I Remember You

When the stars have all fallen

Fallen embers of fire upon the ground

Vibrating like a bowstring

Pulsing like a broken heart

I'll still remember you

And when the trees are all down

Sticks and trunks, burning wood left in ash

Twisted like broken fingers reaching for peace

I will always remember you.

When the sky is all black

Like the night

Forever in shadow

Never turning blue

I'll remember you.

When the families are gone

Slaughtered by the enemy

Their screams echoing

Blood spilled, like wine, upon the ground

I'll remember you

When I try and hide

Hide from my feelings

Memories haunt me

Screams of rage rip from my throat

And I remember

I remember your kindness

Shown and realized

Yet distant you felt

Concealed from your emotion

Hidden from me

Deadly with the glaive

Cutting down the enemy


But loved by me

I remember you took that arrow

With a cry you fell off the saddle, into the dirt

Gasping with each ragged breath

Blood spilled, on my hands but I didn't care

Tears shed, dampening my cheeks

I remember you smiled at me as I held your hand

So beautiful and fragile, like a flower

I remember the skin so cold, the eyes so bright

My eyes so wet, throat so dry

The sunlight so joyful, ground so dark

So different, yet the same

You don't remember me, but I remember you

When I dream, I dream of you

So free, so strong

When I think of you, I wish you knew

I wish you knew of my love

But still I remember you

I try and hide

Hide from the torture the memories bring

I wish to die, I wish to live

I don't know anymore

But still I remember you

I will always remember you

The one whom I loved

The Protector of the Small