Return of Royalty

Chapter: 5


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Both Seras and Andreea stared at Alucard after he had revealed his plans for them. He smirked before asking in a joking manner, "What? Don't tell me you thought I was from England."

Seras glared at him before saying, "It's not that it's just kind of sudden for us to up and move to Romania. I've never been out of England and neither has Andreea. That and we don't know the language the customs or anything like that."

"If you really wish to learn I can teach you. But, it truly is not that important, it's not like we are going to be conversing with the locals or anything like that. If anything at all they will be our blood supply and that is it," Alucard replied as he looked down at Seras.

Andreea looked at Alucard before saying, "So you expect us to just pack up and leave just like that. No matter what kind of life we have here we are to just move out to the middle of nowhere."

It was at this that Alucard stood, thus promptly and rudely dropping Seras on her butt, before looking at Andreea and saying lowly, "You will show more respect for my homeland. I have languished here in this land for too long. And, if the life you had is referring to that pack of abominations that I caught you sneaking out of the bar with then forget it. No daughter of mine will be seen with the likes of that scum."

Andreea stood as well and stared at her father and was about to continue the argument but was interrupted by Seras standing from the spot she had been dumped and let out a growl. Both Alucard and Andreea looked at the petite woman as she replied with a dangerousness that almost mirrored Alucard, "Both of you sit down. I am not going to have a vampiric pissing contest in my home!"

Andreea immediately sat down in her chair as she could not remember the last time she had seen her mother's temper rise. Alucard on the other hand remained standing and let out a low growl of his own. Seras glared back at him before replying, "And, I plan on having a talk with you about warning me before you stand up and toss me on the floor."

Both vampires stared at each other for a moment before Alucard smirked and sat down while saying, "If only you could have been like this while you were my fledgling. Things would have been so much more entertaining."

Seras sat down, seeming to still be in a bit of a foul mood, before replying, "Now. Though I agree that this is a bit sudden I don't see any reason not to go along. I'm tired of hiding Andreea...I'm tired of running from vampire hunters like Hellsing. I doubt Romania would be a good place for us. And, as for something your father hit on, you know I did not like the freaks either. If there were true vampires around then I would have worked for you to meet them but there are not...just freaks."

Andreea knew she was outnumbered on this and sighed. 'Well, looks like with Alucard around I won't have as much decision making freedom as I did,' she thought before looking back up at her parents.

"Well I guess I'm outvoted on this one," before consenting to what Alucard had proposed.

Alucard smiled as he replied, "Good now I start to arrange for accommodations to carry us home."

Andreea stood up slowly and said, "Well, let me start packing then."

Alucard and Seras watched Andreea disappear into her room before Seras quickly turned and grabbed Alucard by the collar. She stared at Alucard before saying, "Now about this whole dumping me on the floor like I'm some kind of garbage?"

Alucard smirked as he looked at Seras and replied, "My, my Police Girl has grown a bit hot under the collar in these past twenty years."

Seras growled before saying, "I thought we were over this whole pet name thing."

"But, it is very entertaining to see your reactions," Alucard replied to Seras' irritation.

After a few moments of staring at each other Seras finally laid her head on Alucard chest before mumbling, "Damnit, I can never win with you can I?"

Alucard wrapped his arms around Seras before chuckling and saying, "Depends on what you are meaning Seras. I do get a kick out of your moods. But, it was not my intention to dump you on the floor or treat you with any disrespect. Those days are over Seras. You earned my respect by becoming a true nosferatu and I will not treat with the disrespect that I did to train you."

Seras snuggled into Alucard before mumbling, "I always wondered how long it would take to hear you say something like that."

Alucard slowly ran a hand down Seras back before saying, "Only as long as it took you to understand my teachings."

To say Hellsing had seen better days was an understatement. Alucard, the vampire that had been tamed by the Hellsing family, was now loose on the world once more. Hellsing detachments patrol the streets in civilian clothing as they tried to locate the killing machine that had once been their top agent. It had been a good week and nothing had been sited. While that part was good it did not help that there were not any answers either. Phillip Windsor sat in his office as he spoke on the telephone with his superiors. "No, sir. I don't know where the master vampire has disappeared to but we are working on that."

"No, sir. We didn't have time he disappeared right when Sir Integra died. I know sir. We tried to get Integra to tell us were the binding spell was kept but she wouldn't tell us she just kept saying that we would fail," Phillip Windsor continued as he continued his heated talk with his boss.

At that moment there was a click in the shadows of the office. Phillip looked up only to her the silenced sound of a nine millimeter going off three times. He was struck in both shoulders and the chest as he fell the the floor. Phillip tried to yell but he could not check his breath. He heard the intruder walking closer before he stopped. He could her his bosses voice on the phone, "Windsor? Windsor answer me damnit!"

The phone clicked as it was placed back on the receiver. Phillip looked up to see a man dress in a back combat suit. The suit was form fitting and covered him from head to two. He looked as if a man was wearing a scuba suit loaded to the teeth with weapons and ammunition. The man crouched down and said, in a low Germanic accent, "Now the reason you can't scream is because you to a direct hit to the lung. You one functioning lung can't scream and keep you alive at the same time."

"Who...Who are you," Phillip was only able to get out in a whisper.

"A shadow. I'm here to clean up what has failed. You failed keeping the nosferatu Alucard in chains and thus my boss decided that you are no longer useful. But, you can rest in peace knowing that we the Hunters will take care of him no matter where he goes," replied the man as he placed the gun to the Hellsing leader's head.

"No...," Phillip could not finish his sentence before the trigger was pulled.

Felix looked down at his work before he stood up and to the window. He looked through the drapes to see if the coast was clear. Lucky for him most of Hellsing was out looking for Alucard. "Nothing personal...just my job," he said as he opened the window and leaped out.

Felix rolled on the ground before jumping to his feet and running towards the wall. After a few feet he jumped and caught the top of the perimeter wall. He pulled himself up and checked again before lowering himself down into the streets. Felix the quickly moved down the street before taking off his mask and opening his cell phone. He hit the speed dial and waited, "Yes, report," came the voice over the telephone.

"The job is done. Now we need to begin the search. Felix out."

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