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Chapter 4

Harry slowly chewed on his food as he watched the youngest and kindest of the twins, Scott, talking excitedly to the daughter of his best friends. They had instantly connected in the way Harry had done so with Ron and that in itself made Harry feel warm inside. However he worried deeply for Lathien. All his life, Lathien had been considered a loner. Harry could not remember one friend that his son had had except for his own twin and it broke Harry's heart. He idly wondered if it was because Lathien was more like Draco and so needed people more Slytherin to connect with. And in his head that was the only possible connection. At one point, Harry had even tried to get Lathien to make friends with the people his twin had hung around, but the duplicate of Draco never spoke one word to them.

'He had looked at them as though they were lower then him' Harry thought, as he quietly remembered back to the time when it had happened.

"Uncle 'arry?" Harry looked beside him where a little red head boy grinned at the man looking down at him. When they had entered the house just twenty minutes earlier, Harry had been greeted by a swarm of Weasley's. Ron and Hermione, clearly following in the Weasley tradition, had had five children all up. The oldest was a beautiful brown haired girl by the name of Nicole, or Nikki as she preferred. Nikki had been born around the same time as the twins and had been the only Weasley child Harry had saw before he left. Her looks as well as her intelligence had clearly come from Hermione; there was no doubt about it. She was also named Harry's goddaughter. He could still remember when the twins and Nikki played for hours on end when Harry's two best friends had come to visit him and Draco, when they had tried to pull them apart; they always cried their lungs out. With Scott, it had only taken ten minutes to stop his tears, but the only thing that stopped Lathien was Draco talking to him for about thirty minutes. He had always preferred his father to Harry.

The second oldest had just turned nine and was another girl by the name of Rose Weasley. With flaming red hair, freckles and bright blue eyes, Rose was a duplicate of Ron. She did not have the intelligence of her mother or older sister but instead a fiery temper and act before she thinks notion. Ron had always been proud of his second eldest daughter and he had always been the first to tell Harry when she played pranks on the purebloods down Diagon Alley. Of course, silence always issued from both Ron and Rose when Hermione had given them her famous glare. The third child and first boy was one named Arthur. He, too, had the famous red hair and freckles but instead of blue eyes, he inherited those of his mother. At just eight years old, Arthur was a very serious boy. He never played with the other children and like Hermione, instead enjoyed to read books. As of yet, he didn't have the intelligence of his mother, but Hermione was sure we would gain it. Ron, however, thought otherwise. He had told Harry that while Arthur liked reading books, he preferred story books to knowledge ones.

"He has an imagination, not knowledge for those dreadful books Nikki reads" While Harry knew Ron loved all his children equally; he couldn't help but feel Ron favoured Rose and Arthur above the rest.

The fourth of them was five year old Jeremiah. He had a softer kind of red haired compared to his siblings and no freckles were visible on his pale looking face. With Hermione's eyes he always looked very thoughtful and obviously a very shy child. When Harry first met him, he had instantly hid behind Hermione for refuge and why Harry found it very amusing he couldn't help but feel sorry for him being so shy. Hermione had told Harry that Jerry liked to talk to people but found it hard making friends due to that shyness. Where he had got this, Harry didn't know. He felt that he definitely didn't get it from Hermione or Ron. Harry guessed it must have been growing up in the spotlight of his overactive and excelling older siblings. The last of the lot was Dexter, a tiny four year old that had instantly took a like to his 'Uncle 'arry'. Dexter's hair was a pale brown and his eyes, though clearly also very light was a blue that shone above others. With one look, Harry knew Dexter could get whatever he wanted. He was the baby of the group and while Ron and Hermione had a lot to deal with concerning the older children, Harry could guess Dexter knew exactly how to get attention.

Harry smiled sweetly at the boy whose big toothy grin smiled right back at him. It an instant Dexter had moved from his chair to Harry's lap, cuddling into the warm body that sat there. Harry wrapped his arms gently around the youngest Weasley and looked up to smile at Hermione who was shaking her head in wonder. Apparently, while Dexter was an attention seeking child, he never warmed up to people as quickly as he did Harry. Harry's eyes then moved to his sons. Scott was still talking to Nikki in an excited whisper while Lathien was staring at Harry and Dexter, in return. His blue eyes had turn cold in anger and Harry could see his fists clenched up in fury. With a surprise gesture, Harry slowly pried the young boy off him and set him down on his feet beside the chair. He leaned down and whispered for Dexter to join his mother before looking at Lathien again. They stared at each other for a moment before Harry spoke.

"Lathien, can I talk to you outside?" He never received an answer, but Lathien stood and quietly made his way outside the door. Harry gave Hermione a smile. "Do excuse us for a moment" With a flick of Hermione's hand and a smile that said she didn't mind, Harry followed his son out. Lathien was sitting on a seat that had beautiful flowers growing around it. The scene of the outdoors made Harry sigh in happiness of the sight. It was truly a wonderful day today. The black haired man moved to sit beside his son and looked out in front of him where a set of gnomes decided to fight each other. With a laugh, Harry turned to look at his son.

