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Brother´s Role

Supernatural fan fiction


Nicol Leoraine

Chapter 1

It really looked like a simple thing. Several people of the Crystle town reported sightings in the forrest surrounding the town. Nobody took it seriously, until a group of teenagers got hurt. It wasn´t really the work of the spirits – two of the teens fell down the hill side while trying to ran away from whatever was chasing them.

But the act triggered the spirits into more drastic actions. As if trying to claim the forrest, they bothered every camper or hunter that entered their territory. Suddenly the woods weren´t safe anymore.

Dean and Sam just re-joined after the scarecrow incident, both glad that they´re together again, when the phone rang. Dean looked at the ID of the caller and nervously opened the phone, seeing it was their father.


But there was nothing on the other end, only static. Grimacing, Dean pulled the phone from his ear and looked at the display. They had another set of coordinates.

This time Sam didn´t argue with him. It wasn´t like they had any other chance to find their father – but both realised that splitting up under these circumstances – hunting solo – may prove fatal for one or both of them. They needed each other more than they could imagine.

So they headed into Crystle town, a small town of one hundred forty population. As Sam said later, everybody knew each other, just as well as everybody knew that they were strangers.

Still, it wasn´t hard to get some info about the spirits in the forrest. Last night, two men were hurt. Something just started throwing them at the trees, much like a kid would with a ball, watching how it will bounce back. Only humans weren´t created for the purpose of being tossed around, slamming into hard unmoving objects like trees. The two men were just walking through the forrest, not even stopping for a camp or doing some juvenile prank that would draw the attention of a spirit. They only wanted to get to the river, not ten miles away from the town, when they were attacked.

One sported an average concussion with several broken ribs, the other was laying in coma in the nearest hospital.

Dean and Sam got the needed information pretty quickly, but it was already getting dark and neither of them wanted to risk a confrontation in the dark. They found a motel and while Dean prepared the guns, Sam roamed the net, looking for anything significant that happened in the last few months when the first attack happened.

„It looks like our ordinary angry spirit, Sammy," Dean said back then and Sam agreed. He was reading around the net, frowning.

„But maybe they weren´t as angry before," he mumbled and started typing some notes.

„What?" Dean looked up from preparing his belowed shotgun, loading it with rock salt.

„Just that there were sightings before, but nothing violent. I am on some web site that concentrates on the paranormal in this location – well, Crystle town and all the other cities in a two hundred miles wide circle, to be more exact," Sam said and looked at his brother, feeling a little twinge seeing the shotgun and the rock salt in his hand. The memories weren´t as easy to push back and even though they made some sort of peace, deciding not to split up at least until they found their father and the thing that killed Jessica and their mother, there was still some tension left from the Rockford asylum.

„Okay, what do we know about the spirits?" Dean asked and resumed his work.

„Well, as far as I can tell, everyone reported seeing several of those things and some of them even heard voices, as if the spirits were communicating between each other. While you were so kind and distracted that waitress," Sam said a little sarcastically, and Dean´s mouth turned up in a smile.

„Hey, I just allowed you some time with her sister. What´s wrong about that?"

„Oh, nothing, if you just stayed at that. But I saw you writing down her phone number not two minutes later."

„What can I say? I´m a woman´s magnet," Dean shrugged in false modesty. If not for the gun in his hands, Sam was inclined to throw something at his older brother and wipe that smirk off his face.

„Yeah, sure. Whatever. Well, while you were making friends, I got some really interesting informations. Wanna hear them or would you rather be dreaming about that chick?"

„She is a hot chick," Dean corrected Sam, then nodded. „Shoot."

„Right. Well, her sister told me about a family that moved away two years prior to the first sighting."

„As far as I know, moving away isn´t a reason to start hunting your old town," Dean commented. „Unless they didn´t move out, huh?"

„You´re right. The whole family disappeared. Kevin and Celia Denim along with their twelve year old son Patrick. Their car was found later in the forrest, packed with their belongings. There was a big search, but the only thing they found was a pool of blood inside the car, on the driver´s seat. Some of the towns´people think that they were the first victims of the spirits, but I don´t think so."

„Yeah. If the spirits started killing, they wouldn´t go back to tossing people around. It´s as if a serial killer started pocketing people. So if they´re our angry spirits, why did they wait for two years? What pissed them off now?"

Sam only shrugged. They didn´t have more informations. „Maybe we should check with the sheriff," he suggested, at which Dean groaned, definitely not enthusiastic.

