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Yuki gazed herself in the mirror, leaning over the counter as she fiddled with a small ocular case. Gently using her nails she pulled out a tan lens, using her free hand to lift her lid and blink the contact into her right eye. Using her arms to lift her midnight hair she studied her features with a sigh. "I don't understand, Kaa-san," she whispered to herself, looking at herself from the right angle. She looked like her mother with the same graceful chin and the same porcelain skin, yet when she switched to her left point of view she saw someone different, someone she didn't recognize. Through her golden eye she could plainly see they didn't belong to Hojo, nor her small rounded nose that had an extraordinary sense of smell. She shook her head of her wandering thoughts, angrily tossing her pajamas aside before slipping carelessly into her uniform. She flung the bathroom door open, hurrying downstairs while throwing her hair up into a ponytail.

"Yuki-chan!" Kagome chimed, hearing her daughter's stampede down the stairs. "Are you going to have breakfast this morning?" she asked just as Yuki passed her, noticing her daughter deliberately avoided eye contact. Yuki plopped down onto the couch, propping her feet up on the coffee table and clicking the TV on. Kagome sighed to herself, fiddling with the knot behind her neck trying to fight the apron off. "Yuki," she groaned, coming free of the apron and setting it onto the table, strolling over to Yuki. She set a gentle, yet firm, hand onto her daughter's shoulder, kneeling so they were at the same level. "Yuki-chan, do you want to talk about it?" she questioned worriedly. Yuki ignored her mother, her thumb harshly pressing the next button on the remote, trying to act as if there was something interesting on. "Yuki," Kagome stated sternly, snatching the remote away and pushing her feet off of the coffee table. Yuki's chocolate eyes glowered angrily up at Kagome, crossing her arms indignantly. "Yuki listen—" Kagome started when she was interrupted by an abrupt series of knocks on the door.

"That's my ride," Yuki responded monotonously, standing quickly.

Snatching up her briefcase she quickly headed toward the door, her hand gripping the knob. Kagome hastily slammed her hand onto the door, preventing it from opening. "Yuki listen to me,"

"Kaa-san, I have to go to school," Yuki growled, locking eyes with her mother before forcing the door open, easily outdoing her mother's strength. "I'll be back after school," with that she left, slamming the door shut behind her. Kagome grit her teeth, throwing her hands up in the air with frustration before angrily punching the door. She sighed in defeat, her features loosening as her hand slid down the door.

"I'm sorry Yuki-chan, I didn't mean to…" she whispered to herself.


"Yuuuukkii…." The boy on the other side of the door cooed, catching Yuki into his strong hold when she attempted to storm pass him. He stared down at her lovingly with his honey toned eyes, affectionately brushing her bangs out of her face. Yuki sighed, her gaze softening before relaxing against his touch, closing her eyes.

"Gomen ne, Yui-chan," she spoke softly, averting her eyes to the ground.

"Hey, Mami, don't worry about it," Yuichiro said softly, pulling away enough to lock eyes with her. "Let's go to school, and then afterward how about a night on the town with Tsunekawa Yuichiro. Sound promising?" he offered, leaning down to kiss her cheek, the corners of Yuki's lips slightly pulling into a smile.

"Alright…" she responded with a light blush, giving an ear-to-ear smile, nervously biting her lower lip. The skies above were gray, a low rumble being heard from the distance but noticed by none as the clouds crawled by slowly. She walked down the grovel path to the driveway, slipping into the passenger seat of the beat up BMW. "When are you going to get a new car?" Yuki questioned with a smug smile upon her face. Yuichiro cringed, putting the keys into the ignition and bringing the car to life.

"When I get a job," he shot back with a small chuckle, ripping out of the driveway and skidding into traffic.

The day had drawled on more than usual for Yuki, the quick-tempered girl snatching up her bag and walking hurriedly toward the student parking lot when the last bell rang.. "I hate this school, and I hate stupid people…" she groaned to herself, slowing down when she felt Yuichiro grab her hand from behind. He caught up, walking next to her with an umbrella overhead.

"Why do you have that it's not even—" Yuki stopped mid-sentence with a smirk of irony as she could hear the small patter on the nylon material, and a low snicker from Yuichiro.

"Still up for tonight?"

"Like I promised," she responded walking carelessly into the mouth of the parking lot, receiving a honk. She returned the honk with the quick flip of her finger, smiling to herself with amusement as she waited by the car.

Once they had made it home she leaned over to the driver's seat, resting her hand on Yuichiro's cheek before giving him a small peck. She flashed a quick smile before hurrying out of the car, holding her briefcase overhead to shield herself from the rain as she ran up the pathway to her house. She fumbled with her keys, stopping and turning when she heard a small mewl from behind her. She smiled, crouching as a black feline scampered up to her, rubbing against her hand as if starved for affection. "Oh, such an abused kitty aren't you, Boo?" Yuki cooed sarcastically as she shoved the keys into the door, pushing it open. She allowed the cat to prance inside, shutting the door behind her and shaking herself off.

Kagome turned the corner with a soft smile, wiping her hands on a dishrag. "Welcome home, Yuki-chan," she stated simply, setting the cloth down and strolling into the living room.

