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Summary: A new recruit at the MIB base is… interesting…



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Time to Put it On

J watched with a critical eye as the new recruit hit every single target, dead centre.

"Very good," he commented. "But you take too long to fire between shots. If this was real life, you'd be dead by now!"

The recruit bowed his head in apology.

"Sorry, J," he mumbled.

"Don't say sorry to me!" J exclaimed. "I'm not the one who's head would be on the ground if this was real life!" seeing the recruit's expression he let up slightly. "OK, let's go and test your mental skills now."

J led the way to a small room and the recruit sat down.

"OK, now this is a written test, I'll leave you in here for an hour and you have to complete the test by then. You may start."

He walked out and to the viewing room and watched with K and Z as the recruit lifted up the able and brought it over to lean on.

"He's strong," Z commented.

"He's not the kind of person that we normally employ though," K said, raising a brow.

"Aww, come on, K, give the kid a chance," J laughed. "He's better then some of the people that we get, and his skills should come in handy."

"But he's a-" K stopped the sentence at the look on Z's face.


Exactly an hour later, J came in and collected the new recruit.

"Your paper will be marked right now by this machine," he indicated said machine. "Just feed your paper into this slot and it will be marked."

The recruit did so and the results came up onscreen.

100 percent correct.

J raised an eyebrow.

"Well done," he frowned. "Well, kid, you've done well. It's time to put it on."

The recruit looked confused.

"Put what on, J?" he asked.

"The last suit you'll ever wear."


Somewhat sceptically, J handed the recruit the suit. The recruit looked down at it.

"I don't think this suit's gonna fit, J," Hot Shot commented.


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