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We were running for our lives. Being chased by erasers. Again. Panting, I looked back at the hoard of wolfish creatures and couldn't help but wonder why they wanted to kill us so badly..My feet pounded hard against the ground., and I winced as I stepped on a sharp rock that cut through my worn out tennis shoe. Every step that I took, I felt a sharp pain in my foot. Step, ow. Step, ow. Step, ow! I couldn't take it.

"Guy's, U and A, now!" With that, my flock unfurled their wings and shot into the air. I flapped my wings softly, seeing blood drip from my foot down to where the erasers were. Splat. It hit Ari right in the face. He turned red as a tomato, a very wolfish tomato with anger management problems. He snapped out his own wings and rose toward the sky. I knew we were faster than him, especially me, with my turbo speed thing, but I wouldn't have to go turbo speed with dog-boy here. No offense, but Ari couldn't fly worth beans. Seriously, he's, like, the worst flyer I have ever seen in my life .Fang caught my eye and nudged his head towards a cave up ahead. I nodded.

Fang landed almost silently at the cave entrance, then lost his balance at the last second, falling to the ground. He quickly stood up and brushed the dust off of his pants, giving me one of his Fang glares. He looked at the rest of the flock, who was trying hard not to laugh, I even heard Total trying to smother his laughter. Fang's expression quickly changed from embarrassment to his usual, I'm cool look. As we walked into the cave, I gave Fang a look that said, great job, graceful. He scowled at me.

After we ate dinner, which consisted of whatever we could find in Fang's backpack, we tapped each other's fists, as we did every night. Angel and Nudge slept close to Total, who was curled up in a little furry ball. Gazzy slept in the middle of the cave, a few feet away from Total and the girls.

"So, who's taking first watch?" Iggy said after a while.

"I'll do it," Fang volunteered, after he saw that I wasn't going to take the job.

"Thanks," I said gratefully. I hated first watch. I wasn't sure why, but I did.

I laid down on my back, and, well, just laid there. I can't just, like, fall asleep, like the younger kids can. I mean, I'll fall asleep eventually, but it usually takes a while. So I laid on my back, eyes closed, and just listen to Fang's soft footsteps. All of the sudden, the footsteps stop ,being replaced by a whoosh sound. I got up and stretched out my legs, jumping off the cliff where the entrance to the cave was. I unfurled my wings, soaring into the air.

"Taking a break now, are we?" Fang grinned at me. It felt good to stretch out my wings and just fly; without anyone chasing me, without any stress. I watched Fang fly. He looked so, so carefree when he was flying, almost happy. But Fang was never really happy. I edged closer to him, remembering when I kissed him on the beach, thinking how beautiful it was up here... No! I didn't like Fang that way, he was practically my brother! But still, we weren't related... My thoughts were interrupted bye a loud scream coming from inside the cave. Nudge. Fang and I looked at each other and flew into the cave as fast as we could, only to be grabbed by erasers and stuffed into a rough sack.

"Ugh!" I cried. "Let me out!" I punched and kicked at the bag, but it didn't do anything. I hated not being able to protect the flock, not being able to see in this dark sack, and I absolutely hated feeling helpless. I felt helpless. I heard a loud tearing sound and a bunch of yelling, and then the familiar whoosh sound. What had just happened?

I heard the sound of a chopper near by, and I was violently thrown into it. I groaned painfully. I was accompanied by four other groans. Probably Iggy, the Gasman, Nudge, and Angel. Fang didn't usually show pain. The top of my sack was opened up, and I sprang up out of it, ready to kick some eraser butt. I glanced around, seeing four sacks with struggling bird kids in them. Only four. We were missing someone, but before I could see who it was, I saw a white coat coming at me with a needle. I felt a numbing sensation, then everything went black.

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