Nisa was terrified. She couldn't concentrate, all she knew was running. The rain, the thunder, it didn't matter. She just had to get away. The mamodo battle, who cared? She had to get away. She just had to. He would catch up soon, so she had to keep running…… without thought…..without strategy…. Just RUN!

She had been running so long she could vomit. She couldn't remember the last time she had been dry, the last time she hadn't been frozen to the bone.

"NISA!" Nisa whipped around. She could barley stand, and as for breathing, it took the last of her energy to make each breath escape her mouth.

A boy stood in front of her. His hair was tangled and his eyes were a cold gray, he had scar on his cheek, a burn mark.

"Go away Cronlin! I'm not causing you problems!" Nisa yelled. Her violet hair blew around violently in the wind, despite the rain. Her eyes narrowed. Cronlin just smirked.

"Come on Nisa, you don't even have a human partner, your in no position to give orders."

"URIIK!" Cronlin's eyes suddenly began to glow a bright red, and fire shot out of his hands. Nisa froze, the blast hit her head on and she was flipped backwards. A man walked out, he was in his 20's and had an evil glare in his eye. He was the owner of the orange book.

Nisa painfully sat up. She groaned in pain as she tried to stand. She had to get away, she didn't stand a chance without a human partner, and there was no time to go find one……not right now. Cronlin gave a superior smile.

"Give up Nisa, there's nobody to come to your rescue, nobody's going to help you, you're doomed. Why not just hand over your book so we can finish this nice and painlessly."

Nisa quietly pulled out a white book. She held it to her chest and took a deep breath.

"BEAT IT CRONLIN! YOU'RE NEVER GETTING THIS BOOK!" She turned and ran as fast as she could.

"HEY! Get back here!" Nisa kept running. She knew she couldn't get away, but she had to try. When, WHAM! She rammed into something. She had fallen to the ground. She looked up to see a 14-year-old girl lying on the ground. She had brown hair that went to the middle of her waist, and brown eyes. The girl looked at Nisa.

"Hey, who are you?" Nisa looked up at her.

"Who are you?" she replied. The girl stood up.

"My name is Kaniki, now what's your name?" she demanded. "Nisa."

"Hey! Nisa!" Nisa gasped, she turned to see Cronlin and his human partner running towards her. She quickly grabbed the white book and shoved it at Kaniki.

"Can you read this?" she asked frantically. Kaniki opened the book. "This is all gibberish!" Kaniki replied angrily. "Wait! These words are glowing white! I can read this part." Nisa bit her lip.

"Good. I want you to yell out those words!" she demanded.

"Why?" Kaniki inquired.

"Just do it!" Nisa screeched!

"MIKRON!" Nisa's eyes narrowed, a blinding light shot from her hands and hit Cronlin right in the chest. He flew backwards and let out a scream of pain.

"Galig! Let's go! Retreat!" Cronlin gasped once he could stand. Cronlin and his human partner Galig ran off as fast as they could. Kaniki slowly closed the white book.

"Whoa." She breathed. Nisa grinned, she turned to Kaniki, "I'll explain later, meanwhile, do you mind if I stay with you?" Kaniki nodded.

"Sure………come on." Kaniki picked up her umbrella, she held it over herself and Nisa, it was still raining pretty hard, and Kaniki was anxious to find out more about this strange violet haired girl and her white book. She vaguely wondered why she could only read the glowing white words, but not any of the others.

When they got to Kaniki's house, Kaniki changed into her pajamas and gave Nisa one of her t-shirts to wear for the night. It was big on her, but it was just to sleep in. Kaniki sat on her bed.

"Okay, spill, how did you do that? And what's with the book?" Nisa took a deep breath.

"I'm a mamodo, a monster, I'm from another world. Not like another planet, it's a world that you can't see, Every 1000 years 100 mamodo children, like me, are sent here to battle. We battle, to be mamodo king. The ruler of our world. That spellbook you're holding, each spell you learn to read unlocks a new power, we can only fight when we have those books, and each mamodo has to have a human partner. Because only humans can read from these books, and only one human can read from each book, we're like partners now. You are the only one who can make my book work. And we have to battle all the mamodo that come to us." Nisa finished by holding up her fist.

Kaniki sighed, "So……… how do you win? Do you have to kill the other mamodo?" she asked.

Nisa shook her head. "If the book is hit during a battle, it begins to burn, if your book is burned, the mamodo is sent back to the mamodo world, of course, some mamodo will gladly try to kill others, and they don't care if a human gets in the way. That's why we have to be ready. We only have the first spell, there are more, but we can't use them until you can read them from the book, and you can't do that until we get stronger."

Kaniki smiled and held out her hand.

"I guess we're partners then." Nisa returned the smile and shook her hand.


