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Emo Doughnuts and Pi
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Yomi, Tomo and Osaka were sitting on the roof one day eating lunch. For once the two knuckleheads were being quiet, and for once – shock, horror and shock again – Yomi wished they weren't.

"Did you know that there's an international Pi day?" Yomi said, thinking of a random fact that might interest the two somewhat.

"International pie day?" Tomo asked. "They never told us about that one in home ec."

"Pi, not pie," Yomi replied.

"You lost me."

"As usual," Yomi sighed. "It's a number. And since when have you ever paid any attention in home ec?"

"A number? Pie isn't a number… unless you're talking to me in Greek or something…"

"It is Greek, actually."

"Woot! I know something you don't know!"

"I was the one who just told you."

"Oh, right," Tomo laughed. "And to answer your question, never."

"Never what?"

"I never pay attention in home ec," Tomo replied. "Jeesh, do you have the memory span of a gerbil or what?"

"You mean a goldfish."

"Same difference," Tomo shrugged. "I like pie though."

"How did we get back onto this?" Yomi asked, astounded by the tangents her friend's mind often went off on. "You're going to start waffling on again, I can tell."

Tomo however wasn't paying attention, "Yum, waffles. You know, I know someone who eats waffles covered in chocolate, marshmallows and tomato ketchup."

"I know," Yomi sighed. "That was you, Tomo."

"Really, cool," Tomo laughed. "Guess I've got the memory span of a gerbil too."

"You mean a goldfish."

"Of course, right, yeah… what?"

Suddenly Osaka, who had been quiet up until then, spoke.


"Look at what?" Yomi asked.

"Look, ah have peanuts."

"Osaka, those are potato chips."

Osaka looked cofused, "Ah thought those were peanuts."

"Yeah, but remember the time you thought a pineapple was a melon?" Tomo laughed.

"No, Tomo, that was actually a melon," Yomi corrected her.

"It didn't taste like a melon."

"That was probably because you doused it in soy sauce before you ate it."

"Are you not supposed to do that?"

"I worry about you sometimes, I really do."

"Oh well, who cares about the peanuts," Osaka-the-oblivious chirped. "Lookies, ah have an emo doughnut!"

"A what?" Tomo asked staring at the yellow-icing-covered doughnut Osaka was holding aloft.

"An emo doughnut."

"Why's it an emo doughnut, Osaka?" Tomo asked.

"Coz when ah went to buy them, this was the only yellow doughnut; all the others were pink. And I thought it looked all sad and lonley coz it was the only yellow doughnut, so I bought it."

Tomo quickly grabbed the doughnut out of Osaka's hands and stamped on it.

"Noooooo! Ya squished the emo doughnut!"

"So, I thought it wanted to be squished. Aren't emos all suicidle and all?"

"Ya've been on the interror-net too much. Ah'm an emo!"

"Yeah right… what is an emo anyways? Isn't it a type of suicidle bird that jumps off cliffs?"

"Ah think…"

Yomi decided to tune out the stupidity behind her. Next time, no matter how much she wanted to talk, she was going to keep her
mouth shut around those two.