BANG! The door burst down as they raided the Tyler household. Rose, aged six, sat up in her bed legs shaking. She heard her Mum scream as the men crashed down every door. She heard shouts!

"Hello, Jackie! I'm looking for Rose!" said a man voice

"Who are you? How do you know who I am? Why do you want Rose?"

"Tell me!" the man shouted

"In her room" Mum sighed, Rose knew she has no escape now...

Rose started to sweat, she became as hot as the oven. The door burst open and in step the man she had heared speaking with her mother. In his hand he held a knife. He came up to Rose's bed next to her he croutch down and sung a sweet song. The song made her sleepy and tired, she soon feel deep asleep. But she could still hear what was going on. The man stopped his song and stroked her hair calmly. Then he heard him stand up and walk out the room.

"Bongus! Take the child into the lorry!" the man boomed

"No!" protested her mother "You dare take her and I'll get the police!"

"Well, you can do that!" he chuckled "but can the police get us, on another planet?"

Rose woke up and screamed! She found her-self in a van. She looked around the room. Lots of different children werein then van with games, toys and beds, just like them, Rose's bed was here to along with Mr.Snuggles and a box of Dominos.

"Hello" said a girl from behind her bed, Rose turned around "I'm Sharah, Sharah Jane Smith. Welcome to the crew"

"Crew?" Rose was confused "Thsi is a gang?"

"No, it's more like a tribe, we've been kidnapped by 'The Master'"

"'The Master'?

"The weird man that took you?"

"Oh, I see!" Rose stuttered "Where are we?"

Sharah put her mouth close ot her ear and whispered " They say were going through a time vortex! I've looked out the window before and I've seen it!"

"So your telling me that were going trough time?

"Yer, and space" she replied

"Space!" Rose shouted a bit too loud

"Hey!" said a grumpy deep voice, Rose could tell it was Bongus "The lil Tyler brat is awake!"

"The what are you waiting for! Put the abnd on her!"

"Band?" asked Rose "What does he mean?"

"A shock band!" said Sharah "Try and get out and it'll shock ya so hard you might not be able to walk for a week!"

From the front of the lorry a came Bongus with a black metal band in his hand! He approched Rose's bed pushed Sharah onto the floor and slapped the band on Rose's wrist, then stomed back to the front and the door slammed vileotly behind him. Rose glared at the band, it was balck, ugly and tight. Seh looked at Sharah, picking herself up from the floor.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, liek a drink?"

"Oh, yes please"

"Ok" she called to one of the other children "Rose, this is Ace, Ace this is Rose."

"Hello" Ace smiled, Rose smiled back. Ace went away and came back a couple of minits later witha drink.

"Thanks" Rose said slowly. As the lorry can to a halt, the drink was poured all over Ace, Rose and Sharah! The girls giggled. Until they saw the back of the lorryrise up and Bongus with a hudge wip and voiletly slashed it on the floor like a lion tammer. Outside Rose could see the Vortex

"So?" said Rose cheerfully to the Doctor "Where are we going off to today?"

The Doctor, running around the consle tapping at the consles controls. "Were ganna go to a place I promised you, btu ddin't go to!"

"Where's that?"


Then the TARDIS' alarm started bleaping wildly. It sounded like a thousand drums beating at the same time witch were microphoned through the air so many tiems you could hardly hear!

"Whats going on?"

"Sorry" The Doctor replied "TARDIS' alarm system! Somethings blocking our way!"

"OK" Rose shouted, after the alarm had stopped.

"No need to shout at me" The Doctor told her as if he were her father.

The Doctor hopped onto the panel and look out inot the vortex, Rose next to him looking also. They saw a big, grey, grubby van. Just floating in the vortex, like everything was alright, with no worries in the world. Then the saw a small pod pop out of the front and wizz round to the back, another pod came out and rushed down the vortex. In the pod at the back the person who was in there hopped out of the pod and into the lorry. He spent ten minites in there before returning back to the front. The Doctor push some buttons and the zoomed towards the lorry. At super high speed. Rose spun around and around getting more dizzy by the minite. The BANG! The TARDIS stopped dead in it's tracks and Rose and The Doctor fell to the floor.Laughing Rose got up from where she had colapsed, and approched the door followed by The Doctor. When Rose opened the door she knew where she was!