The next day Kaniki got into her school uniform and Nisa was dressed in her usual top and skirt. They headed towards Mayiko Jr. High.

"So, Nisa, these mamodo, do you know when they'll be coming?" Nisa shook her head.

"That's why we need to be ready. They could come at any time." Kaniki and Nisa kept walking, they were walking past the park when Nisa stopped.

"What is it Nisa?" Kaniki asked. "I-I don't know, I think there's a mamodo here…" she replied. Kaniki pulled off her backpack and took out the white book. "I'm ready." She told Nisa. A bush shuddered slightly. Nisa aimed at the bush.

"Oh! I think they saw us!" said the bush.

"MIKRON!" Kaniki yelled. The white blast shot at the bush, it was about to hit it when-

"JIKIR!" said a boy's voice. Two figures shot from the bush, they landed 10 feet from Kaniki and Nisa. There was a boy about Kaniki's age, he had red hair and a skateboard, there was someone else, but he was behind the red head, like he always was.

The boy with the skateboard was holding a turquoise book, "Hey, who are you? You're kind of cute." Kaniki smirked.

"I'm Kaniki, and this is Nisa" Nisa nodded.

"Where's you mamodo friend?" Nisa inquired teasingly.

"Well, let's do introductions first, I'm Eido. A pleasure to meet you ladies." He smiled. Nisa huffed. "How are you gonna fight us without a mamodo!" she yelled. Eido's eyes widened, "Who said we wanted to fight! We would never fight such pretty girls!" he insisted.

"We? So you do have a mamodo!" Nisa smirked. Eido's face fell.

"Come on girls, can't we just talk? I ain't lookn' for a fight." Kaniki scowled.

"Yeah, right…… and I'm Princess Kaniki from Mars!" Eido sighed.

"Why don't we discuss this over a date?" he suggested. Nisa stuck out her tongue.

"I've had enough!" Kaniki yelled.

"Nisa, aim!" Nisa aimed her hands at the book in Eido's hand. Eido smirked.

"Fine! You'll get your fight." He opened up his book as well.


"JIKIR!" The white light burst towards Eido and once again, Eido, along with his mamodo, dodged it, their spell sent them high into the air extremely fast. Nisa caught a slight glance at Eido's mamodo, a boy…. And something was familiar about that wind power…… she just couldn't put her finger on it…….

Eido and his mamodo landed. The mamodo had pointed hair with one strand hanging down in his face, his eyes matched the spellbook. Nisa's eye's widened. Kaniki smirked, "Here comes another one!" Nisa gasped, but forgot to put her hands down, "Kaniki! Wait-"

"MIKRON!" The blast shot forward again.

"JIKIR!" Eido and his mamodo once more dodged the blast. The mamodo rolled his eyes.

"You'd think by now she'd realize that that doesn't work." Nisa grinned.

"HYDE!" she yelled. She ran over and jumped on him. The two fell over with Nisa hugging him and Hyde struggling to get away.

"Whoaaaaaaa! Hyde, you know this girl?" Eido grinned, "And I thought you weren't interested in girls!"

"Hyde! I'm so glad to see you!" Nisa exclaimed, "I haven't seen anyone I know except for Cronlin! It's such a relief to know that you're here to!" Hyde blushed.

"There's no hugging in battles!" he replied. Nisa loosened her hold on him.

"But…..I don't wanna fight you." She frowned. Hyde looked at her. He was sitting up and leaning back on his arms, she was sitting on top of him with her arms lying on his shoulders. He blushed.

"Just! Just get off me!" he yelled. Nisa grinned. She stood up and held out her hand. He looked at it for a minute, then he let her help him up. Kaniki looked at her watch.

"Oh no! I'm late!" she moaned. Eido looked at her.

"Late for what? If you're supposed to be on a date you could just ditch the loser." He told her happily. Kaniki smirked.

"Actually, I am ditching a loser," she grabbed Nisa's arm, "later, loser!" and with that she ran off, pulling Nisa with her.

"Bye Hyde!" Nisa yelled out.

"I'll see ya later! Next time I'll give you my number so you can call!" Hyde felt heat rise to his cheeks.

"Like I'd ever call her." Hyde murmured.

"I'd call them!" Eido drooled. Hyde rolled his eyes.

"Come on Eido, we've got work to do." Eido ignored him.

"I'm hungry, let's go get some yellowtail burgers."

"Kaniki, how late are you?" Nisa inquired.

"Super late! I missed my entire first class!" Kaniki moaned.

"By the way," Kaniki began, "how do you know that other mamodo? Hyde, was it?" Nisa blushed. Well, I knew him in the mamodo world. We weren't really friends, but one time, on the day I met him, he really helped me.


"Go away Cronlin!" Nisa yelled.

"No way. How could I ever abandon you?" Cronlin grinned.

