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(A.N for further details on 'Sailor Pigtails' and 'Sailor Tomo V', refer to my fic 'Sailor Pigtails and Sailor Tomo V')

Evil Hair
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

It was just another sunny morning and Tomo, Yomi and Osaka were on their way to school. Yomi was glad that her friends were being unusually quiet… at least until Osaka opened her mouth and began another one of her weird tales.

"Ah had a weird dream last night," she said. "The evil pigtails were takin ovah the world, so ah had to turn into Sailor Pigtails and stop them all."

"Good for you," Yomi sweatdropped.

"Was I in it too?" Tomo asked. "You know as my amazingly stunning alter-ego 'Sailor Tomo V'? Not that I'm not amazingly stunning anyway."

Yomi resisted the temptation to hit her friend round the head with her bag. She'd have to kill something if those two began one of their crazy anime-induced coversations so early in the morning.

"Nuh-uh," came Osaka's reply. "You were the leader of the pigtails."

This time it was Tomo's turn to sweatdrop. They continued on in silence for a while until Tomo spoke.

"You know what?"

"What?" Yomi sighed.

"I'm evil!"

Oh god, Yomi thought, here she goes again. Instead she just said, "How the heck did you come to that conclusion?"

"Well I have evil hair," Tomo grinned.

"Tomo, have you and Osaka swapped brains?"

"Erm, not that I know of…"

"Well if you have then it sure would explain a lot. Evil hair indeed."

"But I have! Look how it spikes out; it makes me look like a bat, doesn't it? Coz it has bat wings…"

"Yes, Tomo: you really are a bat," Yomi rolled her eyes in despair.

"Does that make you a vampire?" Osaka asked.


"Coz if it does, ah wouldda though you'd have been burned to death by now," Osaka continued. She began fishing around in her bag and pulled out two pencils, which she made into the sign of the cross.

"What're you doing that for?" Tomo asked, confused.

Osaka gasped, "If you were a vampire, that wouldda hurt you!"

"I'm not a vampire!"

"But you said you had bat-hair, that makes ya a vampire…"

"Nono, I have evil hair," Tomo smirked. "Yomi's the vampire here, draining small children of blood and all that jazz."

Osaka formed her penicls into the sign of the cross again. Yomi sweatdropped.

"Hey guys, why are the school gates closed?" Tomo asked as they finally got to school. "Is it a random inset day or something?"

"No," Yomi snapped. "You two being idots has made us late again."

"Well miss vampire, turn into a bat and get us over there. Not that you're not an old bat anyway."

Yomi slapped Tomo round the back of the head.

"Why don't you, miss 'my hair has bat wings.'"

"Oh well," Tomo grinned. "Seeing as we're late, why not play hookey and go to the arcade?"

"Ya!" Osaka grinned. "Ah think that would be fun."

"And I think you're both idiots," Yomi sighed. "This is the third time this month you've made us late."