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At the top of a semi-ruined building…

Shikamaru scratched his cheek with the head of the pen while wearing a troubled face. He was staring at the clipboard that was on his hand. Beside him is Kiba and Shino, both quiet from watching the people try to rebuild their homes.

"Damn." Shikamaru mumbled. "The damage now is much worse than the damage when Sound attacked before."

"Half of our main clan house was damaged." Kiba replied in an annoyed tone. "So I have to help on rebuilding it. Fortunately, Tsunade-sama asked us to do the overview of the work to be done instead."

Akamaru barked.

"Shino, was your clan's house destroyed as well?" Kiba asked.

"Partly." He replied with his monotonous voice. "Not that much."

Kiba sighed and placed his hands behind his head and continued to watch the people. He noticed that some of the workers were had sand's symbol on it.

He was about to ask Shikamaru about this when somebody arrived.

"Hey." Temari, Sand's Ambassador arrived with her fan on her back. Shikamaru sighed and looked at Temari with a bored face.

"You're here again?"

Temari shot him a glare.

"Shut up lazy ass." Temari spat back. "We're here to help you with the work…"

"Oh?" Shikamaru scribbled something on the clipboard. "Why didn't you guys help at the attack instead? That would've saved some work."

Temari's eyebrows met.

"Well Mr. Genius, we were blocked by Sound's forces by the Konoha border so only few of our ninjas were able to come in your village while we were forced to fight there…" She replied in a nasty tone. "You should thank us… we still helped."

Shikamaru sighed.


Kiba stared at the two.

'Wow… I never saw Shikamaru like this before.'

Shino remained quiet.

"Where's the Kazekage?" Shino asked out of the blue. Temari placed her right hand on her waist and stared at the scenery below her.

"He's negotiating with the Godaime." She replied monotonously. "I see the damage has doubled."

"Wow…" Shikamaru gasped. "Did you only see that now?" he said in a fake surprised tone.

Temari was about to use her fan against him when Gaara interrupted.

"Temari." He arrived with two other ninjas. "What's the report about the damage?"

"Ah, Gaara." Kiba smirked. "Long time no see."

Gaara nodded at them.

"The damage has doubled since the last attack." Temari replied. "Hey lazy ass, tell me what places have the biggest damage."

Shikamaru sighed and flipped a paper from a clipboard.

"There are a hundred and twenty training grounds all over the village and almost half are destroyed mainly because most of the fights were held there. The Hokage tower…"

"Yes I've seen the damage." Temari said thoughtfully. Shikamaru ignored him.

"The Borders. Academy. One fourth of the building is destroyed. The Hospital… but not that much… But 85 of the damages were on the resident's houses." Shikamaru finished and flipped back the paper. "So far, we're working on the borders first and the second is the Hokage Tower and the houses."

"How is the work on the village borders?" Gaara asked in a low tone and watched the destroyed borders from afar.

"Fine, fine…" Shikamaru scratched his head. "Though it will take time."



Hinata was exhausted from healing several wounded ninjas as she wiped her head with the back of her hand and took a deep breath. She smiled on her female patient and excused herself before leaving. Upon turning around, she saw Naruto with a few band-aids on his face while grinning broadly at her.

"Hinata-chan." He called as Hinata blushed and went towards him. They went out the ward and walked together at the corridor.

"Working hard or hardly working?" Naruto grinned.

"Both." Hinata mumbled as she chuckled. "How is the meeting Naruto-kun?"

"Boring as usual." Naruto's face turned into a bored frown. "They kept on discussing about rebuilding the village. I swear I was going to die any time soon if I have stayed there longer."

Hinata chuckled again.

"Naruto-kun, the meeting was about the rebuilding of the village." She replied. "So it's only normal for them to discuss mainly on the rebuilding."

Naruto sweat dropped anime style.

"Errr… yeah."


"Hey!" Naruto gasped. "Let's eat Ramen! I'm starving!"

Hinata looked at him.


Naruto looked back at her and stared at her as though she was some kind of an alien from another universe.

"Silly! Of course! Where else?"

"Ramen Bar?"

Naruto nodded enthusiastically.

"But Naruto-kun…"

"Why? Is something the matter?"

Hinata sighed.

"The ramen bar was destroyed remember?"

Naruto glared at her for a few minutes before he let out a gasp.


Hinata gasped.

"Naruto-kun! Not so loud! You're in the hospital!"


Hinata glared at him.

"You told me this morning."


The Godaime stared at the village she's ruling over through the windows of her office. Shizune was busy as hell, trying to restore all damaged files.

A sigh escaped her lips as she stared at the damage.

"Damn." She mumbled. "Damn you snake-freak. Look at what you did."


Tsunade didn't even turn around to see who just arrived. She knew who it was already judging from the chakra.

"Jiraiya." She called. "How are the sound forces?"

Jiraiya had a serious face…

"They're trying to recover as well. But the damage here is far worse. But they lost more people than us." He reported. "Orochimaru is trying to recover as well."