„Right. I saw him earlier. It´s a bulk, twice bigger than me. And he didn´t look much forthcoming."

„Well what do you propose then?"

„Dunno. Maybe I should go into the pub, buy some beers, play some pool. If nothing else, we´ll get some money to pay for the motel."

„Try not to get into the way of someone´s fist," Sammy adviced as Dean retreated. He heard a mumbled curse and shook his head, smiling.

When Dean returned three hours later he was richer of fifty dollars and to Sam´s surprise, still in one piece.

With a proud grin, Dean counted the fifty dollars and put it into his pocket, then crashed in the bed. Sam rolled his eyes, he was already in the bed, the laptop momentarily forgotten on the table, in his hands their father´s journal. His eyebrows rose as Dean looked at him with that glint in his eyes. Sam pushed the journal back and turned, so he was facing his brother.

„You was drinking?" he asked, unapprovingly. Dean snorted.

„I had two beers, that´s all. I can´t really get into a pub and get myself a soda."

„Why not?"

„Hey, do you want to know what I learned or not?"



„Okay, spill it. I can see that your head is ready to burst with so much informations."

„Hey!" Dean protested, smashing the pillow at his brother, then quickly regretted it as now he had nothing to lay his head on. Sam grinned at him and made a show of putting the extra pillow behind his back.

„Well? Do you have something or are you just trying to appear smarter than me?"

„Appear? Really, bro´ - I thought you know me better. Of course I am smarter than you, prettier and all in all the best looking man in the family."

Sam snorted.

„Right. Well, it´s not like you have to compete with so many people," he added with a smirk and this time Dean only rolled his eyes, as he had no more pillows within his reach.

„Whatever. I think I know why the spirits got angry now, and where could be their bones."

Sam´s interest peeked, all the joking forgotten.


„So," Dean drawled. „While I was trying to get some money from the pool, I heard some talk from behind me. There was a group of older guys, all were hunters. Deer and such," he added. „Uhm, they were discussing what happened the last time and one of them mentioned the Denim family. He said he doubts they ever made it out of the town. As they were talking quite loudly, several other people jumped into the conversation and they started arguing. When it get too loud, the guy decided to leave. I followed him and asked him if we can have a talk."

„And he talked with you? Just how did you manage that?" Sam wondered and almost laughed when he saw Dean longingly look at his jacket pocket where he stashed the money.

„Let´s just say I won a little more than fifty bucks."

„Okay, what had he told you?"

„He thought he knew what happened to them."


„The guy said there was another man, Joe Hannings living in a cabin in the forrest,. People thought he was crazy. Had a gun, and several times got caugh shooting deer when it wasn´t allowed. He booby trapped his own cabin. Sometimes, the campers found dead animals – with broken necks, or sliced throats."

Sam grimaced.

„I guess the sheriff of this town is a little more tollerant than you thought, Dean,"

„Nah, not really. He warned the guy, put him behind the bars for several days, but it didn´t help.And the man didn´t do anything to arrest him for, at least there was no evidence. As he kept to his place, most of the people just ignored him."

„Why do you think he had anything with the Denim´s family?"

„Cause he had a gun and their car was found only half a mile from his cabin. Also because the guy I talked to thought so. When they found the car, the cabin was the first place the sheriff searched. Grilled the guy for few weeks, but couldn´t find a thing. Then they dropped the case."

„Well, if he had something to do with their deaths, why hadn´t they started to haunt the town sooner?"

„Because six months ago, that man was found dead in his own cabin. By all means, he killed himself."

„Still-" Sam argued, but Dean´s raised hand stopped him in mid sentence.

„They found something like last note. It wasn´t an admission or anything, thought it looked like one. I think the spirits of the Denim´s family was haunting him until his last breath. When he killed himself though, they still couldn´t find the rest, because nobody found their bodies. So they started to haunt the people who came near the place they died or where their bones were. You know, maybe they´re just trying to get the attention, so they could go back to rest."

„Okay, I think this is quite a stretch. Do you have anything else to prove this or only the words of some guy you had to pay for the info?"

Dean looked almost offended, then shrugged, closing his eyes.

„I at least have a theory. You´re the one who should prove the facts. Next thing in the morning, I´m going to talk with the sheriff. And you should try to get those puppy dog eyes of yours into use and get more info from that chick at the restaurant."

„Hey, she´s not a chick!" Sam protested.

„Right, her sister is a chick," Dean grinned. „Nevermind, you go and talk with the girl. I´m gonna get some shut eye. It´s late." Lazily, Dean pulled down his shirt and pants, the socks and shoes ending under the bed.