"I told you, I'm not causing you any trouble! Just go away!" Nisa ordered. Cronlin shook his head.

"Same old Nisa." He murmured, "We're gonna have to do this the hard way." Nisa held her breath. Cronlin held up his hands.

"This in gonna hurt you more then it's gonna hurt me." He smirked. His hands began to dance with flames, and it formed into a ball, getting ready to fire, he brought his hands back.

"Don't worry, this isn't fatal, it'll just hurt like HELL! JUST LIKE WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH!" he screeched. With the same flame in his eyes that rested in his hands, he screamed as he threw the flaming ball towards her. Everything was moving slowly, Cronlin's anger, the ball of fire, slowly consuming her thoughts, she could feel the heat coming closer, almost licking her body with burning flames. She wanted to scream, but not a sound escaped her throat, her palms began to sweat, her eyes widened in fear, she felt as though…everything was over…

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind hit. Hyde ran over and aimed his power at the fireball. Cronlin scowled. But soon his hatred turned to fear as the ball went hurtling towards him, striking him hard against the cheek. Cronlin screamed. He blindly staggered away still shrieking in pain and trying desperately to make the pain go away.

Nisa let out a sigh of relief. She looked up to see Hyde, out of breath and clearly drained of energy. Nisa slowly stood.

"Thank you." She said quietly. Hyde turned to her.

"Sure, whatever." He replied. Nisa gave a small smile.

"I'm Nisa, who are you?" she asked, holding out her hand. Hyde grasped it, "Hyde." Nisa grinned. She sniffled a little bit, relieved to be saved. Then, her eyes welled up with tears of joy. Hyde sweatdropped.

"Uh…are you okay?" he inquired. Nisa smiled gratefully, and without warning, threw her arms around him. Hyde blushed furiously as the girl embraced him. She let go after a little bit and wiped her eyes.

"Sorry, I just needed something to calm me down." She apologized. Hyde nodded, still embarrassed by her sudden burst of emotion.

"I'll see you around Hyde, and remember, I owe ya one!" Nisa grinned. She gave him a peace sign and then walked off.

Kaniki grinned. "So he saved you?" she asked. Nisa nodded.

"He sounds like your knight in shining armor!" Kaniki laughed. Nisa blushed.

"It's not like that! He just save me from Cronlin, that's all!" Kaniki smirked, but said nothing.

Cronlin looked down on Nisa and sighed. He was on top of a building, and bored to death. He only had one spell, it had been enough before but……. Nisa had a book owner now, she could fight back. Galig stomped over.

"So are we gonna attack 'em or what?" he asked angrily. Cronlin looked at him.

"Tonight, when they're walking home, they'll be exhausted after the long day, but we'll be refreshed." He replied. Galig raised an eyebrow.

"How are you so sure we'll have that much energy?" Cronlin rolled his eyes.

"Because you idiot, we're going to relax ALL FRICKN' DAY!"

"Man I'm starved!" Kaniki moaned.

"Let's go out to eat!" she decided suddenly. Nisa smiled.

"Good idea. Were should we go?" Kaniki cocked her head.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………. Let's get some yellowtail burgers!" Kaniki grinned.

"Sure!" Nisa chimed happily.

They walked over to a small restaurant to buy some burgers. Kaniki dived right into her burger, while Nisa ate hers like a normal person. Nisa began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Kaniki demanded as she swallowed a mouthful of burger.

"You eat funny when you're hungry." Nisa replied absentmindedly.

"Hmph!" Kaniki scowled, and she continued to eat her burger.

"URIIK!" Fire blasted through the windows. Nisa pulled Kaniki down. Kaniki tore through her backpack for the book and opened it, but before she could cast the spell Nisa stopped her.

"Kaniki," she whispered, "We have to get all of these people out of here, the building's on fire." Kaniki was surprised, but understood.

"How?" she inquired. Nisa jumped up onto the table.

"Everybody out! The buildings on fire!" Nisa yelled out. Kaniki sweatdropped.

"Now everyone's gonna panic." She murmured.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the crowd went nuts and everyone rushed towards the door. Nisa watched the crowd freak out.

"Maybe that was a bad idea…." She thought aloud.

"GEE! YA THINK?" Kaniki yelled out sarcastically.

"Well, what do we do!" Nisa asked frantically. Kaniki concentrated.

"We could, well, uh…… okay I have no clue." Nisa groaned.

"Okay, we have to figure something out." She murmured.

Cronlin and Galig walked in through the hole they burned in the wall, Cronlin smirked.

"Too late." Kaniki moaned.

Cronlin pulled his arms to aim at Nisa as Galig got ready to read the spell.

"URIIK!" Fire spewed out towards the two girls, it slammed into Nisa who flew back into the wall.

"NISA!" Kaniki yelled, she caught the little girl as she slid of the wall, and checked to make sure she was okay. Nisa rubbed her head.

