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The young man began moaning as the alarm resting on the side table began blaring next to his head. Swiftly his arm flung over, knocking the offending clock off the table and effectively unplugging it from the wall. Flipping over on his other side he attempted to dig his head further into his pillow, only to have another alarm interrupt his desperate attempt to forget that he had to wake up. Unfortunately he'd set this on up on the table across the room. The only way to turn it off would be to get to his feet and travel across the room to reach it. He opened one bleary green-grey eye and studied the red numbers. He suddenly recalled why he hated high school so much. He had to be up by six in the morning.

As he stood up and ruffled his messy hair he recalled why he hated the Air Force so much. He had to be up by five am then. He shrugged and took it philosophically. They could have set him up anywhere, doing anything within his multiple range of talents; he was the one who chose to go to high school instead.

The previous day his other self had dropped him off in front of the building, today he'd have to take the bus. He snorted as he pulled a plain white t-shirt from the shelf in the closet and pulled on the khaki's he'd worn the day before. The bus had to be the most undignified way to get anywhere. He'd have to talk to the General about getting his license.

He walked into the bathroom of the apartment they'd set him up with and as he pulled his shirt over his head he flipped on the water and prepared to brush his teeth. He'd already decided that he'd forgo the experience with drills he'd been through almost two decades ago, this time he wouldn't forget to brush everyday; even if the world was about to be blown up by extraterrestrials. He stared into the mirror, once again trying to get used to the face he had suddenly acquired a couple weeks before. He checked in vain for stubble, any hair would do, and dabbed on medicated lotion. He'd fight acne till his dying breath.

"Coffee," he stumbled into the hallway and kicked his third alarm, which he'd hooked up in the entrance to the kitchen, as he inhaled the fresh aroma his timed coffee maker wafted into the air.

After eating a bowl of fruit loops and gulping down two cups of java he stamped his feet into loosely tied combat boots, grabbed a thermos of coffee and swung a back pack over one shoulder. He took a moment to grab his keys and stuff them in his leather jacket pocket before opening the front door and stepping into his first full day on his own.

The poor guy looked like he wanted to murder someone, Betsy in particular since she was the one chatting a million miles a second at the new student.

"You know Jacky-boy…" she jumped off the bus after him as he walked away, trying to ignore her. It hadn't worked for the last two miles, but he could hope. "You're really kind of cute," she squealed as he stopped short and turned to look at her with wide eyes. She giggled; he looked cute when he got that hunted fear in his features.

"Down girl." An authoritative blond pulled up on the brunettes' curly ponytail and made Betsy pout.


"No buts, bye." Betsy huffed off and as she left turned slightly to make sure the new girl saw that she was being flicked off.

"Whatever." Betsy bounced away and joined her friends at the steps of the front door. A whole group of them made the boy shudder.

"Any back ways into this place?" he asked the blond.

"Plenty." She replied and walked off. He followed obediently.

"I'm Jack." He smirked as she looked at him from the corner of her eyes.

"Carli." She replied, flipping the long bangs away from her eyes with a quick toss of her head she slowed her pace a bit to match his ambling stride. She was a head shorter than he was; her arms long and slender, skin pale against a brilliant red tank dress that fluttered appealingly around boot clad legs. She had a black sweater over one elbow, a patchwork bag slung over one shoulder and eyes that couldn't seem to decide what color they wanted to be.

She led him into a door in the side of the building, directly across from his homeroom class.

"Thanks." He held out his hand. Smirking herself she took it and shook.

"Don't mention it, Jacky-boy." Jack groaned.

"Please don't," Carli released his hand and shrugged.

"I'll see you around."

The previous day had been full up with entrance exams and a guided tour of the building. The principal was told that Jack was the son of an Air Force officer and that he was expected to excel… in the tone that implied they would find out why if he didn't. As a result the faculty was reduced to jumping through hoops until Jack indicated that he didn't need a bulldog on his tail- not that he phrased it that way.

He made it to homeroom on time, but waited until the rest of the students had filed in until he took his seat. He could have predicted the general area, front left side, away from the door and one seat away from the window. The kid next to the window was a skinny boy, red hair blazing, his nose stuck in a book. Jack had to grin as he noticed the spine.

