Chapter Ten:

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Valerie flew across Amity Park with a look of pure loathing on her face, a thermos held firmly on both hands, almost as if was the most important thing in her life.

The thing is... it probably was.

She just couldn´t believe her luck, she was proud of herself, she caught one particular ghost that had caused her some real hell in the past and she wasn't about to let him out of her sight.

Too bad it wasn´t the ghost boy.

"Hold it right there!" A commanding voice bellowed.

Valerie turned around and was met with two of the last people she ever thought of meeting.

The Guys in White.

The two agents, Operative O and Operative K were currently using their jet packs and had every intention of stopping the mysterious red huntress, right after Danny Phantom, this young woman had made a mockery of their organization, having successfully caught more than ten ghosts in a day than these two in an entire month.

The citizens of Amity Park were even willing to help her out having lost their ghostly protector and not wanting the ghosts to destroy their city, everyone immediately started to accept Valerie as their new heroine.

The GiW could not have that.

"You are under arrest" Operative K said

His partner got a pair of technological looking hand cuffs that seemed to be made to hold ghosts, not humans.

"Arrested!" Valerie echoed indignantly "On what grounds?"

"You been capturing ghosts" Operative O responded, not caring that he was about to send a teenage girl straight to juvenile hall "And under the recent ecto-laws no underage civilians can use weaponry, it would be irresponsible if we let a little girl like you go around causing damage to the city"

"LITTLE GIRL!" Valerie exploded "If you guys haven´t noticed I been using these weapons to keep the city safe from the ghost vermin that come here!"

"That why the GiW are here to do". Operative O retorted stoicaly.

Valerie didn´t care what they had to say, in her mind she was doing a far better job that these so called trained professionals and had no intention of quitting.

The black agent finally noticed the thermos in her hands, how protective she was holding it, from her body language the teenager was giving, it was a safe bet it held something of great importance.

"What do you have in there?" The white agent questioned sharply.

Valerie looked down and then remembered her main priority "To see Mr. Masters"

"That none of your business!" She hollowed and flinched "Ok... probably not the smartest thing to say to the guys that have access to my dad´s taxes."

Both agents ignored her outburst and remained stoically about this, their orders were clear, they that to take the girl to their organization, even by force.

Which they were gladly going to do.

"This is your last warning" The Caucasian agent said "Come with us and you will be given a fair trial"

Valerie snorted by "fair" they were saying that she was going down, she had no time for this, so she did the only thing that normally she wouldn´t do.

She fled.

The agents anticipated this and went after her.

"The hunter is fleeing" K pointed out the obvious


"Under section two, paragraph six we can use either operation white box or Operation great white bear"

"White box?" O asked incredulously.

"I don´t name this stuff" his friend shrugged.

And so, they followed the masked teen.

"Stop right there or else!" Operative K ordered.

"Do you really think I'm going to do so just because you say so?"

"No" A smirking O said "But this will"

He threw a tiny metallic box that attached itself onto the ghost hunter's back and gave her a jolt of 10, 000 volts of electricity.

She screamed in anguish for a few seconds before fainting.

What the idiots didn't think of was that they were in the air so obviously the teenager began to fall.

The duo watched at the red huntress began to fall and they did nothing to prevent her demise.

"Shouldn't we do something? Operative K asked indiffently.

"Casualties are inevitable" The other agent responded.

And they flew away, not caring that a young teenager was going to die.

Just as Valerie was inches from hitting the ground, someone flew and saved her.

The Fright Knight riding in his horse The Nightmare held the unconcious girl closely.

The ghostly vilain saw the whole thing with disgust "Humans are quite the savages"

Normally he would have let a simple human die but this girl was important to his master's plans so he had to save her.

"Might as well take her to Plasmius" He muttered "Nightmare GO!"

And he made his way towards the mansion in Wisconsin.

Unknowingly to the Fright Knight, someone watched the whole thing with mild interest.

A clocked figured saw Valerie with sympathetic eyes "You already lost enough Valerie and I'm sorry to say you'll lose even more"

The red eyed ghost was displeased with the outcome of the red huntress actions, he knew of her vendetta against his kind but he wasn't one to feel angry towards this girl, she may be blinded by hatred but he knew that over time that would dissolve into many different emotions, confusion, self pity and eventually acceptance.

"Such a smart girl" The ghost muttered, he then gazed upon another window and saw Vlad Masters having a chat with this same girl hours later.

"Too bad she is easily fooled"


The now revealed time master frowned.

"You're early"

The Observants simply shrugged and said in union "The council is anxious"

"They shouldn't be" Clockwork retorted "I got everything under control"

"We fail to see how" An Observant snapped.

"Indeed, we told you that Ember McLain should have been spared" The second Observant said "She shouldn't be a ghost"

Clockwork gave his visitors a short reply "So she should still be suffering then?"

"Sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good of many"

"You seem to believe the worst outcome will happen no matter what" The time master commented distractedly "Tell me, what makes you so sure that sparing Ember's life would have made a difference?"

"She is the one to set Phantom's disaster in motion" The first observant said "If she was still alive she never would have met Phantom and the current situation would have been avoided"

"Indeed, now the only option left is to terminate Danny Phantom"

Clockwork was not amused.

