Unlikely Hero

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For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

Epilogue: The Assassin

It was dark in the Massive's docking bay. Nothing stirred, at least not after Zim had left. All was calm, and not a sole was aware that Zim and Gaz had left only moments prior. Well… at least nobody important.


"GIR!" Skoodge fiercely whispered. "I thought I told you to be quiet!"

"Oooooo-yeaaaaaaaah…" the robot mused.

Skoodge rolled his eyes in frustration and Mini-Moose gave GIR a soft nudge to get him moving again.

Skoodge surveyed the scene. There were multiple ships in sight, but he couldn't locate his Voot Cruiser. All the Massive had on board were the newest and most up to date ships on the market. Giving up, Skoodge covered his eyes with one hand and pointed his index finger out directly in front of him. "Eenie, meenie, minie, mo." He opened his eyes to look at which ship he was pointing at. "Hey, Mini-Moose, you wouldn't 've ever flown one of those before, by chance?"

"Squeak," came the regretful reply.

"Oh, that's okay…"


"GIR! Pl-ease be quiet already!"

"I can fly it! Pick me! I crash things real good!"

"Fine. You can fly the ship."

"WOO!" GIR cheered, throwing his arms up in the air. He then proceeded to open the ship's door while Skoodge and Mini-Moose exchanged worried looks. Upon boarding the vehicle, it suddenly roared to life, causing Skoodge to scream like a little girl. Before Mini-Moose was able to input some words of reason, GIR yanked back on the throttle, launching the ship through the side of the Massive and into deep space.

Sirens all over the Massive began going off and warnings appeared on every screen. The Tallests stopped where they hovered in the halls.

Red gave a frustrated sigh.

"Are we under attack?!" Purple panicked.

"No, it's probably just Zim," Red informed and watched as one of the drones rushed up to him.

"My Tallests! One of our own ships just had an unauthorized take off and exited through a hole it made in one of the docking bay's outer walls. We've already taken attendance and the only ones not accounted for are the human prisoner, Zim, Skoodge, and their robots."

"So what? None of them are important. If they want to go get killed in space, then let 'em," Red reasoned with a shrug, and became annoyed when he realized that the drone was listening to his com. link instead of him.

"Sorry, sir, but I just received word that Skoodge had received the last line of the poem and was on his way to seeing you."

Red's eyes bulged. "Gah, that short idiot! He left with the poem in hand?! Please tell me you have the poem saved."

"No, sir, we deleted it as soon as it was saved to the disk we gave to Skoodge."

"Did any of the decoders happen to read the message?"

"No, sir, you told us specifically that no one was to read the message except you."

"Hey, what 'bout me?" Purple pouted.

Red groaned, "You drones have got to stop listening to me."

"I don't listen to you," Purple pointed out.

"Contact every Invader. Start tracking the ship. Get me a location ASAP. Treat this like a hostage situation. This is priority number one, peoples," Red ordered.

"Yeah," Purple chimed. "Let's get a move on it! – Hey, Red, did you really not want me to read the poem?"

Red was silent.

(Page Break)

Dib groaned at his pitiful progress. "At this rate, Gaz's baby'll be twenty by the time I reach the ship."

'Provided she lives that long,' his subconscious reminded him.

Something out of the corner of his eye managed to catch his attention. He looked out of the window and noticed what appeared to be a shooting star.


(Page Break)

"WOOO YEAH! LOOKIT ME GO! I'M DOIN' IT!" GIR squealed gleefully as he rocketed through space. Mini-Moose and Skoodge were plastered helplessly to their seats from the sheer velocity that they were traveling at. Skoodge continued to squeal, but GIR seemed oblivious to the Irken's horror.

"SQUEAK!" Mini-Moose finally shouted over all the chaos. GIR slammed on the brakes, bringing the ship to a dead stop, and thrusting his two passengers into the windshield.

When Skoodge finally managed to pull his face off of the glass, he stated, "That's right, Mini-Moose, we do need to figure out which way Zim went before we go any further." The chubby Irken then started looking for a switch to activate the tracking device. "Ugh, can't seem to find one."

