Welcome to Fatal Frame 2: Second Run. I will start this out by saying first-off, if you have played the games it IS NOT mandatory for you to read this. If you are a new reader, hello, I hope you enjoy the story, if not, no doubt you have already realized I have updated, done some fixing up, edited, and rearranged the story. At one time this was Chapter 5…… Anyway, if you have not, I URGE YOU STRONGLY to PLAY this game. You won't regret…especially if you have taken time out to read this…. Play it, if not for the sheer gameplay, then for the story line itself. I'm not sure when or where it will come in, but I MAY emphasis on "MAY" add some Fatal Frame 3 stuff. Fatal Frame 3 is a game I HOPE to play, but MY PS2 takes $80 to fix, I don't have money and it's gay… PLEASE, "GOD OF XBOX-NOT-360", PLEASE PUT THIS GAME ON IT, PLEASE! MEEEEE WAAAANT! I WANNA SEE THE CRAZY TATOO LADY! Action/Adventure gamers, I am one of you as well. If you have seen the game and decided it looks gay, I tell you that you are VERY wrong. I was just like you at the time. My sister brought it home and I was a bit skeptic til it scared the shit out of me, haven't been able to put the controller down since…. I'M ALMOST DONE! YAY! Oh, and thank you MargoMathews for straightening out my confusion with Fatal Frame 3, thank you very much.

Game Re-caps

This chapter was designed for those of you who have not played the games, nor plan too. You're missing a great game by the way. Anyway, if you don't want to ruin the game don't read this, but if you're not going to play it, and want some background info, go on ahead. I won't stop you. Some information may/may not be relevant to the story. Feel free to correct me on things. I'm going by what other people say on certain things. I have not play FF3, nor have I beaten any of them, but that doesn't mean I haven't seen spoiler stuff. (Trust me, they kill the game. It's a good thing I only heard ending stuff, and not the rest of the game.) Oh, and please review. You do not have to be a member to review. Just click go on the drop menu at the bottom left of the pages. I will openly welcome flames.(Will continue to update this.)


I mean it...this is your last chance...

Fatal Frame: Based On A True Story

Miku Hinasaki, the grand daughter of Yae Kurosawa, comes to the Himura House to look for her lost brother Mafuyu. I have not beaten it yet, so if anyone can shed more light for everyone, please do. I will give credit where it is due in the updates. Despite the fact that it is not as good, in my opinion as the others, it is fairly decent. I was compelled to play it by the fact that, not only is it the first in the series, it is "based on a true story".

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

You play twins Mayu and Mio throughout the game. Your mission is to find and rescue Mayu from the ghosts of All God's Village, and get out of there before you become sacrifices for , which is an abyss, that is considered taboo to be spoken or written of, and also not to be seen. Those who look into its depths are blinded. The abyss is often referred to as . Twins are sacrificed in the Crimson Ritual by the Mourners, who have sewn their eyes shut, and one is thrown into. The REAL ending, which is the first one that you get,(refer to the ENDINGS section) severely pissed me, and I'm sure many other gamers, off as well. This game is a very saddening, hapless game…. Seriously, you just can't win…unless you have XBOX, like me. Hah hah hah….. :P

Crimson Ritual

Twins are predestined to be sacrificed, and sheltered from most of the village, in order to be purified. When the time comes, the predetermined twins for that year are placed in confinement, to be cleansed. The older of the two kills the younger by strangulation, then the dead ones body in thrown into .


Okay, the twin bit confused me until later on. I thought that Mio was born first, because she takes Yae's place in the story, but I was quite wrong. That's what I get for not getting too far in the game and starting to read and write shit… Okay, you might have to read this one or two times depending on whether I did type this confusingly or not… Mayu, who was born first, is the youngest, and Mio who was born second, is the oldest, according to the way of All God's Village. I didn't understand how that worked for a while, but hey, whatever floats yer boat man…

Kurosawa Twins Yae and Sae

These are the previous twins who tried to escape the Crimson Ritual. Sae tripped and did not make, while Yae did not turn back to save her, and escaped, leaving Sae behind to die. Sae is the evil ghost who possesses Mayu, influencing her decisions about becoming the Crimson Sacrifice. Sae had not wanted to escape, wanting to become one with her sister, after death, which was not realized, as her soul remained, taking revenge upon the villagers and anyone who got lost in the surrounding forest. Yae went on, escaping, getting amnesia, starting a family, and eventually messing around with the Camera Obscura, causing ghosts to come after her family. She eventually commits suicide, in which her ghost returns to mourn her sister, being unable to return to her.

Yae leaves Sae behind to die, but Sae is found by the villagers, and is brought back to the village. They decide to do the ritual without Yae, and hang Sae, and then her ritual fails and the Repentance comes after her ritual fails.

