Return of Royalty


Sweet Child of Mine

Well here is the sequel to Seras' Night Out. I'm still working on forming the main plot line but it will come in due time. Time to enjoy the new fic.

Seras Victoria sat in her living room surrounded by the many bookshelves that contained quite a lot of reading material. Twenty years was a long time to remain hidden and only so many hobbies could be taken up that would not draw attention. So Seras started collecting books to pass the time. As she flipped to the next page her hearing was overwhelmed with loud music coming from the next room. She covered her ears while thinking, 'You would think that supernatural hearing would allow her to keep the volume down,' as she walked towards the door that the music was coming from.

Seras got to the door and lightly kicked it before sending a telepathic message, 'Andreea! Turn that music down...I can't hear myself think.'

When Seras did not receive a reply she walked through the door and into the room. Her eyes caught sight of the stereo but were drawn to the figure that was dancing on the other side of the room. The girl was tall and slender with long, raven black hair that whipped left and right as the girl continued to dance with the music. Her body was tall, just reaching six feet in height, but had a slim athletic figure that seemed to enhance how she looked making her appear taller than she actually was. Her face was soft and slightly freckled; a trait she had inherited from her mother as well as her ample chest. Seras sighed and thought, 'All the things in the world she could have gotten from me and of course she gets the ones that cause all men to leer.'

Seras looked back over at the stereo that was belting out a song by Guns and Roses. She focused on the power switch and in an instant the radio died as it lost power. The young woman stopped dancing and opened her eyes to glare before shouting, "Mom! I was listening to that!"

Seras dropped her hands from her ears and replied, "I know honey...I know but it was so loud I couldn't concentrate on my book. Just keep it down a little bit."

Andreea looked at her mother before saying, "You know you can go out mom. You don't have to stay in this place for the rest of your un-life reading books."

Seras sighed before saying, "Andreea we have been other this time and time again. No, I can not go out...I can't risk being seen on the street right now."

Seras turned to leave the room but stopped when she heard Andreea's reply, "Why? What do you have to worry about? You are one of the strongest vampires in London...I don't see what could keep you here. I mean I bet dad isn't forcing himself to languish about like this."

It was at that moment that Andreea saw her mother bristle. It was not from anger but from other deep routed emotion that were coming to the surface because Andreea had slipped and mentioned her father. Andreea walked to her mother before all six feet of her body bent down to hug her mother across the shoulders before saying, "I'm sorry just slipped. I'm sorry."

Seras turned around and looked at her daughter before hugging her back and replying, "I know you didn't mean it dear but your father is a touchy subject for me...even if it has been twenty years since I last saw him."

Andreea released her mother and sat down on her bed before asking, "Who is my father? You have never spoken his name or described him to me."

Seras shuttered as she saw his face in her mind with that manic grin locked in place. Seras shook her head before saying, "I'm sorry Andreea but I can't tell you who he is right now. Your father will come back to us soon but until then I must keep a low profile."

"Why? Who is after you," Andreea thought as she again tried to pry her mother's secrets from her.

Seras sighed. Andreea was a very curious girl. Had always been very curious about the world and her mother's past. She had tried so many times to get Seras to spill her secrets as she was growing into a young woman but Seras never gave an inch. 'I guess I can give up one little secret tonight that won't hurt anything,' Seras thought.

"Hellsing knows who I am Andreea. If I were to be spotted they would being a large operation to find me...if they found me they would seek to kill or enslave me and I wish for neither one right now," Seras said as she sat down next to Andreea.

Andreea looked at her mother before saying, "Hellsing! Those bastards deserve to die! The only trump card they have is whatever James and them refer to as, 'Big Red.'"

Seras busted out laughing as she as she heard the name. She rolled on her back as she continued to laugh until small blood tears leaked from her eyes before replying, "So that's what they're calling him? I'm sure Alucard isn't too happy about that."

Andreea stared at her mother before asking, "Who's Alucard?"

Seras looked at Andreea and replied, "I guess I've kept you sheltered from a few things for a bit too long. I'll show you."

Seras then got up and walked out of the room with her daughter in tow. She walked into the living room and turned on the computer that sat in the corner. Seras went through a few folders in the file system before she came to a few video clips that she had gotten a hold of before Hellsing had deleted the evidence. "This is Alucard...or Big Red as you know him by."

Andreea watched with apt attention as the video started. It was a security camera feed from some warehouse. A freak was feeding off of a victim when a deep baritone was heard, "Maggot freak...did you kill all of these people just to sate your thirst?"

Andreea's eyes widened as a tall and slender man in an all red ensemble came into view holding one of the largest handguns she had ever seen. The freak quickly dove and grabbed a gun before pelting Alucard with lead. Andreea watched in surprise and fascination as the bullets did nothing to halt the large man. Then the wounds began to heal and Andreea could not help but shout, "He's a vampire!"

Seras stopped the clip and turned to look at Andreea before nodding and saying, "Yep, Alucard is one of us. And, I mean he is a true nosefartu like you and I. He is also one of the strongest beings I have ever come up against so this is why I must remain out of sight. If I'm seen and Hellsing finds me they won't send humans...They'll send Alucard."

Andreea looked at her mother before asking, "You've fought with him before," catching the words, 'one of the strongest beings I have ever come up against.'

Seras nodded, "Yes, I've fought Alucard...and I've never beaten him before. I was just barely able to get away both times that we have met. So, be careful when you go out. Hellsing does not know of you but if you cause too much of a ruckus then they'll send they're head trash man after you."

Andreea nodded, "I understand mom," before she looked at her watch.

"Well, It's ten pm. I'm heading out for a bit I'll see you later tonight mom," Andreea hugged her mother again before going to change for the night.

Seras smiled as she watched her daughter walk towards her room. Seras walked outside in a bit of a haze from all the memories brought up by their discussion. She looked up at the rising moon while thinking, 'She's fully grown and a beautiful woman now...I wonder what Alucard would think.'

Seras watched as a flock of bats flew past her and into the night's sky signaling that Andreea had left. Seras sighed as she looked out over London and said, "Soon, soon I'll have him back...and Andreea will finally know her father."

A/N: 'Andreea,' is the Romanian way of spelling, 'Andrea,' which is a female derivative of, 'Andrew.'

Disclaimer: Any characters or ideas from Hellsing do not belong to me. I am not selling this material, just writing for the heck of it as I go.

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