"Doctor!" she asked "Why did you take us inside the lorry?"

Rose stared at the box and the two people who stepped out of it. One, the girl, look alot like herself. The other, a man, with a brown coat that was too long for him, underneath he wore a white school like shirt with a hazel tie. Between the brown long coat and the white shirt was a brown shirt with stripes. He wore browns trousers (he must love brown) and white trainers (finally something else thats not brown!)

Writers note: Sorry, I am really bad a discribing The Doctor!

"Hello kid's! Time we... Oh my gosh! Rose it's Rose!" said the man "Sarah Jane and Ace!"

"Hello Doctor!" said avoice from behind

"Oh no" screamed Sharah "He' back!"

The Man and the girl turned round.

"Ah! The Master!" said the man "You're kidnapping my copanions! I see!"

"Yes" he said, he glared behind him and picked up a bed with a girl in and threw it at the Doctor. It was a bullseye! "Wow, I never knew you were so bad at dodgebed" he laughed evily then started chocking "Bongus! My coff sweets!"

"Uhh...right away sir" boomed Bongus coming out of the front and running as fast as his fat self could carry! Rose stuck out her foot and Bongus feel to the floor. "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwieeeeee!" he screached as the Master pills went flying over his head into the time vortex.

Meanwhile, Rose (Jr.) Sharah Jane and Ace have been lifting the bed off the Doctor. A small girl fell onto The Doctor.

"Victoria!" he smiled down at the girl, she stared at him and screamed so loud the Master turned round.


Rose thought fast. The Doctor got all children inside the TARDIS exsept for one. Victoria...scared so much she just sat in the corner as Bongus approched.

"Victoria!" The Doctor screamed

"I'll get her!" Rose said quickly and headed toward Bongus, she slid under his legs jumped up and face him. He threw a punch at her and Rose swerved out of his way. Kiking him over, she then rushed to Victoria and grabbed her hand.

"Hello, I'm Rose, if you come with me were get you home!"

"Okay" she sobbed and got up. They turned to run to the TARDIS, but Bongus was blocking their way!

"Oh, perfect" muttered Rose

Over at the TARDIS, The Doctor, Ace and Sharah Jane were watching.

"Oh for Pete's sake!" moaned Ace walking out of the TARDIS with a smooth round object in her hand!

"Yes, go Ace!" shouted the Doctor "Go Ace! Go Ace! Do it! For Pete!"

Ace was to busy she threw the object at Bongus and as soon as it toutched his back it exploded. Rose and Victoria jumped over the dead mans body and arn towards the TARDIS. Rose pulled Victoria into the TARDIS but she pulled away.

"Come on Victoria!" scrached Rose "We got to go!"

"I don't want to go with the scary man!"

Rose look behing her. The Master had now go a lazer blaster and was charging it up, he steped into the truck from it's pod and the pod zoomed off "Witch one would you stay with"

Victoria look back then at The Doctor in the door-way. The heard a big clunck as the back doors shut. She rana nd pushed past The Doctor and Sharah. Rose ran in after her. The Doctor look around! He saw Ace on the other side of the lorry!

"I'll come back for you!"

He shut the doors of the TARDIS and it slowly disappered.

A/N: I don't have a grudge against Ace! That one thing! I left her behind because of I need a ransom in it! Hint! Hint!

Next time:

BOOM, something had conected it-self to the TARDIS, The Master burst in with Ace hands tied behind her back and Jaffa Cake in her mouth. The kids hurried behind the Doctor and Rose.

"Jaffa Cake?" Rose remarked a little confused

"Bongus, had them. Only thing I could find! Now Doctor, I got an offer!"

"You do! Well, I never trust a dodgey dealer!"

"Let me speak, this is quite simple! It's Ace, or you..." he grinned spitfully "What will it be?"

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