Then finally, sitting back up, Sephiroth rubbed the bridge between his eyes and sighed wearily.

"...You're such an idiot."


"...I know."

"Apologize in the morning. I'll go with you myself."

He could tell his brother's mood had lifted just by watching his aqua shaded eyes. Rikku wouldn't dare turn him away. No one dared turned down his request for anything. Not his parents. Not his professors. And especially not some immature school girl.

But then again–there was him. He'd turned him down numerous times for different situations. He almost licked his lips in anticipation. How he adored his little game of chase with his little mouse...


"...Shut up." How he could always tell, he'd never know. "Go back to your room and stay there. Don't leave until I say we leave. We'll catch him in the perhaps."

And he obeyed, clicking the door shut quietly behind him. Like he wouldn't have.

He laid down on his bed, not bothering to cover back up with the thin white sheet. Maybe while Riku was busy playing boyfriend to the little boy across the way, he and his mouse could play a little–game–of their own. The thought of this 'game' made his lower half twitch with excitement.

Oh how disappointed he was.

Because by the time the pair had arrived, they were too late. They only found Sora's mother as she hurried out of the house with a suitcase.

He was already gone. They both were already gone. And she was on her way to meet up with them so they could travel to Midgar together.

They watched her leave, wishing her and her family well-after all, they were only leaving because their father had gotten sick out there. Give or take a couple of weeks, maybe a month at the most, they'd return.

After all, had they known it would have been for four years, perhaps they would have tried harder.

But at the time, they simply stood watching her leave.

And flicking a stand of entrancing long silver hair, he gave his younger half a cold side glare.

"...You're an idiot."

"...And you're a pervert."

They both sighed in unsion. "I know."

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