"Pyramids and Our Past, huh," Jack shrugged as the kid looked up, "is it any good?"

He smiled shyly and then made a motion that could have been construed as a nod, if you'd been looking for it.

"It's really very interesting. Some of the conclusions are odd, but well thought out." He peaked up at the clock and closed his book as the bell rang.

The lady who walked into the room, Miss. Lacey, could have been military; she was precise in her strides and stood at almost complete attention. She didn't even look at her list as she called off and checked names. Screaming last names, she waited for acknowledgement and a meeting of eyes before moving to the next one.


The red-head next to Jack nodded and smiled, her gaze went to Jack.

"You would be the new student then, Jack Jameson O'Neil?"

"With two L's, there's a Jack O'Neil with one L, and he has no sense of humor." Jack smirked and nodded when she checked off his name.

"Would you care to stand up and introduce yourself to the class." It wasn't a question, though it had been posed as one. Jack knew that tone well. Stifling a sigh he got to his feet and stood, unconsciously, in a parade rest; his hands loosely clasped behind his back, his feet a shoulder length apart, his chin up and voice firm.

"My name is Jack; my father is in the Air Force, hence the move to Colorado Springs. I hope that I can get to know you all in the time I have here, and that I can bum rides off of someone so I don't have to take the bus again." With that he was rewarded by giggles and knowing smirks, and he sat back down.

"My names Jared." The red-head whispered as the militant teacher went to the blackboard to begin the day's lesson. Jack leaned over and offered his hand. Jared blinked, but took it after a slight hesitation.

"You can call me Jack, or JJ, I'll respond to either." He looked up to check on the formula Miss. Lacey was inscribing with loving care Jack remembered from watching Carter play with her chalks. "So… you get any of this?"

"Yes, and so do you, or you wouldn't be in this class… they put you through placement right?"

"Right," Jack didn't sound so sure.

"Look, if you're still lost by the end of class I'll give you a ride home and we'll try and get you caught up."

"Sounds like a plan man." Jack once again offered his hand. Jared shook it with a shared grin, and they both turned their attention, as one, to the lady with the amazing legs.

Jack had always been a leg man. Carters had been enough to drive him to distraction most of the time he watched her working in her lab. He could stand in her doorway for half an hour before remembering what it was he wanted to ask her. And she'd always been in BDU's. Carli though seemed to like short skirts and long boots. He hadn't known she was in his Mythology class the day before, but he noticed her now, and the way her knees were bared as she crossed her legs under her desk.

Carter had never noticed his interest, being too absorbed in the project at her hands to care who was watching her (or her legs) work. Carli glanced over, noticed his distracted gaze, leaned over and punched him hard on the arm.

"Ow." He muttered and rubbed his arm as the teacher continued to groan about Percy and Gordon. Though why a lady with snakes in her hair would be named Gordon he had no idea, and he really didn't care. He though this class might be halfway interesting if a teacher like Daniel had shown up, but instead he was reminded of his first CO. The man could suck the life out of anything appealing and reduce it to basic component parts.

Miraculously the alarm for next class started, startling half the class out of a drowse and the other out of full sleep.

"You pig." Carli muttered.

"Is it my fault you have nice legs?" Jack asked defensively, surprising Carli enough with his candor that she laughed.

"You know Jack, I might get to like you." She bumped him with her shoulder as the entered the hall.

"That'd be nice." He turned and waited for her to join him. They had the next three classes together, now that he thought about it he remembered seeing her the previous day during his tour.

"So, where're you from Jack?"

"Everywhere." The Air Force had set up his background carefully. He jumped from base to base, making it easier to fake records if he was just a Military brat following his dad everywhere. It would take a concentrated effort and a determined mind to trace Jack back to his origins, and hopefully anyone attempting to would set off several security bells in the process. So while he told Carli his concocted history and explaining his emancipated minor status, giving him the responsibility of adult hood a few years early, he stuck to the fiction that had been created for him. Carli seemed genuinely distressed by the fact that he had a "father" but didn't live with him or any of the rest of his family.

"I've only got my dad too. I couldn't imagine not being there for him, and him not being around for me. I'm sorry Jack." The bell rang for their next class, cutting of any conversation that could have followed.

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