"Ano…Mama?" Yuki gulped, taking a deep breath before taking a seat next to her mother on the couch. Kagome turned with watchful eyes, showing she was listening, though looked less than pleased. "I…" Yuki gave a frustrated sigh, her chin drooping to her chest. "I'm sorry about this morning," she grumbled beneath her breath. A smug smile crossed the elder woman's face, sitting straight while crossing her arms.

"What was that Yuki?"

"I'm sorry!" she said louder, knowing her mother was taunting her. Kagome then gave a genuine smile, pulling Yuki into a hug. Yuki hated to apologize, she couldn't help she had a gargantuan wall of pride.

"It's alright Yuki…I can understand why you feel frustrated. I'm sorry I've waited so long," she soothed, leaning forward and carefully tilted her daughter's head back. With quick precision, she pulled the darkened contacts out of Yuki's eyes, cupping her cheeks. Yuki melted in her mother's touch, her eyes drifting half-mast. "These are the eyes I love to see each morning, not the one's you put on for the day. But you have to understand—" Yuki's whole body jerked when a loud roaring thunder echoed throughout the old house.

"Oh, damn," Yuki cursed through grit teeth as she swiftly pulled a blanket around her form. "I fucking hate storms…" she snarled to herself. Kagome gave a giggle to herself, standing and heading toward the kitchen when the lights began to flicker before the house was plunged into darkness. Boo leaped up onto the back of the couch near Yuki's head, purring loudly as he licked his paw, cleaning his face. "You're a douchebag,"

"You're a cunt," Yuki's eyes widened to the size of quarters, slowly turning to the cat whose golden eyes bore into hers.

"What did you say?" Yuki whispered dangerously. The cat responded with a low meow, rubbing is cheek against hers. "Ya…th-that's what I thought,"

"Honey, come help me grab the battery lamps please," Kagome called, returning with a burning candle. Yuki pulled the blanket tighter around her form, standing and walking to her mother.

Kagome opened the front door, the wind blowing furiously through the back deck, blowing out the candle. Kagome tossed the candle aside, grabbing one of the floodlights from the outside table. Yuki followed her out, scaping the land for possible damage during the storm. She could see the horse pasture that was added only 7 years ago toward the back of the property, the tin roof rattling under the pressure. She stopped when Kagome caught her hand, the two pushing through the storm and out toward a newly-built tack room. Yuki could feel the footing below her was mushy, quickly being drowned by the pounding rain. With a slight slip she gripped tighter onto her mother, following the path lit by the light Kagome held.

They made it to the shed, the two already thoroughly soaked as Kagome blindly reached for the latch. She threw the door open, the wooden frame shifting when the door hit. The two women rushed in, sighing in relief. The storm could still be heard raging outside, but Yuki was glad to drop the sopping blanket to the ground. She stood in the center of the tack room, arms crossed as she held the floodlight for Kagome. Kagome immediately began rummaging through boxes, ripping them open left and right. "Mama…hurry I have a bad feeling," Yuki whimpered with a shiver.

"I'm going as fast as I can Yuki-chan," Kagome uttered with exasperation. The two women froze when two hallowed clops filled the tiny shed. Yuki turned in time to hear the second pair as a large, white Lipizon stepped fully into the shed, his nostrils wide and flaring. "Yuki…" Kagome whispered worriedly, slowly reaching out for her.

"Storm…Calm down…" Yuki breathed, her hand slowly reaching for the horse's halter. Storm grunted and snorted, stepping backward when he found his rear end wouldn't fit back through the door. In a panic Storm gave a strangled cry, rearing up onto his hindquarters, his front hooves thrashing violently.

"YUKI!" Kagome screamed desperately, about to launch forward and grab her. The next few seconds slowed for Yuki as she stared at the panicked beast above her. Her heart pounded against her ribcage, her golden eyes wide with terror as the animal started coming down. Her body was frozen, immobilized by fear as her breath quickened, her jaw dropping. The massive body came down, his front hooves crashing down onto Yuki's chest, forcing her backward. She was helpless, pinned beneath his hooves as she fell harshly onto the weak floorboards which crashed beneath her momentum. The horse jumped back in time, his head moving nervously back and forth as he pawed the planks beneath him.

With the little consciousness she had and through the jumbled images she could comprehend, she didn't know why she was still falling. At this point Yuki thought she should have stopped after the floor broke, but she was still descending. She could hear her mother give a blood-curdling scream of her name carefully floating into her ears. She finally hit harshly onto ground, her body sprawled and numbed from the pain. She forced her eyes open, wincing while she breathed forcing her bruised chest to lift. She could see the blurry outline of her mother 20 feet above her, a look of horror stricken across her face as she reached in to no avail. She closed her eyes in defeat of the pain that seared through her body, a light violet aura covering her body.

Kagome watched below, breathing heavily, shaking her head. "Yuki, no, Yuki…Yuki…NO!" she chanted as she watched the light appear and engulf her daughter's body, taking it into the ground until the only thing Kagome could see was the bottom of the well. Tears filled Kagome's eyes as she collapsed onto the edge of the floor that was destroyed by the horse, her arm hanging into the hole. She burst into tears, her loud sobs being droned by the storms deep bellows. "Yuki-chan…" There was only one place someone went when that light took them from the well.