Tsunade's eyebrows met.

"What about him?"

Jiraiya sighed.

"They won't be around for some time. Even he is wounded. He won't come after your student for a while Tsunade…" Jiraiya replied as he sat down at the chair. "His fight with Naruto had given him numerous wounds."

There was a moment of silence…

"That was sure a close one." Jiraiya broke the ice. "If it weren't for Naruto… Sakura would have no husband now."

Tsunade sighed.

"And he attacked when she was helpless." Tsunade added. "Such a coward."

"Good thing she delivered it properly…" Jiraiya smirked. "If she lost her husband or her precious children, the damage now would be tripled due to a raging Godaime."

Tsunade laughed out loud.

"True, true." Tsunade smiled. "I was worried as hell when I heard about his close encounter with death. I had a talk with the Hyuuga earlier on. Sakura seems to be recovering from her delivery. Twins."

Jiraiya closed his eyes and smiled.

"I know." Jiraiya. "Those two are so damn lucky."

"Tell me about it." Tsunade replied. "Though Sakura has been giving Neji several headaches now since she's bedridden and she's been annoying Neji to just stay with her for the whole day. Since she's always alone."

This time, it was Jiraiya's turn to laugh.

"Gah, women." He shook his head and continued to laugh. "They don't understand that men sometimes have to work. So what is Neji doing?"

"He explains it to her and she understands. But after two hours, she calls again telling him to come home." Tsunade grinned. "And last night, he hardly got enough sleep. The children had been crying several times and since Sakura can't stand up, he was forced to take care of them for the time being."

"No wonder Hyuuga looks tired."

"Hn. He'll get used to it."


Jounin's Lounge…

Neji rubbed his temples as he sighed and leaned himself to his chair. He had been reading paperwork and doing that makes him feel sleepy. He didn't have enough sleep last night as well.

"Neji, you okay?" Kakashi sat down on his chair with a mug of coffee.

"Yeah…" He replied in a sleepy tone.

"Babies giving you a headache?" Genma appeared with a stack of paperwork. "Kakashi, please sort out these files."

Kakashi ignored him as he read his book. A vein popped out of Genma's head.


Neji rolled his eyes. Great. All he needs is two of his elders fighting over something stupid.

Kakashi still ignored him. Genma gritted the needle on his mouth as he went to Gai, who willingly took the job. In the middle of Gai's sermon of youth to Genma and on his boasting that he's better than Kakashi, Genma rolled his eyes, sighed and left.

Neji gritted his teeth.

'Is it only now that I've noticed that this Lounge has noisy members?'

Neji threw the pencil at his desk and swiveled his chair to stare at the white wall while trying to meditate. He has a noisy wife and when he's at work, his comrades are also noisy.

'Come on… just give me a small break!'

He's at his wits end.

Kakashi looked at Neji who was staring at the wall while trying to meditate.

'He's stressed. Well… I couldn't blame him.'

For a moment, the Lounge was filled with the sounds of papers and pens scribbling which helped Neji big time.

Well, that was only for a moment…


Neji groaned silently.

"Yo." Kakashi greeted. "Hyper as usual Naruto?"

"Gah…" Naruto placed his hands behind his head. "I'm bummed. The Ramen Bar's destroyed and I've ran out of ramen supplies…"

"They why don't you buy them at the supermarket?"

"Too lazy." Naruto grinned and dropped himself at his chair. "Maybe later."

Naruto noticed Neji who was mumbling something under his breath while trying to meditate.

"Yo, Neji." Naruto interrupted. "How's Sakura?"

A moment of silence…

"She's fine." Neji mumbled lowly, but was loud enough for Naruto to hear. There was a moment of silence again as Naruto had his fox face again.

"Oh… then why do you look like you haven't slept?"

Kakashi sighed and shook his head.

Neji sighed.

'Only a few hours more Neji and you'll be outta here…' Neji thought to himself. 'But there's also a whining woman waiting for you at home… Grrr…'


Sakura sat on her bed while staring at the crib that was just a few steps away from her. Her children were sleeping soundly on the crib while her butt was already aching due to prolonged sitting.


She tried to stand up once but her body was still in pain (due to the labor and the fact that she was forced to fight while pregnant during the attack) and she couldn't bear it. She is fully aware that she's being a burden to Neji right now with her constant whining and the fact that he's the one taking care of the kids.

Her lips let out an audible sigh as her bored eyes looked out from the sliding doors and noticed that it was already late afternoon.

The young mother was snapped out of her reverie when she heard Hizashi wake up and eventually, he started to cry. Sakura gasped as she tried to stand up but a shot of pain stopped her. She placed her hand on her stomach as she gritted her teeth and still tried to stand up.

"Hizashi… ma… mama will be there in a moment." She said in a hoarse tone as she was able to stand up. She was surprised that the pain was not as great as it was before, but she had to walk slowly. She walked to the crib and saw Hizashi boring his beautiful milky eyes to his mother but he still continued to cry.

"Ohh…" She said sweetly. "Come here baby."

She slowly bent down while trying to block off the pain to get her baby and when she was able to get hold of Hizashi, she started lifting him slowly. When she was able to do so, she carried Hizashi and tried to calm down the baby while singing a lullaby.


Jounin's Lounge.

Neji stood up when his shift ended and instantly grabbed his things. Naruto and the others just stared at him before he left without another word. When the door closed, everyone looked at each other.

"Excited much?" Naruto smirked and started cleaning up his desk. Kakashi nodded.


Neji walked at one of the sidewalks in Konoha while he was deep in thought. He was currently thinking if he will be able to get some sleep tonight. He was tired and he had work both in the house and in the office so his energy was drained.

He continued on walking with his hands on his pockets and he was snapped out of his reverie when he passed by a candy store. He stared at the colorful candies and the beaming children with their parents, which put a small smile unto his face.

Something came into Neji's mind.


Sakura sat at her bed with her baby next to her, sleeping like an angel. She was bored as hell and she tried to kill off time by reading a book that she has read for God-knows-how-many. She heard voices from behind their door and listened.

"Yeah, those are for the Hokage. Make sure those papers reach her okay?" Sakura recognized that voice. She remembered that that voice was from one of Neji's female cousins from the main house and she was really pretty, as far as she could remember. She saw her once on her wedding.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when the girl spoke again.

"Neji-san! Good afternoon."

Sakura felt her heart rise when she heard his name. Finally she has some company. Her smile greeted Neji when he entered the room. Strange, his right hand is behind him…obviously trying to hide something. But she was too preoccupied with Neji's handsome smile.

"How are you?" He asked and gave her a peck on the cheeks. Sakura sighed.

"Dying out of boredom." She replied. "Anyway, what do you have there?"

Neji's eyes traveled to Hizashi before sitting down at the bed.

"How did he…" Neji got the idea when Sakura beamed again. "Sakura…"

Sakura gave him a toothy grin.

"He was crying!" Sakura pouted. "I can't let my son cry…"

"But you could have called someone to help you though…" Neji sighed. "What if something happened to you huh? What if you had pains and no one can see you writhing? What if…"

"What if. Neji. What if." Sakura stopped him. "I'm fine as you can see and nothing of your 'what it's' happened to me."

"But they COULD have happened Sakura." Neji argued. "Even though they are just 'what if's' they could have happened to you."

Sakura opened her mouth but when she realized she had nothing as a comeback, she closed it again and just stared at Neji with an unexplainable face.

"Sakura." Neji shuffled the small bag as Sakura watched him. "Don't give me that face." And he gave her the candy bag that he bought. Sakura squealed as she thanked him and grabbed the candy bag with glee. Neji smiled.

Sakura gasped and chuckled when she saw her favorite candies in it.

"Thank you Neji-kun!" She beamed. Neji only nodded as he carefully took Hizashi in his arms, stood up and returned him to his cradle, beside his sister. Neji caressed each of their cheeks before returning to their bed where his wife was gobbling all the gummy candies with a big smile on her face.

"Damn Sakura." He placed one hand on his waist. "Slow down or you'll choke."

Sakura giggled.

"It's been a long time since I last eaten these candies." She swallowed the candies. "By the way, how did you know my favorite candies?"

Neji smiled and sat on the bed Indian style.

"That's a secret." He chuckled. "Of course, as a husband, I should know every nook and cranny about my wife."

Sakura smiled sweetly.

"I didn't know Hyuuga Neji could be a good husband." Sakura chuckled when Neji gave her a face. "Heck, I didn't even expect for you to be my husband."

There was a moment of silence…

"Neji-kun…" Sakura put down the bag as Neji looked at her. "What if… that thing…that thing that night didn't happen… if we didn't do that… do you think we still have ended with each other?"

Neji was surprised by the question as he sat beside Sakura and hugged her. He started caressing her hair as he sighed.

"Fate has its own reasons for doing that… and I believe that you are my soul mate, Sakura… even though we didn't see it at first. I also believe that we were destined for each other… so I guess we'll still end up together in the end…"

Sakura was surprised by the answer but she just smiled and chuckled.

"What if Sasuke was here? And he didn't leave, do you think we'll still be soul mates?"

Neji raised an eyebrow.

"I have no idea…" Neji replied. "Sakura, I'm not a God. I don't know everything."

Sakura sighed.


"Hmm?" Neji looked at her.

"I love you soo much." She gave him a toothy grin. Neji chuckled.

"And I love you soo much as well Sakura."


Orochimaru's place.

Sasuke sat at his bed with hatred in his eyes. Seeing Sakura be worried that much of Neji sickens him and how Naruto interrupted when he already had Sakura on his fingertips.

"I won't give up…" Sasuke gritted. "As an Uchiha, I definitely won't."



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