„Night, Sammy," he mumbled, eyes closed. Before Sam could protest the use of his nickname, Dean turned his back on his brother and gave a soft snore.

„Right," Sam rolled his eyes, knowing that Dean only pretended to be asleep. His brother never snored. „Night, Dean," he replied and turned off the big lights, leaving on the small reading lamp next to his bed. He wanted to do some more reading, not really looking forward to sleeping, the nightmares still lurking in the darkness.


Next day the brothers parted, each of them going their own way. Dean after the sheriff, Sam into the restaurant where a certain girl had a crush on him, as Dean commented the last night.

Introducing himself as a reporter from some rather obscure magazine, Dean had a short talk with the sheriff. He didn´t get much, but he learned enough to know the exact location of the cabin, as well as the place where they found the car belonging to the Denim family. There were few theories about what the old Joe Hannings did with the bodies, from burying them in his own cabin, to eating them and disposing of the bones in the woods. Whatever was the truth, Dean knew the cabin was the first place they should look.

„Did you do a thorough search of the cabin?" he asked the sheriff, already on his way out.

„Of course we did. From top to bottom, but we couldn´t find a thing," the sheriff sighed, then shook his head. „I know the bodies are somewhere near – I saw it in that bastard´s eyes. But he hid them well, and knew we won´t find them easily – he was too sure of himself. I even let some boys dig around the house. Turned up with several dead animals and a rusty bike. But nothing from the Denim´s."

„Then how can you be so sure that he was responsible for their disappearance?"

The sheriff looked at Dean, his fingers thumping at the table in some unknown rhytm.

„Joe left behind a note. He wasn´t in the right mind when he killed himself, that was for sure."

„What was in the note?" Dean asked, curious.

„Just gibberish. About angry spirits, haunting dreams, dead animals talking to him. Stuff that would´ve put him in straightjacket, if he had spoken about it loudly."

„Did he write something about actually killing them?"

„He mentioned shooting at some ghosts. Our doc things it was a display of his bad consciousness, but he also thinks that Joe was a schizophrenic. The road the family was driving through is only half a mile from Hanning´s cabin. When we found the car, it had a broken headlight and a bump on the hood. There was some blood and hair. I sent it to the lab in Fedderson city. They said it was an animal, probably a roe. Who knows, maybe Hannings was out on the hunt. He could´ve startled the roe and it ran out to the road, right into the car. The Denim´s stopped, get out to check the damage and that´s when Hannings attacked. We won´t know the reasons, and until we won´t find the bodies, we won´t even know if it was a murder."

The sheriff shrugged. He obviously invested some time into the case, but now he seemed tired of it. Nothing new, Dean thought. After all, the Denim´s didn´t had any family to be looking for them, no one to ask nagging questions after so many years. And because the suspect was already dead, there was literally no case for the sheriff.

„Did he write this into the letter?"

„Some. Most of it is only speculations, based on the evidence."

„Do you have any idea where the bodies could be?"

„Take your guess," the sheriff said with a smirk, „it´s as good as mine."

„Right," Dean mumbled with a slight shake of his head and left, hoping that Sammy had more luck.


After a short phone call, they met up in their room rather than before the restaurant. Sam didn´t tell him anything specific through the cell, but he did suggest that they should prepare for a trip to the woods. Dean already had it planned, now he just needed to know exactly what had Sammy found out so they could get their facts straight and evade any mistakes.

„Anything useful, little bro?" he started even before Sam closed the door to their room.

„Don´t know if it´s useful but I got a phone number and an invitation to the tonight's horror movie," Sam said and scowled at Dean when he gave him an appraising grin.

„That´s my boy," he smiled proudly and Sam rolled his eyes.

„Sorry, nothing new. Shelly told me a name of the two boys that saw something near Hanning´s cabin. I met with one of them, an eighteen year old teenager. He knew the Denim´s boy from before. When he saw him now, it spooked him out and he ran. Now that he had some time to think it through, he told me that the boy looked as if he was asking him to follow. Not threatening or throwing against trees."

„When was that?"

„Few months. It was before the real attacks started."

„See? We could have several other similar sightings. Maybe the kid got pissed that nobody followed him and tried to get the attention some other way."

„Yeah well, we´ll find out soon enough."

„True. Now tell me about Shelly, huh?"

Dean´s grin didn´t falter when his younger brother smacked him, and he still had it when they left the motel room and get into the car.


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