Attack of the Llamas

Jon was walking in the gardens again one day a month after the 'badger incident'. He had only just regained the confidence to leave the palace, and was still a little apprehensive. Suddenly a line of all different llamas appeared in front of him. She raised an eyebrow quizzically at them.

'Here's a llama there's a llama and another little llama, fuzzy llama funny llama llama llama duck!'

A duck popped up at the end of the line before disappearing with a quack.

'Llama llama tablet llama cheesecake llama mushroom llama llama llama duck!'

Again the duck popped up and quacked, as the llamas began to dance, Jon joining them.

'I was once a treehouse, I lived in a cake, but I never saw the way the orange slayed the rake, I was only three years dead but it told the tale, and now listen little child to the safety rail!'

Jon watched an orange stab a rake and a safety rail begin to lecture on the dangers of anywhere without a safety rail.

'Did you ever see a llama kiss a llama on a llama, llama's llama tastes of llama, llama llama duck! Half a llama, twice a llama, not a llama, farmer, llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, duck!'

Jon watched many llamas appear along with an old, bewildered farmer.

'Is it how it's told now, is it all so old? Is it made of lemon juice, doorknob ankle cold? Now my song is getting thin, I've run out of luck, time for me to retire now and become a duck!'

The llamas disappeared, and Jon walked away singing and quacking.

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