Unlikely Hero

Author's Notes: Welcome, mortals, to yet another product of my sick, twisted mind. This story is a ZAGR, but I hope my writing style will stay similar to my other story. To all my ZADR fans, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but don't give up on me; I promise to write another ZADR… someday… With nothing more to say, let's get this fic started!

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"Anyone who thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is aiming about 10 inches too high."

-My Friend

Chapter 1: A Hero Emerges

It was a cold, dark, and windy night, threatening a storm. Not very many dared to be out wandering the streets in the city at this hour, especially in such weather. One girl, however, braved against the wind, on a mission. Judging by her height, one might say she was in her late teens, seventeen to be exact. Wearing combat boots and a long, gray jacket, she looked to be prepared for anything. Her unprotected violet hair whipped wildly around her face with each gust of wind. She kept her head bowed and braved the storm.

Hardly a sole was found on the usually boisterous streets in the down town area. It could be due to the weather or because of how far down hill the neighbor hood had gone in a period of eight years. Either way, the girl was there, obviously on a mission.

Gaz membrane, second child and only daughter to the premiere scientist, Professor Membrane, was out late, alone, on a stormy night simply because she was out to get the new Gameslave 10 that was going on sale at midnight, and she refused to repeat her previous mistake of getting there right as the games went on sale, so she was an hour early. This time, she was not stalled by her alien obsessed brother. She had received permission from her father to go alone. Her brother had protested, but their dad insisted that she was old enough to be independent. Then, Dib had offered to give her a ride in his car, but she turned him down. She knew that he would only try to start awkward conversation with her, and then would probably end up going in with her anyways.

'Since when did Dib become so overprotective?' she had asked herself on the way out. 'The last time I went, to get the Gameslave 9, he was begging Dad to let me go alone. Why is he so different now that he's turned eighteen?' Nevertheless, she had made it out of the house, and she was now on her way to get a new Gameslave.

Walking down the empty streets, she began to feel uneasy by the look of the neighborhood. As she passed by an alleyway, she was suddenly grabbed from behind by a pair of strong hands. Before she could cry out, she was pulled out of the wind into the alley and slammed against the side of the building. Looming over her were three rough looking young men, in their early twenties she was guessing. Two of them were Caucasian and one African American. All wore tattered clothes and dark scowls.

"Give up your valuables, Princess," said the Caucasian standing in the middle, the biggest and roughest looking of the bunch, and most likely the one who had pulled her into the alley.

"Do you have any idea who you're dealing with?" Gaz asked darkly as she began to rise to her feet.

The second Caucasian, wearing a blue ski cap, jumped out from behind his friend, pulling out a pocket knife as he did so. Holding the blade to Gaz's throat, he said, "I don't think we care. Now hand over any money or jewelry you might have."

"I don't have any," she growled, though her eyes were wide and starring down at the knife's blade.

The guy in the blue cap scowled and brought the blade closer so Gaz could now feel the knife's cool blade against her throat. "Give. Us. Your. Money."

"Fine!" she yelled, digging around in her pocket until she found the money for her game. She held it out in the direction of the largest gang member who gladly accepted it.

"Hmmm, looks like she's only got eighty," he said after counting her money.

"Eighty?" asked the third gang member. "That ain't an even three way split. One of us is gonna get short."

"Ya got any jewelry?" asked the gang member in the blue cap.


The three men were silent and they all looked at each other. "I don't wanna be cut short again!" the third gang member yelled at the leader.

The leader stared hard down at the money, and then turned his gaze to Gaz who was by now pale with fear. "Alright, I'm takin' twenty. You two split the rest."

"Are you serious, boss?" asked the one in the blue cap as he watched his leader take a single twenty before passing the money on.

"Yup, but that's not all I plan on gettin' out of her," the boss replied smugly as he made his way over to Gaz. At first his friends looked confused, but once their friend knelt down in front of her, they began to get the idea, and began to hoot and laugh.

"What're you doing?" Gaz demanded. The leader responded by grabbing her arm and swinging her down on to the ground. Temporarily stunned by the pain in the back of her head, Gaz didn't fight back as the gang member got on top of her. 'He's going to rape me!' her mind shrieked, and she tried to scream for help, but by then he had already covered her mouth.

Gaz squealed into his hand as she felt him removing her jacket so he could undo her jeans, but first, he tore through her shirt, exposing her bra. The others giggled and commented on her relatively small size. Tears began to streak down the side of her face as she heard the sound of the gang leader undoing his pants.


The three gang members looked to the entrance of the alleyway as well as the source of the voice. Gaz was able to turn her head just enough to see a dark figure, silhouetted by the street light across the street. A thin, male figure stood in the center of the alley's entrance, and though she couldn't get a good look at him, Gaz thought she had heard his voice before.

"Hey, Pansy, back off. This ain't your business!" the gang leader called and the guy in the ski cap aimed his knife at the intruder.

"Let the female go," the voice demanded.

"Hey, fruit cup, read my lips. Back. Off!"

The figure growled and Gaz watched as four long, spider-like appendages protruded from his back, raising him up another four feet. "Let her go!"

"What the Hell! Who are you!" the third member demanded. His question was indirectly answered by a bright red laser shot right between his legs.

"Aw man! AW MAN!" the guy in the ski cap yelled as he ran off, the third gang member close behind.

Still pulling his pants up, the leader called, "Man, the little whore wasn't worth this!"

Shaking from fear as well as the cold wind blowing on her exposed breasts, Gaz continued to cry and lay on the ground as the stranger made his way over to her.

"Gaz-human? Is that you?"

She turned her head to the source of the voice. Never in her life had she been happier to hear the annoying tone of the Irken badly disguised as another human. The alien invader known as Zim was now standing right over her head, looking down at her with eyes full of concern. He extended his hand down to help her up. Shakily, she grasped his three-pronged hand and brought herself to her feet.

Looking her over, he asked, "Are you alright?"

Gaz wanted to say yes. To just tough it out and pretend like she had full control over the situation, and if Zim hadn't butted in, the gang leader would have been a smear on the back alley wall. But the fact is, for the first time in her life, she had no control over a situation. That guy would have gladly stolen her virginity and not given it a second thought. Thinking about how close she had come to being raped and possibly killed made her nauseous, and she leaned her head on Zim's chest for support.

The Irken was baffled. Zim had no idea what human ritual he had just interrupted, but it seems that he had either done something in Gaz's favor, or had caused her much grief. In the eight years he had spent on Earth, he still didn't understand humans sometimes. They annoyed him to no end, and he still couldn't understand why he just helped her, if he did indeed help her. He wasn't sure what he had done just yet.

"Gaz… what did I interrupt?"

The question earned a sharp cry in response and a new, fresh wave of tears was beginning to soak through his shirt. The Irken was thankful that he had remembered to bathe in paste that week.

"Was… the big human going to… hurt you?" Zim asked, not truly hoping for a response, but rather thinking out loud.

"Thank you."

The reply surprised him, and he looked down to find her looking directly at him.

"Thank you so much," she said with sincere interest.

A bit taken back, Zim stared down at her trying to think of how to respond. "Of course," he finally said. "No problem."

(End Chapter)

Author's Notes: Yup, that's the first chappie. Zimmy saved Gazzy from da big, bad gangsta! How will this effect Gaz? How will this effect Zim? What will Dib say if or when he finds out? How will this impact everyone's relationships with each other? WHY AM I ASKING YOU WHEN I ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS! If you like this story, just wait two weeks, and I'll update. I hope you enjoy it! R&R!