Lathien's face seemed stone cold and Harry could see his jaw clenching. The ex-Gryffindor knew there was something wrong with his son for a while now and everything he tried to do to get it out of him never worked.

"Lathien, tell me what's wrong" With a soothing gesture, Harry moved his hand to slowly sweep through his son's blond hair. The hand was pushed of the head of Lathien in a rather dramatic action and it made Harry sigh again, this time in frustration. "Lathien, I can't help you if you don't tell …"

"You don't want to know!" Lathien snapped before Harry could even finish what he was saying. The blond haired boy's eyes now gazed at his dad is what seemed to be sadness and Harry just didn't know what to do anymore. Was he just supposed to understand Lathien so easily? Was he such a bad parent to the oldest twin? Harry faintly tilted his head to the side and looked back into the deep blue eyes in wonder. He could still remember when Lathien and Scott were born, they were a joy for both Draco and Harry and when the black haired man had first stared into the eyes of this boy sitting in front of him, Harry knew he was in love. His sons were his world after he left Draco but it seemed that no matter how hard he tried for Lathien, it was never good enough. He still wanted the father he doesn't remember. Couldn't Lathien understand Harry was protecting him?

"You know I'll listen, Lathien" Harry murmured, his face twisted in the same sadness that shone on the eleven year old's own features. Harry was shocked when Lathien laughed in what seemed to be a sarcastic way. He stood now, staring down at the man who had raised him his whole life.

"Exactly! You always listen. You never act. I ask you about father, you don't answer, I beg you to let us see him, and you don't allow it. It always listening with you. Why don't you understand? HE'S OUR FATHER!"

"AND A COWARD!" Harry never meant for himself to yell back at his upset son, but it seemed Lathien knew exactly how to get on his nerves. "Lathien, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled" but the blue eyed boy wasn't listening, instead, his attention was on what Harry had yelled back.

"A coward? How? What did he do dad?" Ignoring Lathien's begging, Harry shook his head and stood. With measured steps, the green eyed man moved past the blond boy and quickly made his way inside, missing the tears as they fell down his son's face.


"Come on! Hurry now or we'll never get anywhere" Harry snorted in amusement as Hermione rounded up her children like cattle. Hermione quickly and gently pushed them through the narrow street of Diagon Alley. Harry, whose sons were trailing behind him in wonder, turned to grin at them.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley, boys" Scott grinned back and sped up to catch up with Nikki but as usual Lathien stayed behind. Harry noticed he was looking at the ground, not caring if he knocked into someone. After the morning of arguing, two days had went by in which Lathien spoke no words to his dad. Harry had tried repeatedly to get the twin boy to talk but didn't get a sound out of him. Harry knew it was only him he was not speaking to as the ex-Gryffindor had heard the blond talk to his twin while they were supposed to be sleeping.

Harry slowed down his pace and waited for Lathien to reach his side. With a sense of the remaining sadness from that night, Harry moved his arm around his son's shoulders. It was instantly knocked off by Lathien who turned to glare at his dad. It was times like these that Harry just wanted to fall on the ground and cry, but he held his posture in a positive way and continued on.

"Well, what do we need first?" Harry watched as Hermione looked down at the Hogwarts' letters before nodding. "Books"

Harry couldn't help but snort; it was so expected of Hermione to go for the books first. With a glare from the bushy haired woman, Harry couldn't help the mischief grin to find its way onto his face. As they entered Flourish and Blotts, Harry once again looked around for his sons. The only one he saw was Scott who was still talking to Nikki in an excited voice. Harry began to wonder if they would get married when they were older and it made him laugh at the image. A Malfoy and a Weasley getting married; now that would be something to see. When Harry looked around further for Lathien and caught no sight of him, Harry began to fret.

"He went to look at some books" Harry glanced at the younger twin as he spoke and smiled in relief. As long as he knew Lathien was safe.

Lathien snarled as he looked at the bunch of Weasleys with his brother and father. He didn't like them. The hair made his eyes hurt and they were so…happy, it made him sick. Not to mention the youngest brat who probably got along better with his dad then he did. With a shake of his head, Lathien turned to walk further into the books. None seemed to catch his interest. They were the same old boring knowledge books, the ones that his dad's friend would read. He didn't understand how his dad could be friends with such…boring people.

As Lathien reached the end of the isle, a book with a big black spine caught his attention. With big green words the read "Slytherin and its members", Lathien was instantly interested as he picked it.

"Expecting to be in Slytherin then?" Lathien turned sharply at the arrogant sounding voice and looked up at the man staring down at him. With white blond hair, sharp blue eyes and pale white skin, Lathien frowned at the stranger.

"Yes, of course" Lathien responded in the same kind of arrogance as he stared suspiciously at the man that he thought looked a lot like him. "Who are you?" The stranger stared at him for a moment before replying.

"The question is, who are you?" The stranger replied, a look in his eye the eleven year old couldn't comprehend.

"Lathien! Lathien! Where are you?" Lathien watched as his dad walked around the corner and stopped in shock, his eyes staring at the stranger. "Draco?"