"I'm fine…" she moaned. Nisa stood up and Kaniki reopened the book.

Most of the people were out of the building now, but Kaniki was worried. If they had a battle here where there were anybody could get in the way, innocent people could be hurt.

"Nisa!" Kaniki whispered urgently.

"What?" Nisa inquired.

"We have to fight somewhere were there aren't any people, or someone might get hit!" she murmured. Nisa's brow furrowed.

"Well, were are we gonna go!" she asked angrily. Kaniki looked around.

"Up there!" Nisa followed Kaniki's gaze to a billboard on top of a medium sized building.

"How the heck are we gonna get up there!" Nisa screeched.

"Uh………… Gimee a minute!" Kaniki scowled.

"URIIK!" the blast shot at them again, Nisa ducked and Kaniki followed suite.

"I've got it!" Kaniki yelled.

"Got what?" Nisa shouted.

"Aim at the ground!" Kaniki ordered. Nisa opened her mouth to protest but Kaniki hit her on the head. Nisa scowled but aimed at the ground.

"MIKRON!" the blast hit the ground with full force. An explosion sent Kaniki and Nisa flying.

"Were do they think they're going?" Cronlin yelled. Kaniki grabbed desperately onto a window ledge, Nisa was hanging on her legs.

"GREAT IDEA!" Nisa yelled sarcastically.

"Shut up and climb." Kaniki murmured. She yanked on the window and found that it was open, she climbed in and helped Nisa through. Kaniki immediately found the stairs and climbed up with Nisa trailing behind.

"Kaniki, the whole building is empty! Why are we going to the roof?" Nisa inquired.

"Because! If someone came in they'd be blasted, but nobody's gonna go on the roof." Nisa nodded and they continued up the stairs.

"Wait a minute! If we're going up the stairs, why couldn't we just run to the building? Why did we have to cause an explosion to get up?" Nisa asked.

"Distraction." Kaniki replied. Nisa rolled her eyes.

They could here Cronlin and Galig on the stairs, they were getting closer.

"Run faster!" Nisa yelled.

"What are you taking about? You're going just as slow as I am!" Kaniki yelled back.

"Whatever!" Nisa shouted. They burst through the door to the roof and slammed it shut. They stepped back and waited for Cronlin and Galig.

"URIIK!" the door flew past them, in the frame, stood Cronlin and Galig.

"MIKRON!" The blast shot towards the book, but Cronlin and Galig jumped to the ground and it missed them.


"MIKRON!" the two spells went head on, fighting for the lead. Nisa's spell pushed forward, but Cronlin's was pushing just as hard, then harder, he let out a scream and pushed his spell to break Nisa's. Nisa and Kaniki ran in front of the billboard and barely missed being hit. Kaniki got ready to cast another spell, but Cronlin smirked, then whispered something to Galig.

"URIIK!" the spell flew towards the girls, they braced for impact. But the spell went right past them, and hit the billboard instead.

They peeked out from their arms when the blast didn't hit them.

"Ha!" Nisa yelled out.

"You missed!" Kaniki finished for her. Cronlin and Galig snorted.

"Wasn't aiming for ya!" Cronlin yelled back. Nisa's face fell. Then….what was he aiming for? Kaniki and Nisa flipped around. The billboard was on fire, and causing quite an amount of smoke. Hyde and Eido raced away from the billboard while coughing and looking particularly scorched and beat up, they had been hit, along with the billboard.

"What are you guys doing here?" Nisa asked frantically.

"We practically live up here!" Hyde retorted.

"Why are you here?" Nisa put her hands on her hips.

"We're battling! Duh!" she replied. Hyde raised an eyebrow.

"This should be interesting." He murmured. Nisa stuck out her tongue.

"Watch and learn!" Nisa smirked. She turned gracefully to face Cronlin. Kaniki gave a small smile, then turned her attention to the battle.


"URIIK!" The blasts shot at each other and collided with a deafening explosion. Nisa and Kaniki were sent flying in one direction, Cronlin and Galig in another. Kaniki saw her chance to land an attack.

"MIKRON!" The blast shot towards Cronlin and he was sent flying backwards and over the edge of the building. He quickly grabbed onto the ledge and flipped himself back onto the roof of the building.

"Give up?" Nisa asked with a smirk. Cronlin grinned, and Nisa's smile faltered.

"Never." Cronlin replied.

"URIIK!" the girls weren't expecting them to attack, and they were hit at full force, Nisa was hit head on and sent flying, while Kaniki had turned to protect the book, so she was hit in the back, with a short gasp of pain, she fell over, gasping for air. Nisa landed hard, right next to the ledge. When she sat up, Cronlin and Galig were gone.

Hyde walked over to her and sighed.

"Well, I learned how not to attack."