-1High Charity, the main Covenant space station, had floated over the planet Dogma. Covenant battleships fired at the planet, glassing it's surface. The entire city of High Charity was busy watching holographic images of the High Prophets giving a speech. "fellow Covenant, my brothers and I have brought you over this terrible world" said the images of the Prophet of Truth "at this planet, we have been ambushed by heretics, captured because of a betrayer, and nearly killed by a new enemy. This new enemy, the Flood, had easily defeated the Covenant and the heretics. But yet the High Prophets live, coming back with our true power. We thank the Forerunner for our miracle, but also someone else."

The High Prophets themselves were in the ceremonial hall, where they give soldiers ranks that deserve to be in the presence of the Prophets. Standing proudly was the Elite veteran. He didn't have any armor on so he was a bit nude, and he still had no left mandibles on his face. Next to his side was the deactivated handle of the field master's plasma sword, which he now called his own weapon. "Noble warrior of the Covenant" said the Prophet of Regret "you have saved us and stopped an enemy invasion on High Charity, for that we are eternally graceful." "For you deeds you are hereby promoted to Ultra rank!" said the Prophet of Mercy. Hovering down in front of the Elite was a suit of white-colored armor, which he then happily put on.

"But a promotion is not as good as the deeds you have done" Mercy continued as the new ultra was putting on his armor "you are also now the commander of the Blade of the Prophets!" The Elite was shocked. The Blade of the Prophets was the High Prophets' personal special operations forces. Some of the best Elites and Grunts are in it, but now he was the COMMANDER of the entire thing! "Thank you, great Prophets" the commander bowed, now fully armored. Honor guards and minor Prophets who were in the ceremonial hall applauded for the ultra Elite, and mostly likely everyone else at High Charity.

With the ceremony over, the Prophets left with their honor guards escorting them. The commander was the only one left in the hall, just standing there. He was overjoyed with his new rank, but something troubled him. Where did the Flood come from? With no way of knowing now that Dogma has been glassed, the ultra decides to exit the ceremonial hall and get used to his new home. But something told him the Flood would come back somehow……….