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"OH YEAH! TOMORROW NIGHT'S THE BIG NIGHT!!" Ran exclaimed punching a fist in the air, "I CAN'T WAIT!"

"It starts at 6:30 and with all the people getting situated, it'll probably start for real at 7," Mami said, "so don't be late!"

"Don'tcha worry about that Honda," Ran said, "as long as Ran Kotobuki's there, lateness isn't an option!"

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Say! Now that we're on the subject, did everyone find something to wear?" Ran asked.

"Yup! Yamato took me to this really great store and we only had to make one trip!" Miyu exclaimed happily, "I can't wait to have my dance with Yamato!!" -hearts in the background-

"We found our dresses too," Aya said, "and a little trouble while we were at it."

"Huh? What trouble?" Ran asked, "Otohata and Second Place didn't cough up some money?"

"No," Mami twitched, "these girls were trying to flirt with Rei and Yuya."

"Ugh, I knew something like that would happen," Miyu sighed, "whenever you're with one of them, there are bound to be problems along the way. Whereas if you're with Yamato, you won't have any trouble!" -enlarged hearts...-

Mami and Aya giggled.

"Hmph, Bro' is too lame and boring to be latching on—."

Ran stopped short when she saw the look on Miyu's face.

"Eh heh, sorry."

"So where do you guys want to go now?" Aya asked.

"Oh yeah! I have to go get Harue," Mami said, "she said that she doesn't have anything to do today, so I invited her to spend the day with us."

"No problem!" Ran said, "the more the merrier! Let's go and get her now!"

Ran ran ahead of everyone.

"KOTOBUKI! You don't know where she is!" Mami had a small vein on her forehead.

Stopping completely in her tracks, Ran ran backwards back to the group.

"Well I'd thought that you'd run ahead of me so we can follow you Honda," Ran replied a vein popping.

"And who said I had to do whatever you said?!" Mami glared.

"They're at it again," Miyu sighed.

"I don't think a day has went by without them getting into some argument," Aya sighed.

"Ah...uh..let's see, maybe she'll like these?" Yuya ran around the store frantically, "hey Rei! Help a buddy out here! Uh..this might do her good. I mean, it's her color..I think. But then, it's kind of expensive than that other one...(mutter, mutter)."

Rei sighed.

'How'd I let myself get dragged into this situation?'

"Yuya, I'm sure that whatever you get Mami, she's going to like it," Rei stated.

"Really?!" a flower grew on Yuya's head, "you really think so?? ALRIGHT THEN! I'm gonna get this one! Mami will love me forever!"

Yuya eagerly ran to the cashier. Rei sighed. Out of the corner of his eyes, something sparkly had caught his attention. He turned his head and peered into the glass counter next to him. His eyes roamed around the items. His sapphire eyes sought out a particular one. Rei quickly glanced at Yuya who had found something else, and turned back to the item. He got the cashier of the counter's attention and pointed to the item he saw.

"May I see that please?" he asked.

The person nodded and took it out. Rei took hold of it and stared at it.

'I guess a small gift wouldn't hurt,' he thought.

"I want this wrapped up and I want those items over there as well," Rei said.

"Cash or credit?" the man asked.

"Cash," Rei replied.

The man took the items and disappeared under the counter. A small smile formed on Rei's face.

'Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as I thought it would.'

"Hey Rei! Can you help a buddy out over here?!" Yuya's desperate voice rang out as his blue eyes continued to scan the area.

The cashiers behind the counter sweat dropped as Yuya frantically began a new search. Rei sighed. he paid for the stuff he bought and retrieved it from the man and headed back over to Yuya.

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