"Squ-e-eak," Mini-Moose taunted as he pressed a button, turning on a scanner.

"Show off," Skoodge grumbled.

The scanner picked up on three ships in the immediate area, the largest of which, they quickly decided, was the Massive. So, only two options remained. "Well," Skoodge said, pointing to the screen. "That ship's not Zim's, because it's flying towards the Massive, so it must be that one up there."

"Woo! Let's go!" GIR cheered, reaching for the throttle.

"WAIT!" Skoodge yelled. GIR paused just long enough for his passenger's to fasten their safety harnesses. His smile returned as he once again reached for the throttle. "WA-IT!" Skoodge yelled again, causing GIR to pout.

"Let's see," Skoodge continued, studying the scanner. "So, if we're facing east… it would appear that Zim went… I see…"

While Skoodge mumbled to himself, GIR entertained himself by fiddling with the controls.

Skoodge leaned back in his chair. "Alright, GIR, straight ahead!"

GIR smiled stupidly, saluted, and yanked back on the throttle sending them off, full speed… in reverse.

(Page Break)

"My Tallests, it's been a while."

"Indeed, it's good to see you're still in one piece," said Red.

"You're HOT!" Purple yelled. Red frowned and pushed his co-lord away from the transmission screen.

"Don't listen to him – Anyways, do you understand the mission?"

"Of course. Locate the missing ship. Kill everyone and retrieve the disk, but don't look at it. Did I miss anything?"

"Nope, I think you have it down… I think I should warn you, however… We don't know the nature of this situation. Skoodge may have been captured by a spy from another race. If every Empire found out about the nature of this message, it could lead to Galactic War Ten! So discreetness is a top priority… Oh, and Zim among those missing. It's quite possible that he captured Skoodge himself, after he learned the nature of the message," Red explained.


"Something wrong?"

"No, I understand my mission."

"Good, cut transmission!"

The screen went blank.

"So, Zim's defectiveness's finally gotten him into trouble. Rather fitting. This is the perfect opportunity to wring his scrawny little neck for thrusting me into space for eight years, and not to mention… RUINING MY LIFE!"

Tak glared down at the scanner, only to have Skoodge's ship's location appear on screen. "Reverse, huh? That little trick won't deceive me, Zim. I'm coming for you. MIMI, lock onto these coordinates!"

MIMI saluted and turned on the ship's auto-pilot.

(Page Break)

Gaz stared into the eyes of her reflection on the window. It was hard to see anything else but her eyes considering how close she was. She'd been staring for roughly ten minutes now, and she scarcely blinked.

'What happens now?' she asked herself. She wanted to call Dib, but after going through Hyper Space, she'd lost her signal. She couldn't even let him know that she was alive. 'Once he sees there's no signal, he'll think I'm dead… He'll turn around and go home, and I'll be stuck here with… IT!'

Zim no longer had a name in her eyes. He was just that creature that had betrayed her so thoroughly that there weren't any swears strong enough to call him. She'd just have to invent a few.

She then watched him as he set up a new base. They were only staying the night on this pitiful excuse for a floating rock. Zim had decided to stop because he felt like she needed the rest. 'Oh, yeah, like he suddenly cares.'

She pulled her forehead away from the glass and exited the ship. Outside, Zim stood back and admired his work, even though the new base looked just like his old one on Earth. As she approached him, one of his antennas twitched and he turned to face her.

Their eyes met.

Both stared at each other. Zim trying desperately to figure out what Gaz was feeling, seeing as she'd barely said a word to him since he rescued her, and Gaz held his gaze because there were so many vivid memories attached to it.

"… Zim?"


"I think I… I love you…"

"I love you too, Gaz."

"Gaz?" Zim called softly, as he saw that her eyes were welling up with tears.

Gaz allowed herself to shed one tear, mourning the loss of the man she had loved.

She then promptly beat the living snot out of Zim.


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