"Death is not the only option" The time ghost said wisely "Need I remind you that I do everything for a reason?"

"Your reasons are hardly our concern" The second Observant sneered "We are talking about the future of both this and the human world, you wouldn't save a teenager simply because you saw fit that she became a ghost and one of the most troublesome entities in our world mind you and now you refuse to kill a teenager even though you know he'll become an unstoppable monster in a matter of months?"

Here the blue spectre chuckled in what could be described as a cold chilling laugh but the Observants knew better, he simply knew that his employers were aggravated by his constant contradiction of his actions.

"Forgive me but Ember McLain and Danny Phantom are simply teenagers who had the misfortune of getting into the adult world at such a young age, they have made mistakes and will continue to do so, they simply need guidance"

"What they need is to dealt with" The Observants bellowed "They are a danger to themselves and others so Clockwork is it in our best interest that you need to either spare Ember from her ghosthood or eliminate Phantom from the timeline!"

Clockwork raised an eyebrow knowingly "Those choices are not mine to take and neither are yours, we can't decide who lives and who dies"

"Even for the greater good?" The others ghosts questioned ominously.

"I will not end the life of others unless I see it necessarily and believe me when I tell you that I see fit that Phantom lives."

"What about McLain?" The first observant asked "You were content to see her die years ago"

"The outcome couldn't be changed" He argued "She would have died in that fire or could have been shot or maybe even poisoned after all someone wanted her dead at all cost and we he wouldn't give up until she was six feet under, I simply chose her demise to be quick, letting Ember die was a mercy, letting her live was a punishment"

"You could have taken her away from that life"

"Yes I could have but the pain would have been too much for her, losing her mother hurt her, taking her away from what little she had left would have destroyed her"

"We know your heart is in the right place Clockwork" The second Observant said in mild sympathy "But you can't let the fondness for these teens to blind you from your duties"

"Believe me I know of what the consequences of my decisions will cause and I think they are well worth the risk"

"And what if more people perish?"

"I know everything" Clockwork commented coolly.

The arrogant ghosts narrowed their eyes in contempt "Don't forget your place Time Master" One of them said ominously "Just because you were given a higher power doesn't mean that you're above us"

"I'm well aware of it"


"However unlike you I have to see other possibilities" He calmly said "Possibilities that are for the betterment of everyone not just you"

"The council hardly thinks that anyone would mind the death of a teenager even one that has caused problems to both worlds"

"Again, you only see one part of the whole picture" The Time Master commented "I am not doing your dirty work your way, if you want peace then let me do it on my terms, like I said Emberlynn and Daniel simply need guidance and I'll give it to them when the time is right"

"And when will that be?"

"Soon... very soon"

"Clockwork over time you have given us many reasons not to trust your choices," The first Observant said tiredly "However I and the council have seen that your unorthodox methods to have had good if not satisfying results but I fell... no the council feels that the best course of action is ending Danny Phantom's existence"

Clockwork stroked his beard and closed his eyes for a few minutes, finally he muttered in what could be seen as disgust "One month"


"In one month Danny Phantom will return to Amity Park and will not be a pleasant visit"

"That's why you need to do something about it!"

"And I will but you see in order for everything to go as planned, Danny must learn the truth... the hard way"

"You are playing with fire Clockwork"

"I done it before"

"So we can't change your mind?"


The Observants signed in defeat "Very well we will tell the council of your decision but they won't like it"

"Sometimes pain is... inevitable"

And with that the green ghosts disappeared.

The time master looked at a window showing images of the past.

He fast forwarded to Ember and Danny's first date.

"I love you" Danny said to a blushing Ember.

"You mean it?" She asked

He nooded

"Your not pulling my leg ... are you?"

"Why would I do that?"

Ember closed her eyes as if reliving an unwanted memory.

"Forget it... just... forget it"

They kissed aftrwards.

Clockwork looked further into the future.


Ember was in the Fenton Thermos breathing heavily "I... I know your here"

"Ah clever girl" A voice said mockingly "Want me to give you a treat?"

The undead rocker glared at the entity before her "You're not Danny"

"Ah but I am... I'm the Danny you help to create" He teased cruelly "Aren't you proud?"


"Aww, touched a nerve there did I?"

"I know you're not my Danny" Ember snarled.

"You're Danny?" The ghost asked before laughing sadistically "The only reason why you're still alive is because I'm indebted to you stupid girl, you ruined him... no you destroyed him and I know you liked it"

"No... No I didn't, that's why I'm here! Inside this thing! To prove you wrong!"

"He hates you" The entity said in a sing song tone "And you know it"

"I didn't mean to!"


"Oh this is too fun," He taunted "Want to know something... I am after all a part of your beloved Danny... he actually trusted you.. he cared for you and you betrayed him...want to know what his final words were?


The ghost smirked cruelly "But for how long?"

Ember began to cry.

"For how long?"

Clockwork froze the image.

"You have Danny's trust now Ember..."

Another vortex showed a lone ghost girl playing her guitar on the roof of a house.

Behind her another ghost listened to the music with mild suspicion.

"Gimme the guitar" He ordered.

"It's not a ghost guitar" She responded tiredly.

"I want to make sure"

Ember flinched but still did as was told.

"But you'll lose it and with it you'll lose his friendship"

"And more"

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