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This takes place while the 15th angel is attacking.

Chapter 1: the 15th

In the small hum of unit 01s plug, sat Shinji Ikari, only one other sound disturbed the relative silence-

The screaming…

He couldn't take it anymore…

He had been sitting there for almost ten minutes, hearing Asuka scream in pain inside her EVA.

This angel was attacking from orbit, all their weapons where out off range; even the positron rifle had no effect.

He had heard Misato mention another plan and he just couldn't take the screams anymore…

"Misato let me go out in unit 01!" Misato was surprised at the sudden sound of Shinji's voice, she had all but forgotten about him trough the chaos of the situation.

"Forget it!" screamed the sub commander "this angel has the ability to attack the pilot's mind, its too dangerous!"

"Yes, we cannot allow unit 01 to be touched by an angel" added the commander.

"But that can't happen as long as I'm not defeated!" Misato noticed a sound of desperation in Shinji's voice now.

"There is no guarantee of that"

"But if don't do something, Asuka will die!"

"That is true, Rei, go to Dogma and get the lance"

After that all Shinji heard was the sound of them arguing amongst themselves, but he wasn't just going to sit here.

"MISATO!" he screamed, "Just let go of the restraints, Rei wont get there in time!"

"We cannot risk the contamination of unit 01" said the sub-commander "Rei is already being lowered to Dogma"

"Please Misato" he pleaded.

Misato was amazed at how desperate Shinji was now, but if she did this the commander might do more than simple fire her…

Asuka was in danger, but what could Shinji do to help her?

She made the decision.

"Release the restraints," she said coolly.

"Major I suggest you reconsider" said the commander; this time there was a hint of anger in his voice.

"DO IT!" she yelled, looking at Makoto's direction; he gave a small nod and proceeded.


"Calm down old friend, major, what exactly do you expect Shinji will do?" asked the commander.

Misato didn't know the answer to this…

She just hoped he could do SOMETHING


She couldn't take anymore; the memories, the pain, and the fact that nobody was apparently going to help her were all too much for her…


"AHHHHHHHH!" the pain was getting worse, as if the angel was digging deeper into her mind…


She could barely see the silhouette of unit 01, coming to where her EVA was writhing in pain.

"Shi-…Shinji?" she could barely talk, let alone put together a coherent thought.

Another one?

"ASUKA! RAISE YOUR AT FIELD!" unit 01 was already at her side, extending its arm.

The beam seemed to almost quiver for a moment.

Asuka, with all the strength she had in her, raised her arm and tried to form the AT field.

The beam stopped all together.

The pain was gone, she could actually think now, and she noticed the fact that she was incredibly tired, and sore everywhere…

Although unit 02 stooped flailing, it was starting to lose its footing, and their AT field seemed to be weakening.

"Asuka? Hold out a little longer, Rei's coming!"

At that moment unit 02 fell the the street bellow, its AT field disappeared-

Leaving Shinji in the line of fire…

"AHHHHHHH!" Shinji's screams where heard all over the bridge.

Oh please god no… was Misato's last thought before falling to her knees, crying.

This one is different… no matter; his mind is mine to play with…

Please Rei… Hurry up with that lance….

WHAT? The Lilim have the Lance!

"Rei has surfaced with the lance!" yelled Makoto, Misato cleared her eyes looked at the screen; indeed unit 00 was holding a red lance in its hands.

"The coordinates are in Rei, ten seconds to launch"

Rei sat in her plug, ignoring all other sounds-

Even Shinji's screams…

Soryu had fallen, and it was only a matter of seconds before Ikari did as well…

She must no fail.



"ITS CHANGING POSITION!" yelled one of the other bride techs.


Rei willed her EVA foreword, and the lance was thrown at an incredible speed, parting the heavens.

Must evade the lance, or else all –

The angel was shifting its position slightly to the side; a small gleam could be seen as the lace came at it.

Although it had moved slightly, the lance hit its wing, tearing it apart, and it let out an inhuman screech.


The angel seemed to be trying to keep the beam on unit 01 as long as possible, but eventually, with one last screech, it dissipated…

Shinji let out one last scream, this time it sounded more along the lines of a whimper, and unit 01 fell to street below as well.

"Dr. Akagi, is there any permanent damage on unit 01?" asked the commander.

Ritsuko looked at the screens and then said, "No, no mental contamination detected"

"Rei, retrieve the plugs and bring them back to base" he ordered

Unit 00 charged where the two EVAS had fallen, and started to eject the plugs

The commander stood up from his chair and started to exit, he glanced at the major who was still crying.

"Ill deal with you later"…

2 days later...

Shinji started to open his eyes, only to be welcomed by an all to familiar ceiling.

He blinked a few times and stared to look around. He wasn't connected to anything, which was good, and nobody was on the other bed…

"Hello pilot Ikari"

Shinji jerked his head to the direction of the sound, to see Rei sitting in a chair next to the bed with her school uniform.

"Hi Rei, how long was I-?"

"You were asleep for approximately two days Ikari"

Two days! He thought guess that really took a lot out of me…

"Rei, is Asuka ok, and what happened to Misato?" he asked at the blue haired girl.

"Pilot Soryu is stable Ikari, although Dr. Akagi doesn't know hen she will awake" Rei paused for a second, then continued "and the Major is speaking to the commander at the moment"

"Rei, what happe- oh god…" Now he remembered, Asuka, the angel, the lance, but worst of all… the pain, memories he never wanted to see…

Rei was confused as to why he was starting to cry, but remembered what had happened to him and Soryu.

"I…am sorry" She said, " I did not acquire the lance fast enough…"

"No Rei" he sniffed "Its not your fault, its just that I'm a little tired…"

"I understand" Rei started to leave and when she was at the doorway she said, "Sleep well Shinji " with that, she left

He noticed she didn't call him the usual 'Ikari', but paid no attention to it, he laid back down on the bed, and let sleep take him.

Or would have if he wasn't interrupted by a voice…

Hello, Berserker…

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