Dirty hands.

Helen avoided her reflection in the mirror.
She turned the faucet on, and started to get her hands clean. The tap water is so cold she trembled.
Or maybe it wasn't the water.
She just couldn't stand that sort of situation. Wasn't it disgusting ?
Wasn't she disgusting ?
Deep down, she knew Kevin Peete was the innocent one, didn't she ? Otherwise why did she just passed this deal ?
You screwed up Helen.
But she was fixing it. Kevin was about to get the testimony of James Parrish, was about to get himself free, shooting down this fuckin' girl killer. And the little Danny Walsh hasn't to get on the court. All was for the better, right ?
Joel Carlington was still free. He had killed the girl... what was her name ? God, she was even forgetting the victim's name.
Little dead girls... They were so many.
She rubbed her hands stronger. The soap fragrance seemed so bitter, suddenly. Eugene's voice too, as it resounded in her head.
"And now Helen ? Now that's the wrong who's convicted ?"
Fuck you Eugene.
They were both guilty.
Yeah. And her hands wasn't that dirty.
She turned the faucet off.