A remarkable memory

- You know Daisy I've got stories with famous people too ! I peed on a Rolling Stones once.
- Which one ? asked Roxy sceptic, without raise her glance from her breakfast.
George shiged.
- Don't you have any remarkable memory who doesn't involved your cock ?
- Georgia, dear, we all know which head Mason thinks with...
Daisy ponctuated her line by a little innocent smile. Mason took an offended expression.
- Hey that wasn't nice ! And for the record Georgie, I got thooousands of stories who unfortunatly doens't make mention of this wonderful tool.
- So go ahead !
- Okay ! Well, there was this girl I... no that's not a very relevant example... Oh I know, I know ! The day I ...
He interrupted himself, searching inside his memories.
- Yeah, I thought so, concluded George as she attacked her eggs.
- You're unfair, yelled Mason. Just give me some time and...
A strange and unusual sad light came through his eyes.
- I got one. A very "remarkable memory".
- Without penis ? Roxy made sure of.
- Without penis.
- I bet you were five.
He answered her with a childish wince and George asked :
- Is this a ghosts story ?
- No.
- A super-hero one ?
- No.
- Is there crazy bats in ?
- What ? No ! No, no, no ghosts, no bats, not any fuckin' animal !
- Is it take place to Disneyland ?
Mason fixed Roxy a long while before asking :
- Why do you ask me that ?
- I never saw it, I'd like someone tell me how it is !
- Could all of you let me tell my fuckin story ?
At this precise moment, Kiffany brought his waffle and just droped :
- Don't talk your mouth stuffed.
- Don't talk at all, added Rube, his eyes stucked on his post-it, speakin' for the first time since the beginning of the breakfast.
- So Mason, cut Daisy, very seriously, what your story is about ?
- Thank you Daisy. It's about a girl.
George couldn't help herself from snigging.
- And it's not involved your tool...
- Zip it Georgia ! Keep it on, Mason... unless she's right of course.
- She's not.
- So who's this girl ?
- She's the first personn I saw dying.
- You mean your first reap ?
- No. I was still alive myself.
- Did you know that girl ?
- Yes. Well...actually I've never talked to her.
- My god, you were in love with her ! smiled Georgia, kinda... touched.
- I never told that !
- But you were, insisted Daisy.
- Totally... not.
- I don't believe you at all.
- Daisy Daisy Daisy...
He was smiling, a funny and gentle smile.
- Mason, Mason, Mason.
She was smiling too, a carnivorous smile. She could have devoured Mason in a couple of seconds.
Too bad, deep down, she loved his silly voice. His sillier smile. His silliest stories.
Rube, on the other hand, wasn't Mason's biggest fan ever.
- Can't you just shut the fuck up and do the fuckin' job ?
His voice didn't get angry at all. Just... Rubbish. His finger was pointing the very closed E.T.D on Mason post-it.
Mason raised his hands in an abandonment gesture.
- I'm going.
He left the table, givin' up his waffle, his smile still on his lips.
Thanks Rube.
As a matter of fact, he wasn't in the appropriate mood to tell the end of his story.