RE: Okee dokee. This is one of the many daft ficlets that I have planned, so sit back, relax and enjoy the nuttiness! Takes place in TF Cybertron.

DD: Watch out. It's scary nutty.

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Starscream would be able to do whatever he wanted. I don't own

Kinder® either.

The Rare and Special Delicacy

"This is one of Earth's most special foods." Bud told the puzzled Autobot.

Red Alert stared at the small item in the human's hand and tried politely to understand.

"But you just got it out the shop." He protested. "Reverb drove you down so that you could buy it."

"Ah. But that doesn't mean to say it's not special." Bud pointed out. "It is just about the best thing that you can buy."

Red Alert nodded and began to regret asking Bud about human food. He should have waited until Lauren came back and asked her. But alas, he couldn't turn back time like Vector Prime so he would just have to stick it out and ask somebody sane later.

"So," he asked crossing his legs. "How do you eat it?"

Bud looked really excited.

"Well what you have to do is peel away the special skin that protects the wonderful food inside, and then you have to remove the inner skin and pull out the cuisine. Then you break it all up into little pieces and carefully eat them one by one, only slow so that you can enjoy the taste. Then –"

Red Alert nodded his head and mentally made a note to contact a mental hospice. Thankfully he was saved before Bud could continue anymore by the door to the main control room opening and the other two humans walking in.

"OK we heard it all." Colby said with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah." Lauren walked over to see what Bud was holding up to Red Alert. "Bud why are you telling Red Alert how to eat Kinder® Buenos?"