Polly removed the shock bands and put them on the door handle. Bad Wolf was guarding out side! The group got into their stations.

"Bad Wolf has a brain the size of a pea!" shouted Ben

"You will get maximum shock!" she shouted back and turned the bands on!

BOOM! The door exploded and Bad Wolf was sent flying backwards. The four ran past her, towards the console room.

There was a shriek from the TARDIS. The Doctor saw that the floor was now closing. Ace had opened the door to the injecting room. The Doctor leapt out just to be smack in the face and floored again. Ace appeared in front of him. A knife in her hand.

"Get ready to die! Doctor!" Ace roared holding the knife in the air

"Nope!" he answered

"To bad!" she boomed as she lowered her hand to kill

"Are you sure you can fly this thing?" Rose asked

"No! But I can try" the Master replied

"What about the Doctor?" asked Ben

"Come on Ben, let's find him" Polly called running down the corridor, Ben ran after her

"Hope they find him before Ace kills him!" Rose said in a worried voice

"He'll be fine! If escaped me and Rani then he can escape a seven year old child with a knife!" the Master told her walking to the door

"Who's this Rani? Your girlfriend?"

The Master laughed "She's a, friend a good friend. Now let's see where we landed" and he pushed the door open and walked out.

Rose followed him out. They had landed in a canyon. Rose saw an airplane fly over their heads. The Master turned to her and shrugged, Rose sighed.

"Do you know where we are?" Rose asked him

"Nope" he confessed

"We're in the Grand Canyon!" she shouted

"What planet is that on?"


"The worst planet of them all!"

He kicked a stone and looked around. Rose heard a shout from the TARDIS.

"Rose" it was the Doctor "We're off!"

Rose looked at the Master and ran off into the TARDIS and closed the door. She turned around and saw herself in front of her. Ace had floored the Doctor and Ben and Polly were holding off the other children from the doorway. The Master came in from the door. Looked at Rose.

"Look Rose!" Bad Wolf shouted "I don't care what you say, I ganna touch you!"

"Oh dear" muttered the Master "This isn't good!"

Bad Wolf reached out and touched Rose. The Reaper was soon perched high in the TARDIS. It headed for Polly and Ben who ran further into the corridor that the monster was too small to get into Rose, Bad Wolf, The Master, The Doctor and Ace stood against the TARDIS door. The Master stepped in front of them.

"Get me!" he boomed

The Reaper gave a scream of happiness as it swooped down and gobbled up the Master. Then all the children started to fade away and snivel up, and then disappeared in to thin air. Bad Wolf's legs started to disappear but then she put her lifting her hands up like she was on a cross. Her eyes went yellow and a weird light flashed all around her. Then it vanished and Bad Wolf was standing there looking at her hands.

"Oh my gosh!" she whispered "Did I do that?"

"Yes, you somehow have the powers of an ancient monster also called Bad Wolf!" a familiar voice said.

They turned around. The Master was standing right in front of them. All three turned around; there he was standing there in flesh and blood. They were all too amazed to speak. He walked up to them and smiled. They exchanged horrified glances.

"Oh, that" he laughed "That was a copy of me!" He held up a device "This can make as many copies of me as it want to, or anyone else!"

"So that was a copy of you!" asked Rose


"Okay then! Suppose we should be getting you to back home"

"Wait!" cried the Master "Bad Wolf's bed and other things are still on board my ship!"

"Oh No!" yelled Bad Wolf "Mr. Snuggles!"

Rose laughed "Okay let's go get him! Just remember not to leave him with your auntie's dog!"

Bad Wolf smiled at her and nodded. They Doctor and Master were at the console. Flicking switches and dials. The first place they landed was the van. Rose, the Master and the Doctor carried the bed into the van and Bad Wolf, carried Mr. Snuggles, a book and the dominoes set. The Master waved good by and drove the van off.

Jackie was alone in Rose's room. She heard a peculiar sound. A fog horn? In London? She was hearing things, but it stopped. A sound of a door opening. A girl's voice. Rose's voice. A man's voice. Someone must have found her! She ran into the lounge. Smiled at Rose and the other tow people in her lounge but gave a confused look at the blue box in the middle of the room.

"What on earth is that?" Jackie shouted

"Never mind when we go it'll be gone!" the Doctor smiled at her "Jackie Tyler. We're here to give you back your daughter!"

"I can see that!" she screamed "Who on earth are you?"

"I'm the Doctor and this is Rose Ty…ver" he said slowly

Bad Wolf giggled at this.

"I see…" Jackie said quietly "So where you from? Who ya work for?"

"We work for the Anti-Master Corporation" the Doctor said cheerfully

"Master?" Jackie

"The guy that took m- I mean Rose" Rose stammered

"Oh, him" Jackie muttered

"Okay, we better be off then!" the Doctor said clapping his hands

"Can't ya stay for a nice cup of tea?" asked Jackie

"No we need to get off!" said the Doctor

"Wait, Doctor!" Bad Wolf yelled and gave him a book "A thank you gift!"

"For me?" the Doctor said "Thank you! Rose's Book of Poem's, I'll look at thank when I get back!"

"Bye!" Bad Wolf waved as Rose and the Doctor went into the TARDIS

"Goodbye!" Rose called back

Bad Wolf hugged her Mum. As they watched the TARDIS disappear

"So, where too now?" asked Rose when they got into the TARDIS

"Where do you want to go?" asked the Doctor

"Home would be nice!" Rose admitted

"Home it is then!" the Doctor said "Earth, 17th of June good?"

"Okay! Off we go!"

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