(Courtesy of MargoMathews)

Amakura Twins Mio and Mayu

When they were younger, Mio and Mayu were running through the forest, which happens to be the forest Yae and Sae were in, when Mayu slips and falls, injuring her leg, however, Mio did come back. Mayu has a bad limp, and Mio blames it on herself, therefore becoming very protective of her. There is a theory that Mio is Yae reincarnated, while Mayu is Sae. They are led by a Crimson Butterfly into All God's Village, where they become targets for the ghosts living there. They stumble across the Camera Obscura, which acts as a weapon in the first house. Sae possesses Mayu, leading her to take Sae's place as the Crimson Sacrifice. Mio ventures through All God's Village, finding and losing Mayu several times in the process. In the official fanbook, it says that Mayu and Sae both trip and fall on purpose so that there sisters would not leave them behind…. Apparently Mayu's the only one with falling skillz, 'cuz not only did she get her sister's attention, she also busted up her right leg pretty badly. Mio, naturally blaming it on herself, unknowingly defends her "innocent" sister. Bad Mayu, bad…. You might even rival Sae when it comes to sadism and masochism…..hmmm….

Kiryu Twins Azame and Akane

Twin children who were sacrificed. Ten years old at most, they like to ask, "Why do you kill?" Always found together. After Akane killed Azame, Akane became severely depressed, and her father made a doll to look like Azame. However, Azame came back to inhabit the doll. Their father attempted kill (?) the doll and Azame's spirit, again, which doesn't seem to have gone over very well with either child…. Despite the fact that, like Sae, they are crazy killer ghosts, you can't help but feel sorry for them…. Unless they actually do come out of your TV screen and make your face look strange when you die, then hide inside of a well…. They SERIOUSLY look like the girl from The Ring, no lie. It's like they made a ghost cloning machine and replicated her, not once, but twice…. (Sorry if I got them backwards, it's one of those two.

Tachibana Twins Itsuki and Mutsuki

Performed the Crimson ritual, but failed due to their lack of belief in the ritual's success. Itsuki killed Mutsuki, and was punished for his failure. Their failure resulted in Yae and Sae's ritual, which Itsuki tried to help them escape. His spirit aids Mayu and Mio. The game implies that there may have been a love triangle/square between all three or four twins.


Captures the spirits of ghosts who have not passed on. Causes severe damage to the spirit before exorcising it, and requires film. Increases the users paranormal awareness, and psychic abilities. Creates links with ghosts as well. An illustration of these powers are that Mayu is the only paranormally aware twin. Mio has no paranormal abilities until she gains access to the Caera Obscura, which causes her to be able to see and "sort of" communicate with them, through pictures.

Spirit Stone Radio

A stone, charm, gem, or other momento can be place inside of it in order to hear its owner's last thoughts. Voices are hard to hear through the ghost noise. Thoughts are often painful and distressing, but give clues.

Crimson Butterflies

Little insects (of doom!) Starts playing the Invader Zim Gir "Doom Song". Anyway, they are the souls of dead twins, which provide clues. When they gather, it is a message of impending doom. (Told you they were insects of DOOM!)


Yae/Sae and Mio/Mayu all have the same promise. To be together always. Depending on how you play, you either fulfill or fail the promise…. And NO! They aren't lesbians, the way people seem, but it's funner that way….


There are four different ends, three if you play PS2.

Normal/Default/Series Ending - Mayu and Mio go through with the Crimson Ritual. Mayu dies and becomes one of the Remaining A.K.A Crimson Butterfly.

Bad/Run Away Ending - Mio escapes without Mayu, just like Yae and Sae. Mayu goes back with Sae (still crazy/killer/scary laughing ghost).

"Good" Ending - Mio saves Mayu, pulling her apart from Sae, who falls into the Abyss. Mio looks into the Abyss, even after Itsuki tells her not too. Mayu leaves the village safely, with a now blind Mio. (Gee, what wonderful ending...hence the quotations...)

Promise Ending (Xbox Only) - While passing through a Tori Gate, Yae and Mio separate. Yae apologizes to Sae, and they fall into the Abyss. Mio pulls Mayu away from Sae, and leave togther.

I will be using a mixture of these endings, which will come into play later on.

Fatal Frame 3

Follows the default ending, where Mayu dies. Kei, their uncle is one of the main characters in this one. He has come to the Himura House in hopes to find out what happened to Mayu, and cure a strange tatoo on Mio's body. Mio is NOT a main character, mearly one who briefly appears, as a character who just winds up being there.


They are all in one house: The Manor of Sleep.

Some parts of the manor look like places from All Gods Village and the Himuro mansion.
Rei is mostly in the parts of the Manor of Sleep (not the parts from All Gods Village and Himuro Mansion). Kei is mostly in the parts of All Gods Village.
Miku is mostly in the parts of the Himuro Mansion.
Note:The characters sometimes visit the other places in the manor.

(Courtesy of MargoMathews)