Author's Notes: I know what your thinking. I know it's taken quite a while. But as promised, here the teaser for the follow up to this story: Sephiroth's Guide to Marriage and Revenge.

"This ISN'T OVER, do you hear me Riku!" she sobbed angrily, trying in vain to pull away as she continued her rant. Mr. London put a hand on his son's shoulder as DiZ attempted to herd everyone toward their vehicles but neither boy allowed them selves to be moved and only listened to Kairi's insanity. "This fight isn't over Riku! I'm going to get out of here! I'm going to make you and everyone who betrayed me pay for what you've put me through! He'll understand! He always understands don't you Sora?!"

He only watched the girl in sadness. What…happened to the Kairi he knew…

Author's Notes:
::High fives Sephiroth plushie:: Wasn't that just completely awesome guys?! Wasn't that totally worth the months on end of "When the Heck Will She Follow Through on Her Promise and Post the New Story?" Wasn't that just totally without a doubt, the most awesome thing ever?!

Yeah, I thought not. And to completely avoid being stoned to death or chased down with touches and pitch forks, I present the entire prologue to the sequel for Sephiroth's Guide to Love and Deception: Gradution.

Just look on my profile's page to find the link in the my stories. Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy!