Disclaimer: HP does not belong to me.

Author: Drarry Fan (formally Meggy Potter)

Title: Forever Was Once Never

Summary: Harry Potter disappeared after the war with Draco Malfoy's twin sons, what happens when he returns with the twins who are to attend Hogwarts? What happens when Severus informs Draco?

Category: Romance/Drama

Pairing/s: Draco/Harry.

Warning/s: MPREG and MALE LOVE.

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CHAPTER ONE: The Beginning

"Gah! Eek gah!" a baby squealed in delight as his father tickled him on the tummy. Draco smiled down at his son as Harry moved beside him with their other one baby and carefully laid him on the blanket beside his brother. This was it. This was Draco Malfoy's life and he was proud of it. He not only had twin sons that his beautiful husband gave birth to, but the wizarding world itself was peaceful. Voldemort no longer existed and this allowed everyone to have the chance at happiness, especially the son of a former spy, Lucius Malfoy.

"Draco, baby, Lathien wants you" Harry whispering in amusement as Lathein, the twin boy in front of Draco squealed and screeched for his father's attention. Draco turned and smiled, moving down and blowing a sloppy kiss on Lathien's face. Lathien Draconis Malfoy screeched again and grabbed part of his father's hair in his small chubby hand and pulled softly, an act that caused Draco to laugh.

Lathien and his twin brother, Scott, were born exactly six months after the fall of Voldemort and the wizarding world rejoiced in the births. To these people, Harry was a saviour and still a celebrity and the birth of the sons only allowed happiness for Harry and Draco to spread throughout the world.

Even now, Draco wondered how this all turned out the way it did. How did Harry and he become married? How did they allow themselves to be so careless that Harry became pregnant? Yes it was true, the twins were a mistake but Draco knew that they were a mistake that he would repeat with Harry any day. He was content with his life and the former Slytherin knew that nothing could go wrong.

"Draco? Are you okay?" Draco turn awkwardly, Lathien's hand was still in his hair, and stared at Harry who was smiling gently at his husband. Draco smiled back as he carefully plied his son's hand from his hair and moved forward to kiss his husband gently on the lips.

"I'm perfect. How could I not be? I have the most beautiful husband who I love and the most beautiful sons I could ever imagine having. Why wouldn't I be okay?" Draco cooed and leaned forward to kiss on the lips again, ignoring the frown that found it's way on Harry's face before Draco kissed him.

That day was perfect. It was the day that Draco was home from work. It was the day that Draco spent with his sons and family. It was the day that Hermione came and got them to baby sit them in the afternoon. It was the day that Draco made love to his husband. It was also the day before Harry would take Draco's sons and leave forever. Why? Draco didn't know, but he was heartbroken. What had went wrong he believed he would never know. Harry had left and Draco had no idea whether he would see him again. But he would, in his heart he knew he would. His sons would come back for Hogwarts and they did.


A/N: Strange and a bit bad, I know. I'm bad at beginnings. But I swear it will get better. And longer too. xP