He had been there before - years before. Oh, how he wanted to look into them, but he knew that if he did death wouldn't be the worst thing that would come of it. Paul Morlock would not look into the deadlights. He'd turn away as he did before. There was solice and security in the darkness. He knew if he didn't look it would be moments before he'd wake up again with mind and body intact. And almost like clockwork the lights faded and the fifteen year boy old woke up.

However, this time conciousness in the living world would shortly slip away and be lost forever, and so would his soul. When his eyes fluttered open for the last time all he saw was the murkiness of the water. The putrid, smoke filled air burned his lungs. The smell of burning gas and chemicals filled his nostrils, and he soon noticed he couldn't breath. He banged against the walls of the tank but the weightlessness in the water negated the force of his arms and legs. The lid was shut tight. It was always shut tight; Dr. Gottreich was always to blame for that. Dr. Gottreich, well, he could be blamed for alot more than that. Panic overcame him as the only light to pierce the murky darkness was the red glow of the flames surrounding the sensory deprivation tank.

The saline solution, meant to be kept the same temperature as his body, began to heat up around him, and the air coming through the tube became thicker and more rancid than before. Paul let himself sink into the tank. Holding his breath, he attempted to peer through the glass only to see his reflection staring back at him amdist the red glow. More than the flames, and more than the air he couldn't inhale, it was the reflection that scared him the most. If he could see himself in an object, he could also see her.

He heard her bell ring. She always had a bell. It was a death bell. Paul knew the lights had to go on before she could ring it, but there were no means of turning on any lights in the tank - just water, just Paul, just his reflection, and then hers too.

Hell Mary, full of disgrace, the lord has abandoned thee.

She appeared in the glass, blood running down her pale face, over her eyes from the dents in her forehead. Bloody Mary. She was ringing her bell for him, and he knew it. It was a death bell. The water got hotter and he gasped for air. His throat burned and his lungs ached and then ... the lights came back. But like all those times before Paul wouldn't look into them. He wouldn't look into the deadlights.