Seran: This one's gonna get a little crazy.

Kira: Why's that?

Seran: Angelo's on crack.


Angelo: Hic!

Seran: And beer.

Angelo: (drops onto Lacus, his face buried in her chest)

Lacus: Pervert!

Seran: I don't own anything but myself and Angelo. On with the show, now!

Angelo's Crack Box

Seran's POV

I walked over to Angelo's room, and when I opened the door, I saw him hiccupping with his hand hanging over the side of his bed.

He must have had too much alcohol. I thought.

Kira walked in and saw a mess on the floor.

"Careful. There are some piles of bottles of beer on the floor at the 12 o'clock position." He whispered.

"I know." I whispered back. When we got a closer look at the bed, we saw a pile of crack.

"That's a lot of crack. Does he like this stuff?" Kira asked.

"He's been eating this stuff for the past few years, now." I answered. Kira gaped.

Auel passed by and saw the mess in Angelo's room as well. So did Stellar, Sting, Athrun, Cagalli and Lacus.

I then got out of the room and told my buddies to meet me at my room at 3:00 pm as I ran off.

3 hours later, we got together and formed a plot to steal Angelo's crack.

To be continued…

Seran: (puts on a pair of roller skates and dashes around the room)

Kira: (bitten at the arm) Yeowch!

Yzak: (laughs at Kira)

Lacus: (tries to get Angelo off her but fails) Get this pervert off of me!

Seran: I'll help. TSA, can you send me some tweezers on your review? Thanks in advance! Later!